Trump Enrages Media And The Left For Saying He May Listen To Foreign Dirt On 2020 Opponent

Trump interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. Asks about taking information from foreign sources. Trump says he may listen, may call FBI. It depends. Left outraged. Some wondering why Trump just can't be arrested on the spot. Meanwhile, not a word about the Clinton Campaign paying a foreign agent to create a phony dossier that was used to secure a FISA warrant on a political opponent. Context matters. Shouldn't the emphasis be placed on truth rather than nationality? Media constantly attempting to interfere with our election results through their reporting. How is this any better? Because they're domestic? Pro-abortion crowd tries to tell us that Bible says life doesn't begin until we draw our first breath. Sounds a little legalistic to me - and a lot unscientific. What does the Bible really teach about life? Congresswoman Norma Torres calls pro-life Republicans in House "sex-starved males."