Haha! Stop it, CNN. This is complete nonsense - even when compared to some of the other nonsense you've given us. 

Those of us who criticized her use of the phony southern accent are not trying to detract from the content of her silly speech, as Raul Reyes states in this piece. 

In fact, as I pointed out on yesterday's program, the radical Left engages in this kind of behavior because it takes attention off the content of their speech. 

I mean, after all, if they can manipulate - and I do mean manipulate - their audience to nod in agreement because of some superficial tactic like "code-switching," they're onboard with that idea. 

That's because their ideas don't work. 

In fact, their "ideas" really aren't ideas at all. Instead, the Left offers us a conglomeration of feelings, delivered to their audience via the assistance of "code-switching." 

Or identity politics. 

Or talking points. 

Or never-ending investigations.

Someone focused on ideas isn't persuaded by this gibberish, which is why most of us laugh at the silliness of it all. 

But some are persuaded.

And some do defend it. 

Whatever it takes to defend their super-radical ideology I guess.