CNN Finds Reason Biden Can Question Blackness of Black Voters

The media and the Democrat Party are political contortionists. They bend themselves, their arguments and their principles into whatever shape necessary to defend "their guy" from becoming the victim of the political narrative of the day. 

We watch them contort as they defend Joe Biden against the allegations made by Tara Reade.

We watch them contort as they defend Joe and Hunter Biden in the Ukrainian investigation of Burisma

And now we have the pleasure of watching them contort as they defend Joe Biden's "you ain't black" comment. (You can watch the 14 second clip in the tweet below.)

CNN never disappoints

The media has effectively become the PR firm for the Democrat Party. 

And while there may be many contenders for the most loyal media partner of the Democrat Party, CNN has to be at or near the top of the list. In fact, I remember hearing people refer to CNN as the "Clinton News Network" in the 1990s. So this isn't a new phenomenon. 

So I just assume that what I'm subjected to at CNN is Democrat Party propaganda. 

It is in this sense that they never disappoint me. 

If something in the news is harmful to Democrats, CNN's default starting point is to simply ignore it. But sometimes that doesn't do the trick because there are alternative media sources today. (Oh, how they long for the days of having a firm monopoly on news and information!)

If they can no longer ignore a topic or event in the news, like Tara Reade's allegations or Benghazi or Burisma, they bring in some pundits to tell us it's already been investigated or reported, but it isn't a story.  

If that doesn't work, they try to create their own (much less harmful) version of the story. 

But if none of that ultimately works, they resign themselves to the fact that they must fight this story head-on. This is when they find some politically-insulated individuals and/or pundits to come in and completely contradict themselves. 

You almost have to admire their boldness
In a sense, you almost have to admire the brazen way in which some of these pundits defend "their guy." 
It doesn't matter to them what they've personally said about an issue or situation in the past, they're willing to abandon it immediately if it helps them save "their guy." 
It doesn't matter what's true.
It doesn't matter what's right. 
All that matters is winning the politics of the issue. 
Don't believe me? 
What about Tara Reade? Benghazi? Burisma? 
And now, "you ain't black."
Ah, yes, Joe Biden is now out there telling Charlamagne Tha God (I have neither the time nor the energy to even start to go down this road right now), that if he doesn't vote for him (Biden), he's not really black. 
Insulting. Superficial. And downright stupid. 
And as if right on cue, CNN finds a black Leftist professor at Howard University named Ravi Perry who has unearthed a never-before-seen unwritten exception to the rule that white people can't tell black people they aren't really black. And, no, I'm really not making this up! Read the excerpt below. 

Perry says people outraged at Biden's comments ignore the context and an unwritten rule about racial remarks. A white person can't instruct black people on their racial identity. No pontificating about you can't be black if you like opera or anything like that.
They can, however, question the political identity and choices of a black person who votes for a President that spread a birther conspiracy theory about the nation's first black president, and said there were "very fine people on both sides" of a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Perry says.

So, Biden does something stupid. And the media rides in to save him - with the help of a Leftist academic!

While I must admit this kind of nonsense entertains me to no end, it does get a little old being that it is so incredibly predictable