More Background On Our Guest's Story

On today's show, our guest, middle school teacher Dan Ferraro, shared his story of how his school district is teaching Critical Race Theory in the classroom.

(You can listen to our conversation here.)

Dan believes his teaching contract was not renewed because of his opposition to Critical Race Theory.

Breitbart published this article yesterday concerning the issues in Dan's school district (Albemarle County Public Schools in Charlottesville, Virginia). It's probably about a 10-minute read for all of you readers of average speed like me.

What's being taught in your local school?

Are radical teachers strategizing about ways to push this anti-American worldview on your kids and grandkids?  

Parents and taxpayers all across the fruited plain must stand up and hold their local school boards accountable for this sort of dangerous nonsense today. You can absolutely win this fight - and we will help you however we can!