Rules Are For Losers, Not Revolutionaries | March 2, 2021

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Folks rule our four losers not for revolutionaries. Rules are for losers, not revolutionaries. We'll talk about that this morning. Welcome to the program. I am your host, Todd Huff email, Todd, The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show YouTube, we're there for the time being until they decide to take us down permanently. Whatever the case, no matter where you watch us listen to the program. I'm glad that you do. The safest way to download that podcast. Just search The Todd Huff Show wherever you listen to podcasts, Apple podcasts or wherever you might, might do that. also sign up for the email newsletter which goes out today. Which goes out today Todd, excuse me, The Todd Huff slash slash subscribe. So I There's something I want to get to today that I had been thinking about yesterday in the wake of President Trump's speech. And I still want to get to that. But I want to start this morning. Because as I was preparing yesterday, last night, in particular, this really hadn't developed yet. But I want to start with what Bernie Sanders has decided that he's going to do. So we're going to talk about this COVID or leaf package, which is packed full of goodies for well, things that the democrats and the radical left want to contribute money to or some would say the cynic would say to pay off for hate to to help, for example, those those states that had been mismanaged for for decades due to radical left ideologies and policies and so forth. fact there was a congressman from Arizona, Congressman Gosar, who actually said, Let's strip everything else out of this bill. Now, this got knocked down in the house, by the way before it passed the house and went to the Senate. Let's take everything out of this bill, except direct payments to the American people, he actually made an amendment or tried to, that said that the payments to the American taxpayer would be 10,000 $10,000 a person because that's what this bill comes out to. If you pay $10,000, per American citizen that would have received this stimulus or whatever we're calling this money nowadays, just a freebie from the government. Whatever you would call that, that is the total cost of the bill when you look at all the other stuff that's in there. And by the way, that's a couple of percentage points as for things like COVID, and opening schools and so forth. And also, by the way, schools, as I understand it, haven't even used all the money in the previous COVID package. So this is one big game. This is one big, you know, shell game to basically do what politicians do, which is use their power to funnel money either directly to themselves down the road, to their family, friends, supporters, and so forth. But anyway, this bill has passed the cost that the house and folks there's nothing we can I don't like to say this to you. But there's nothing we can do about this elections have consequences. And for those folks who want to tell me that the the Democrat Party is not radically left, that it's a moderate party, that it's not run by extremists. And that when push comes to shove when it is time to cast your ballot in the democrat party today, and I'm talking about the representatives in the house, and presumably next the senators when the time comes to cast your vote, I don't care what you go back and campaign on I don't care how moderate your district is, say Tim Ryan and Ohio, say Connor Lam and Pennsylvania. I don't care about any of that. Because when when the line has been drawn in the sand, and there are a couple exceptions, and they asked for permission to do this, these democrats of all shapes and sizes of all ideal ideologies or whatever you want to say these different different groups of Democrats. They all code Less around radicalism, this is what they do. There is no bill to large no expense to great. No promise too grandiose. They do not think that the American people should basically foot the bill for, there's nothing that government cannot do. And they of course, are the ones who should be calling the shots in their drainage way of thinking. So the bill is passed the House of Representatives now it goes to the Senate. Now you'll remember, you remember we talked about this? Guest last week. Anyway, the parliamentarian in the senate said, you cannot have the minimum wage increase in in this bill, you cannot have that. Because it breaks the rules of budget reconciliation. Remember, that is the mechanism that is the tool that they are using here to prevent having to go through the normal senate processes. Right, remember that. So there's a couple of things at play here. So they want to try to shove into legislation that does not follow the normal course of rules for the Senate rules that they themselves agreed upon. They do not want to go through the normal course of things. And so they pass this legislation off as I'm watching Chris Cuomo Hold up. Q tips or something on Fox News, that's it? Who knows what that's about. But anyway, they don't want to go through the normal process of legislating because they don't like that. They don't like they don't like to be held accountable to. I mean, when you're a revolutionary, you don't need some arcane rule in the Senate to prevent you from getting your mission accomplished. I mean, did Fidel Castro do this? This is this is for this is for children, folks. Did Joseph Stalin follow tactics like this? No, no, no, you can't have some arcane rule in the Senate, as they call it some arcane rule in the Senate. By the way, the rule. The rule is referring to the Hyde Amendment. At the Hyde Amendment, the I'm drawing a blank on the amendment now, but it was passed the the, the rule was set in place by Robert Byrd, which by the way, was literally a leader in the KKK, Democrat, half of the state of West Virginia is named after this guy highways and buildings and all sorts of things. There the Republican Party, supposedly the party of the KKK, that's another story altogether. Anyway, Robert Byrd, Robert Byrd came up with the amendment that helped determine which things which things qualified to be passed by budget reconciliation. And it's not the Hyde Amendment. That's, that's something with Obamacare and, and abortion, public funding for abortion anyway. So this process says you can't, you know, the parliamentarian rule that the rules say you can't do this, you can't include the minimum wage. In this legislation, the house included it. So it passes the house with the majority of radical support, led by Nancy Pelosi, and it has in it the minimum wage law, a minimum wage is going to increase to $15 an hour over the course of whatever it is four or five years. Senate parliamentarian says you can't include that in the Senate Bill, which means it can't be the bill that's passed by both houses of Congress and signed by President Joseph Biden. Because it doesn't follow the rules. But who needs rules. radicals don't need rules, radicals are revolutionaries. And so and so Bernie Sanders says he's gonna vote for that bill anyway. And now I saw this morning. They are now pushing Joseph Biden, President Biden here to rule to overrule the parliamentarian. What does this even mean? This is, Biden has nothing to do with the parliamentarian. That is the Senate. I hate to be the bearer of the bad news. Now. Let me pause here and say, rules have never stopped the radicals in the past rules do not stop supreme court justices from ruling on certain issues from finding things in the constitution that are not there. From telling us that things that are in the constitution are not there. For example, your right to keep and bear arms, they can't find that but yet they can find in that document somehow, some way the right to marry someone of the same gender they can find in that document. Some way the right to have an abortion but they cannot find they have they have scoured that document high and low and they cannot find anything and that allows you me, America And citizens to keep and bear arms. They can't find that but they can find these other things. Right. It's the same rationale, the same reasoning that allows justice Brier, a radical leftist on the Supreme Court, to say things like, citing foreign law is an acceptable practice by US Supreme Court justices. Obviously, why not? I mean, again, rules are not for radicals. There's a book called Rules for Radicals. But the rules are basically how to manipulate and to mislead people and to take advantage of circumstances and to use propaganda. And to trick them and to fool them into following your radical nonsense is what it is. But they don't need regulations and rules. They don't need a parliamentarian, they are now in power. And I said yesterday, on this program, a version of what I'm about to, to read to you just posted on our social media pages. I said this, and this didn't even know this was going to happen. When I said this. I said the radical left prefers to govern through one of two ways. Their first preference is having a chord. Ideally, the Supreme Court rule that their political position is constitutional or that their opponents political position is unconstitutional. This prevents them from having to expend any political capital whatsoever, through the difficult process of legislating a controversial political issue. Their second preference is to simply make decrees edicts and proclamations to the use of the pin a referencing back to Obama's pin and cell phone comment back in 2000. Whenever that was he didn't need Congress. He had his cell phone and a pin, he said, but they will make these decrees, edicts and proclamations to the use of the pin and cell phone of the President of the United States problem is neither as constitutional or even remotely acceptable, and it should not be remotely acceptable from a free people. Now, the parliamentarians rulings is not are not part of the Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land that democrats the radical left violate the principles and precepts of this document on a regular basis, they're the direction they want to take this nation is truly anti constitutional. Okay, so there's there's that in and of itself, the parliamentarian ruling is not as it pertains to the Constitution, but it is how it pertains to how these bodies how these governing bodies have agreed their own rules, right, their own rules, and the way that they're supposed to do business. This is how that they've agreed to operate. And now they're calling by Bernie just says, forget it. I'm just gonna freakin sign this piece of legislation. I'm gonna vote for it no matter what the parliamentarian says. What's she gonna do about it? She's a, she's a high ranking staffer. That's how he refers to her baby. Look at that, quote here. I think I saw that in an epic Times article this morning. She's just a staffer. Who does she think she is dealing with the great and mighty Bernie Sanders? It's her ruling. It's her prerogative, it's her. It's her job. If you remember the parliamentarian was everything
back here. In on January 6, the parliamentarian had to potentially be ready to intervene and prevent Mike Pence from rejecting electors or whatever. If I'm allowed to say YouTube and Facebook, I mentioned the word January 6, I'm referencing election integrity, I'm referencing the challenging of electors, maybe I should be, again, I just feel the obligation to you to self report anything that might violate your silly little rules. But anyway, this concept of the parliamentarian it matter, it was life or death, you know, with with what the what the the foundational components of our representative, representative democracy, technically our constitutional republic, but the very, our very nation was hanging in the balance as to whether or not the parliamentarian would make sure that the rules were followed now, parliamentarian just some staffer says Bernie Sanders, some staffer, Who does she think she is telling us what to do? We're going to put the minimum wage in here. And if not, what Biden overrule it, how the world is Biden's supposed to overrule it. Now? I'm not saying that they won't find a way to do this, but that they will not find a way to do this in accordance with their rules and the role of government and in the Constitution, they're not going to find that. But then again, as I've said before, when is that ever stopped them? When Has that ever stopped them folks? This is what happens when we elect the crazies and the radicals. This is What happens? And I was saying before the show, and she's exactly right. People freaked out about President Trump. Trump is a totalitarian, he's not he's just a danger to our democracy, our society and all this stuff. But yet they're the ones that take these actions, not President Trump. President Trump didn't take these sorts of actions they do, though. And where's the media? The media is probably out there explaining why Bernie Sanders is correct. Why Joseph Biden really should overrule the parliamentarian, I'm sure they'll find something in some, you know, piece of legislation from 18 to 25, or some letter written that they can interpret to mean that Biden has this absolute power and they suddenly they didn't know it existed until now. Anyway, this is what it looks like to live. This is wearing banana public days, we are this is this is what happens when none of those things matter when they are so driven by their ideology and the results of reaching that utopian that utopian society that's out there because if they just can implement their idea ideology, we all would be better off life as we know it would just be perfect. They can Usher that in the only thing standing between that that reality and us now today is well I guess this minimum wage being tacked into the to the COVID relief bill. Some parliamentarian she better get ready by the way. She better get ready because we're about to probably go after her on on social media and try to doctor and so forth. But these are the tactics of the radical left today. quick timeout is an order. Come back continue our discussion. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, my friends you are listening to America's realities are here at The Todd Huff Show, by the way This program is brought to you in part by our friends at Edwards equipment. Folks they sell rent, serve and service several makes and models of light weight residential or heavy duty commercial equipment. Edwards in Danville, Central Indiana just in Danville, just a little bit west of Indianapolis, Edwards for more information or call them 731774564 to 73177456427. Edwards So let's get here into the two approaches here for dealing with this. I guess parliamentarian The first is the first is Biden's or excuse me Sanders plan Bernie's plan the nutty professor out there. He's calling to just defy the parliamentarian just I'm gonna vote for the bill that the house sent over. And what's the parliamentarian gonna do about this? What's the parliamentarian gonna do about this just low level staffer that has no business telling us what to do. Here's what here's what Bernie says, right? Bernie, who's a socialist, right, a democratic, he's a democratic socialist. He believes that he should only be able to take things that belong to you if the majority of the people tell him that he can. Other than that, you don't own anything. And you better watch it because of a majority of people say that Bernie Sanders can take it for the public good or for whatever Bernie thinks that should be used for. Then it's fair game. That is democratic socialism. wrapped up in a nice, neat, nice, neat little package there. But anyway, he says this, he says my personal view is that the idea that we have a senate staffer, a high ranking staffer, deciding whether 30 million Americans get a pay raise or not is nonsensical. We have got to make that decision, not a staffer who's unelected. So my own view is that we should ignore the ignore the rulings, ignore the rulings, the decision of the parliamentarian it's just such a fascinating just to take us half a step back here and look at this. This is exactly what they accused President Trump of doing what he was going to do. After he lost the election. basically say, I'm just gonna ignore it. I'm going to stay in the White House. I'm going to stay in the White House. I'm going to do my thing. I'm going to go about my business and I'm not leaving here. I'm going to continue to be America's president. I'm going to declare myself To be that, and there you go, nothing you can do about it. And they freaked out and they panicked and they were breathlessly making all these accusations and just couldn't contain their paranoia. But they literally do the same thing. Now, it's not the same exact I mean, it is this a very similar thing. There are rules, there are laws there are there's the Constitution. And the whole point, folks, we are a nation built upon upon laws. Now I will say this, they've they've invested so much in undermining or challenging this nation, basically, making people think that every law that's ever been written is due to racism. fact, I saw some doofus on MSNBC, which I was planning to get to, but I wasn't planning on talking about this this long, but she was on an msnbc interview saying basically if you hate big government, if you don't like big government, if you find yourself standing in the way of big government, this is my paraphrase, but it's pretty accurate, as it always is, you will know but it's it's she said that that's racist opposing big government or she didn't use the words big government but uh, but basically opposing government programs because you're racist, because government programs help, apparently just minorities, I, the thinking here is this not thinking it's emotion is what it is. It's emotion. And again, I'm telling you what if you can just, if the average person could come to grips with this truth that liberalism is truly an emotion. That's what it is. It's like saying, I don't like that, that's terrible government fix it that is it. That is the degree to which it has been thought thought about. That is that is as far as it goes. Now, they will then take some some people that are called doctor this or you know, somebody who's got some advanced degree and that some radical leftist Think Tank, and they'll come up with all this sort of, you know, flowing Well, it's never, it never makes sense. But there's reports or all this explanation as to why what they're really trying to do makes so much sense for Americans so forth. Of course, it violates common sense and logic on a regular basis. But Bernie's here basically criticizing, here's a guy look, a guy that says he's a socialist, we all we all should be completely equal. Bernie says, effectively now he's got multiple houses that he's apparently exempt because he's in the ruling class. But everybody's the same. But except for this this staffer, he's not going to allow some staffer to tell the senate what to do. Well, I got news for Bernie Sanders. Bernie, you can still pass the minimum wage law. No one is stopping you from doing this. Well, someone is in the in the Senate, because by your Senate rules, because of the filibuster, you're going to need 60 votes to do that. You don't like that you don't like rules, you don't like things that you agreed to, that your party agreed to? This is what happens. The rules are pretty straightforward and simple. There's no way in the by the rules that the minimum wage should be included in this. Absolutely not any reason at all. If you want it to be the law of the land and pass the process that your Senate leaders led by Chuck Schumer agreed to you act as though this parliamentarian is not allowing you to pass a minimum wage law. parliamentarians not saying that the parliamentarian saying that in order for something to not go through the normal rules of the Senate, it must meet certain requirements to go through this budget reconciliation process and this does not meet it. Bernie he knows that. He doesn't care. The left doesn't care the media. They don't care either. On top of that, we've got another group. progressive Democrats call for Biden to overrule I referenced this earlier. Senate parliamentarian on minimum wage a group of well this is on this is Yahoo money. 23 prominent prominent prominent democratic representatives including rasheeda, Talib, Ilan, Omar, Alexandria, acacio, Cortez, ROH Khanna, folks, these are the radical of the radical representatives. These are the folks that hate America at its core. These are the folks that I'm telling you, you want to know the true danger and threat to American society to our system of government. It's these four and whoever the other 19 are, but They're the ones they wrote this letter to Biden asking Biden to overrule the senate parliamentarians decision. This is what their letter said in part 81 million cast their ballots to elect you on a platform that called for a $15 minimum wage. We urge you to keep that promise and maintain the $15 minimum wage for a provision in the American rescue plan. The outdated the bird rule, that's what it's called the outdated and complex bird rule again, well, I wish we'd spend more time talking about this. Shouldn't the real debate here beyond whether or not we allow this rule does still be called the bird rule named after a former leader of the KKK? Wouldn't that be consistent with everything else we've been seeing in American society? Heck, we have school boards that are not allowing schools to be named after Abraham Lincoln because he wasn't apparently woke enough. The bird rule? How perfect is it that the bird rule is the rule that's preventing these jokers at the time at this current time from putting in the legislation? The minimum wage law anyway, the outdated and complex bird rule rooted in restricting progress? Oh, my gosh, this isn't the stupid letter must not be an impediment to improving people's lives. You have the authority to deliver a raise for millions of Americans. Seems to me that the what the place that that needs to be addressed is the US Senate. And there is still a mechanism by which the senate can do this. They don't have the votes for it. And Joe Manson's out there saying he will never support the removing the filibuster. The folks do not put this past them. And I'm long In this segment, but do not put it past them to pull this off somehow. They said yesterday, they prefer they prefer to, to legislate through the courts. They prefer to legislate through executive order. See what happens. This is a perfect case study. Things don't go their way with the rules. They clearly defined rules in the Senate. Things don't go their way. What do they do? They asked for Biden to arbitrarily do something that I would contend is not even remotely in the guy's power to do. elections have consequences and send the way that the Senate operates has consequences. You want to pass them a minimum wage, increase the minimum wage, which I think is a terrible idea, which sounds terrible to those of you that don't understand the you know, what i what i mean by that, I love for people to make more, I'm just actually rooted here in reality, not in some wishful thinking, not in creating laws that have unintended consequences, which will eliminate jobs. By the way. Even the CBO has said that anyway, quick break is in order. But don't put it past him to pull this off. The one thing you can definitely count on is that following the rules is nowhere near nowhere near anywhere in the top of their thinking. That is not their primary focus. And I've got to take a break back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, folks, this is how the left operates. This is how they legislate. This is how they behave. Trump was not the threat to the society, to our culture to our nation. In fact, they are the ones they are the ones who are the threat to this great nation. In fact, I want to share a couple of quick thoughts here in the wake of Trump's speech, this weekend. So Deepak, I was just thinking about the various responses the Trump speech, factoring in the attempts that the GOP establishment is making to either keep or regain control of the party, depending upon your perspective. And I just I was just thinking about this and I, the Republican Party plays a role in allowing this stuff to happen. The party plays a role in allowing this stuff to happen. And and the reason is the people that are running the party, the Republican Party GOP and this is often the case not always in the era of Trump, but generally speaking, this is still often the case. They are obsessed with being liked. Political Party type folks are, are obsessed with being like they they believe that politics is a gentleman's game, they view it as some sort of a kind of a highly unnatural game one where you must be tolerant patient understanding and that's and those things Somehow when I'm not saying you shouldn't be patient, you shouldn't be understanding. I'm not trying to say that I'm not saying you shouldn't be tolerant. But I am saying at some point you have to lead, you have to be willing to understand that the people who are in the media that people who are on the other side, the people who run the Democrat Party are not interested in those things. They're interested in using those things against you. I'll say that, again, the people on the other side are not interested and tolerance are not interested in patients, they're not interested in understanding what they're interested in is winning. Now they have this belief that the radical left does that the ends justify the means I don't have I mean, how you behave certainly matters. And this is a great point, this example with Bernie Sanders, and these other radicals basically saying, let's just ignore or overrule the parliamentarian. Let's ignore our own rules, let that sink in. Let's ignore our own rules, folks. Rules for the and not for me, this is exactly this is exactly what this what this means. But the one who achieves political power, that that's the one who wins, right, we see that we see that Democrats won the election, whatever you have to say about that they're in power right now. And they're the ones that have that, that power. There's not some sort of a consolation prize for being nice about it, and smiling and applauding that they want and congratulating them, folks, what they want to do to this nation is, is a terrible thing, in my estimation. I know we don't have to attack them personally, and, you know, do things that are not acceptable in the eyes of God or anything like that, but we need to fight. And the people leading the Republican Party oftentimes do not have this mentality. And I think we just lost let's go along, we sit here and be, I think rush said, we'll be keep our dignity as we lose, or some such thing basically be be dignified and are losing as though there's something I'm gonna say, am I saying to not be gracious or anything like that, I'm saying, you still have a job to fight, you still have a job to articulate and explain things. I got more to say about that. But the clock tells me it's time to take a timeout. So we'll do that after the break. Sit tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. By the way, this program Brought to you in part by our part in part by our friends at kilodaltons. Today, I enjoyed meet the guys that kill it. And they came and actually removed a couple of dents from my vehicle, which maybe one day I'll explain how those got there. But anyway, kill a dent 317 for 809433 Paintless Dent Removal PDR as they call it, Killa Dent Removal great guys, and appreciate sitting the team there being a part of this program killer dent So really quickly, continuing this, this kind of thought on the Republican Party, the weak leadership that we have in general. And this, of course, does not pertain to Trump. And there's examples of exceptions to the rule, I guess I'm saying, but but we fall victim to the tactics and the we're playing a different game than than the left is we're playing the leaders in the Republican Party play by different set of rules. And I'm not saying we should violate our values or our conferences, or our integrity, but I am saying that we can't be afraid to fight there's a difference between losing your principles and being a doormat for the opposition. There's a difference between being tolerant of alternative perspectives, and being afraid to speak truth. Those things are different. There's a difference between being polite and being completely weak and ineffective. But I think the party has often conflated these things Trump did not. If anything, if anything, if we look at business lines on both sides, you know, there's a boundary line on both both sides one says you're too polite one says you've maybe gotten a little bit too wild and crazy. If anything, and I'm not saying he did, but if the if Trump crossed the line, it was the other direction. It wasn't my it wasn't my being too nice or meek or, you know, hands in our lap sitting and watching democrats ruin this great nation. But anyway, do the GOP leadership is has basically in my estimation allowed this stuff to fester and become a problem. And if you think about politics is fighting for the middle ground, the left says fine, what is move will move the middle ground further to the left by us simply moving to the left. And Republicans, we're sitting here, because of the leaders in the Republican Party, I'm not talking about our politicians necessarily, I'm talking about those who are the decision makers in the Republican Party. And they're actually pulled oftentimes. So the republican party has shifted left at least the establishment part over time, from conservatism from conservative principles. And then what ends up happening is because there's not a big enough separation between the radical nonsense that we hear from some of the establishment Republicans, it actually ends up, it ends up giving some sort of credibility, because we've moved off the mark to the party as a whole. And we're closer to lunacy than we were not that we're as close as the democrats are by accepting some of their nonsense. For example, the minimum wage, Lindsey Graham, for example, isn't on board with the $15 dollar an hour minimum wage, but he's on board with the Waffle House plan, whatever the world that's supposed to mean. Anyway, I think the point here is to say that the Republican leadership bears some responsibility here too, because we have not exposed this nonsense, we haven't stood firmly enough to truly isolate these people in the sense of being, you know, way outside the realm of reality, way outside the realm of where the average American actually resides. But when the power and the allure of the democrat of fitting in, pulls you off your principles moves you in that direction. It actually gives some degree of I don't know, credibility, and in a weird sense, some degree of credibility because we've moved towards it, instead of saying, This is ridiculous. This is absurd. And these are the folks writing the letters and these are the folks calling the shots and these are the folks pressuring Biden or saying they're going to simply overrule overrule the parliamentarian. That's all I can say, because I'm out of time here. We're gonna wrap up so tight back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, my friends, I had you know, this. It's just interesting to watch all this unfold. Just I mean, you can see the democrats expose themselves for who they are, you can see the consequences of the Republican Party heading in a direction for those that want to take in a direction different from Trump, as we kind of talked about last last segment briefly, just this idea that you know, being being weak being the way that Republicans have been over time is somehow going to be a good thing. And we can see the consequences of that we get this Joe Manchin factor which we didn't even get into today but he's in there in the senate saying he's not gonna vote down the line for this bill would get democrats upset at him there's pressure for the filibuster I mean, this is just an interesting political situation to to witness, but it's also one that is terrifying at the same time because they still have the reins of power and I've got to wrap up guys as always appreciate you listening newsletter goes out today subscribe, Todd up slash subscribe. Have a great day. sddc tomorrow, take care of