Democrats Not Off to a Stellar Start | March 3, 2021

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Well, I don't want to overstate anything here. But I would say it is quite fair to say that the democrats haven't started off in a very stellar form here, as they have taken control of Washington, DC, and our government. Of course, they've got a long way to go. And I am by no way, by no means am I trying to say that this is a foregone conclusion that this is where this ends up, because I did not put anything past these folks. But it is less than it is less than what we were, I guess, told to expect. Remember, these are folks that think that they know better than the rest of us. These are folks that think that it is their, their duty to basically micromanage our lives, making everything just perfect in Washington, DC. Welcome to the program. I'm your host, Todd Huff. Email, your thoughts, opinions. You know, I'll even accept your adoration and praise. Todd, The Todd Huff Facebook or their YouTube where they're currently who knows. safest thing to do is either go to our website to watch the program, The Todd Huff or subscribe to the podcast, which you can find on virtually any of the places you would listen to podcast just searched for The Todd Huff Show. So we've got Cuomo out there, we've got the minimum wage problem out there, we've got you know, I'm a little bit embarrassed to say this. I didn't see this. I didn't see this from a couple of weeks ago, Biden when he was on that cnn Town Hall, talking about the COVID vaccine. The reason this is back in the news, and I'll just briefly talk about this, I find this and just it's just remarkable, to just look at how dramatically. And I know we know this. I know. But it's just amazing to watch how dramatically the media shifts and the way that they cover a president. Right. I mean, Biden, has Biden even had his first press conference yet no. What about the state of the union? When are we going to do that? How are we going to do that? I don't even know. I mean, if Trump had gone this long, we know that there would be a countdown a countdown clock on the side of the TV or wherever online that says Biden or Trump is hiding from the American people or whatever the such such thing that there is but Biden had this town hall a couple of weeks ago cnn with Anderson Cooper and the reason this is now coming to my attention and I'm looking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. headline abc news outlet tries to debunk Biden problematic minorities getting online comment epic fail ensues so basically that some fact checkers that we're trying to clarify or to dismiss comments made by Biden is about Obama let you hear yourself I hadn't heard this I you know I maybe you have I don't know how I didn't because I hear you know a lot of these things on a regular basis but and you know how much I love you know some of the silly things ridiculous things stupid things. Biden says my still my all time favorite is still the corn pop story. I know that's gonna be tough to beat if you ask me. That's gonna be really tough to beat just simply because there's so much there. I mean, we've got a 19 What is a 1960s Joe Biden working as a lifeguard at the pool threatening some guy on the diving board and get some random guy in the pool house telling him to use a six foot piece of chain to fight corn pop in the parking lot corn pop and his a couple of his buddies were nicking up razors on the curb of the sidewalk. You know, Biden says you know how they used to do like we're supposed to know this dipping the razor blades and water to make them rusty. Guess trying to transmit tetanus to to Joe Biden. Anyway, that's my favorite. But you know, there's so many little things to choose from. Remember when he told what is Charlemagne, Charlemagne, the God, whatever that's supposed to mean. Remember when he told him on the breakfast club that you ain't black. If you don't vote for him. Remember that? I just the way that he's allowed to say whatever he wants and there's no consequence and the ramifications and the repercussions because after all, he's a leftist. He cares about people if it appears he doesn't or if appeared at a Pearson And then he says is racist or hateful or inconsiderate if he's sniffing some woman or child's hair and an uncomfortable fashion, touching and grabbing that stuff's all okay, because it's bite and then it can't be. It can't be anything other than just somebody showing their affection, care and concern for people because that's what democrats do. Republicans on the other hand are evil racists homophobes who hate women who hate children. This is how it's portrayed. But I hadn't heard this. This is again from Apparently, ABC, an affiliate tried to fact check this. In fact, the tweet says this is ABC 11 Eyewitness News. No, President Biden did not tweet about minorities not being able to use the internet. I didn't tweet it. But apparently, he said something pretty darn close to that. I mean, I think you could say he'd said that here at the town hall, with anderson cooper a couple of weeks ago. Here it is, listen for yourself. The the other part portion is a lot of people don't know how to register, not everybody in the community, in the Hispanic and the African American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and or inner city districts know how to use know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination at the at the Walgreens or at at the particular store. Okay, so that's that's the common, not everybody. Not everybody in the African American and black communities, especially in rural communities, know how to know how to get online and register at their Walgreens or wherever to get their COVID vaccine. This was now pause for a moment, and it could have blocked, we have to take into account. And I think, okay, there's a couple things that are true here, number one, what is true is that Joe Biden says dumb things sometimes. Now, anyone who talks often will make a mistake or say something dumb. It may have even happened on this program may have even happened on this program. But you talk a lot you make mistakes, right? So let's let's there's the human aspect. But there's also the aspect that Joe Biden just says things that don't make any sense. There's also the aspect that the media goes out of its way to cover for the democrats for Joe Biden. To the extent to where this, this tweet actually says Biden didn't tweet about it. minorities not being able to use the internet, it wasn't a tweet. He said it's during a town hall. And it's again, maybe what he meant was they don't have access and rural communities to the internet, like some folks do in suburban or urban areas where there's more people maybe but again, why target why target racial groups is pointing that out, just Hey, people that aren't people who are in rural areas can't go online. And by the way, I find this peculiar to as someone who's been who is and has been an entrepreneur, why would you go this is blaming the customer. Essentially, this is blaming the customer Hey, you idiots out there, don't know how to use the internet is basically what what Biden saying and he throws in their race and ethnicity as well, which, which would for a republican make this racially charged language, right. That's how anderson cooper would have fallen over on stage, grabbed his heart and, you know, shuffled his papers and taken steps backwards, almost falling over. Don Lemon would have probably run up on stage to help him tough guy Chris Cuomo might have come and take a swung taking a swing at somebody up there for saying that. But if Joe Biden were allowed to do that, he's allowed to do that. But blaming the customer. It's just it's just a peculiar thing to me. The way that government thinks and This, to me, this is such a forget about Biden's ridiculous comment or just just the idea here. The idea here that what government is trying to do, and I'm not saying it shouldn't obviously you should try to mitigate the effects of COVID. And yes, I saw you know, Texas is now getting rid of their mask mandate in a week. By the way, CNNs take on that is quite interesting. What do they said headline here. The headline here on CNN if I can find it. Listen to this headline. It says this, it says Biden urges patients on COVID as Republican governors go rogue on reopenings. There are now 15 states according to reports that are not going to have mask mandates. And I'm looking here, Gavin Newson calls that absolutely reckless. baito calls it a death warrant for Texans. And who Leon Castro says this decision isn't based in science at all. I'm looking at a fox news. screenshot here graphic as I'm talking with you. But anyway, wasn't me the states are going rogue. They're not following the orders of the greatest Joe Biden about called him, Obama because he's part of the Obama administration. This is the third term I guess of that. But you look at all this stuff you look at and again, government should I understand trying to mitigate things like this public health, there is a there is a public concern for this. But we have gone way outside the realm, folks, we are a year into this now, a year and in fact, this was almost a year. Exactly. I think it was another week or so where we, at least here in my area, effectively shut everything down and changed life as we as we know it. So I understand. There's there is certainly a public concern with with public health situations. But we know a lot more than we did before. We know for example, the CDC told us that there's virtually none. In fact, I saw a CDC spokesperson. Several months back, say that there were literally zero documented cases of asymptomatic, carry or spread of Coronavirus, zero. That's what she said. So I get trying to, you know, to do these things to mitigate, but you also have to talk about follow the science to masks following the science, I guess, well, if two works, why not three? This is like the minimum wage debate. Where does it stop? AOC says the minimum wage really should be $24 an hour. I don't know where she gets those numbers if she's gotten the memo from heaven or where that comes from. But she says it should be $24 an hour. Fauci says we should now wear two masks, the CDC says two masks is a good thing. Why not? Three? Why not raise aocs minimum wage to $75 an hour? I mean, where does this stop who makes these decisions, but these, these government officials are in these positions of authority. They tell us what they think should happen, the steps that they're going to take to get us there. And of course, it never gets us there, folks. And never it never gets us there. If we raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, the second the bill assigned, you're gonna hear she'd be $24 an hour or 20 or 25, or 36, or whatever the number is, it's never going to be enough. Again, with the masks, one mask was sufficient at first, no masks were sufficient. Now it's one mask, well, then it was one mask. Now it's two masks. And the government always fails. And why do they fail, as Biden says here? Because you got basically idiot customers. They don't know how to use the Internet, and even references their race, and ethnicity. This isn't how this isn't how you do this in the real world. And by the way, what do they do when they don't solve the problem? They take more money. Well, they make you think they're taking more money for COVID relief and so forth. But really what they're doing is giving a lot of money to their special interests, their pet projects, their friends to this COVID relief package. 1.9 trillion. We're just starting by the way. We're just starting the process of spending in Washington DC buckle up, because Biden has a couple of spending bills in the chamber if I'm allowed to use that analogy, ready to go lock stock and barrel here. Once they pass COVID relief probably in the next what they want to pass it by March to have it signed by March 14. So anyway, I'm the larger picture here this morning is this is not a good start. This is not a good start. Whether you take the Cuomo scandal. Whether you take Biden and his fumbling. You get near neera tanden who's now withdrawn her nomination. You got Joe Manchin, who says he's not going to stay in for the elimination of the filibuster under any circumstances in washington dc in the Senate. This causes all sorts of problems for the democrats plans, you get democrats here we are what five or six weeks into the Biden reign. And there already looking at trying to break the rules of the Senate, their own Senate to get things passed, which includes the increase in the minimum wage have talked about yesterday. With this COVID relief bill. It's not off to a stellar Star Wars. These are supposed to be the experts. These are supposed to be the people that have it all together. These are the ones that Donald J. Trump kept us from from following we're told this is the these are the ones that that knew best all along for president when President Donald Trump was in office and even before that, and of course now as well. But they don't look like they can walk and chew gum at the same time to me so they can still put it together. I'm not celebrating over this I find it somewhat comical at this point. We still got a long, long way to go. But if this is the way that this that this power is going to be
utilized in Washington, DC by the left I have a feeling they're gonna fall short of many of their expectations. But we can never ever, ever fall asleep on them. Never because they will use any and every means at their disposal, even if they've got to break the rules as we talked about yesterday. So quick timeout is in order. You're listening to conservative not bitter talk. I am America's realities are back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, talking about Ise with this behind the scenes during the break. This is something I saw. I think yesterday, it could have been the day before. I can't tell you how much this has entertained me. This is in psychology today. Written by Corey Clark. PhD. I don't know what her personal pronouns are. It looks here from the image that she is white, if that affects any of your perspective on what is about to be shared with you. Although I don't know how she identifies I just want to make sure I say that upfront. headline here are liberals really more egalitarian? subheadline recent studies I stinking love this beyond belief folks. Recent studies find conservatives treat others more equally than liberal. Oh, here's the bullet points in the takeaways. Recent experiments reveal that in some cases, it is liberals who tend to treat information and people more on equally on the basis of sex race, and group status. We'll no joke. I didn't need to do some in depth research to tell you this. And you didn't need it, either. But it's still interesting to find because normally what happens normally what happens is some intellectual and I don't know, Corey Clark, so I'm not this is not directed at her whatsoever. But is normally what happens is, the rest of us can see something as obvious as the noonday sun, some liberal researcher goes away into his basement or think tank or wherever coffee shop with a bunch of other liberals wherever they go. And they come up with a study research bunch of people probably in white coats. And they come up with research that says, hey, this what you see as obvious as the noonday sun really isn't true. And they'll give some explanation. They'll give some, you know, very verbose and just long winded explanation, that doesn't make any sense. But it's supposed to sound really intelligent, and you're supposed to think, oh, man, everything I thought was wrong. Right? I mean, this is how people feel guilty for their whiteness or whatever. You have a bunch of researchers come out and say how much just white, your whiteness is a problem. This is how these things get on LinkedIn study courses on how to basically cope with your whiteness. Lincoln, I guess has since taken down at least the most egregious online studies that they had posted on their platform, but these are the sorts of things that happen. Somebody with some credentials, PhD, Master of this, whatever comes out and says, Hey, this is this is what science This is what the science says. The science says x now. So this isn't this is actually telling us something we know and it is quite entertaining. She also the second bullet point here, kind of summarizing the article says this in a set of steps and a set of studies. Liberals wished to censor written passages that portrayed low status groups unfavorably more than identical passages that portrayed high status groups unfavorably whereas conservatives treated the passages more comparably. Again, not surprising, this does not necessarily mean that liberals are not egalitarianism what the summary says although I seriously doubt that it might be that liberals prioritize equality of outcomes. And there we go and view equal and view unequal treatment, at least for a time as a means of attaining equal outcomes. I want to speak to that for a moment. And I want to shift gears here, after the break to another story that I think demonstrates this or illustrates this quite well. But for people who say things like this, which which is okay, I believe in the equal this what this bullet point here is saying, I believe in the equal treatment of people. But for the meantime, since there's been such, you know, societal, evil or bad will, directed towards this particular group of people. Right, this is, again, this is how the left wants to look at the world, they want to look at everybody, as part of a group, that communism is the ultimate group, you don't have any rights as appeared as one cog in the wheel. See, for conservatives, for conservatives, I say, we are indeed We are a group of individual people. You are an individual person. Yes, of course, we are a we can be a group of people as Americans. But we are individuals who come together, we're not a group of people that are disposable. You know, the sum of people that one piece missing here, or there is no big deal. That's where really bad things happen. Throughout history. When people are no longer looked at as individuals, you are an individual with your own desires, dreams, passions, objectives, desires, whatever wishes, preferences. This is the way that I mean, we were all created different we have different interests, different ideas, different things that we we want to pursue in our lives. Different things that are on our list of priorities, some people don't have a list of priorities, whatever you're free to do, whatever, whatever you wish, and so far as it doesn't affect someone else's life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, that sort of thing. So liberals look at people the opposite, you're part of a group. First, a group has this identity, and you're just kind of one little piece, which is, by the way, if that's the way you look at it, the pieces quickly become disposable. Because it's the group identity that matters. And if one person's missing, people say, that's just the price you pay. And that just seems like a pretty heartless thing to me as a as a human being. But anyway, Anyway, I digress a little bit here. But what what they're saying here is that in order to in order to fix something that society or government or whoever did wrong, towards a group of people at one point, you have to overcorrect. Right, so the pendulum may have swung really far one direction, in order to get it back to to the center point, you got to swing it really far to the other direction. The problem is, then when you swing it too far, the other direction, you got to swing it back the other direction, right. And so you're constantly interfering and things and you're constantly you're never doing exactly the right thing. Because the thinking is, in order to do to have the right outcome, I have to push it further. We talked a little bit about this yesterday. It's why the left moves further left, they want to move the ideology to the left, they know that it's never going to be as far left as their positions, but it'll move somewhat proportionally to some degree to the direction they move left. So they'll go completely off off the hinges to the left, because it'll pull some establishment Republicans and public opinion overall to further to the left, same sort of thing here. If you overcorrect, you're gonna have problems in the other direction. Instead of saying, look, let's just treat everybody like people. Let's just treat everyone like a human being. Let's treat people as an individual. Let's for a moment and this is me talking. Let's for a moment stop thinking about everybody as part of a group. If someone has had an injustice done to them, then justice should be served. But you can't just the amount of the amount of things that they the government says it can fix in the name of injustices to a group of people. In many instances. Biden, by the way, Biden's administration, there was an advisor that came out and said they've already begun the process of looking into reparations, even without congressional support. reparations, we're talking about reparations for effectively slavery, for people that are being paid for by people who never had a slave never One at a slave never talked about any of those things. People because of their race, because they belong to a certain other group are going to have to compensate people who won't be popular as well, but who also were not ever slaves. But because of the and I'm not saying there's no consequences of these things. But reparations, by the way, if you want to do something in this nation, that is that totally. That totally destroys any hope of reconciling groups of people make one group give money to the other group, by force of law or by an edict made my by President Joe Biden. That's gonna go over Well, anyway, but this is what they This is how they view things. Well, we're here to make things everything everything right and fair. And Justin, in order to get to the justice, we've got to go past the point of fairness we have to overcorrect to create that, you know, to end up where we really want to be, instead of just doing the right thing. Instead of just treating people as individuals, instead of pitting one group of people against another, why can't we just and I know the answer to this. But for those of you who are rational, who do this already amongst yourselves on a daily basis, why can't we just treat people the way that they should be treated as individuals, instead of coming up with some sort of a scheme to create or to correct this, this larger, this larger issue of injustice done to some particular group by some other group, and then you know, make one group pay for the other or whatever the case may be? headline here in the Psychology Today article says, recent studies find conservatives treat others more equally than liberals. Take a quick timeout when we get back I want to share an example of this. An example of this that I've, again, the craziness is again, just sometimes in measurable here, quick timeout, come back and discuss that you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. By the way, that program here is brought to you in part by our friends by our friends at Indiana wooded paradise Indiana paradise retreat is the website again Indiana paradise retreat is the website about one hour south of Indy 3030 minutes north of Bloomington nestled into 150 wooded acres with hiking fishing. Very large lake house 11,400 square feet theater game room all sorts of amenities there. And you can take you can have you can have retreats or use this property. Again, it's Indiana wooded paradise visit them at Indiana paradise So, started a hint last segment is something else I wanted to share with you today. We just last last segment talked about the psychology to take today article saying that conservatives, according to studies, according to science, you could say Science, Science proves that conservatives treat people more equally than liberals, which this has entertained me to no end. But of course, it's something that we know but to see it, to see it written in a in a scientific journal is something altogether different for me. Anyway, there is a situation that has developed, pulling up the article here. Do you remember the there was a poet, a poet who spoke at Biden's inauguration and let me find this thing and get too many things pulled up. Here's my problem. But there was a poet who spoke. Here we go at Biden's inauguration. Her name is Amanda Gorman. She's 22 young black lady, she spoke she she wrote a poem and she spoke that poem at the inauguration for those of you who may have who may have watched it, I did see it again, she's 22 Amanda Gorman so oh my goodness. So they're translating these poems in a different languages. And there is a an individual and I don't even know if I'm going to try to pronounce the name because it's Dutch and not not know that I can pull this off but the Dutch translator who is in the taking Amanda Gorman's work, by the way, according to this article here in the New York Post, this translator was personally chosen by Gorman herself personally chosen by the 22 year old black poet to translate her work her works. In the collection called the hill we climb to two Dutch. So she personally chose this particular translator. But that choice writes the New York posts sparked intense outrage with journalists with journalists and activists, Janice dual de ul, writing in Volkskrant that the translator should be a spoken word artist, young, female and unapologetically black. So apparently, just like Joe Biden doesn't think you're black. If you vote for if you vote for Trump instead of him. Apparently, this journalist and activist doesn't think I guess doesn't think that Gorman I mean, she's questioning the choices of who she wants to translate her work, saying that the person who translates it needs to be a spoken word artists themselves. I mean, this is really narrowing down your options. You have to know Dutch, which I mean that. Look, Dutch isn't one of the most highly spoken languages on the planet. So you have to know Dutch. You have to be a spoken word artist. You have to be young, whatever that means. I don't know. Janice duel has not giving us an age range. I don't know if that's just in your 20s what what does that mean? We need to we need to consult Janice over this female Now does that mean female biologically does that mean female by you know, how they identify what does that mean? That's a fair question in today's world and unapologetically black, unapologetically black. What if they're black? And I mean, and have they had what makes them unapologetically black? How many things have they had? I mean, what is Janice the soul? I guess, decision maker in this process. Anyway, long story short, the Dutch translator pulls out after this uproar. She pulled out he's not going to do it. Again, I just she says this, she wrote this, I am shocked by the uproar. You shouldn't be Dutch translator surrounding my involvement in the spread of Amanda Gorman's message. And I understand the people who feel hurt by this, basically, so just let this sink in. If you are white, you can't even help translate poems that are supposed to further the message of this particular black poet, you can't do that. That sound equal to you. Doesn't mean there's the left that sounds perfectly legitimate and rational. Telling you folks, you will never satisfy this bunch of ultra leftists they are insatiable. They will never be happy. They always want more power, more capitulation, more. Apologies more control more of your money. It never ends. It truly never ends. And this is when they are in. They are in control. They are in control. This is how they're behaving. I don't think this is off to a good start. Actually, I know it's not a little bit comical to watch, but still terrifying because they had the reins of power. quick timeout. You're listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Tada. back here in just a just a minute.

Welcome back. There's one other thing I wanted to touch on today. And I just I just wanted to throw this out there. And I know you've probably thought about this yourself already. But I just I wanted to put this into words, as we're looking at. I want to talk about the COVID legislation about you know, we were on to what COVID relief bill number I jokingly say 612 or whatever, but there's gonna be probably multiple more. This is now we've now set a precedent, right. We set a precedent. And you know, there's been multiple checks to the American people. I will say, you know, This This concept is not a it's not a good one. But of all the things that have ever happened, being forced by government not to be able to engage in commerce seems to be the most excusable measure that would have preceded a check going out. And if they tell you cannot work, or you know, you can't open your business, the strongest case for them to be made for them to actually provide something in lieu of that seems to be most reasonable. Still not a good precedent. I'm not arguing in favor of it. I'm simply saying, if you look at these things by degrees, this is the one that seems to be something that's easiest to wrap our heads around. But nonetheless, what I'm afraid of what I'm afraid of here is that this process where the government sends you money, since you general you, you money, the American people money, it creates in the minds of people that wealth and our sustenance comes from comes from government, getting people to assume that income comes from government when it's actually exactly the opposite. The reason government has money, folks, is because people in this nation, risk takers, hard workers, entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals have created, you know, blue, blue collar white collar people have created wealth, meaning that they have created things of value. And wealth was the result, money represents the increased value that is supposedly that has been created. Now in today's world government is printed, but that's a whole nother thing. But in theory, you know that money is the physical representation of wealth that has been created of making things better than they were before your human hand touched it. And so government gets their money whenever we have more wealth than is needed to survive and they can actually take taxes that's where they get their money from. But some people this this mentality, this mentality of looking to the government for money, concerns me because people might begin to think it's some dude that government car money comes from government, not the other way around. quick timeout back here in just a minute.

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