Two of President Trump's expected Supreme Court nominees, Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa, are Catholic. And to no surprise, their faith has already caused anti-Catholic bigotry among Democrats in this nomination process. 

According to The Federalist, the Washington Post dug up an out of context quote by Barrett from years back that stated: "legal career is but a means to an end...and the end is building the Kingdom of God." This ordinary religious expression was resurfaced as a warning to people that Barrett will usher in Catholic theocracy if she is confirmed to the High Court. 

Newsweek went as far as to publish an article claiming that Barrett is affiliated with a group known as "People of Praise," which they claimed served as the inspiration for "The Handmaid's Tale." Newsweek later edited the piece, revealing that the author of "The Handmaid's Tale" denied People of Praise was her inspiration for the book, totally invalidating Newsweek's original article. But don't worry, they kept their original deceptive headline. (Of course, they did!)

The Radical Left and the media refuse to accept defeat in the battle for the Supreme Court nomination, and they fear the nomination of a Justice who will actually interpret the law and the Constitution. They will continue to attack the faith of these individuals because, as I have said before, to the godless, atheistic wing of the Radical Left, the government is god. 

And they will do anything - anything - to keep President Trump and the Republican Senate from filling a seat on the Court with someone who doesn't see the advancement of Liberalism as the primary and sole objective. After all, if the government is their god, the Court is their holy priesthood.