Beyond the Mic

Are you looking for a public speaker, moderator, or panelist?

Does your Tea Party group, local Republican party, civic group, church group, or college/school group need a guest speaker? Choose Todd Huff, the host of conservative, not bitter talk radio.


Todd's Public Speaking FAQs

Where will Todd Travel?

Todd is currently open to speaking engagements metro-Indianapolis, which includes Marion County and all the surrounding 'doughnut' counties. He may even travel outside that area in some instances.

What is Todd's fee?

Todd is currently not charging a fee because he is promoting his show on Freedom 95 (which has been moved to a live morning drive time slot).

What experience have other groups had with Todd?

Read this short testimonial letter from Rick Barr, President of Indy Defenders of Liberty West to get an idea of the type of presentation Todd will provide your group.


Contact Todd

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