CNN's Chris Cilizza is apparently upset at President Trump - not Congress - for "tax loopholes" that exist. 

This is hardly surprising, given the amount of hate and animosity many in the media have for President Trump. 

In this 6-minute video, Cilizza explains how Trump uses the tax code to his advantage by limiting his tax liability. 


And we're supposed to be appalled. 

But Cilizza seems to suggest that the object of our dismay should be Trump, who had nothing to do with writing "loopholes" into the tax code. 


Truth is, these aren't "loopholes" at all, but rather intentional exemptions written into the tax code by those who purport to be experts. 

The honor of writing the tax code falls squarely on the shoulders of Congress. 

As anyone should have learned in high school civics class, it's the Legislative Branch - not the Executive Branch - that makes law. 

And that includes tax law. 

It is incredibly disingenuous to suggest that President Trump's legal application of the tax code to his business ventures constitutes a problem for him.

If Trump legally prepares his tax returns, and he legally doesn't owe any taxes, why on earth would that be his problem?