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Who is JDot? And what is a 3-in-3?

If you've listened to our program for some time, you know that I am a big, big fan of J-Dot's 3-in-3's!

But you may not know the story behind the 3-in-3. 

Or you may be a new listener who hasn't heard J-Dot or his sick, patented 3-in-3 beats. 

If either of these describe you, I invite you to learn more by reading below. 

What is a 3-in-3?

Several years ago, a good friend and I started a game that we call 3-in-3. Here's how it works. Liberals say or do something crazy. (Never a shortage here.) I pick 3 words/phrases related to the latest trip to liberal lunacy. I text him the 3 words/phrases. He gets 3 minutes to put them into a song (which usually takes the form of a rap). Then, he calls me and puts on the performance of his life. We still carry on this tradition on our show from time-to-time today. If you want to learn more, check out the 3-in-3 page on the website. 

And who is JDot?

My best friend since 4th grade, this anonymous performer of 3-in-3's inspires audiences around the world. He's been a guest on our show, and he's a regular when it comes to "dropping a new 3-in-3." Imitating the styles of the great Eminem, Snoop Dog & Easy E, JDot still maintains a style all his own. When he makes it to the big time, I want a royalty for all of his music sales. He should never forget where he comes from: The Todd Huff Show.

Want to hear a 3-in-3?

Click below to listen. But be prepared: I'm pretty sure it will change your life forever!