Project Veritas Exposes Google's Desire To Interfere With 2020 Election

So Google is planning to interefere in the 2020 Election? I guess the Left is ok with that - you know, since they're not Russian. 

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June 26, 2019
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I want to start with Google. I want to start with Project Veritas. I want to start with what we have find or what we are what we have found out what we are finding out how found out about Google, and what they're trying to accomplish based upon what they told what they told under cover investigative reporters at Project Veritas. Now you might not find this and a lot of news sources they don't. They don't want to talk about stuff like this. But this is important stuff.

According to a whistleblower at Google, Google is doing everything in his power to prevent someone like Donald Trump from being reelected, in our being elected or related, I guess in the case of Donald Trump in 2020. And so he contact Project Veritas and says, Look, there's some shady stuff happening over here at Google, I can't really do much about it. I'm a tiny little. And as he put it, I can get squashed by the big corporate machine. The big Google which by the way, I thought that the radical Left was typically against the big corporate machine, squashing the little man. But I digress.

So he contacts or this this informant contacts whistleblower contacts, Project Veritas, they show up, do some investigative reporting, and uncover a whole treasure trove of things that Google things that Google does, actions that Google is taking, you know, if you read and follow this, if you look at the videos, if you read the reports, if you read the transcripts, whatever, if you if you look at this stuff, I mean, we are dangerously close at Google, Google being able to almost have the power, almost being able to have the power where they can go back and eradicate history and change history. I mean, they become so powerful. This is why it matters. This is why it matters that people have an understanding a personal memory of things. Because there is the with with well with nefarious individuals like this, folks that aren't interested in just providing you with access to information you're looking for, but rather who are trying to secretly guide the hand, secretly guide you to information to sites that they think you need to see, instead of what you're really looking for. In fact, on camera.

On camera, one of these Google exact says that let's say you're looking up for you know something for Prager, you are white, right, Dennis Prager, Prager University, doing some good things to advance the cause of conservatism. educate folks. Right, Dennis Prager, I think another name mentioned was was Dave Rubin. And you're googling stuff about them. This Google exec said, you know, not all new sources. Not all new sources are equal, which of course Dennis Prager and Reuben are more commentators more than news sources, but they are much more accurate and nurse, citing an application of news sources, and a lot of the so called new sources that we see today in the world, CNN, MSNBC. So she actually says this, Google exec actually says, Hey, you know, we try to we try to effectively lead people to the truth here. So instead of sending them more information, or directing them to more folks like a Dave Rubin, or Dennis Prager, what we'll do is we'll do is we'll pass them over to someone like CNN, MSNBC, and other Left leaning organizations, because, you know, Conservative News, is it. They're not, they're not as accurate as the Leftist media. And this is their own words, trying to I mean, it's the with the reliance that the average person has on Google, to Google.

So if it's not in Google, folks, it didn't happen to a lot of people, if it's not, if they can't Google it and find it. It didn't happen. You Google Holocaust, let's say, let's say Google wakes up today. And they say, You know what? We don't want to talk about the Holocaust anymore. How we know that he sees out there comparing concentration camps, death camps and Nazi Germany, in Europe, across Europe, operated by the Nazis in the 1940s. We want to make sure I'm we know that she's using that politically right now. But long term, we don't want this stuff to be to be known. So let's, let's scrub that from our history. And suddenly, you do a search for Holocaust. And it's like you're looking for Hillary Clinton emails on Google. Right? You saw, you've seen the screenshots on that, although I will tell you, I did a Google search for Hillary Clinton emails and things did pop up. But there's screenshots where, you know, and it's it's released in this Project Veritas report and investigation, and so forth. But anyway, nothing came up on some of those searches for folks.

So they're trying to guide the hand, they're trying, they're trying not just to provide information to provide the right kind of information, as they would put it, the right kind of information to those that are searching for things that are politically relevant. And after all the Left will tell us why it doesn't really matter, because there are right and wrong opinions. Right?

Have you noticed, and I think about the evolution of how information and news has as transpired over the course of history, you know, back in the early days, I say back in the early days, I mean, the media has long been a problem. For many in you know, Jeffrey, I mean, most presidents had problems with the media. Some of them had incredible problems with media, you look at Lincoln, Jefferson, some of their their disdain for what was being reported. Some folks who claim to be carrying the mantle of truth, holding truth to power, were actually engaged in spreading lies and propaganda and misrepresenting administration's from effectively day one. And there wasn't a whole lot you could do back then it was, you know, it was written, other people had to trust the sources they couldn't. There wasn't video back then.

I know, I know, some millennials tune in. And they think that, you know, I've seen these men on the street interviews. They think that the United States became a country in 1912, or whatever it was that we fought for our independence from Sweden, and all these things. They probably think that video existed of George Washington, driving his car to his first day at work, and the White House, and whatever they think, but that's not reality. Reality was that we didn't have technology. So they relied upon these reporters and the reporters, then reporters then did things that similar gentlemen stay to the same degree, but there's always been missing. For me, this is the nature of human humanity. Right? There's going to be bad apples and any budge spreading lies.

You know, having the proverbial axe to grind shouldn't be surprising. It's why we that's why we want multiple news sources. And when all the news sources are saying the same exact thing, and they're condemning one of them, say fox news that doesn't, it should tell us something, I think, what are they so afraid of? They have, they have the bully pulpit. But back to the going through the the history of media, you know, we had the the invention of television news, right. And we had all of our friends trust placed in three networks as a nation, these three networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, and they had folks that would get behind the camera each and every night and tell us tell us the events of the day. Again, the same sort of thing.

But we're now down to, you know, back in the day with what's written news with newspapers, back in the old times, at least there were, at least nationally, there were lots of lots of sources. When we had the drive the TV news, we were while we condense that down to three, three of the most powerful people in the world, at least in America could have been those that were sharing with us the information each and every day. So there was a monopoly of sorts. None of these were conservative outlets. All of these had degrees of liberalism, liberalism and the the hearts and minds the intentions of those that were sharing the news with us.

Then with the growth of talk radio, especially when rush limbaugh came to the scene, syndicating and having a national voice that changed. And then of course, with the Internet, and the invention or the beginning of blogs, and conservative bloggers, online, political news sources, online commentator, commentator, commentators, all this stuff developed over time, to now we are bombarded with sources, bombarded with news sources, whether they be traditional Leftists, but there's also alternative news sources.

And now what Google is saying, effectively, is that, hey, we liked it better back when we had back when we had three sources, and back then the three sources were all saying the same thing every night, you ever think about that? You ever think when I and I don't do this much anymore, but I used to do this, I used to watch a little bit of all three of the main, you know, the mainstream news, TV sources, NBC, ABC, CBS. And I try to I try to look, you know, flip really quickly at the beginning, beginning and see what the lead was on all of the other networks. And it was astonishing to me out of all the news around the world, each and every day, all the news each and every day around the world. The lede story was the amount of times it was the same thing. And then not only that, but the second story, it was often the same as the other networks.

Then you start factoring and how they use the same terminology, and phrasing. My favorite was back in 2000, when George W. Bush was picking a vice presidential candidate. And the sudden popularity and the term "gravitas." Yeah, I'd gone at the time, what was 23-24 whatever I was 23 years old 22.
And I had gone my entire life, maybe hearing that word, I don't know, maybe once or twice, not at all right? It wasn't a word that I that was commonly used suddenly, suddenly, overnight. Overnight, the media, I mean, all the guests, all the anchors, all the commentators, they all suddenly had the same affinity to the word, gravitas. And it was as though a new word had been created out of scratch. And of course, it wasn't a new word, but it is suddenly had popularity.

And we, I marvel at that stuff out of all the things happening. And all the ways you can describe something, you choose to use the same words, the same phrases. Now Google says you have multiple sources, but not all sources are equal. What we're going to do is we're going to tell you which ones are equal by guiding you by guiding you to the correct source. Thank you, Google, thank you so much for keeping us on track for looking out for our better for our best interest. and combine this with the fact combine this with the fact that sources are telling us that they don't want to see a repeat in Google of a summer, someone like Trump. Now, I don't want to make this too big of a stretch of the imagination for some maybe radical Leftist tuning in this morning, angry at the world. That's not all of them, by the way, talking about the radical foaming at the mouth, completely. Upside down worldview, not open to anything, wants to see conservatism completely censored believing that this is a good thing. I'm talking about that sort of a sort of a radical. Right, these folks, they're plotting, Google's doing the right thing here.

They think we do need people to know what the right News is. They think kudos to Google. And if Google's trying to prevent President Trump from getting reelected, because after all, they're trying to prevent someone like President Trump from getting reelected. I think it's safe to assume it's safe to say that that would include President Trump Trump in 2020. And I guess that the crowd that applauds this or that finds nothing wrong with this. Or that maybe doesn't mean find this newsworthy. Wonder what they would feel how they would feel. If they simply repeated the words, Google is interfering in the 2020 election. I guess they would say as long as they're not Russian, that's okay.

Anyway, this is something that should get the attention of all Americans, this is not something this is not something that is justifiable. This is not something that is reasonable. This is not something that is commendable. I'm sure there's some out there clapping saying yes, we need to stop these second rate or third rate sources of so called news from having the same relevance as CNN. Meanwhile, CBS, CNN, I mean, they've demonstrated and not just CNN and other sources as well. Their total disdain for actual truth as long as that truth or when that truth, I should say, actually goes against the ideology that's embraced by CNN.

Anyway, this is a real problem. We don't know it to some degree, it's impossible to know how much this is affecting even what information we're having access to. Now, does it affect things that we post on our website? How easily people can find it? I mean, to some degree, Google has said, Yeah, maybe at least if it's been flagged as something that something that's caught their attention that might interfere people from believing the truth, which is they should vote for a Democrat, and 2020. It's effectively where we are with Google. And they're doubling and tripling down. I mean, this is something that they feel very, this is this is part of their core values. If they were to be honest, their core principles, one of the core principles would be stop republicans from being elected. Stop republicans for being elected.

Anyway. Got take a break here long in this first segment. You're listening to the home of conservative, not better talk radio. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.




Welcome back. So been talking about Google here, talk talking about how they want to influence influence. Maybe Maybe they're even colluding you think they're colluding with the democrats on this? Or do they avoid that because all the people that run Google are Leftist, no need to collude because they all understand what needs to be accomplished here. With a wink and a nod. They're all on the same page. No need to collude. No need to collude with anyone between Google and the radicals and the democrat party because they all understand what they're doing. They all understand what they're trying to accomplish. No need for meetings. No need for meeting in smokey. Well, I don't they meet in smoke-filled rooms or not. But no need for those meetings where they sit vodkas Trump supposedly did with the Russians, including Putin himself. No need to go to Pokemon Go to trick, trick, I say, folks who were intending to vote for Hillary Clinton trick them into voting for President Trump none, no need to do any of that. What they'll do is let us whitewash their Google searches.

You want to search on you want to search something for Trump, no problem. articles that pop up Trump's a Nazi. Trump wants to start world war three. Trump is putting children in cages separating them from families, probably that Twitter, that tweet from Eric swallow will pop up. Trump wakes up every morning thinking how can I separate and destroy Hispanic families? How can I separate them from their parents? How can I cage them says presidential contenders not a presidential contender. 


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