According to Hawkfish, a Democratic data, and analytics firm, it is highly likely that President Trump will appear to win by a landslide on election night, even if he ultimately loses when all the votes are counted. 

Note the word "appear."

In other words, it everyone will think Trump is clearly the winner - but Biden will somehow pull it out once "all the votes are counted."

So what is the only way Trump wins? All the votes are not counted. Pretty convenient, huh?

Axios on HBO shares an interview
with Josh Mendelsohn, the CEO of Hawkfish, setting these troubling expectations. In the interview, Mendelsohn says that Trump will initially demolish Biden, but because many more Democrats will vote by mail than Republicans, Biden will eventually win. And, of course, it will take days to count those votes. 


This creates an ideal scenario for them. 

They can see the number of votes they need to discover, deliver, find or fabricate for Biden to win after election night. 

They have the luxury of time because they are setting the expectation that this may take days or even weeks. And I imagine they could take months if that's necessary, too. 

After all, if anyone tries to step in and stop this endless chaos from continuing, they'll be charged with suppressing the vote. 

The Radical Left learned from 2000. 

And they learned from 2016. 

They will do anything - anything - to prevent a Trump re-election. 

And they are setting the expectation that Biden will appear to lose big on election night, but that he will have the votes magically appear over the days and weeks after the election. 

This is why they are pushing for mass vote-by-mail. 

This is why they are overemphasizing the risk of transmitting COVID at the polls - which is, ironically, not something that can be transmitted during riots and protests. 

They are building a team of attorneys prepared to challenge this election. 

And, of course, they are content having ballots being carried by postal workers who belong to a union that endorses Joe Biden for President. (Don't forget about the video footage of the postal worker dumping postcards of a Republican candidate in the trash when you think about this point.) 

They are setting the stage and the expectations for this exact scenario to take place. How does this not encourage nefarious individuals from looking for ways to cast fraudulent mail-in-ballots? No ID required. No trip to the polling booth necessary. No risk. No way to prove who actually cast the fraudulent ballot. 

It's a Radical Leftist's dream come true! 

I mean, after all, isn't it better to try to steal an election than it is to remove a sitting President from office via impeachment based upon ridiculous charges? 

We need to be prepared for all sorts of shenanigans like this as we move toward November 3rd, 2020.