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All right, feeling very secure in my manhood this morning as I sit for me, I was was this a mauve colored? ink? Oh boy that made me push me to what I call this mom. She says pink. Anyway, welcome to the program. I'm your host, Todd Huff email, Todd, The Todd Huff You can email me your thoughts, questions, feedback. Yes, even your adoration and praise will be accepted there. And I appreciate from those of you that I hear from some regularly. I always read them sometimes I just get behind on responding. And I I really do appreciate your thoughts and on social media as well. I prefer email because social medias, whatever social media is, but anyway, I like connecting. And I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you. So you know, there's a lot of course going on. We've got we've got this situation in Texas, with the the deep freeze the power outages, people that are freezing to death. We had Ted Cruz actually leaving with his family to go on a trip to Cancun. Of course catching political pushback feedback. blowback, I should say, on leaving during a crisis like like Texas is facing right now. And of course, there's the political components. There's folks out there that says see this is what happens. Gather a bunch of Republicans in fact, what is this? I saw bet who was this? bear with me here? Yeah. Bette Midler. You know, anytime I think Bette Midler, you know what I think of? I think of Seinfeld. Bet on a Seinfeld fan, Batman there was in Seinfeld. I don't know one of the middle seasons probably like season four. If I don't know what season it was. Kramer was a big fan of Bette Midler. And George or Jerry. One of them was dating. Maybe it was George was dating her backup when she was in town in New York City performing on Broadway. Anyway, that's what I think of when I think of Bette Midler. But Bette Midler implies I'm looking here at The Daily wire, that Texas winter storms are divine payback, divine payback against crews and corn and two senators from the state of Texas. So she says this in a tweet this was tweeted out a couple of days ago earlier this week, February 16th. inapt is the wrong word. Talking about senators Cruz and Cornyn and that is the wrong word hateful, vicious, cruel minor plot might all apply. I feel for the people suffering through this weather, but God doesn't seem to like Ted Cruz or john Cornyn. These two also never recognize that Joe, one. If this isn't payback, I don't know what it is. So payback is how Bette Midler and I'm sure other leftists see this this is God condemning Texas because of who they elected as their as their senators. For I guess, not supporting, not acknowledging that Joe Biden won the election by having questions about the electors by not voting for the green new deal because hey, if we vote for the green new deal than problems like this, I guess, suddenly stop you have some people who point out the comparisons you know, with, you know, California has had power outages, black rolling blackouts for a long time. This is different. Of course, there's California The weather's not like what it's been even as far south I mean, we're talking Far, far south, terribly cold temperatures, tragic, terrible situation that we have here. And then Ted Cruz decides, literally he and his family decided to go to Cancun to avoid this now, look, I there's a lot of things about Ted Cruz, that I like. I think Ted Cruz is generally on the right side of things. Oftentimes, especially when you compare him to the lunatics that we have on the radical left, but he's regretted this, he says it was a mistake to try to go to escape the cold as a political. As a political leader, I find it interesting. As we look at this, that if Trump was president, it would have been Trump's fault. But since Biden's president, it's not Biden's fault. It's Cruz and Corning's fault.
I don't know. Is this not also the fault of democratic congress people? in Texas? There's a lot I mean, there's a fair amount there's not anywhere near what there are from the state of California, but there's still democratic congress people in in Florida, or assuming Texas. So why, I mean, what's the I don't know why is it this this fault? Lie at the feet of john Cornyn and Ted Cruz Why is why is God singling out these two congressmen and punishing and according to Bette Midler here, if we wouldn't take her word as anything remotely close to serious why would that be the way that that God is choosing to punish Texans? I just don't necessarily follow here was because they had questions about joe biden's electoral victory. And in November, that's the reason. Does that seem to jive with what you know? I know we have many of you that are Christians that understand and know the the Bible is this is this. I just think about when Israel had had a king, and God was either pleased or not pleased with the actions of a king. And of course, the senators aren't even kings, they're, they're representatives of people. They're not the chief executive officer, so to speak of the of the nation or even the state. That's governor Abbott. But I don't ever remember God in the Bible saying, I oppose you because of some technicality. Meaning, you know, so you voted for this particular say, I don't know you had questions about something a ruler told you. So suddenly, you're going to face dire consequences. God's God's view of what was acceptable and unacceptable in the Bible was not I mean, these were big things. It was why are you promoting wickedness? Are you in favor of, I don't know. Things like life and liberty. I mean, those things to me I'm in fact, I'm reading a book right now I say reading. I'm listening on Audible. By the way, did you know you can get this podcast on Audible. You can The Todd Huff Show totally free. But I'm reading this book, listening to this book on Audible called the politically incorrect guide to the American Revolution written by Larry schweikert and Dave Doherty. And they they hit they hit on some of these things throughout the American American Revolution. And the Christian foundation of this country, which by the way, is inescapable that the founders never wanted you to be forced to be a Christian and for there to be a state church. But to deny that this nation was founded on Judeo Christian principles is absolutely undeniable. It is it's undeniable. You have people you have, you have historians have tried to leave these things out and to distort that history. But it is a pillar of what this nation was was founded upon. And again, this is not about anything other than simply accepting the truth of our nation. How our nation was, was founded here, but just thinking about these things and how, you know how leaders are held accountable. And Bette Midler says that Texans are being punished for their choice of crews and Cornyn here with this deep freeze. For reasons I'm not she doesn't even articulate. She doesn't feel like she needs to articulate those. It's just so patently obvious in her mind. Ted Cruz and john Koerner evil, because they're Republicans, because as Republicans, of course, you know that they're racist and homophobic and all these sorts of things. They hate women, they want women, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. This is the storyline. This is the narrative. And so anyway, that's what Bette Midler says. So, a couple things I want to do today and I think an early break because the first thing I want to do is share with you a bit of a conversation with with one of our an organization that we partner with Shepherd Community Center, on the Near East Side of Indianapolis, and Jay Hi, who's the executive director. There, we had him Come on the program once a month. And they, they being Shepherd community focus on addressing poverty really trying to address the issue of poverty in our local community here in Central Indiana. And they have what they call 10 assets 10 assets that they try to address and help people obtain these assets or grow these assets or develop these assets that help them overcome and break that cycle of poverty. So I want to do that first. Then I want to shift back and talk about the state of the Republican Party. And I want to talk about the fight for control of the Republican Party. And I want to play a little soundbite from Don Lemon, who by the way is I just, he never disappoints me was saying, absurd and crazy, wacky thing this is from a couple days ago, and I've I've had this in the hopper, I just haven't had the chance to get to it. But given just just the the focus here on blaming Ted Cruz and Cornyn for what's happening in Texas, this is God's judgment says Bette Midler and others on the left, this is you know, this is the consequence for not embracing something like say the new Green Deal. This is for opposing Biden's electors and whatever else questioning anything, that the lovers of big government want to push down the throats of the American people. And you look at why they think that and that's because of the false narrative being pushed about conservatives and republicans, and there's this battle for control the Republican Party, are we going to return to the party that simply allows this to take place? The party before Trump Are we going to be the party that fights back, defines ourselves and insists upon having a leader who's not just conservative, but also who is strong and willing to walk through the fire and the daily lies that are being perpetrated by the radical left and their cohorts in the media? Dare I say fake news media? Anyway, timeout is an order here, come back. First one to play this conversation I had with Jay Hite, Executive Director of Shepherd community. And by the way, this is important, I think. And this is the reason Jay and I, you know, we work this this kind of interview series out I think one of the biggest prizes, problems, perceived problems. I think I say this in our conversation, and one of the biggest perceived problems that we have as conservatives is and it's perceived, because it's not, it's not a real problem. People just don't understand that this issue of how do you deal with issues like poverty, if you're not gonna have the government come in, swoop in and fix it? We have to explain now, to you and I that might be obvious why the government cannot do that, and why that doesn't work. But to some others, it doesn't. In fact, they think because we don't have a government, top down solution, that we don't care about people. And so I think this needs to be addressed. That's why we do this regularly. And the other big issue here the rest of the day is talking about control the Republican Party. Is this gonna have Trump fingerprints on it? Are we gonna This is what the fight really is about. Is Trump gonna be part of the republican party? Is he is he gonna start a third party which is originally hinted that he might, but now seems to be wanting to help the Republican Party, elect people who are conservatives and fighters, I suppose you could say so. All that being said, I have to take a timeout. Come back and share my conversation with Jay Hite. You're listening here to the humble conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Well, as we do each month, we speak with Jay Hite, the executive director of Shepherd Community Center on the east side of Indianapolis and Jays been kind enough to make it a habit to come in and to share with us really what he and his organization focused on doing which is, you know, meeting the needs of those in in his neighborhood in our neighborhood here in Central Indiana. And Jay has been reviewing with us 10 what he calls assets to help people break the cycle of poverty. And last month we talked about the first today we'll talk about the second j It's a pleasure to have you and Carrie it's good to be with you.
It's just a little chilly. just a tad bit. Yeah, a little bit snowy out there too. So if you can really quickly the first asset for someone that may have missed last week's or last month's discussion, what is that first asset and let's let's build off of that and talk about we believe it's faith is faith. Have a hope for the future. And, and so, we we have, we don't require you to accept our faith. But we do believe it's important for you to know what drives us. And that the hope that we have is, is is our faith.

Absolutely. And we talked in depth about last last time, and folks can go back and pull that episode if they want to hear more. But today, we're talking about the second asset. And again, to kind of set this up. I want to say that I think one of the perceived and I think it's just perceived, because people don't have a proper understanding, sometimes perceived weakness of conservatism is how do we address some of these societal issues like poverty, some people, I think, erroneously claim that conservatives don't care about boats, and, you know, everybody for himself sort of mentality. But that's not true. We just don't think that these things should come from government. So you've got these 10 assets, we talked about faith last time, today, we're going to talk about health. So tell us about the second asset and why that's important for breaking the cycle apart. Well, health undermines so many things in our lives, if we don't have access to health care. It's it's a very difficult journey. You know, I say it's our job to help our families move from sick care to health care. And, you know, it can start with healthy eating. And they say the healthiest way to eat is to shop on the outside of your grocery store, just to go along the sides of your the inside of the store. That's where you're going to find your meats and your fresh vegetables and those types of things. But that's very expensive. And so healthy food and access to healthy food is difficult. That that really undermines so much of it, access to health care, and being able to get to the doctor. They're telling us that in the next five years, many things that happen in the hospital will happen in the doctor's office. And the things that happened in the doctor's office will happen in our home. And we're already seeing that COVID has forced us and maybe some of your listeners have experienced a tele visit to their doctor. And you click in and you talk to your doctor, maybe they prescribe medicine and they go through all these things. Well, that assumes you have connectivity. And there's still many folks who do not have access to the internet. And so telehealth is difficult, or as we're seeing with the COVID hand issue, the things that have to have connectivity to sign up right, to be able to go get your shot. And what if you don't have a device? What if you don't know how to do that? I can remember countless times in the later years of my father's life, living in a assisted living place. You know how many times we had to reset his cable for it because he hit the wrong buttons. And we would be somewhere and I don't know what he had done. You try to figure those things out. Well just imagine trying to navigate through an iPad, if you haven't been around an iPad, and to know how to talk to and to trust that you can talk to your doctor that way. We have to prepare our folks. And so we really want to help and we want them to have health care, not just secure. And to help them be able to get to their appointment. We've seen dramatic impact that COVID has had on the minority community and disproportionately impacted that. And for many reasons, it's because of years of poor access to health care that has seen and seen them in chronic conditions. I think one of the things we've seen in our neighborhood here in the Near East side is a lot of folks that would have normally been going to their doctor or afraid to go didn't have the ability to go to their doctor during COVID. And so they are now having issues with their chronic health issues, heart issues, we've lost multiple folks who died from their chronic issues, as well as many who died from COVID. And, and so these these are the things when when you have years and years of lack of access in and the inability to to navigate I think of this. My father had a rare disease type of cancer and I would take him I would pick him up in Dayton, Ohio and we would drive to Columbus, Ohio to the James Cancer Center. Wherever specialist, one of the few in the United States was treated him. My dad would tell me all the heart issues he was having. And all of the other challenges he was having, we get there and the doctors walk in. And he'd say, john, how were you? How are you doing? And my dad said, Oh, pretty good. I'm like, What? And, and so sometimes, there, there is this intimidation that comes in that what I call the fear of the white coat, and that the power of the white coat, you know, I'm just not going to say things. And, and so we've tried to help them realize, you know, doctors and nurses, God has blessed them with knowledge, and with access to medicines and things that can help them, and we need to engage with them. But we really hinges on having access to that. So when you say access, is it? Is it that there's not clinics and offices that are close enough? Is it that there's a financial obstacle? Is it that there's a lack of comfort and familiarity to where folks are maybe intimidated, or just they don't have the education to know to go like, what, what does that encompass like? Well, by being able to have a clinic nearby, when 50% of my neighbors don't have a vehicle? How do you? How do you get there? And you call because your little girl has an earache, and they say, well, we're full. And, and so what do you do as a parent? Well, my little baby's crying, I'm going to do whatever I can, and then they end up in the ER, and people say, Well, why don't you go to the ER, well, I called my doctor. And, and we've actually been advocating and doing trainings with, with clinics to say, help them find another clinic to go to that has an opening. That many times people in poverty, live in the present they're living in today. And so they don't think of making appointments in the future. And, and so it's it's really our job to help advocate and train the medical community, how to communicate better with our neighbors. And then, you know, before COVID, we were transporting people to their appointments, making sure they got there reminded them, making sure they're taking their medicine the way they supposed to. I remember a situation where I showed up to check on a little boy who had been in the hospital, he had got a strep throat, but it had gone untreated. He ended up with strep throat, his body almost died. I go and he's laying there and he has, he has vomited, he's got diarrhea, and he's laying on the floor. And I said, What's wrong with him? She said, I don't know. And I said, Are you giving him his medicine? She said, Yeah, I'm given to him six times a day. My wife early on in our marriage, she was trained as an RN. So I called her and I said, she said, there's no antibiotic, you take six times a day. And this mother, who did not know how to read was given her child twice the amount of antibiotic and it was just devastating this little guy, it and so there's lots of challenges that come into this healthcare. It's and it's really on us to try to help build those bridges so that they can access get there. And and then to continue to help the healthcare officials know how to best connect with and, and be able to provide the care that aren't University.
So if someone's listening right now, and they think, you know, this, maybe this is, you know, clicking and they understand the problem, the scope of the problem, or maybe they think you know what, this really, this really speaks to me, I feel this compassion to want to step in and help folks get the health care that they need help these families in this particular area. What are some things that they can do? I think they could volunteer, you know, one of the things we tried to do is, if someone's taking medicine, make sure we're calling and following up to see how they're doing and how they're feeling. You know, the real epidemic that continues to ravage our communities is loneliness. So we want to stay connected to them. We're going to be a site. We're working with the folks in the hospital systems to be a site for vaccine for COVID. And we're gonna be utilizing volunteers to help us do that. And we'll probably be doing that for some time. And so maybe somebody would might want to volunteer for that. But it also goes to this. One of the biggest needs that folks, our neighbors have is around dental care. And that we know that dental care has a huge to impact on the rest of your health. And so maybe there's a dentist who says, You know what, I'll see two patients a month for free. You know, I'll see one a month. It's, it's too expensive to build an office. But if we had folks who would say I'll agree to and we have some dentists who help us that way. That's another big issue medically is is around your mouth and your teeth.
Well, Jay, I admire what you're doing, keep up the good work, I'm always you know, it, this is, this is very interesting, I think it's very important to step in and fill these gaps that we have in solving some of these problems. And I appreciate what you and Shepherd do. So, again, if folks want to sign up or volunteer, tell folks how they can do that specifically, where do they go? How do they do that? They can go to shepherd And there's a volunteer page how to get engaged, they can call us at 317-375-0203
Jay I appreciate it very much sir. Thank you so much. And God bless you and thank you for what you're doing. Thank you

Welcome back folks. Hope you enjoyed that conversation I had with our friend Jay height Shepherd community, again, they do great work and I really I really think that they from the conservative perspective and I'm not pulling them in the politics but just the what they do is a great help towards helping those in need without involving our government and that is a good thing. They do great work so anyway, by the way I wanted to mention to This program is brought to you in part by our friends at Carriage House, woodworking, Carriage House, woodworking they are there's two locations one is in Plainfield, the other is in Martinsville and they can help you find affordable cabinets and countertops and also if you're a contractor and looking for someone to help with these particular needs, on your jobs, consider reaching out to our friends at Carriage House woodworking can find out more information by visiting them online. Ch w e c HWE Carriage House woodworking And you can find out more information about them. So I appreciate them. I appreciate all the sponsors and advertisers that make this program program possible. So I told you before I shared the interview with with Jay, our conversation there that I was gonna do one other thing today and that was talk about really the state of the republican party and what happens next for the Republican Party. And there's a lot of articles a lot of things going on. Out here. out there pertaining to who's leading the party and what direction it goes and all this in fact, you'll find headlines like this fox news from a couple days ago Trump trashes mitch mcconnell in searing news statement. You'll find Jeff Flake Oh yes. Jeff Flake writing an opinion piece of CNN. Always at the throw in Jeff like this guy. This guy is something else to me. But Jeff Flake, writing an opinion piece on CNN says this headline and there are the title I guess of the piece. It's time for the Republican Party to move on from Trump. Trump says Of course, and this is part of Trump's remarks about mitch mcconnell. But Trump says the GOP will not win with Mitch McConnell and according to a survey, which again, survey poll, whatever you think about these things, but nonetheless, this is being reported by the national polls. Trump approval rises amongst republicans following the impeachment proceedings. 59% of Republican voters said that they want Trump to play a major role in their party going forward. That's up 18 percentage points for me. Morning console poll conducted on January 7, and an increase of nine points from a follow up poll on January 25. Before the impeachment trial begins this is began I should say. This was from a political article. I'm looking at the national polls. They're the ones that were I found this but Politico is the one that reported on it. So there's This and we knew this is this is, by the way, never going to end this is I wish more people and I know the vast majority of you know this but this, I've said this before I say this to friends, I say this to, to family, I've said this to my wife, we have to fully accept that we are going to be engaged in political. I'll say conflict nonviolent, for those of you that don't like too many words out there that could be misconstrued as something else. So it's completely non violent, just standing up and defending, articulating, fighting, dare I say fighting? Can I say that is that inciting a riot, but fighting for the principles of conservatism standing up for the foundational principles of this country, this is going to be around for the rest of our lives, I don't even care how old you are listening to my voice, except that this is never going to go away. There will be ebbs and flows, there will be ups and downs, peaks and valleys. But this fight for constitutional conservatism is never ever going to end. And I'll tell you why. It's because the nature of government is to grow. The nature of government is to grow in order to keep it where it needs to be. We have to continually fight for that idea. We have to fight the urge that people have to grow this to make it to end it's it's grown massively. In fact, it's grown so massively that the average person if they understood what the founders envisioned this nation to be what limited government really looks like, they probably would almost pass out. Maybe they would pass out, I don't know. Like being at a Obama rally circa 2007, when it was making people faint in the audience. I don't know. But I do know this, this fight is not going anywhere. And there's multiple fights, one of those fights is who's going to control the Republican Party, is it gonna go back to what it was before, run by a bunch of wimps and weenies who are all too eager to compromise with the left? And to, you know, like the mitt romney's of the world, like the Jeff flakes of the world? compromise in the sense, and I'm not saying all compromise is bad. But I mean, when you compromise principles, it is bad. Are we going to go back to that when we go liberalism light on all of these things? Or are we going to actually have a fight? In the party? Are we going to have someone like Trump or maybe it still is Trump? I don't know. And 2024 and we've got a midterm election here in a couple of years as well. But anyway, talk about those things after the break. Gotta take a quick timeout though. Sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So, so so so, one, play this soundbite this clip from? Don Lemon, good old Don Lemon, Don Lemon, is basically I just want you to, well, I'm having a hard time finding this thing here. But Don Lemon is basically well, doing what the left often does with the Republican Party, Don Lemon is attacking republicans for being here it is. Took me a second to find this guy. But he's having a conversation, again, as I guess is when they pass this off between between segments. But he's portraying the Republican Party he's praising and part Adam kinzinger. That's Adam kinzinger is in the group that wants to kind of return. This is my interpretation returned us back to the leadership. That's not that's not Trump. Right. So I want you to hear this, this little
back and forth, something does not exist and that you're not doing it seen republican congressman Adam kinzinger, who voted to impeach he voted to convict Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial for inciting the riot. He's now being shunned by his own family and it's not just a matter of sort of a private division. It is a letter I mean, it is something
we wanted to do very publicly. This has been signed by 11 of his family members and granted this is a big family in Illinois. So these are you know, family members he might see at you know, events here are their right but their family members and they wrote this out of oh my what a disappointment you are to us and God, we were once so proud of your accomplishments. Instead you go against your Christian principles and join the devil's army democrats and fake news media. And I think you know, one of the reasons Don, that this stands out so much to people is because there are families all across the country that have been divided like this. I mean, they have just been torn apart by what is true and what isn't true and having different opinions of of that
is done.

There's so much there when it comes to that letter, Atkins and kinzinger. And and republicans and Trump supporters as a whole Trump supporters have taken over the Republican Party, the republican party can no longer say that they don't agree with the insurrectionists, with the bigots with the racists with the white supremacist with the rosy minds, because that's what they have clearly shown through their actions over the last five years. With him showing that letter, it's, you know, first of all, they should probably figure out what Christianity really mean. No,
tell, john, I think that for I would love to ask Adam kinzinger that, but he has so far, refused to come on the show and take questions. But I would like to ask him, where were he, and I'm glad that he's doing it. Don't get me wrong, I think we should take notes on where they are, and then move forward. But I want to know, where Republicans like Adam kinzinger, and Liz Cheney, and all of the others where they were when this stuff was festering in the republican party for years, where people who even before them when they were when it was the the welfare, Queens and the Willie Hortons and the Tea Party and the eyes of Barack Obama and the bones in his nose and the wasn't born in this country, the birtherism, and all of that, and all the little things that led up to this moment, where were they? And I think that people need to really answer for those things, because we have to start at the beginning. We can't just start with what happened on January 6, because that was what a symptom, a combination of something. Okay, I'm just out of time. But that's how they portray this. That's how they're going to portray this as how they determine, you know, how they look at you. That's how they look at me, for those that aren't part of the establishment wing of the Republican Party. So timeout is in order to take a break, come back and wrap up. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, I want to say really quickly here, I just want to say thank you for those that that reached out to me yesterday, yesterday was a very, very difficult program. And I really tried and I'm I'm sorry for I don't know, not being able to completely hold myself together a couple of times when talking about rush but his impact on me on this nation. Is is truly profound is profound. Folks, I find myself wondering without a rush limbaugh, would there have been a Donald Trump would there have been a fox news would there have been any semblance of a conservative movement? I don't know. He definitely impacted it in a mighty mighty way to the point where it may not even exist today with it without his influence and fingerprints. So anyway, I've got to go SDG. Have a great weekend. See you Monday. Take care