Attorney General William Barr said that the Obama Administration "spied" on the Trump Campaign in 2016. 

And the members of radical Left have lost whatever remains of their collective minds.  

Now, of course, they say Barr is not acting "in the best interest of the country."is not acting "in the best interest of the country." 

They say, "he's dangerous." 

"He's protecting Trump." 

Or he's "acting like Trump's employee and not as a representative of the DOJ." 

This is completely insane. 

The radical Left, with the help of a complicit Media, has carried the absolutely stupid, silly, illogical, ridiculous Russian Collusion story for over two years

They tell us they did it to "save our Democracy." 

Or to "hold truth to power." 

Or some other altruistic motive. 

But that's total bunk. 

They did it to stop Trump. 

Change the narrative.


Fire up their base. 


And ultimately, to win an election in 2018. 

I get that there is certainly a negative connotation with the word "spied." 

Of course, "collusion" is also negative. 

As is the idea of "stealing" elections. 

So, too, are terms like "meddling" and "interfering." 

And they never minded using those terms for more than 2 years - with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Well, outside of a discredited dossier funded by the Clinton Campaign. 

None of those words ever meant anything in reality.

But they were used nonstop. And they didn't care one bit about whether any of this was in the "best interest of our country." 

The "S" in FISA warrant stands for "surveillance." And it's a FISA warrant - requested by the Obama Administration - that ultimately led to the Trump Campaign being surveilled.

Or wiretapped.

Or spied upon

Just like "gross negligence" means "extreme carelessness" - even though we were told it didn't - "spying" means "

Don't fall for their silly little word games: surveillance is synonymous with spying.

The Obama Administration did spy on the Trump Campaign when they sought and received the FISA warrant.

The only question Bill Barr is trying to answer definitively is whether or not that spying was legally justified. 

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