Dave Portnoy's Covid-19 Rant

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is right about a lot in his latest 'Covid Rant.' And the central question he raises absolutely deserves an answer: When did 'flatten the curve' become an indefinite government order for everyone to #StayHome?  

The rant

I hope you take a moment to watch his rant - just be advised that this is unedited, and some of you may want to get your personal bleep button ready! 

But if you listen to Portnoy, he raises a lot of great questions and points out just how much the government and media have 'shifted the goal posts' and changed the original objective.

In case you forgot in the ensuing hysteria, the original stated purpose was to keep our hospitals from being overrun by Covid patients. But as Portnoy points out, we're past that point now. So why are we allowing our governments - whether federal, state or local - to place these undue burdens on a free people? 


Whatever happend to "flatten the curve?"

So, back to Portnoy's original question, "Whatever happened to flatten the curve?"

Flatten the curve has now evolved into things like #stayhome or #saferathome

It's evolved into government lockdowns, economic shutdowns, and petty acts of tyranny. 

Sure, it may be advisable for some people to stay at home. But by government order?

When on earth did we decide this was the government's prerogative?

And whatever happened to the idea of liberty and personal responsibility? 

As a conservative, I firmly believe that the individual is best equipped to make decisions in his or her own life. We were created by God to live with freedom. If someone decides the risk is too high, they can stay home. They can 'hunker down.' They can isolate. Whatever they want.

But many have decided the risk isn't too big for them. 

Maybe they've already developed antibodies. Maybe they're not a health risk. Maybe they're young and healthy. Honestly, it doesn't matter the reason; what matters is that it is their choice to make.

And they've decided feeding their family or fighting for the survival of their business is worth whatever risk Covid may pose to them. 

Government officials have no idea

The vast majority of today's government officials have no idea what it takes to launch, grow and maintain a healthy business today. 

But yet, they believe that if we only listen to them and follow their orders and dictates, that we can simply resume business as usual when they say it's safe to do so.


When is that going to be? 

And what are we supposed to do in the meantime? Live off the broken ideology of big goverment provision? 

Besides, some government officials, like L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, are now saying that shutdowns will be long-term and will not completely go away until we get a cure

A cure? 

That's raising the bar just a bit, don't you think? 

At first, we were to shutdown until we flattened the curve. 

Now, we're supposed to shutdown until there is a cure - something that cannot be guaranteed. And even if it were possible to guarantee, we have absolutely no idea when that would happen. The only thing that we do know is that it would happen much later than most businesses can survive during a shutdown. 

Of course, we're just supposed to sit down and trust them, right? 

Portnoy said that had this Covid shutdown happened during the 10 years he was buidling Barstool Sports, it would have destroyed his company. Think about that and ask yourself, "How many businesses are there in that vulnerable start-up phase right now that may cease to exist because of out-of-control, disproportionate government action?" 

Whatever that number, I think we can all agree that their futures should never be put into the hands of a completely inept, overreaching government. 

Todd Huff is the conservative, not bitter host of The Todd Huff Show and founder of Conservative Not Bitter University (CNBU), your source for practical conservative training and education. If you would like to read more from Todd, we welcome you to sign up to receive his free weekly newsletter.