Cory Booker Campaigning For President With Reparations Bill

Everyone knows that slavery and racism are disgusting aspects of America's history. 

But the idea that reparations will help right that wrong are misguided. 

Terribly misguided. 

I had nothing to do with the atrocities of slavery.

And neither did anyone else in America today. 

Why should people who are not responsible for such an atrocity be held responsible for it? 

And even if Justice did demand it - and it doesn't - who would be the final arbitrator of fairness on the issue? 

Almost certainly, it would be a liberal lover of big government who would be tasked with calculating the total amount of reparations. 

Just as Team Mueller was stacked with liberal loyalists, so too would be Team Spartacus. 

How exactly do folks think that would go with the American people? 

This whole notion that we can right this wrong from 150 years ago by punishing people who had nothing to do with it is complete sophistry. 

But this isn't about making any of that a reality. 

This is about politics. 

Specifically, presidential politics. 

In a field that full of radical Lefitsts and all-out Socialists, candidates are looking for their signature issue and their political voice. 

And Senator Spartacus thinks he may have found his. 

Remember, this is more about appeasing the radical Left who will vote in the primary than doing anything substantive with reparations. 

That should be both reassuring and slightly terrifying at the same time. 

And if I'm being candid, this whole stunt reminds me of a Seinfeld episode

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