The Wheels Are Already Coming Off the Radical Left's Utopian Promises | February 10, 2021

Here's your conservative, not bitter host The Todd Huff Show I got an email here this morning. And oh gosh, I tell you what. firstworldproblems here in this country headline daily wire woman who used Gorilla Glue as hairspray considers suing the company raises 1000s in Go Fund Me. Report. Eyes. Have you ever thought about using Gorilla Glue for hairspray? She says no. I'm not sure. Anyway, welcome to the program. I'm your host Todd Huff email, Todd The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show we're streaming their Twitter periscope for the time being as I've shared before, if you're listening on Periscope, you might want to consider downloading the podcast periscope is going to be shut down here in about six weeks. podcast can be found on Apple podcast, iTunes, wherever you listen to your podcast stitcher very easy to download. Just search The Todd Huff Show there and you can you can download it. And folks, you can email me again your thoughts, opinions, comments, adoration and praise also accepted here on the program. Todd The Todd Huff So you know, as as I've kind of skimmed and looked at and read and prepared for this morning. Again, we don't do themes on here. But I think one of the things that becomes obvious to me, as I've looked at what's happening in the news, of course when now we know that Biden has signed 52 executive orders, I guess by his own, by his own words, making him a dictator. He says that that's what dictators do. When Trump was president, right when Trump was president, the executive orders meant that you were a dictator. When a democrat is president, it means that it's just part of the heavy lifting, and the work that's necessary to undo, undo the mess that has been brought upon us by former President Donald J. Trump, who you may have heard is facing a second impeachment trial in the Senate. I don't want to talk about that today. We could go through the impeachment trial. But this this is so blatantly idiotic and stupid to me, that I don't want to waste any time the odds of anything here happening to President Trump are so astronomically tiny that the odds of the status the odds of Trump being acquitted are astronomically large. And the odds of President Trump being impeached or next, or removed from all he's already out of office. So that's the other thing, I guess, banished from politics forever. The odds of that being the case are as close to zero. As as one might, as one might expect. But I think as we look at the as we look at the landscape, right, I think a couple things become obvious to me, number one, number one, whenever you promise, it's easier to be out of power and promise grandiose ideas. Promise utopia, promise, peace on earth promised to fix and to change everyone's life in an instant promise to secure COVID promise to open schools. We'll talk about that as well. Jen Psaki. Remember President Biden His goal was in the first 100 days to open schools. it's laughable. It's it's beyond laughable what that definition now means open schools. I mean, I think you can have one teacher teach one class in the school and Biden says count it maybe that school is open, that school is open. That basically seems to be the criteria for an open school. Again, it's easier to sit back and to criticize than it is to actually solve problems. And to lead in fact, I'm looking forward to still the one thing I'm 100% on board for and I can't wait to see happen is for Biden to cure the diseases he's promised to cure, which are cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. I mean, here we are three weeks away three weeks in. I guess we're three weeks in when we've still not still not gotten any word on that I think Thought it would happen by now. And we're gonna remind him of this because he promised that he promised. He literally said that multiple times. He said it multiple times for cancer one time, he got really excited after winning Iowa. And he said, I'm gonna throw in there all simers and diabetes too. And I promise you, we're going to cure these things. When I'm president, if I'm president. That's what he said, we can dig up the soundbite. But I think I've played it before. And you can trust me that that is what he said. It's funny, you know, I run into people who don't want to acknowledge what these folks are saying. But this is in fact what they say. And then when they're in power, suddenly the goalposts shift, right with COVID. Biden was criticizing Trump and his response to COVID. And, look, I'm not saying Trump handled it perfectly that the administration did or that the government did. But the idea, the idea that a new president was going to come in and everything was going to be, as I like to say, hunky dory apple pie. It's just simply not the case. It's just simply not the case. And so, but that's what we were told, Biden comes in they can't even find vaccines. Whose fault is that? That's Trump's fault. Of course. Now, they're saying they want to open schools? Well, what does opening schools mean? Opening schools means a school being open period, one day a week, we've got people out there suing talking about suing companies, because they want to use Gorilla Glue for hairspray. That's kind of I think, a microcosm of what really is I think about it as what the government, what the radical left thinks the government can be used for, they see the Gorilla Glue, and they think, man, that should really work Good, good. It says it holds, it holds for hours, days permanently, let me put that in my hair. That's what the radical left looks, how they look at our government, how they look at any problem in life, man, government, if the government got in there, and, you know, said people had to pay someone $15 an hour, that should fix every problem, then they put the proverbial Gorilla Glue in their hair. And suddenly, they realize that it costs 1.4 million jobs because some people have jobs that are not worth $15 an hour to an employer and you cannot, the math dictates the science is spoken, you cannot have a job. You cannot pay someone for a job that's worth worth less than what you're paying for it indefinitely, there will be consequences for that. And for small businesses, there's definitely consequences for that. But yet, and then, and then when the Gorilla Glue turns out to not be a good hairspray in the metaphor here, given the idiocy that some people come up with, and then they want to blame somebody, that's what the government does. They want to blame somebody they want to blame. The radical left wants to blame somebody else. It's because of evil business owners being too greedy, right? It's because they just simply wouldn't oblige with the the brilliance of the left, if they simply did things our way problems would be solved. Why do people resist listening and following orders and instructions from the radical left from the, from the dictators among us? So as I look across the landscape here, that's what I see, I see an unraveling of the promises of liberalism, again, like this joker who used Gorilla Glue as hairspray, suddenly realizing that wasn't a good idea. And instead of just saying I made a boneheaded mistake, they want to blame somebody else they want to blame. Potentially, according to this report the company for not I guess, putting on the bottle, don't use this hairspray. Anyway, but I want to start here this morning. talking specifically about I'm going to start her this morning talking about gin sockies remarks about opening schools. Again, this is one way that I already see that the wheels are coming off the utopian promises of the radical left. It's as though again, I just go back in my mind, and I look at the history of how we got here. We've got a guy who's president now, that really, the average person has no idea what the guy wants to do, because they didn't pay any attention. Hey, he didn't have to tell us during the campaign. Remember, he was hiding in his basement. He was not doing interviews. He was holding rallies with 52 cars, presumably with 52 people I don't even know if there were there might have just been cars with no people in them. fact the only way we knew there were people in the cars with the horns were honking again. I'm pretty confident because people fell asleep in their head hit the horn. So but nonetheless, this is what this is what Biden did and of course, the campaign was all about how bad Trump was. Much Trump was hated how terrible he was. He was a dictator and Nazi. our democracy was at stake was just about ready to collapse. And the democrats wrote in on their white horse to save our democracy somehow. Somehow they did this. And now it's like, we got this guy in the White House and people are saying, huh, didn't know Biden was for that. Richard Trumka, for example, head of the AFL CIO. Biden's first day he writes an executive order canceling the Keystone pipeline. Biden loves executive orders Biden loves by his own definition, acting like a dictator governing by Fiat governing by decree here you hear you the great Emperor Biden has spoken, Keystone pipeline is hereby summarily canceled, boom. Let it be. Let it be decreed that the great, the great one Joseph Biden has spoken. And the Keystone pipeline is cancelled and Richard Trumka AFL CIO, is left having to articulate reasons and rationale as to why they supported a guy that just literally unilaterally killed 1000s of union jobs 1000s of union jobs and you know, union jobs. And by the way, now, instead of using the pipeline to transport transport oil from Canada, South, they're going to use trucks. It's not as though we're not we're going to suddenly stop using oil for the environmentalists out there. Those that are hell bent on seeing $8 a gallon gasoline which by the way, that's something else that we're seeing gas price prices trickle up. Surprise, surprise, it's easier to sit on the sidelines and to be a prognosticator, an armchair quarterback than it is to actually govern and get things done, especially when your governing policies rely on principles that are not fundamentally sound principles that violate the way that the world works. principles that say that government is going to solve your problems and we're going to come down with it, we'll come up with a top down plan that's going to fix everything. We're going to make sure that you make enough money that you have a place to live that you have food to eat, that you can, you know, access, whatever sort of medical care, we think that you need, which wouldn't, which obviously needs to include gender reassignment, surgery, and abortion on demand. It's going to be paid for by the taxpayer. We're going to open up the border, pretty much. At least that's what the people coming from south of our border thing. That's why there's a big caravan heading that direction. There's reports Tucker Carlson reported that the Biden ministration now is kept you know, when they when they detain people crossing the border, they're releasing them without even giving them a COVID test, as the rest of us have to wear a mask, maybe even two masks. That's now seriously being contemplated articles out there telling you why you should wear two masks. And on and on this nonsense goes. The wheels are coming off before our very eyes. I suppose that's the one good thing that we can see from the radical left being in power is that this these ideas are complete nonsense. They do not work. They never work. They never have worked. Here's Jen Psaki, I promised to play this here before I take my first break. Jen Psaki explaining what it means for schools to be open. In a Biden administration. Here it is
opening up schools swiftly and safely. Could you help us understand what the White House is? Or what the President's definition of open schools is? Does it mean teachers in classroom teaching students in classrooms it just mean kids in classroom with remote screen help us understand?
Sure. His goal that he said is to have the majority of schools so more than 50% open by day 100 of his presidency. And that means some teaching in classrooms, so at least one day a week, hopefully it's more and obviously it is as much as as safe and each school and local district
say some teaching that you didn't use the same majority qualifier there. You just have to have some teaching in school, some teachers in school, not the majority of teachers in school and the majority of classrooms well, teaching at least one day a week in the majority of schools by day 100. In person teaching and person teaching Yes. In version teaching majority of schools and she defines majority in case anyone in that press room does not know what majority is they may not for all I know majority is 50% plus, plus one, right? More than those that are not open. We want the schools open at least one day a week and at least some teaching done there. So literally a school Could I mean, this is is this even setting a bar What is this? You have to open your school, okay? Students have to learn and teach And in person. Okay, how many students doesn't say, can it be one student? Can it be the principal son going in there? And the principal saying all right, little Bobby, here's today's lesson. One Biden, in the White House equals open schools. Right? Is it can that be? Can that be what we've set out to accomplish here? See, it's so much easier for folks to sit back and say, Oh, well, Trump is doing this, that and the other wrong. This is unbelievable what he's allowed to happen. Biden comes into the office, suddenly, we can't find vaccines, suddenly, what it means to open a school is defined to something as ridiculous as this. Biden says early on, that the trajectory of COVID cannot be changed for the next 234 months, what some number of months. I thought you were gonna fix all that. I thought, I thought you told us when you were going out to those rallies with 50 cars, or people standing in circles 80 feet apart, I thought you were telling us that Trump was the problem for all this. And that a good leader could fix this and get us out of the situation. Right? I mean, that's what I remember you saying, Now, suddenly, reality matters. Now suddenly, all the utopian promises come to a screeching halt. Because you're in charge. You don't want to be held responsible. You want to readjust the expectations, and the media will oblige. The media will act like yeah, of course, of course, this is reasonable. They might ask a follow up question like this, this fella did. But there's no push back. There's no, there's no. How is that an open school? Secretary, press secretary sokhi? How is that an open school to have some room in the building open? And some students in there hearing a teacher talk? How in the world is that define an open school but for the left it does when they're in power. If Trump was in power, and there was one student that didn't go to the school, they would say how can you call that school open? Because a student is not yet in this facility. That's how these expectations flip on their head. I've yet to take a break. quick timeout is in order to sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. You know how I was thinking with her during the break. I've been watching. I've been watching a clip. I don't know. I know. We have office fans in the audience. Now this shows not been on air for several years now. But you still might catch reruns of the office. Michael Scott's without question. Without question, the best TV character of all time, Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin. Good stuff, right. I know some of you disagree with that. But it's some some funny stuff. But there's an episode. There's an episode where the company he works for Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, who's one who has given money to remember the folks who were arrested during the riot, not not the capital riot, not the only Riot that we want to talk about now. But the other riots, the summer, people were arrested for, you know, damaging property, burning buildings, looting whatever. And people like Steve Carell contributed to the fund that was bailing these folks out of jail and that sort of thing. You remember celebrities giving money to this stuff. So I don't want to get into that. I don't want to have that interfere with my feelings for Michael Scott. But but there's an episode where Dunder Mifflin, the company is in financial problems. And so they they have a meeting with shareholders. Michael Scott is invited. He's the regional manager of Dunder Dunder Mifflin, Dunder Mifflin Scranton. And he's sitting there at this long table with all the executives. And he makes a comment, talking to his boss said these people are really angry, angry, and his boss covers the microphone and says, that's before they knew we were going bankrupt. And so Michael says we're going bankrupt over his microphone. And the audience, of course, starts booing and going crazy. So there's a scene, I'm gonna play this a snippet of this play snippet of this just to give you an idea, but as they're walking off stage, this is just reminds me of Biden, I just, it reminds me of how the left governs. So they're starting to go offstage to to take a break or whatever, and to come back out, and somebody from the audience says, You haven't even addressed the bankruptcy or the financial problems or whatever yet, you've just basically said, Here's somebody that's a success story or somebody else's success, success story and so forth. And so as they're standing up to leave, this is kind of the exchange that displays a few seconds of this to give you a flavor, but Michaels, it's Dunder Mifflin addressing the audience, here it is. Not gonna happen, what's not gonna happen, we'll be back with some answers. Okay, I know that you're mad at me and you're mad at all, you're gonna fix the company, okay? We're gonna, we're gonna go out there during this break, and we're gonna come back with a plan. We're gonna come back with a plan for you. It's a 45 day plan 45 days to get us back on track or digital plan. It's pretty much a ploy. It's a 45 day, 45.1 point per day, we get to 45 points, we're back in business. We're going completely carbon neutral. There's more truth in this. There is more truth in that right there. In the analogy of how the left approaches government, they get they get on the stage. Now he's out here dancing for the crowds. Oh, no, no, you not me. You. He's no, no, you got there cheering for him. It's perfect, Michael Scott. But it's also indicative, and I think symbolic of how our government behaves, how the left behaves, right? They they make all these grandiose promises. And by the way, after he leaves the stage, he goes back and meets meets with the execs and he says, Okay, we got 45 days to come up with our plan. He says day 45 the company, the company's out of bankruptcy day, 44 go like we're gonna work backwards to come up with this plan. And the executives say, What are you talking about? That's not how this works. And Michael says, Well, I just went out there and made a promise to that crowd. Yeah, but you made a promise based upon feelings. Because we can't fix this in 45 days, we don't think we can fix it at all. But see, people vote for people vote for the feeling and the emotion associated with that. They want somebody who says, Yeah, we can put me in office COVID will be gone, cancer will be cured. Alzheimer's will be a thing of the past, diabetes will be completely annihilated. Everyone's going to get paid equally equal pay for equal work. $15 an hour, not a problem. Right? Well, let's do these things. You want more money, we'll fix it. You want more time with your family, we'll fix it. You want probably your problems, your personal problems solved, and government will come in and fix it. There's nothing they cannot do folks and their minds, that arguably, there's nothing they really can do. The founders were ingenious in defining the the areas that they should be focused on serving as in, right, the areas that they should be involved the responsibility they should be undertaking. Not all these other grandiose things, they want to ignore the core principles. And the core promises many times. Those aren't as those aren't as fun. Those don't get you as many accolades, those don't get highways named after you those don't get libraries named in your honor. It's all these other promises that get people's attention, promise, you know, free education, you know, we're gonna wipe out your student loan debt. With the stroke of a pen in the blink of an eye, you suddenly don't owe money because hey, you shouldn't have had to pay for that anyway, because some rich billionaire was, you know, taking away from your freedom by demanding This is their argument, not mine by demanding that you pay for that you pay for your education, even though you knew what it cost you signed up, you signed the documents, you took the loan. Now you're complaining about paying it back boulders, wipe it out, problem solved. Not you know, you can't go to work and many places or you couldn't in any place virtually in the United States because the COVID government says we'll shut it down and you know what, we'll pay you money. Where does that money come from? from thin air, right or from your grandkids or great grandkids? It's paid for by some individuals, some future Americans as some distant point on the on the horizon. That's what we're doing. These things don't suddenly realities don't suddenly disappear because a democrat is in office. Right? They want to say whatever 100 million vaccines in 100 days, that number gets changed because why Trump lost the vaccines, they say, having schools open in 100 days, Well, turns out that that has to be adjusted to as Jen Psaki said here, because well, we need to redefine what it means for a school to be open. If a door in that building has been unlocked, and some student has stumbled in there, boom, school considered open just once just for five minutes, for that matter, any, any person in there, that's a student and they're a teacher at the same time, we're gonna count that baby as being open. And again, you look at how it was counted how these things were addressed and talked about whenever Trump was, was in the White House. You look at how just having the vaccine right Biden's talking about Biden started with a vaccine Trump, the Trump team and the working with private sectors and so forth. And some of the things they did to get the vaccine already happened, they were saying remember that that could not happen. Now, Biden walks in with a vaccine, he's gonna get 100 million vaccinated by the first 100 days in office, and suddenly that number is gonna have to be changed as well. This is just what happens. It's the nature of government over promise and under deliver should be the tagline of our federal government. And it's always cost you more than you expect, and it gives financially and it takes away more of your liberty. This is just what it does. This is what it is. This is by no, this is this is, this is inherently part of it. And I get to take a break. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. By the way, be careful out there, studies have shown and 98% of scientists agree that listening can in fact cause you to lean to the right. Be back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So we've been talking here about just the the way that really the wheels have already come off of the promises made by the radical left, right, Trump destroyed everything, we're gonna roll into town, fix it, and everything's going to be working as smoothly as possible, your life is about to get better. Your life is about to get better. all your problems are about to be solved, because we've got a new sheriff in town, Joe Biden. And he's a tough guy who's going to stand up for the working man, he's going to take his pin and a cell phone like Obama promised to do. And that's how he's going to start dictating to the American people creating edicts and decrees and telling us, you know, with the stroke of a pen, how he's going to fix all of our problems, one of those problems, one of those problems that he was going to fix with his pin and included the way that illegal immigrants entering this country were allowed. Well, the way that they would be dealt with once they were detained. And so the executive order was written that effectively, effectively did away with Trump's policies and reinstituted Obama's policies of catch and release as it's popularly known as, so I'm looking here at the post millennial, this is a post millennial post millennial article referencing something that Tucker Carlson talked about, I guess last night. So this is what it says speaking to the nation Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson revealed the awful truth that illegal immigrants who are being released from ice detention facilities are not being tested for COVID-19 prior to entering the general population. So remember, these same folks who won't let you go to, you know, your gym and workout, they won't let you dine in restaurants? They want to tell you whether or not you can sing at your church. Of course, the answer is no to that. Because after all, all praise must be sung to the government, I suppose. Government is our Savior in the minds and the eyes of the radical left. So that they all they're totally fine with detaining illegal aliens and releasing them into the public without COVID test without guaranteeing or as much as a COVID test can do that without ensuring that they're not COVID carrying COVID so article continues to Carlson said that the administration is releasing 1000s of foreign nationals 1000s of foreign nationals into American neighborhoods without making sure that they are COVID. Free before doing so. He noted that people from countries with high infection rates are being sent forth into the population as though COVID isn't real. Oh, I thought I thought the left was telling us about science right? I thought the left. They want you to think that they have this position that they speak for science and the rest of us hayseed Hicks. We're just a bunch of mythical believers and fairy tales. But it seems as though they're acting as though COVID isn't real, because after all, wouldn't you at least test folks before you arbitrarily and unilaterally release them into release them into the public? This he says he being Tucker Carlson is the policy of the administration. On Friday, Whitehouse Secretary press secretary Jen Psaki boy, she is just all over the place with some stupidity. Her quote Friday when asked about this was she didn't care enough to answer the question as to whether or not this is the case, the program is a result. Carlson said of a Biden executive order basically authorizing the catch and release of illegal immigrants. He quoted a border control worker who said definitively that they do not test immigrants before releasing them into the US sheriff. into the US, I'm sorry, Sheriff Leon wilmont, who works in border control sent a message to Senator Christian cinema saying that this is a particularly dangerous approach is there is currently no protocol for testing any of these people for the covid 19 virus. So what you know why, first of all, this is done by executive order. This is, I think, a violation of just being reasonable this catch and release, program and policy. Basically, anyone who was released never I mean, the numbers, the percentages of people who came back for their court hearing was incredibly low, I mean, virtually didn't happen. Now, they're being detained, didn't being released no COVID tests, people that the government has no idea where these folks are, there's no way of making them come back to their assigned coordinates. They may now be carrying COVID. We don't know. Have no idea. And that's supposedly fine. That's supposedly acceptable. We don't hear the outrage, think of if Trump did something like this. If Trump did something like this, you know how this would be this, this would be a super spreader event. Right, a super spreader event, bringing people from a foreign country who we have no idea what protocols they had carrying it coming in, in many instances now in large caravans of people, large numbers of people. So are, you know, are they transmitting this to one another during their trek to the United States, and folks, I do not fault anybody for wanting to come to this country. This is not what this is about. This is about law and order and, and having sovereignty over our borders, being able to say who can and cannot enter this country, we can talk about who can and cannot. That's fine. That's a reasonable debate, who can and cannot stay here indefinitely, who can and cannot become citizens? Okay, those are all discussions that can be part of the political discourse. But surely, we should agree that it can't be whoever wants to whenever they want to whatever the risks that are involved with them, in this case, potential COVID risk. And this seems this seems to jive with the rest of the stuff that we've been told about COVID. Isn't this kind of a haphazard approach? Isn't this dangerous? I mean, if I've got to wear two masks now, and gloves and eye goggles as Fauci has alluded to in the past, when I go to the grocery store, whatever, surely we should at least test people who are here illegally before we just arbitrarily released them into the American society, never to see them again, having no idea where they came from having no idea what the protocols and safety precautions that were taken along that route would have been. Probably nothing, by the way. Isn't that at least inconsistent? Isn't this at least worthy of some explanation now, not to the media, because they look at this as a political advantage to them? They really do. They think, hey, Biden, the Democrats, roughly get two thirds of the Hispanic vote. These are potential voters. That is a terrible way to lizard human beings. These are human beings who I can relate to their desire to want to be here. Certainly can We can't through all safety protocols, this is so inconsistent, this isn't even trying to be remotely consistent. Anyway, it's what happens, I'm telling you, it's what happens when they're in power. It's as though all the things they were criticizing before, all the details and all the factors that really do make a difference in, in things like the spread at COVID. Suddenly, when they're empowered, they just, you know, they have to adjust expectations or ignore them like they have here. So, anyway, timeout is an order listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, again, this is the way that it works. This is how it is. This is just reality. And I, you know, to me and to you, I'm sure the vast majority of people hearing my voice the, it's it's obvious that the things that the left tells us our government can do simply are not possible. It is not possible, they literally are telling us, right? I mean, they, they want us to believe that we can, for example, control the sea levels in 100 years, if only we listen to them and implement their policies as they jet around the world. And, you know, private jets and so forth, like john kerry, who has Ruslan Baba said, served in Vietnam. So this is the natural course of things, this is the way that it works. If you want your life to improve you, I need to take responsibility for that we can't delegate that to someone else. That is something that we must personally be involved with. And that doesn't mean there's no issues that the government should address. That's not what I'm saying at all. But the idea, the idea that a new bunch of jokers can come in and fix all the problems and societal ills, especially in a couple of weeks, is laughable. And now we get to see the level of problem that really exists. They're changing their expectations. They're wanting to change reality. Suddenly, they're stuck with dealing with reality. Government can't save you folks. Government can't save any I was quick timeout back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, folks, unfortunately, all of the time that we had today, but fear not, fear not, you can always catch archives of this episode or of this program. Todd Huff slash listen. And I asked you that you consider downloading the podcast, Apple podcast Stitcher, I Heart Radio, Spotify, wherever you get your podcasts. Wherever you get your podcasts, that would be a good thing as as well. And you can get those podcasts again, daily, Monday through Friday weekdays I should say. But yeah, this is again, this is simply the result. What we're dealing with now is simply the result of I mean, we're watching before our eyes how government cannot solve the problems. The left tells us that that can that's what we're looking at. That's why we're looking at all the expectation changes. Why we're looking at the refusal to accept reality and so forth. And this is where we're gonna head under the administration. Gotta go StG tomorrow. See tomorrow. Take care.