Conor McGregor Takes A Page From The Unhinged, Radical Left's Playbook

UFC 264 was quite the spectacle.

Conor McGregor's leg snapped in the final seconds of the first round of his third fight with Dustin Poirier. It was an obvious reminder of what happened to Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman in previous fights.

But it was what he did after the fight that has caused a stir. 

While sitting on the mat, unable to stand because of his broken leg, speaking with Joe Rogan, McGregor starts yelling at Dustin Poirier from across the octagon. 

Your wife is in me DMs! Hey baby, hit me back up. I'll chat to you later on! I'll be at your after-party. The Wynn nightclub. You look in bits, ya little h*e! F*** him!

Keeping it classy, I know. 

But as I listened to this nonsense, it occurred to me that McGregor is simply channeling his inner Radical Leftist. 

This is how the game is played - at least according to the "rules" of the Radical Left.

You get beat up. You lose - decisively. You're sitting on the mat with a crushed leg. And, somehow, you're still out there gloating, talking senseless smack, and trying to create a narrative that's contrary to logic.

It's kind of like how the media and the Radical Left are trying to tell us the Republican Party created the "defund the police" movement.

The Left created the #defundpolice hashtags. The Left argued in favor of defunding the police publicly. The Left - and the cities they run - implemented policies they told us were designed to defund the police and change the way we police our communities. The Left voted for these things. They own it. It's as obvious as the noonday sun. 

But, somehow, we're now arguing about who actually wants to defund the police. 

And that argument makes about as much sense as a defeated Conor McGregor telling the man who just whooped him that his wife was in his DMs.