The first Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden is tonight, and some of the most critical issues of 2020 will be discussed. But one debate topic in particular, "Race and Violence in Our Cities", has angered the left. 

According to Newsweek, black Democrats and Biden supporters believe that the topic of race and violence serves as anti-black rhetoric and a Republican Party talking point. 

Isn't the Black Lives Matter movement based upon the idea that violence against unarmed black people in our cities is being perpetrated by police officers? So, how is this not a legitimate debate topic? BLM was quite literally created as a movement to talk about race and violence.

But, the president and CEO of the NAACP claims that mischaracterization of the riots and protests that have occurred over the past several months could create a "false and dangerous narrative" that sets the stage for the vilification of "non-violent" movements like Black Lives Matter. 

If Democrats feel so strongly that discussion of this topic will create a false narrative, then why doesn't Biden get up there and correct the narrative? It seems to me that they should want the opportunity to correct a critically-important narrative just 5 weeks from an election. 

But maybe that's just me.