The Superficial Left At It Again

Kirsten Gillibrand is apparently trying to be 2020's shirted version of Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley. We have an all-out, no-holds-barred ideological battle in America today, yet this sort of silliness still somehow resonates with some voters.

This sort of thing is one of the three basic tactics often employed in politics today - typically by the Superficial Left. 

Here's a quick summary:

  1. Make the campaign about anything superficial to avoid having to talk about substantive ideas. 
  2. Demonize your political opponents so vehemently that everyone in your circle of influence hates them, and more importantly, votes against them. 
  3. When you actually do have to talk about ideas, focus on energizing your audience by promising to give them everything they want, need and imagine. 

See the silly the Superficial Left can be in her Twitter post.