ABC News Outlet Protects Biden From His "Minorities Getting Online" Comment

At the CNN Town Hall meeting on February 16th, Joe Biden made a comment about how minorities are not "able to use the internet" and news outlets are trying to debunk the president's "problematic" comment.

On the show today, Todd referenced an article by Red State that exposed how an ABC News affiliate tried to misleadingly "fact check" Biden's "gaffe" about Black and Hispanic Americans not knowing how to use the internet to schedule their Covid vaccines at Walgreens.

At best, giving Biden all benefit of the doubt as to what he was trying to say, this was an embarrassing gaffe.

At worst, it was downright racist.

But in the minds of many Americans, this never happened - or if it did, there is an innocent explanation - because the media will spin or ignore anything in order to protect President Biden. 


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