Democrats Create Extreme Border Disorder

As I write this column, Joe Biden has been President of the United States for 63 days. And in that time, he - with the help of today's radical Democrat Party leaders - has ushered in an absolute, unmitigated disaster along our southern border.

Many of you are not the least bit surprised by this. In fact, you could see this mess coming from a mile away.

Let’s set the stage.

President Trump worked diligently to secure the border through what most conservatives would consider common sense. First, he sought to end bad policies, like the absurd "catch and release" policy. Second, he sought to create new good policies, like the "Remain in Mexico" policy and building the wall.

As a result of President Trump embracing good policies, rejecting bad policies, and enforcing our immigration law, America's southern border was in good shape at noon on January 20, 2021.

But then, everything suddenly changed.

When Joe Biden walked into the White House, he was welcomed by a Democrat-led House and Senate - creating a perfect storm of radical political leadership in America. Effectively, America was being governed by a party that desires open borders. Some will deny this, but I contend that if you pay close attention, and if you can hear what they say when speaking behind closed doors to their radical base, it's completely obvious: the Democrat Party is the party of open borders.

I think it's appropriate to take a moment here to point out that today's Democrat Party leadership is nothing like the average rank-and-file Democrat voter across the fruited plain. Sure, Democrats in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and other ultra-radical cities in this nation may feel completely at home with today's Democrat Party leadership. But they don't represent the Democrats I know.

Average Democrats in the Heartland - and other places not completely overrun with Radical Leftist ideology - don't hate ICE or believe it is the modern-day equivalent of the Gestapo. They don't believe border detention centers were "concentration camps" or that that children were being "locked in cages" under Trump, but that these same things are suddenly humane because the White House occupant changed. And they aren't pleased to find political opportunists, like AOC, posing for phony, staged photo shoots to further exacerbate the challenges and deep divide around the issue of immigration - for personal, political gain I might add.

It is undeniable that bad immigration policies, coupled with the lack of enforcement of good, common-sense policies, have greatly contributed to the havoc and turmoil being brought upon the United States through illegal immigration over the past 30 years.

And the past 63 days.

Some contend this is intentional. They argue that the Biden administration is intentionally overwhelming our immigration system to create a system that is, for all intents and purposes, an open border. And there may be some merit to this. After all, why expend the political capital necessary to fight for open borders when you can achieve the same result while maintaining a certain degree of plausible deniability?

Intentional or not, we know the cause: the Democrat Party leaders.

I imagine a fair number of moderate Democrats are surprised at the state of affairs along the border, but they shouldn't be. Many of them voted for a candidate who never had to do much real campaigning. It was enough for them to know Biden wasn't Trump because they were stirred to hate Trump so much over the previous four years.

Bottom line: we know what works to secure the border and stop this immigration chaos.

Now we must demand our politicians do it and hold those accountable who do not.


Todd Huff is a conservative, not bitter, political and cultural commentator, talk show host, podcaster, and columnist. He is also the founder of Conservative, Not Bitter University (CNBU). For more information about Todd, CNBU, or his daily talk show, visit or download the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

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