Big Government Teaches People To Believe Crazy Things

When the government is in power and in control, at it's core, the government is force. For example, the issue of to wear a mask or to not wear a mask. Over the past year there has been an evolution of standards regarding mask wearing. Dr. Fauci originally came out and said wearing a mask is largely symbolic. Then he changed his tune to how important masks are to preventing the spread of Covid 19. Including his recommendation to wear a mask, shield and goggles. What is the next phase of virtue signaling? Well, Dr. Fauci is now saying to wear 2 masks! What is the government going to encourage or enforce us to do next? Situations like this cause people to turn to the government to save them from things the "experts" say to be true. How often are the "experts" actually right? Lovers of big government love telling people what to do.