Trump vs. The Establishment GOP | February 22, 2021

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right, you are listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. And yes, I'm your host, Todd Huff. Hope you had a nice weekend. Good to be back here this Monday, wrapping up the first week of February, into the full swing of things here for 2021. And it is a pleasure. It is a pleasure to be here. I want to start. I want to start by revisiting something from last week really quickly. And this was something I had received. I knew when rush passed last week that I was going to get you know people people say what they want to say about rush they think that rush limbaugh was a racist, that rush limbaugh was all the things that that people think about conservatives rush was that he was a magnet for that. And so, you know, I got comments about saying some of the things that I'd said honoring rush because the the story would go, basically, how can you honor someone who said this, that or the other? And and look, I'm not gonna say that there's never anything rush said that I didn't think rush or sometimes would have been thought man, rush. But that was that was rare. And but you have to you have to understand in its totality, what rush was was doing. And most times, there was an explanation for most time, there was an explanation. For example, in his early days, in his early days, I've never heard this and that's another thing. I started listening in 1999 and so I didn't know everything that Russia said or, you know, and there's not really I don't know if there's audio archives, maybe rush has them somewhere. But I don't know if there's our audio archives from those earlier earlier days. But I know for example, they used to abort abort callers I know Russ has talked about this I think in one of his books. See I told you I think it was in See I told you so which is a great name of a book by the way anyway, if a caller would call in and I don't know if rush was trying to you know it was just time to get rid of the caller I don't really know the details but they would they would play the sound of a vacuum cleaner of a vacuum and aboard a collar to the point was wasn't to make light of the issue of abortion. The issue was to the point was to to demonstrate whatever you think it is I'm just telling you the the reasoning and the rationale was to say that this really is something that's happening every day is that there are you know he wouldn't do it for dramatic effect to bring to light the evils of what is happening with with abortion again I pause anytime I say this if you you or anyone that you know has gone through a situation where they've had an abortion This isn't about you. This isn't about heaping guilt upon them this is God is a forgiving God. So this is you know you can that we used to have a group at our church and we still made for all I know that the women would get together who have had abortions and help each other cope and to heal. But this is about from this moment forward. Let's Let's prevent a stop these things from happening anyway. So, so that of course got people upset for a lot of a lot of reasons, but there was a reason and a point to it. Now. There was there's one thing that I don't know that I knew about. And it's basically i'm gonna i'm looking at an old newspaper clipping online here. An old newspaper clipping online. That is from G 19. doesn't have a date. I don't see the date on this guy. I'm gonna say it was the late 80s or early, early 90s. And this was something I didn't know about until someone points this out. So when I say, you know, I'm honored and you know, to listen to rush, and he's an instrumental impact on my program, of course, someone finds it necessary, I guess, to find the most controversial thing that they can find, and say, Oh, so you're, and how disgusting of you to compare it with us. First of all, I didn't know this. Second of all, I don't like this. Thirdly, if you read what rust says about it, rust said that this was one of the things that he regretted regretted more than anything he'd done. Anyway, this is from a clip from the Gazette, I think, in Iowa. And it's talking about what rush did that was a call, I think he called it his his aids update. And in his aides update, this was, again back in the late 1980s. He played certain songs, such as kiss him goodbye. I know, I'll never love this way again, and looking for love and all the wrong places. So he played that. And, you know, basically, it was interpreted as and again, I've not heard it, I'm just reading this and hearing people, you know, explain this. But this was interpreted as very insensitive. And it sounds like it was to people who were suffering, suffering from AIDS. So without getting into all this rush did say this. He says the AIDS update is is everything I do politically oriented, and based upon my reaction to what I consider to be extremism in the political mainstream by a group of people. He said that he his target is not aids, but the militant homosexuals who blame church and government officials for the epidemic and practice he finds outrageous. It is a it's a behaviorally spread disease, this is Russia saying this. And they attempt to absolve themselves for any of any actions. Reverse any responsibility for the actions they've taken, then suggest people who disagree with them get banned from television like Andy Rooney, so the AIDS update is meant to offend them. Damn. Right. That's what he said. So, anyway, my point here is saying this look, and I knew that this would come I wanted to give this a couple of days to, to kind of I guess take root or to I don't know just to be flushed out. But I want to point out a couple of other things first of all, I want to point out and this is this is gonna upset if we have liberals listening here today. This is gonna upset some individuals but let me ask you this. Do you think that Martin Luther King jr. did good things on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? I didn't take to Facebook or wherever some social media platform or to this microphone and say for those of you who want to celebrate Martin Luther King Junior's you know, that his birthday is that why are you celebrating that he had as reported in sealed FBI audio tapes that had been released here in the past? year or two? are you celebrating that he had affairs with approximately 40 women allegedly and watch while a friend raped a woman? This is what the the audio soundbites seem to suggest. I'm looking here to business article. FBI documents from the 1960s alleged Martin Luther King Jr. had affairs with 40 women and stood by a bias a friend raped a woman. A new report said an article by the king biographer David Garros set to be released on Thursday. This was back in May of 2019. I believe in standpoint magazine will detail the FBI memos London time London London's The Times reported Garrow said the memos say King engaged in this is a great way to start the morning engaged in orgy solicited prostitutes and looked on and laughed as a pastor he knew raped a woman. I don't want to go any more. Any more of this you get the idea. My point is
what is and this is used most times against conservatives and It's never used against those advancing liberal slash progressive causes at all. It's never used you don't ever that you never have to give an account for any of these these details, you have to be pure as the wind driven snow to be a conservative you cannot have any anything even something in the case of rush limbaugh that goes back to the what is it 30 years or so 30 years something he would later say he was one of his greatest regrets. He stopped doing it. He said he regretted doing it. And but still he's held accountable for that. I'm not condoning that. I'm not doing that. You're not doing that. We also understand the value of being able to speak out to make points in a free society. Sometimes even if it's offensive to people without saying I agree with every offensive thing that said, I mean, this shouldn't be a complicated subject, but it is, it is because it's designed to be that way it's designed to silence the other side Meanwhile, they're willing to overlook, overlook these reports on Martin Luther King Jr. And by the way, I'm not suggesting it should change anything what Martin Luther King jr. did to help this nation help this nation move towards racial equality was a good thing. sighs his speeches are phenomenal. The guy had a gift from Almighty God to do this is incredible. The things that the things that he was able to accomplish the movement that he was able to lead the way that he was able to articulate and to, you know, point out the problems going on in in this great nation. And that should not be over overlooked. And it. Likewise, these allegations, what the FBI audio tapes alleged to show here is absolutely reprehensible is absolutely not consistent with his with his faith. He was a pastor, right? He's a Christian, this is not consistent with that. And we have to be willing to say that no matter what the person's background, by the way, just reminds me of I don't want to get into this. I spent my weekend reading the 12 page report that was put together by Ravi Zacharias, his attorneys. And they did an investigation into the apparently Secret Life of Ravi Zacharias, the Christian apologists, the evangelist who did mighty things help people in their faith in incredible ways. And that should not be overlooked. But my Oh, my, what this report found. Some of these things are truly reprehensible. Truly, I mean, literally using his position of power to allegedly kind of spiritually manipulate people to keep some some form of sexual abuse or illicit sexual relationships private and out of the public, public domain. And the amount of times this appears to have happened is, I mean, it's, it's mind boggling. So it can happen with all types of people. It can happen with all sorts of people. By the way, it's one of the reasons why we don't need a government that's all powerful. Because again, as has been said, in the past, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And it is, it is sad, but we ought to be able to distinguish between the good things a human being has done the truth that they speak without saying that they have to be perfect. There's been one person folks that's been able to fit that bill. And that's Jesus. Jesus is the only one that spoke truth and live that truth without any any exception, right. The rest of us stumble sometimes in dramatic, almost unbelievable ways. As has been alleged here with with Ravi Zacharias, and as has been alleged here with
Dr. Martin Luther King, now Russia is is much different situation. So his doesn't mean these things are incredibly worse than what Russia was alleged to do. I still stand by my comments. Rush Limbaugh was a great man. Rush Limbaugh was an inspiration to me into this program, and I suspect, the vast majority of you as well and I want to recognize that I want to honor him. I want to continue the legacy that he started pretty much by opening up, talk radio to be this force of nature, and he is the cause for that. What I do today is The direct result of the trail that he blazed in the 19. Well, for all his whole life, but basically really took root in the late 1980s. So we ought to be able to do that I don't understand I do understand because they want to use it to silence people to demonize people to say, you can't listen to what this person said, because they are evil because of this action or this word, and so forth. Meanwhile, you got boasts nerdly James, I forget his last name, his real name, but that's Russia's official show observer. I think Russia called him out there, who by the way, is black, which no one seems to want to recognize the New York Times acted like he wasn't even a real person. It's remarkable to see how this is done. But James golden, he's out there basically saying how great of a man rushed not just as a host, but a man, how great of a man and they all the folks that work with him all have stories about about him and the way that he helped people and his desire to, to truly be a blessing to folks. So anyway, I just wanted to cover that off the top. It's been something that's been on my mind for a couple of days, since late last week, but anyway, timeout is in order to get back. I want to shift gears I want to talk about Trump Trump is speaking. Trump is speaking at sea pack on Sunday. Yes, Trump is speaking at sea pack on Sunday. So I have a feeling we're about to see more of Trump. And there's this this divide that's being exposed. That's the establishment Republican side. The mitch mcconnell's the Adam kinzinger is the Liz cheney's of the Republican Party versus the Donald Trump magga movement. And where's the party going to go from here from here? What's going to happen in these midterms in 2022, as it appears, Trump is going to come out and really try to help those who are anti establishment and this is I think, this is all good stuff. We'll get into that after the break. But a timeout is in order. You're listening here the home of conservative not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

welcome back you're listening here to America's realities are The Todd Huff Show. Good to have you back by the way I didn't say off the top, email your thoughts, opinions, feedback, questions, analysis, even adoration and praise will be accepted Todd, The Todd Huff that is the official email and we welcome you to communicate that way as you see appropriate and fit. And also by the way, I want to mention this program is brought to you in part by our friends at Ward's apparel, words apparel in Morrisville, I friends with the owner john and his father and mother started the company back in 1972. March actually, so this is gonna be coming up on the what is that g was almost close to 50. Close to 50 years, 49 years here next month. And you can buy good quality clothing, work clothing, casual play at an affordable price. And I'll say this as well. I know that john takes really special pride in making sure that they get those hard to find sizes. So if you're a size that's you know, maybe it's not a common off the shelf size john and his team. They do a very good job of keeping those hard to find sizes and some of the things that maybe aren't is as easy to find just in general words, apparel in Morrisville, you can check them out online as well. Ward's dash that's Ward's w AR d S dash So talk before the break about this. Well, again, this this battle that's that's raging, I guess, between the republican the establishment wing of the Republican Party and and the Trump wing of the Republican Party. I referenced a poll. I think last week, I don't have that in front of me. I want to say that 59% of Republicans say that they want to have President Trump involved in leading the Republican Party 59% think about that. 59% of the Republican Party wants Trump to be involved in leading the republican party. So there's this this battle between the establishment wing of the Republican Party and the Trump wing of the Republican Party. Meanwhile we have goofballs out there like this representative Jamie Raskin from Maryland. The story will Oh, here we go. Former he was an impeachment manager headline former impeachment manager won't stop until he can find a way to barred Trump from political life. subheading here. Representative Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, the head of the Trump impeachment team said live on a on TV on Wednesday this last week, that there is another way that they can bar Trump from running in the future. So this is their This is their objective. And let me add this, I think that there's plenty in the establishment within the Republican Party, that would be all too happy to have President Trump be barred or banned from political life as well, at one point when Trump was leaving the White House, he said, Hey, I will reports where he's looking into the possibility of starting a third, a third party and there was a huge amount of interest in then fact I think, I think polling among Americans so that they were more likely to consider a third party at this particular point in time, then. Maybe it was any time in a long time, it might have even been in modern, you know, in modern times, the most likely folks were to to consider to consider that. As I see that as so. So they, they really they this. So Raskin and the Democrats, they did their dog and pony show for a second time, saying that Trump, incited a riot and started an insurrection, which is totally ridiculous. It is absolutely insane and ridiculous. To to allege these things, the mind will justify what the heart desires. They want Trump out of there forever. They want Trump to be destroyed. And to never have a political life. Again, they want to ruin whatever is going to be his legacy. And by the way, I think folks are realizing really quickly that we have to
have a president. You see, this is something I was kind of wowed about during the campaign. Folks, a lot of folks that voted for Biden had no idea. They didn't care what Biden stood for. They didn't care what Biden was going to do. They didn't even know anything about this guy. They knew that he was Obama's right hand man back in, what two from 2009 to 2017. And that's it. That's all that they knew. They knew that he almost got into a fight with the guy named corn pop. They knew that he liked it when kids would rub his leg hair in the pool, and Delaware back in 19, whatever it was 1856 or wherever, however old old Biden is. But this is the reality is sinking in for folks. In fact, it wasn't long, a week or two after he was elected. There was actually a hashtag. I forget the hashtag Exactly. But it was basically people regretting their vote for Joe Biden, people already regretting their vote for Joe Biden. And so the, you know, these presidencies, they may seem to exist in a vacuum during the time of the administration, but something if you vote one out, and a new administration comes in that administration is going to have its its problems, as well. And and so folks are dealing kind of with this two pronged situation. One is people are thinking, What the What have we gotten ourselves into, and we've got a press secretary that circles back on everything. We got a president who, honestly more people are probably focused and interested in what Trump is going to say it is C pack speech this weekend, what anything Biden's gonna do. Now, the only reason I might care more about what Biden's gonna do is because he's got the power right now. But as far as paying attention to the content and listening to what someone has to say, and looking at the future, I mean, clearly, it's not even close. No one cared. We listened to Biden out of obligation, right. We listen to Biden and think we have to listen to this guy's the president. Right? We don't listen because there's anything. I don't know. There's nothing motivate and motivating. There's nothing optimistic fact. Now suddenly, he and his team realized that COVID here, suddenly there's nothing he was gonna he blame Trump for every COVID death that ever was now he's in office and he's telling us there's nothing he can do. nothing he can do. In fact, Fauci is out there. Fauci said something about Christmas. Christmas, 14 days, the flattened the curve becomes two years. That was a headline in one of these publications. I don't have it pulled up in front of me. So anyway, so we got a lot of things kind of going on here. You've got a president that people are waking up to. fact, I saw Glenn blank, Glenn Beck and the Blaze, report that Biden's favourability, amongst how he's handling COVID has dropped five percentage points in the first 30 days in office. It's as though people realize, oh, man, it's more than just the president some way it's not. We don't have COVID just because a president, you know, doesn't do what liberals think he should do. When he does what liberals think he should do, we still have the same problem, we still have the same problem, people are gonna wake up and that number is gonna continue to decrease because I mean, there's nothing. There's a limited thing that things that people can do in power to stop this. And by the way, the ones that could have done something like Governor Cuomo, he started to be held, potentially, who knows accountable for what he and his administration did, especially in the cover up portion of this absolute tragedy and travesty that happened with the way that they handled elderly and nursing home deaths in this in the pandemic. So we've got that going on. We've got democrats trying to keep Trump from ever being president, again, barring him from running again, some republicans i think, would clap along with that, like Adam kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski on down the list. And then you've got the battle within the Republican Party who's going to be leading this party moving forward. And I think when the dust settles, and folks look around, they think we don't want mitch mcconnell running, leading the party we don't want I mean, who else? Who else is there? I think there's going to be a gradual reawakening here that what President Trump was trying to do in spite of I know some folks don't like the tactics and the tweets and all that. But in
spite of that, some folks are going to begin more folks, I think you're going to begin to realize that maybe this this sort of approach, this sort of attack on government, the swamp itself needs to be re instituted amongst the conservative Republican base timeout is in order, though, quick timeout, come back and continue our discussion. back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. should probably do this more often. Comment on YouTube here. My show Todd always on top of things looking great. I mean, I can't argue with any of that. Thank you for the comments. And it is a pleasure, pleasure to do this and to be here. So talking here about this, I guess this divide this battle for the Republican Party. Right. So we've got Democrats. I mean, there's this is being fought on a lot of fronts. You get democrats who tried to get rid of Trump via impeachment. Well, he was already out of office. I don't know if they didn't realize that or not. But he was already out of office. So they impeach the guy that wasn't even in office any longer. Tried to remove a guy from office that didn't even hold office. This is how the radical left thinks. This is what passes us thinking I should say for the radical left. It's all about emotion and feeling. But anyway, so he Trump's not in office, they impeach him. They take it to the Senate, they get 50 What is it? 5057? Was it 5756 57 votes, six or seven republicans voted with the radical left to basically punish Trump forever, and not let him be in politics. Again. That didn't work. So now they're out there. This representative Raskin is out there trying to invoke the section three of the 14th amendment. I referenced this a little bit last segment. He was talking. I think on a podcast maybe on ABC News. He says that Donald Trump is right in you know the bullseye, middle of that group, that group being the inception through the 14th amendment. The insurrection or rebellion group, if they quote gave aid or comfort to the enemies there now the 14th amendment was written And and ratified after the Civil War 1868, I believe is when it was actually ratified. You just don't need these things take time. So the war 1861 1865, you had President Lincoln, you had the assassination of President Lincoln, you had all the, the changes that that happened from, you know, the Civil War reconstruction time to rebuild this this nation again, and get it back, unified. Section three of the 14th amendment of the whole 14th amendment was was ratified then section three specifies those public officials and basically bands or bars any public official from holding public office, if it can be found that they committed insurrection or rebellion or if they gave aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. So they're quite literally using the 14th Amendment, which is a civil war, Civil War amendment. So they are, in essence here, equating President Trump with General Robert E. Lee, or with Jefferson Davis, or Stonewall Jackson or take your pick. They are they're a literally equating President Trump and the insurrection. And we talked about what happened on the Capitol on January 6, reprehensible folks need to be held accountable, inexcusable. They need to be charged to the extent of the law and prosecuted that way. But to say this was an insurrection, to say to claim that this was some attempt to truly overthrow the government is ludicrous. I mean, what what did they really think was gonna happen? They're gonna take control the capital, seize the capital, and then what? Suddenly they would be able to write laws. Why in the world are we talking about here? That's not what this was. This was a group of people that acted on their own accord planned and plotted with one another using social media. By the way, if allegations are right, more of them used Facebook than any other platform and back in fact, parlor who's apparently back on the scene, although I can't seem to get it to work on my on my phone parlor was blamed for this. There were a total of eight people that use parler. Something like I don't remember that the Facebook numbers but dramatically more used Facebook to coordinate and collude with one another to do the the law breaking and the rioting and so forth that took place on the Capitol on January 6, anyway. Anyway, so you got all these things taking place.
You've got 14th amendment again, you get the conflict between Mitch McConnell, establishment Republicans. Trump says I'm going to begin the process of helping some anti establishment drain the swamp kind of Republicans to run and to hopefully, primary some of these jokers in 2022. By the way, I should point out that we've got a senator here that I would love to see Trump help out with Senator Todd young republican from the state of Indiana, I love to see a conservative opponent in the primary for for Todd young, against Todd young. My estimation he is part of the problem that we face in Washington, DC. And I know for the republicans out there listening to my voice, you might not like to hear that. But I think if you look at his voting record and his leadership style, which candidly is completely absent, I've never seen people run from being able to share the they wouldn't even they told me they wouldn't come on this program, because well, not during the the first impeachment hearing. They wanted to wait and see, he'd love to talk with it afterwards. You know, once I decided which which side of the issue was the right one to be on, then they would come on and do all the political nonsense. I don't have any time for that no interest in that. Leaders lead. Politicians play games, and that's what we've got, in my estimation was senator Todd DRM, yes and no, Tanya, and we need to find the replacement, God willing, and hopefully we can do that to find someone that can win in a primary against Todd young, and that's in 2022. But there's lots of seats. Other house seats in this state, other house seats around the country and a lot of Senate seats, but anyway, long in this, can Trump get the traction that's really what we're going to find out here over the next the next couple of years. Can he get the traction? Can he keep the the energy can he keep people engaged and active as we move to the midterm. So timeout is an order. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. I don't know if you've seen this This, to me this kind of this kind of summarizes where we are collectively with, I guess politics with this whole the way I guess the government looks at its citizens. I had a friend last night text me I had not seen this. I think it was yesterday may have been, I don't know, it was over the weekend. How about that? He texted me said he said, Hey, have you seen this thing? With the school board? And I said, No, he's like, it's disgusting. You better check it out. Well, school boarding in California, if you haven't seen this, and maybe, maybe we can have pedals post this later today. But a school board in its in California, Oakley union, elementary school board. They were having a meeting on? I think it was on. It wasn't zoom. It was something like zoom. I can't think of the name of at the moment. But nonetheless, they were having a meeting which by the way, I don't know if it wasn't a slated executive session. It might have been a meeting that wasn't even legal. I don't know that. I just just as a side note, you just can't have meetings and make decisions without in a public position like that without people knowing about it. So maybe they weren't following the rules. I don't know. I'm just pointing that out. Anyway, on. They were broadcasting this thing publicly. They didn't know it started bad mouthing the parents. One of the guys on the school board said that he has a brother who runs a marijuana company or some such thing. And he says that his clientele wants people back in school kids back in school so they can, I guess get their pot, I guess. Anyway, one lady dropped the F bomb. And they're all basically saying that parents want the schools back so they can add their babysitting service back they find out it's live. They freak out. And I think they've all resigned since then. So but this is not government talks behind closed doors about about us Do not doubt me on that. Timeout is in order to get a wrap up sit tight back here in just a minute.

No, I wish I'd given myself more time to play a bit of that audio from that leaked school bomb at Leeds. They accidentally aired it. They accidentally the school board and air in California accidentally aired broadcast their meeting which again, maybe they should have anyway, in accordance with a quorum requirements and and public meetings and so forth. I don't know if it was an executive session or what the deal was. But anyway, this is what government thinks of you. They're on the call. The one lady's calls the lady of the B word, and says, B you come after me? I'm gonna F word you up. Isn't that pleasant? These are their constituents. So they talk this is how government operates. I am telling you it's the problem of the swamp is the problem at all levels of government across this country. And I've got to go Thanks for listening. SDG see them. I'll take care