If This Is True, Covid Is Over

I rarely stay up late enough to watch The Ingraham Angle, but I am sure glad I did last week. I caught this truly unbelievable interview with Dr. Ivette Lazono, a family doctor in Texas who has been successfully treating her covid patients with hydroxychloroquine. 

Watch the video to see just how successful she's been.

Now, I understand that there are mixed messages concerning the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine when used to treat covid. But if what this doctor says is true folks, then LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has his cure - and he can finally reopen the city as he promised. 

Why on earth is there so much opposition to hydoxychloroquine? 

Why does it seem like people are rooting against it? 

The answer is simple, but disturbing: it has been branded as Trump's drug.

And anything branded as Trump's drug cannot be allowed to succeed. 

Think about how truly pathetic and awful that is. Members of the media and the Democrat Party are cheering against a drug that may truly save lives. 

This doctor says it has worked with one hundred percent of her patients

If this is true, then the opposition to this drug is absolutely unconscionable.