The Radical Left's War On Truth

It seems like almost every other day the Radical Left finds a new 'war' to fight in America.

They've declared war on poverty, the police, and voter identification laws.

Telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act 


They've enlisted Leftist foot soldiers to fight the war against climate change, gender inequality, and voter suppression.

They fight in favor of a 'living wage' and a 'woman's right to choose,' but against the improper use of personal pronouns and the evils of free markets.

You get the picture in general, but no one understands it completely. Well, except the 'woke,' whom I like to think of as today's politically correct sherpas helping us navigate the next-to-impossible minefield of irreconcilable emotions.

Knowing whom to boycott, what to buy, or where to engage in commerce is an ever-changing merry-go-round of craziness. One minute, they may be praising Major League Baseball for moving its All-Star Game from the majority-black City of Atlanta, and the next they may be irate that the game is moved to the overwhelmingly white City of Denver.

What tomorrow holds, nobody knows.

But in another, more profound way, we all know exactly what tomorrow holds.

Here's what I mean.

First, the Radical Left's 'solution' will always - always - include a bigger government and less individual liberty. It never fails and it's simply what the leaders of the movement believe at their core. Many rank-and-file followers may buy into the rhetoric, but for those leading the movement, it's always about dividing people and empowering government - and by extension, the leaders themselves.

Second, no matter how long they engage in a particular cultural battle, they will never win it. Never. They won't claim they've won it either. No matter how much money and effort (or how many hashtags) are thrown at the problem, it will never be enough. Mark my words: never. Acknowledging a battle has been won is akin to acknowledging they are no longer needed to fight the problem. And that is never an option for a Radical Leftist.

Third, these wars of the woke will always involve dividing people. And, in a staged, insincere attempt to resolve the problem, Democrat politicians will offer to step in and solve it. All you need to do is donate to their campaign and vote for them, of course.

Fourth, the media and Radical Left will help create and promote these woke battles with lies, misrepresentations, and the demonization of anyone who opposes them.

While all of these points are critical to understanding the Radical Left, this fourth point may hold the antidote to combatting their broken ideology and immoral tactics.

Why? Because it helps us identify the real battle raging in America today: The War for Truth.

Like many of you, I work, worship, and get along with people who have different (perhaps even very different) political beliefs than I do.

Politics is very important to me, but it's never personal.

It's about ideas. And ideas can be rooted in truth or lies.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe that when presented with truth instead of propaganda, most people will choose to believe the truth and reject the lie. That's not universally true, of course, because the mind will justify what the heart desires.

But the truth is a powerful force. It's overwhelmingly powerful, in fact.

This is why I believe in the power of persuasion and it's why I have hope for America moving forward: truth.

Right now, this is what America needs more than anything.

We need, with one resounding voice, to declare, "Enough!"

Enough lies, political theater, name-calling, demonization of political opponents, and pitting of Americans against one another.

Instead, tell us the truth.

If your political positions are rooted in truth and you focus on communicating those ideas clearly and sincerely, why would you need all of the other immoral tactics outlined above?

The simple answer is that you wouldn't.

I hope we all decide to be unapologetic instruments for truth in our spheres of influence today. It may have a bigger impact than we can possibly imagine.

Todd Huff is a conservative, not bitter, political and cultural commentator, talk show host, podcaster, and columnist. He is also the founder of Conservative, Not Bitter University (CNBU). For more information about Todd, CNBU, or his daily talk show, visit or download the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

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