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That is right, my friends you are tuned in to America's realities are here. Listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff, you can email me, Todd, The Todd Huff In fact, I got we get emails regularly. But I actually got an email yesterday that we might talk about today. I got an email yesterday from a listener that asked some questions, I thought that they were well thought out and articulate. And I just thought I should spend more time doing this. Normally I'd respond, which I responded as well. But a lot of times I didn't respond. But this time I thought you know this might be worth at least talking about some of this. But anyway, good to be here. Thank you for listening. No matter where you're listening, whether that be on freedom 95 in Central Indiana or as a podcast, you could be listening on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, as well. It's good to have you no matter where you are listening slash watching this program. I want to talk this morning first about what's going on with Governor Andrew Cuomo and COVID nursing home deaths in the state of New York. We haven't we talked I guess a tad bit about this. But we haven't talked much at length about this. And I want to spend a little bit time on it. Because Because the political tide is starting to change here in the state of New York. Now I want to pause because I think it's no, it's the we're talking about people. And we're talking about their lives. We're talking about deaths from COVID. And I think sometimes, in today's highly political and highly politically charged environment we overlook, it's easy to get to the political fight, which is easy to get to because you have you have two diametrically opposed ways of, of handling politicians the way that the media does. And if you look at this, I mean, President Trump has been blamed quite literally for millions, excuse me, not millions, hundreds of 1000s. How about that? Hundreds of 1000s of deaths from COVID. He's been blamed for this, personally blamed like Biden, I think blamed him for every COVID death. Ironically, Biden is not to blame for those COVID deaths that occurred while he was president here for the past month or so. And it's just, it's unfortunate. It's unfortunate, because, I mean, there's just there's so many things, there's a human component, there is, you know, the the value of of life of all life, of all life across the spectrum of age, whether it's an unborn child in the womb, or someone who's elderly, in a nursing home and everyone. Everyone in between, the value of life is is the same. And not every circumstance and situation is the fault of some political decision. I hate to be the bearer of the bad news for some folks listening to my voice this morning that the vast majority of you. But look, this is life. Life's not. I don't want to say fragile Some people say life is, is fragile life is pretty resilient, in many cases, I think. But life is not eternal on this side of heaven. Right? And so, not every death not every calamity can be blamed on a government official or a decision made by a political body. You look at what's happening in the state of Texas. Chuck Schumer's out there saying that, hopefully the state of Texas, we're talking about a heartless way of looking just think about this. There's literally people who have died from the cold and Chuck Schumer's takes to the microphone and says, Well, hopefully, I don't think it was to the microphone. I think he said this in an interview with someone but he said hopefully the people of Texas have learned that climate change is real. I mean, come on, man. Is there anything more? What I want to say just
pathetic than that? I mean, it's truly pathetic. You have people dying at the at the moment we don't. There's not even really a thorough analysis of what's what's happened here in the state of Texas. But Chuck Schumer is prepared immediately to blame climate change deniers for whatever's happened in the state of Texas with these these deaths from the cold and not just the death, but also just the turmoil. Right? The turmoil, the frozen water pipes, the $10,000, I saw one guy had a $17,000 utility bill $17,000. Normally, I think he said it was $600 with $17,000. But they immediately want to blame that and there may be blame to go around to different people in government to different people in the the folks that oversee Texas utilities. I don't I don't know this needs to shake out a little bit, but you Okay, you juxtapose that you can compare and contrast that with what has been happening with the way that Andrew Cuomo has been treated by the media, by CNN, by Democrats up until around this point in time until until it was released till it was acknowledged that the debts and the numbers had been covered up. Everybody was fine, effectively in the media and in the Democrat Party, with Andrew Cuomo. In fact, he wrote a book on how to lead through Coronavirus. You probably have that copy of the book sitting on your bookshelf at home, I'm sure. You want to learn from the great andrew cuomo how to govern through a difficult, difficult crisis like like COVID. So you've got you've got these two totally opposite approaches. As soon as something bad happens in Texas, Republican state Ted Cruz, of course is out of the country, which is another thing again, look I I get being a leader requires you to be you know, to be there when people are looking to you but at the same time, at the same time as senator doesn't politicians don't hold answers to every problem in our in our lives. Right. It's to say that they need to be there for every, every time someone wants to look up to them and ask them a question. I don't know it just some of these things. Don't Don't jive with me. But the point is, if you're Democrat, there's one set of rules. If you're a Republican, there's a whole different set of rules, kind of like if you're a conservative Republican, and you pass away, as did the great rush limbaugh last week. When the New York Post or the The New York Times or The Washington Post writes a obituary about you, they're gonna say very bad things. Meanwhile, if you're a terrorist, like Albert Albert Chari, for example, they find ways to call you a scholar. I think it was we might look at that as well. But these two approaches these two ways of looking at things to the political lens. Is is maddening to someone who follows this, as I'm sure you do, as well. Because you would think that average people would see this the average everyday American, but they don't, many of them, don't they, they're living their lives. They trust the media. Or they don't question that they don't think critically, they don't think truly independently, and they just kind of believe the stuff that they're told. But there comes a point that even the media and the Democrat Party cannot circle the wagons so to speak and protect their own their own members, and that's kind of where we are now with Governor Cuomo. There's now a Democrat in New York, who says that this nursing home scandal is an impeachable offense and impeachable offenses in New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim. This is I'm looking at a fox news article here. He said that Governor Andrew Cuomo threatened to ruin his career for speaking out against his mishandling of the nursing home crisis during the coronavirus coronavirus pandemic. This representative is now calling for Governor Cuomo to face impeachment. So we now have people in the Democrat Party in the state of New York, who are openly calling for the impeachment of their governor. He continues in a tweet Here, Cuomo abused his powers to hide life and death information from the Department of Justice that prevented lawmakers from legislating like fully repealing corporate immunity for nursing homes. That is an impeachable offense and he linked an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. So the tide is turning now, they're still trying to circle their wagons, especially at CNN, they're covering their tracks for for Governor Cuomo now that you may or may not know, I'm guessing the vast majority of you know but the brother of Andrew Cuomo is in the media he that's tough guy, Chris Cuomo, for those of you that have listened to this program for some time, tough guy, Chris Cuomo is the brother of Governor Andrew Cuomo, and he would have, you know, they he has him on as a guest. And they I mean, it's never, of course, a hard hitting interview. It's usually well, typical, typical things the media does for the Democrat Party. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream sort of stuff. Of course, the Cuomo is trying to think they act like they're tough guys. So they do act like they're pushing on each other. But if push comes to shove, they absolutely will protect one another. This is how this works. But there's there's resistance still in that respect, and that in that world, and at CNN to really go after? to go after Cuomo, you think about how they've gone after President Trump. Now I'm not even asking for anything remotely close to comparable because what they've done to Trump is absolutely astonishing and defies all common sense and value. I mean, the way that the media has attacked Trump, even from the day he came down the escalator in 2015, announcing his his candidacy for President of the United States. They have never been favorable to to President Trump. Right. It's been it's been a constant assault, verbal attack, verbal abuse, assault, all these things happening to President Trump's I'm not suggesting it needs to be the same thing. But what I am suggesting. And what I am saying here is that there are two ways of doing this. There are two ways of covering things in the media. One is how andrew cuomo was covered and the way democrats are typically covered by the media. And the other is how Trump was covered in republicans how they're typically covered when republicans are in control, when they're in power. They're blamed for everything. Republicans have the control to do all sorts of things. But suddenly, when say Biden is president of the United States, that's when we realize the media suddenly realizes that COVID is something that no matter what you do, you cannot completely mitigate out of existence. You cannot completely Institute programs and well wishes for COVID that is to just go away. And that's been the case from the beginning this thing this COVID had to run its course Coronavirus, had to run its course, and candidly, there were some things that were done to to stop that and some prevent it from being longer left, for example, the the the vaccine, which many of you are some of you don't plan on taking that's another story altogether. But these things do help towards reaching reaching herd immunity, which is ultimately what what needs to happen some sort of a vaccine slash herd immunity sort of process to keep people from being able to get the disease and develop, you know, dangerous life saving or life. Just deadly symptoms. So so it's a two different approaches. But you know, it's bad when the democrats No longer are circling the wagons when they've said, Look, it is time time to impeach this governor. And I'll also say this with kormos situation and I'm going to take a break here. But Cuomo situation is different than Trump. Did you have you done the math, I did the math. There's we just crossed the 500,000 number yesterday with the number of COVID deaths that have been counted for this virus. And they believe there's 15,000 or so that were involved in the nursing homes. So folks that is 3% think about this 3% of all COVID deaths may be tied into Governor Cuomo, and how he handled the situation by sending people elderly patients back to nursing homes where the virus spread like wildfire. Or the virus spread like wildfire. And then when they realized this was the case, they hid the data. That's what this looks like. Those are the allegations and that's why people are claiming it's time to impeach him. So timeout is in order here when we get back I want to share a short Just personal experience we had with someone that we know that kind of went through a similar situation back. I don't know, probably in April is my guess. So I just want to share just kind of our experience with this. And if we knew some of these things, why didn't Governor Cuomo I guess at the time, so, quick timeout is an order, come back and continue this discussion. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk, I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back before the break, before the break, I had mentioned that we, I say we, my wife is a caregiver for someone who's who's elderly. And there was a time this, I believe, was in April, April of last year. And she had some symptoms, she has other metals, I don't want to go into all that, you know, for her own privacy, but she has symptoms of COVID. And of course back then, and she she lived in a Is it a nursing home, I think it's a nursing home, or Assisted Living Center, I guess. And she went to the hospital, the symptoms were discovered. And the initial reaction was to send her back to the nursing home. But the nursing homes or the Assisted Living Center that she's in has a had at the time a COVID unit, which was in a place that wasn't super close to here. So you had to remember and you know this back at the time, back at the time you were allowed to you weren't allowed to see people so so this elderly individual that's like family went to the hospital, and no one could go, there's the communication problem. There's the medical problem. You know, a lot of times it's good to have someone else with you. When you go to a doctor on you know, certain things like this, especially as you age just to kind of, I guess, make sense of the information. And so it was decided there that she was likely COVID. And they would send her to a COVID unit in the nursing home in a city that was I don't know, an hour from here, I'm guessing. So. So this, again, no one was with her. It was basically her in the doctor's long story short, she, her blood pressure, I think drops, she almost I think she almost fainted. They they decided to keep her in the hospital. Now we at the time, I know when my wife told me, she said, this individual has been, you know, they think she has COVID of course, then you start thinking about you know, this is she falls into the group that's most vulnerable to COVID. So, you know, the hospital wouldn't keep her. And then when we found out that they were sending her to the COVID unit, I had lost my mind, I thought I said this is this is insane. Like they're literally sending her they don't know that she has it. In fact, I believe she took a test. I think the first test came back negative. So they were gonna take her anything about this, send her back to a COVID unit to live with people who had COVID because she had an a negative test, although the X ray indicated some things that look like they thought it was, you know, caused by by COVID. I don't want to go into all that. But you get you get the idea. So fortunately, there was a doctor there that when her blood pressure drops, said, Look, I don't want to send her she needs to stay, we need to admit her, she doesn't need to go under these conditions. She just needs to stay here. And she stayed and they gave her a test later on one of the tests that take a couple of days to to get the results back and that came back negative. And so I just I think about this, and this was back again in April. Right. This was in April. So this was during the time when New York was at its worst. And I think if just looking at the timeline, we knew that you know, the idea of sending elderly people back to a place especially in the case here where there's two a COVID unit if she didn't have it when she turned out not to she would have gotten it in the COVID unit. I mean it's it's preposterous the way that this is been handled in a lot of circumstances and situations. And I think and Governor Cuomo his case, he was doing this wide, wide scale, and I don't want to, you know, blame it all on him. There's all sorts of decisions and people involved. But this, again, is part of the problems of government thinking it can step in and solve these, these questions. Here's the rule, this is what we're gonna do. You're gonna take these patients back, and there you go, and then they take them back, and it spreads like wildfire. Then, when Governor Cuomo and his office realized that there's going to be
fingers pointed at them, people can now see the data or begin to count the data, they start to hide the rest of the data. They start to hide the rest of the data. And so you compare that you compare that with what President Trump was accused of doing with what's COVID. Right. You president I don't even know what the allegations are against. President Trump didn't act quickly enough. They say President Trump was calling for travel bans, long before fact, weeks before Biden would have instituted a travel ban to China to Europe. travel ban was a first step. What What did they want President Trump to do? He didn't mask up early enough. Okay. Early, early reports were mass did not help. I remember talking about this. I remember Dr. Fauci saying this. We've gone through this extensively on this program. Dr. Fauci saying that masks were largely symbolic. Back in I don't know, March, I'm guessing earlier this year earlier last year. Now, Fauci is out there saying that we might need a double mask, CDC, CDC saying the double mask, mask up mask up, I guess, is what governor Holcomb would say, mask up mask up Indiana. We're all in this together, let's hunker down and be Hoosiers and fight our way through this mask up mask up. And I just just the idea that these folks hold all the answers and again, going back to what we were saying earlier, the idea that governments can step in and prevent all bad things from happening, certainly they can do some. Certainly they can make things worse, as we've seen here. But to blunt to lay the blame at Trump's feet for some sort of ambiguous you should have done something sooner versus Governor Cuomo took this particular action that led to this particular consequence. And then they took the data and hit it. At least these are the allegations. Those are two diametrically opposed things. And if you look at how he's being treated in the media, if you look at how he's being treated by the Democrat Party until recently, which by the way, when the Democrat Party realizes it is or when we realize that they have kind of thrown one of those out of the group as they have with Cuomo here they're beginning to do that means that they feel like the political ramifications are going to hammer them that that means that they can even with a straight face, begin to protect someone politically at this point. They're more of a political liability than they are a political asset. And as such, they must be kicked to the curb, but they will defend folks even to the point way past the point of common sense in many instances. But with Governor Cuomo, they he has crossed that line as far as what is reasonable. They can't even they can't even go on to their msnbc right now and with a straight face, defend what this guy has has done and the actions that he has taken. He's in. He's in political difficult difficulties here. So again, timeout is in order when we get back, I want to play a soundbite Jen Psaki was asked about this, I think yesterday, maybe over the weekend, about why President Biden or if President Biden still believes that Governor Cuomo is the gold standard. That's right, the gold standard of leadership here during the COVID crisis. So we'll play that. Apparently the Biden administration is not completely on board to throw Cuomo to the proverbial wolves here, politically speaking. But if you listen to the nonsense of this exchange, you'll you'll see what I mean. So some folks have already crossed that line politically to say we can't defend Cuomo anymore. Others like Jen Psaki, who I'm quite certain we'll circle back to it. I'm quite certain she will circle back and let reporters know when it's time that Biden no longer considers Cuomo the gold standard for leadership through Coronavirus. But anyway, I want to play that soundbite when we get back. In the meantime, you sit tight listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. So I referenced this before the break, you know, we'll share this and I want to move on to think I want to share an email that I received from from one of you. And I just there's some questions in there that I thought I would try to at least touch on here this morning. But here is Jen Psaki being interviewed on ABC this week, this must have been on Sunday by George Karl. And I just want you to listen to this exchange. I mean, it is truly remarkable. It is it is truly remarkable. To look at the way again, that Cuomo is being still protected, although some have begun, I've began to you know, to stop, I guess protecting him, sort of turned against him. But it's it's just remarkable to see this. President Trump it if President Trump was given the same level of benefit that Cuomo was here, we never would have. We never would have had any of these ridiculous allegations about Trump killing, murdering 400,000 people, whatever they were saying about President Trump, but here is I want you to listen to this exchange. Jen Psaki, who undoubtedly will circle back with George Karl on all of these, all these things and get back to him and answer as to whether or not President Biden thinks that Andrew Cuomo is the gold standard for COVID leadership. Here you go.
Okay. I want to turn to another controversy that raged this week, Andrew Cuomo under fire for allegedly not being transparent and misleading on his on the number of nursing home deaths in New York last spring. President Biden cited andrew cuomo is the gold standard for leadership during the pandemic. Take a listen. Your governor in New York on one hell of a job he I think he's sort of a gold standard. So now we've seen that Governor Cuomo has allegedly under counted nursing home test misled legislators in New York, and he called New York assembly in Ron Kim, raising questions sounds threatening to destroy him, I think was his actual words. So does President Biden still consider andrew cuomo the gold standard when it comes to leadership on the pandemic? Well, john, we work with Governor Cuomo, just like we work with governors across the country. He's also Chair of the NGA. So he's plays an important role in ensuring that we're coordinating closely and getting assistance out to people of his state and two states across the country. And we'll continue to do that. And there, of course, will be a process their investigations, we'll leave that to others to determine the appropriate law enforcement authorities to determine how that path is going to move as we look forward, but we are going to continue to work with a range of governors, including, of course, Governor Cuomo, because we think the people of New York, the people of states across the country, need assistance, not just to get through the pandemic, but to get through this a difficult economic time. And that's that's where our focus remains. What is she talking about? All right. But Jen, my
question was, does President Biden's still believe that Andrew Cuomo is the gold standard represents the gold standard on leadership during this pandemic? Just a yes or no as well.
JOHN, the President, the president. Well, it doesn't always have to be a yes or no answer, john. President,
it's not a yes or no answer. Okay, we got it. We got it. What was she that this this stuff now remember? They the relentless attacks against Kayla mcenaney against Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer. Compare and contrast with what we're witnessing here. She has to be she has to be amongst the absolute worst. press secretaries I have ever seen. That I don't know what I do know what she was trying to do. I don't know what she was trying to say. I don't know what she was trying to say other than she thinks that. I don't know. She doesn't want to talk about it. Right. This is what they they do. It's not a yes or no answer. How can How can Governor Cuomo be the gold standard? You got to be kidding me? of dealing with COVID. I guess they can't go back on this now because he's written the book. Remember back in earlier in, back before the election, some folks are trying to get Governor Cuomo written and to be the candidate. They thought maybe Biden isn't our guy. Let's get him to be the candidate. Maybe he can be vice present. Now let's get him on the ticket this guy is is the is exemplary without he's handled things in the state of New York. That's what that's what they were saying. Oh my how things have changed. quick timeout is in order. You're listening here the HOMO conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in a minute.

Welcome back, you're listening to America's realities are by an administration for the New York Times is looking for someone to help Americans better understand reality. So I thought I would volunteer my services for that. And fill in as the Biden administration's reality czar, whatever the world that's supposed to mean. But anyway, I want to share with you a an email I had received I don't have time to go much into this as this is. There's several questions here, but I do I love getting emails like this. And this email is from a listener named lady named Bonnie. And Bonnie gave a series of questions of things that she would like to hear discussed. One, she says what happened to the election fraud, election fraud report that Peter Navarro published, by the way, I've got that for those of you watching. Here it is. copy of this, I printed this bad boy off. It does exist. I think it was printed, or it was released on December 15. She said how can we get a hearing on the issue? That was the first question how can the Republican Party call out Biden's policies? How can Republican Party call out how Biden's policies do not help American taxpayers? How can Republican Party, the Republican Party educate the general public on where the money comes from that politicians are spending and giving away to other countries? In other words, it's from taxpayers, she writes here based on good faith that it will be used for their benefit. Whereas the ACLU or other entities like that you just robbed the judicial system regarding reverse discrimination that is happening in the name of racial equality, and the 10th amendment and how Republicans can use this. So I want to start here. Well, I don't have time to go into this in depth. I want to focus here on republicans number two and three Republican Party. How can they call out Biden's policies that don't help the American taxpayer? And how can the Republican Party educate the general public on where the money comes from, that these politicians are giving away and serving humanity with in the first place? Good questions, by the way? First, I think I don't know that the republican i don't know if the Republican Party wants to do this. I really don't i don't know if the republican party has the desire to do this. As maddening as that may be, to hear me say I'm not sure that they do. I'm not sure that they really want people to understand the difference. And to be honest, a lot of Republicans a lot more than I care to admit our content with the the general philosophy that the left has, they may not want to embrace it as rapidly. They may not want to spin so haphazardly. But nonetheless, they're content with the ideology. But the to the question, maybe maybe how can conservatives or how can we help educate people on where the money comes from and how these policies don't help the American taxpayer? I think I think we're, we're doing that and i think i think talk radio is a place to do that. I think social media can be a place to do that. Although I don't know how effective it often is on social media folks often get into their own echo chambers. That's one of the dangers. This is one of the reasons actually the reason that we're starting and launching conservative, not bitter University is to help in these in these matters is to help in educating and connecting the dots on some of these things. Because to Bonnie's question here, a lot of folks don't know, a lot of folks don't understand it, it might be mine. just mind boggling to you to me, but a lot of folks don't really, truly understand that when, when folks say the government is going to pay for this what all that means is some other taxpayer is going to pay some other country or is going to fund a pork project, which by the way, Democrats apparently are getting rid of or looking to get rid of potentially republican rule that prevented pork spending. Right. This is when individual Congress people senators can insert some of their pet projects into legislation. You know, some, some highway that will eventually be named after them or some some silly pet project that has nothing to do with the overall legislation that's being addressed, crammed into bills and legislation. People need to know what that is people, people need to understand that this has not been a rule since republicans got rid of it since 2000. It was a rule, you couldn't have this porch pending since 2011. Now, the Democrats, at least some of them are welcoming this idea, this idea, again, with open arms as though it is a good thing, folks, this money has to come from somewhere. And
it will then this is there are economic laws, people, the left talks about following the science, of course, they don't follow the science, they follow it when it's politically advantageous, or sometimes they'll manipulate it to make you think it means something it really doesn't, which is usually give them more power, more control the technocrats among us. But this, this idea here, that money that I mean, their economic laws to money has to come from somewhere. And it's, it's remarkable to me we all live, I think most people live their lives in a concern. I don't necessarily mean socially conservative, but in economically conservative ways. If we see something we ask ourselves, can we afford it? How do we pay for that? What you know, what do I have to do in exchange to make that happen? We think in those terms, but for some reason, people think when government's involved, that no, you know, we don't have to worry about these things, reason and sense and logic and conservative principles by which we live, the rest of our lives suddenly go out the window. That's, that's not the case, this money has to come from somewhere. And it's either coming from other taxpayers, or it's coming from future generations, your children, my children, their children, their children's children, this these numbers are so astronomically large, that it's hard to wrap our heads around 20 some odd trillion dollars in debt. I don't know that the Republican Party is interested, I wish it would be in educating and pushing these things and explaining this to the American people. But individual conservatives are and you and I can do it. That's the other thing that I wanted to get to. But I got to wrap up here long in the segment, listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. Thanks, Bonnie for the email back here in just a minute.

All right, my friends, unfortunately, that is about all the time that we have. But I want to say this I appreciate. I appreciate very much you and hearing from you. Whether that's on social media, whether that's on email, some of you even call the half hotline from time to time as well. 317-455-5250 at some point, we'll take a live phone calls, but we don't want to do that just yet just because of a couple of couple of things on on our side that I don't want to we just have to work ourselves through I guess, but anyway, I appreciate you more than you can. Then you can know I always enjoy hearing from you and do my best to get back and sometimes we talk about those things on the program. So Bonnie, thank you. Thank you for the rest of you that have written as well. Guys, have a great day. SDG See you tomorrow. Take care