Remember when Washington D.C. was being destroyed by protesters and rioters with graffiti and fires? During that time, only four people were arrested for destruction of property. On Saturday, MPD arrested half as many pro-life citizens for writing "black preborn lives matter" in chalk. 

When the city was being defaced and the historic church across from the White House was burning, a total of four people were arrested. According to an online news source, on the morning of August 1st two members of the Students for Life of America group were arrested for writing "black preborn lives matter" in sidewalk chalk outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. They were arrested for "defacing of private/public property" and later both citation released. 

Hundreds of people were spray painting federal buildings on camera and only four people were arrested. And two people write on the road 75% of the same slogan, inserting the word "preborn" and suddenly these folks need to be arrested.

Students for Life Executive Director, Kristin Hawkins said it correctly, "If you open the door to free speech on the city streets to one group, you can't shut it to others".