Monday evening on CNN, Don Lemon told Chris Cuomo that "we're going to have to blow up the entire [US] system [of government]." 

Well, isn't that just awesome? 

Lemon then doubled down
, suggesting that we eliminate the Electoral College because, according to his line of logic, it prevents minorities in America from choosing who our judges and presidents are. 

The Radical Left is completely unhinged. And angry. Full of rage. And, since we know there is no version of "liberal, not bitter"- they're bitter. Very bitter.

And now this ugly, lawless, vitriolic side - which has always there, I should add - is coming out in full force because they understand that Trump is very likely going to be able to seat a new Supreme Court justice. 

And they cannot handle it. Not even remotely. 

If they're willing to react like this on television, one has to wonder what conversations between these folks sound like while they're off-air...