Did you know that you can catch Hour 2 of The Todd Huff Show on YouTube weekday mornings at 7am? It's true! And from what I understand, it's absolutely fantastic! 

As the program continues to grow and reach more people, we'll continue opening new platforms (like YouTube) to reach more listeners. And as an incentive to increase our YouTube followers, we're going to give you free access to Hour 2 of the program on YouTube. I expect to do this at least through the month of June, 2020, so depending upon when you're reading this, Hour 2 may or may not be there! And you'll find other exclusive content there as well, such as information about Conservative Not Bitter University (CNBU), some additional content (like "My Business. My Choice." and some side-by-side commentary of other things I've found online (like this video of Laura Ingaham discussing hydroxychloroquine with Dr. Lazano). 

Would you take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube Channel today and help us reach more listeners with the conservative not bitter message? 

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