I'm Ok With Political Theater - Just Not Bad Political Theater

The Democrats engage in some really bad political theater. Mock Attorney General William Barr by eating KFC - trying to symbolize how big of a chicken he is for not testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. Is that how AG Barr strikes you? Legitimate oversight or really bad political theater. More than 2 years of successful hijacking of the political narrative. Russian investigation is dead, but Left still tries to squeeze political benefit from this silliness. Meanwhile, a new report claims it was a Democrat who sought not Russian, but Ukrainian, dirt on Trump in 2016. Irony much? Democrats cry about how Trump is destroying democracy, but choose their own presidential candidate with superdelegates. "What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying." Masculinity. Toxic Masculinity & the assault on manhood. Have a great weekend!