Democrat leaders are using the Post Office as a tool to try to make Americans believe that Trump is actively trying to steal the election from both Joe Biden and the American voter. But that simply isn't true. 

The Democratic narrative about the Post Office essentially argues that President Trump is refusing to fund the USPS with the money it needs to effectively operate. This, according to the narrative, will prevent voters from casting their ballots this November. But if you look into the recent history of the Post Office, you will quickly find that this narrative isn't even remotely accurate. 

In Fiscal Year 2019, the Post Office lost $8.81 billion. The previous year, it lost $3.91 billion. The Post Office has been losing money like crazy for quite some time now. And that started long before President Trump entered office.

You might wonder, "Why does the Post Office lose so much money?" Well, a hefty portion of this loss is due to the expensive retirement and heathcare packages given to postal workers. Studies have shown that government workers are paid higher amounts - approximately 80% more, in fact - than their counterparts in the private sector. And on top of that, they are given incredible benefit packages. In 2006, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was passed because the Post Office offered expensive health and insurance benefit packages to their retirees. Only problem was, they weren't funding it. It may be news to the Socialists among us, but you cannot expect someone to give you free healthcare and not pay for it in return. That's simply not how real life works. 

And despite their efforts to change this fact, government must operate in reality. 

This lack of funding is a continuous problem, and is something that everyone should have seen coming for a long time. In 2001, the number of pieces of mail hit an all-time high, but those numbers have steadily declined since. This should surprise no one; yes, even government bureaucrats. We live in a digital age where bills are being paid online, text and e-mail are popular forms of communication and snail mail is simply being used less and less often.

The old-fashioned Post Office is a thing of the past. Like private enterprise, it must learn to adapt - or it will die. 

Now that the Post Office is having to account for employee and retiree benefits, it is experiencing huge losses. So, to state the obvious, they must either find a way to increase revenues or decrease expenses - immediately. This is why the USPS is getting rid of sorting machines and equipment that they no longer use. And it's why the USPS is moving Post Office boxes to busier areas.

This is, indeed, what all the faux outrage about the Post Office is about: making financial adjustments in an attempt to balance budgets and operate responsibly. 

However, when Democrats find that their local mail-drop box is gone, they pin it on President Trump and his motive to steal the Post Office so people can't vote by mail. "Trump is trying to steal this election and our mailboxes," the Radical Left cries. 

But it's just not true. 

This hysteria has led to Democrat leaders like AOC to tell people they need to have a "voting plan" - whatever that's supposed to mean. 

And it's also inspired life-changing ideas like a 'national progressive pen pal program.' Fanstastic! They only need to sell 16,000,000,000 stamps for this ridiculous program to offset the losses! I mean, could they make their lack of math skills any more obvious if they tried? 

This Post Office debacle is being politicized (along with everything else in 2020) to make people believe that Trump is abusing the government to steal the election. That's the narrative anyway. 

But the facts reveal something altogether different: another government-run, mismanaged mess that needs dramatic reform to reduce spending and balance budgets. 

No one is trying to stop anyone from voting. Well, no one is trying to stop anyone from legally voting anyway.