President Biden Holds First Primetime Address | March 12, 2021

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff
Biden finally speaks. Of course, he's using a teleprompter. But I guess it's as close as we're gonna get and maybe as close as we want to get. Anyway, we'll talk about that. Welcome to the program. I am your host, Todd Huff. Our email Todd, The Todd Huff That's how you can rejoice truly, you can also find us on social media so long as we're allowed to be there. tide of show is the account name for those platforms. And we're Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blah, blah, blah. I say that because who knows where where they're gonna put where they're gonna take us down Next, I just put an ellipses there and we've already got the warning label from our the warning from YouTube. So who knows? Best way to stay in touch is either download the podcast or to sign up for our email newsletter, tata, slash subscribe. So anyway, I want to start here with some sound bites from Biden. You know, it's just remarkable to me, it's as though one of the things I marvel at is how the Democrats, the media, Biden, the left whatever this group, you know who it is the group that is at war with America as founded the group that does not like that doesn't like the foundational principles upon which this great nation was established and built. It's amazing to me how they're able to get away with literally redefining what happened, what we all just experienced. And that's at least what part of this was about. Part of this speech was about, of course, blaming Trump, this is what the left does. does best. They did it with Obama, in 2008. And even in 2012, they had blamed Bush, I'm sure bush is still responsible for something. problem is I don't know how many of their millennial voters even though there was a president named George W. Bush. Anyway. I'm kidding. Millennials Take it easy. Not exactly kidding. But I am kidding, still. But this is an amazing ability they have have, quite frankly, telling us things that aren't accurate, aren't true that we all experienced, but yet, before our very eyes can, can get away with saying ridiculous things because they've got political cover. In the media. I wonder, by the way, as I say that how many fact checkers have fact checked, Biden's speech. When Trump would speak they're almost real time fact checkers. Up. He said the most impressive recovery, this is technically the third greatest drain, you know, that sort of stuff. Not understanding hyperbole or how to communicate. I don't know just that. That's the other thing too, is Biden. And this was definitely not a pep talk. This was not a pep talk, as Trump's, you know, Trump would be optimistic and all this sort of stuff. And I don't want to I don't want to be fair here. It wasn't all doom and gloom from some of these things that you'll you'll hear this morning. But it is in another sense it is doom and gloom. Because underlying all this is the need for the government to step in and to save us effectively from ourselves or at least from from President Trump. So I want to play a couple of these sound bites. Here's Biden. Again, starting off by blaming, blaming President Trump as the left does, they blame their predecessors incessantly. He doesn't do it by name here but I mean, obviously when it what's going on, but this is Biden kicking off this speech last night with the help of a teleprompter. They're not letting this guy I mean, we're over 50 days in this guy's not been in front of a of the media without the teleprompter which is the this is the only time he has been in front of media or cameras, so to speak. And But they're not gonna let him out there without something to something that they've written for him to say. And they're not even excited about that. Or they would have done this, they would have done this sooner. Anyway, here's Biden talking about the previous administration and how they effectively Have a guess caused and created this crisis.
Good evening, my fellow Americans to light I like to talk to you about where we are, as we mark one year, since everything stopped
to say to light. I play that I didn't catch that the when I listen to this earlier, he say to light instead of tonight, listen some of that again.
Good evening, my fellow Americans to light. I'd like to talk to you about where we are. It's not tonight, as we mark one year, since everything stopped because of this pandemic. A year ago, were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked, denials for days, weeks and months. That led to more deaths, more infections, more stress, and more loneliness, photos and videos from 2019. feel like they were taken in another era. The last vacation last birthday with friends. Last holiday with extended family quite inspirational, although is different for everyone. We all lost something, a collective suffering, a collective sacrifice, a year filled with the loss of life, and the loss of living for all of us. But in the loss, we saw how much there was to gain.
I cache lines like that. And the loss, we saw how much there was to gain. Blaming Trump, of course, which we know this is, again, what they're going to do. Remember though, I again, this is why you live through this. And I know you remember this I'm these comments are really directed at people who are asleep at the wheel who don't pay any attention to this stuff. But remember, when Trump did things like I don't know, shut down, travel with China, as Trump would say, China, not going in and out of China, because it's the China virus. Remember that? Trump shut it down. And Biden, if you remember, Biden didn't come on board with being in favor of shutting down, travel with China until much later. In fact, if we had waited, if we had waited to take Biden's lead on that, by his own definition here, we would have been living in denial for days, weeks, months, and so forth that led to more death. So I guess Biden, by his own admission, would have been in favor of policies that would have led that would have led to more deaths. I still want to know what they think. What should we have had zero Coronavirus infections in this country is that what we should have had is the is the image here, or the argument that we would have had zero cases of Coronavirus if Biden or if Hillary were president of the United States at the time that this that this kicked off, this started to spread. You know, you could actually make the case, if you didn't have people in positions of power in the world. Actually, there's no case to be made. This is factually accurate, that if you didn't have people running a country like China that candidly controlled information controlled the media lied, covered up secretive in their dealings, because they don't have true freedom of the press. They have absolute power. They don't need to cooperate with anyone as far as far as to what they tell them and so forth. You can actually make the case because of that, because of that mentality. This problem SWAT out of control in China, as Trump would say, and that is the reason that it spread. It wasn't because of other leaders around the world. Certainly there were steps that could have been taken. In fact, I would say that those steps were taken. We know more about COVID-19 and the Coronavirus in March of 2021. Then we had any idea about in March of 2020. Folks I remember high remember reading articles. You know remember people want wiping down their groceries. Remember Fauci telling us not to wear a mask. Now we're supposed to wear two masks. Remember, I I remember reading articles I told my wife this the other day she didn't believe me that this was true because I don't think we I don't think I mentioned this at the time I thought about mentioning it on this program. But there were articles that had questions is Cova is the Coronavirus spread through basically passing gas. I mean, these are the sorts of the folks had. We've learned so much as the point about about Coronavirus. And we've had time to do that. The folks were worried about, you know, all sorts of ways of transmitting, or I guess getting the disease, getting the virus. And now they we've learned, we didn't have all that information is one of the lines, one of the soundbite I want to play here from Biden's speech, which is quite apply. As I was playing that I realized how depressing and I understand, you know, that they want to look, you know, this, you have to deal with this delicately, because there has been a loss of life. But we also need a leader to bring us to to push past this to get us back to normal.
And to relinquish some of the government's powers that had been taken here by force. The problem is that's not necessarily what the Democrat Party definitely not what the radical left wants. Anyway, I want to share this too. This is Biden. Talking about not only have we lost, we've lost kind of faith in a lot of things. But we've lost faith in Oh, my goodness, the government's ability to fix our problems. Play the soundbite. And then I'm going to take a break. But listen to this. This is Biden again. Going through some of the costs of this virus, this is a little maybe about a 92nd. Clip, here you go.
I'll close with this. We've lost so much over the last year. We've lost family and friends. We've lost businesses in dreams we spent years building. We've lost time, time with each other. And our children have lost so much time with their friends, time with their schools, no graduation ceremonies this spring. No graduations from college, high school, moving up ceremonies. You know, there's something else we lost. We lost faith in whether our government and our democracy can deliver on really hard things for the American people. But as I stand here tonight, we're proving once again, something I've said time and time again, probably tired of hearing me say I said to foreign leaders and domestic like it's never, ever a good bet, to bet against the American people. America is coming back. The development manufacturing distribution of vaccines in record time is a true miracle of science and
Trump. It's one of the most extraordinary achievements any country has ever accomplished with praise for Trump here. We also just saw the perseverance rover land on Mars. stunning images of our dreams that are now reality. Another example of the extraordinary American ingenuity, commitment and belief in science and one another. And today, I signed in the law the American rescue. Yeah, so I passed the sign that yesterday. Fact Jen Psaki said, Americans can expect money in their accounts even as early as this weekend. But we lost faith in whether our government and our democracy can deliver on really hard things for the American people. First, I don't know about you, but I've not had much hope that the government could do any thing. Back Reagan said the most dangerous words, the nine most dangerous words that you could hear are, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help but didn't lose that confidence. See, the narrative is Americans had all this faith in their government and faith in their leaders and our democracy was working just fine. And then suddenly, this guy named Donald J. Trump came along and ruined all that. And now look at the consequences. We have Coronavirus and COVID-19. That's ravaged this nation. Businesses have been shut down. I love how government acts like they had nothing to do with that whatsoever. Just talking about these things as though their policies had no impact. And now he's saying that we lost faith in our government because of Trump writing. That's the implied message here. President Trump caused us to lose faith in our government. It's a sad thing, but now I'm here. He doesn't say that but he does. I'm here to fix this. You shouldn't bet against the American people. I agree with that. He shouldn't bet against the American people. But what that has to do with government is literally zero. I don't want to bet against the freedom, the power that the freedom has for the American people. The prosperity that causes the ingenuity that leads to those things are the things that I wouldn't bet against the American people on you give them freedom and choice and opportunity, and get out of their way great things will happen. You insert yourself as the federal government, you try to solve all of our problems, you take our money, our resources, our freedom, our liberties, our choice, that's not betting against the American people. That's not a vote, I guess for the American people that instead is a vote for the federal government, you will not hear me or anyone who understands true freedom and liberty, saying that that's the same thing as voting in favor or standing in support of what the American people can accomplish. Anyway, timeout is an order here. Next segments going to be short, because the third segment, I'm going to share our monthly conversation with Matt Lamb of the college fix who comes on this program to tell us what's going on with all things in education, and in on college campuses, and some of the crazy stuff we deal with there. But a timeout is an order. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in a minute.
The message of last night's speech was that the democrats are back in charge. Everything is fine. They will fix the problems that have been created by President Trump that's effectively that's in a nutshell. The adults they want you to believe we're back in charge. Except for that is not true. In fact, if you look at where Democrats are running the show, Gavin Newsome there's a recall effort for him which looks to be you know, he's looked like he's going to be on the path for a recall vote. Who knows the results of that, but that's not as a simple task to accomplish. We've got Governor Cuomo, my goodness a year ago, this guy was heralded as the greatest thing ever, and he was single handedly responsible for saving and navigating New York to the Coronavirus now, we got what I think even the Blasio he's up here on the screen now. I think he's calling for the resignation of Cuomo, Democratic Congress, men and women in New York are calling for either his resignation or impeachment. Cuomo doesn't seem to act like he's done anything wrong. Of course, this is mostly about how he's treated women, which is, you know, it's thing, another thing altogether, but talking about COVID here, he also it's as though the COVID stuff has gotten overshadowed by these accusers, which again, I'm not minimizing Please don't misunderstand. But making decisions that lead to the deaths of people in your state, and then covering those up is atrocious, it's, I mean, is it not the worst thing that a political leader politician can do? Anyway, I want to, I want to really quickly say this, you know what, I saw this. I saw this on Fox this morning. And this is this is just one tiny, tiny example. But I find this very humorous. This is kind of in a nutshell, what government has always, always done. Right? The government tells us it's going to do stuff and then it's not Trump that I guess caused this to come upon the American people. It's just the nature of government. One of Biden's one of Biden's aides was talking to immigrants. And dealing with the border Biden advisor botches or Spanish took me a second to find this article here mistakenly tells migrants border is not closed. So the whole point, I love this, this to me encapsulates the how government really just cannot do the most basic of things her single Miss admission here. And she she is Roberta Jacobson. She tries to speak to the to the immigrant crowd and she thinks she'll break out her Spanish and instead of telling them the border is closed, which is la frontera estado. Rather, she says, laugh wrote a la frontera no a star sarada, which means the border is not, is not open, or should be the border is not closed. She tells them the border is not closed, she quickly corrects herself. And I guess even the way Fox writes about this, it says it's a slip of the tongue, which I'm not saying it's not a slip of the tongue. To me, it's just a microcosm. This is what happens. This is why one of the reasons why government should be doing things strictly that it's assigned to do. It shouldn't be over,
you know, making huge having control over our lives. And I think what government should do and what government is doing, I think those two things are so different. If we had a government that was doing strictly the things that was set up to do by our founders, we would not recognize this country, one iota, we really wouldn't, in a good way. Who knows how many more achievements and developments and prosperity and liberty we would have if we didn't have the government and the why nots a tiny example. But the point is, that's always existed, right? We've always said government out there doing things or trying to do things making problems worse most of the time. And it's not because Trump was our president. And Biden certainly not going to fix that. Look at look at what's happened in seven weeks. We talked about this earlier this week, we got a crisis on the border, we got gas prices shooting up. We've got we're spending like, there's no tomorrow. We're bombing Syria. We're I mean, it's it's unbelievable what we've, the amount of things that have happened here, in this short period of time, but I gotta take a timeout. When we come back, I want to play my conversation. my interview with Matt Lamb of the college fix, he always comes here tells us what's going on on college campuses in the world of education, enlightening us to some of the things maybe we didn't know about. Sometimes he just adds more context to some of the things we've already talked about. But it's always a pleasure to speak with him. I'll share that when we get back sit tight back here in just a minute.

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We'd like to welcome back to the program a friend of this show Matt Lam, assistant editor of the college fix, we go through things on a on a monthly basis. Now that's happening in the world of education on college campuses and so forth, Matt, it's always good to have you. How are you, sir?
Good, good. Thanks for having me.
Well, it's our pleasure. And, you know, you've always I guess, enlighten us to some of the things that are that are happening out there. And some of the things we talked about on the program as well. But there's been some things that you add some depth to. And you've also revealed that we hadn't talked about on this program before. But I want to look at one of these articles that recently posted on your website, entitled top digital journalism professor at Columbia calls for center censorship of conservative media. Tell us a little bit about what's going on here. And help us understand the depth and the magnitude of really what they're trying to do to silence alternative viewpoints.
Sure. So there are several congressmen Congresswoman who held a hearing about, you know, misinformation, the right wing media ecosystem, and they actually sent letters to different streaming companies, cable provider like at&t, Comcast dish, etc. And they, you know, asked like, what are you doing to stop misinformation? So, of course, there isn't a clear law yet, but it's sort of a, you know, it's kind of implied that they're from the government and that they don't, you know, take down provider or sorry, companies like Newsmax one American news network, Fox News, that they could face further regulation. And actually, Emily bow, who's a professor of journalism at Columbia University, said that she testify there. She says she support, you know, targeting, quote, misinformation, about things like the election and COVID-19 which is really troubling that a journalism professor is targeting. The media kind of reminds you of that professor at Mizzou a couple years ago who asked about bringing over some muscle to remove a student journalists who's reporting on the protests there.
Yeah, it's it's remarkable you got a professor number one journalism professor. Secondly, you got Columbia University. I mean, we're looking at kind of the, I guess the belly of the beast as far as as liberalism is concerned here and there. They're literally sending out letters as you pointed out to say, what are you doing to silence? misinformation? That's that's the term right misinformation, which I mean, you've you studied and you're in this world of journalism, I guess, for the listener. I mean, a journalist should be interested in trying to present people say both sides but present the the argument or the debate or what have you the story from to or from from multiple viewpoints without inserting him or herself into the story and what what is actually meant by misinformation? And it sounds like a good thing to prevent, but what is I mean, what's the term? Yeah, how do we define this? What is what does that even mean?
So, you know, it definitely means viewpoints that are more likely to be taken up by conservatives about voter fraud, election irregularities. And of course, those are often lumped together that if you question, Pennsylvania's, you know, vote counting, that's lumped in with you believe Joe Biden is not the president. And there's obviously a lot more nuanced. What's actually interesting is one of the things involved in the letter is misinformation around the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. What's interesting about this is actually the New York Times which I'm sure is more well read among the Columbia Journalism department. Maybe then Fox News, actually misreported information, they claim that a Capitol Hill officer was tragically killed, being struck by her. And now that's come out that it was more likely due to due to a stroke. And of course, it's tragic no matter what. But it kind of goes to show that, you know, journalists have tried to find the facts, as best as we know them at the time, and then continually pursue the truth. We're going to be finding out things about what happened on January 6, two years from now, five years from now, it's a maybe it's a bit of an exaggeration. So, you know, what's misinformation? We know most likely be things that liberals don't like, and it won't be media Miss reporting from the New York Times or Politico? Well, it's interesting, you know, I have people say things about, about me, you can't do something like this without getting I don't want to make this about me. But it happens to anybody, even people listening to my, my voice. I mean, we have people that make accusations against us that are not, that are not true. You One could say it's misinformation. The my natural inclination, if I decide to address it, is to explain how it's incorrect and wrong. I don't say, oh, my goodness, you know, don't let them be able to say what they think I'm really getting it. I mean, this is a dangerous way to how do we have the free exchange of ideas when there's this sort of pressure being put on journalists or those that actually want to be fair, or these outlets even more? So? I mean, they don't want to, they don't have their licenses revoked, or they don't want to be slammed with some fine or penalty or some lawsuit. So this is heading in a really dangerous direction.
Well, it's actually interesting. Just one last point is that for all the talk about how, you know, former President Trump targeted the media, it's actually a common thing that we see when democrats come into office. Some of your listeners may remember about 10 years ago, and President Obama was in office, he had suggested sending Federal Communication commission staffers, these are the people who oversee cable and radio, different standards, for example, into newsrooms to see how they were actively covering issues. I think it was labeled. So the you know, the attacks on the media actually aren't just from, from Donald Trump, and maybe, you know, Republicans, it actually comes a lot under Democratic administrations and democratic controlled Congress, as we can see, pretty clearly right.
And there's a difference to Matt, like when Trump would say fake news. I mean, that is not an assault on the first amendment that this on the first amendment would be if Trump said, and I'm not saying you're saying this, it just making me think these these line of thoughts, but Trump didn't say they couldn't say what they were saying he didn't threaten to shut him down. He didn't threaten to, you know, in increased bureaucratic pressure to make things more difficult. He's just challenging the notions of the things that they're saying. And as I've said, on this program, put your big boy and big girl pants on and actually explain why Trump's wrong because Trump's not all He's right, right. So explain why he's wrong. And they don't want to do that. In fact, they prefer in truly silencing the other side, which is a terrifying place to live. And it's not just the world of media. But you have another story here, we have a couple minutes to get to. But another story I wanted to at least touch on here, new teacher standards are dangerous for pro life teachers and students. And activists warn. So this is something that you actually wrote. So what is really quickly kind of paint the picture as to what's going on and why we should be concerned about this too.
Oh, Illinois, updated its teacher certification standards. And there's a committee in the state that oversees different regulation of occupations and approves new regulations. And part of these standards to be an approved Teacher Certification Program, which means basically, if you want to be a certified teacher, in the state, is that you have to embrace you know, diversity, equity, consider your students experiences, none of those things particularly are particularly you know, bad in terms of understanding students learn differently and have different backgrounds. But the first draft, the first draft of the the first draft of the standards, actually said that teachers should be prepared to embrace to, quote, embrace progressive viewpoints. Fantastic. So we know that they were, you know, they had a now they said, The Quiet, quiet part out loud the first time. And then due to backlash, they tried to tone it down. But this will basically just open up the door for teachers to justify a variety of assignments, promoting different leftist causes. And if you have standards that, and this is the, the the technique in the strategy, whether it's in media, or whether it's in education is to say, Hey, you know, you you've embraced these principles that sound good on paper. But when you take the next step and look at how they want to apply them, that often means that you have to silence viewpoints that maybe someone in the classroom finds offensive, which could be a pro life stance or a pro Second Amendment stance, or whatever the case may be. And suddenly, there's no representation. And you know, you can't you can't say those ideas on Hulu, because the government's pressuring them or, you know, whatever, satellite carrier, you can't say him on your podcast, because Apple podcast has taken your podcast down, you can't say him on YouTube or Facebook, you can't say him in the classroom. And suddenly they've got a one party rule. And everyone's adapted the ideology of the left, because that's the only thing that we can even talk about and hear about is that I mean, this is one tiny, you know, cog in the wheel. But it's it's that's the overarching, I guess, intention, is it not?
I mean, it certainly opens the door to that. Just one more quick point, you know, it says something about view history, teach through the lens of systemic racism and address it. Well, if I'm a liberal teacher, and I want to shut up someone's viewpoint, I just have to slap the systemic racism label on it. So the student who says, you know, I'm pro life, I oppose abortion, all I have to do as a teacher, which I'm now empowered partially to do through these different standards is say, well, that actually, is racism because of XYZ because you know, whatever reason their argument would be why minorities are more likely to have abortions or need a quote unquote, need abortions course, no one needs an abortion. So it gives them cover, I would say, to to silence conservative viewpoints. Well, man, I appreciate the work that you do. It's always good to have you on here. folks want to read more about these or other things that you and your team are producing on a regular basis work and they find that Yeah, the college fix comm is the, you know, quickest way to get to subscribe to our newsletter so we can reach you we do have Facebook and Twitter. So follow along for now, but of course, you know, we've already been flagged with a couple of Facebook, back checks that aren't real fat check. So cosrx comm book market, visit us, you know, every morning, 1520 minutes to get caught up with higher ed news. Well, Matt,
we appreciate it. We'll talk again here soon, sir.
Thanks for having me. No problem.
Thanks, Matt.

Welcome back. By the way, this program is brought to you in part, excuse me by our friends at AIA, AIA in Avon Avon insurance associates. cite AIA the number four AIA for low Rick and his team can help with your insurance needs, whether they be business or personal. Check them out, give them a call 317-718-1747 or visit their website, AIA the number four low rates, that com got an email. I've never write these, again, the way that we try to redefine history even a short window like you know what we're marking the one year mark. I'm watching now as moms reflect on the pandemic on Fox News moms. Guess dads don't have anything to reflect as tough assets because dads don't take care of the kids. She was kidding, take it easy. But anyway, I get this email during the break from the New York Times. And it says this hope as a public health tool, the first line of this and this is reflecting on COVID and so forth. But the first line of this piece in The New York Times says this, the early Coronavirus mistakes are mostly mistakes of excessive optimism. Do what folks? Remember this day last year, whatever it was, if it was the 13th I think eyes told me it was Friday the 13th. Last year that basically everything came to a screeching halt and so forth. Excessive optimism is that the is this the analysis The New York Times and I'm not look, I'm not diminishing what we've been through. I'm not, you know, minimizing any of the suffering or the sickness or the death? I'm not. But I'm saying we a lot of the problems that we created where because not because of excessive optimism. I think you can actually make the case it was because of excessive panic and negative you know, negative thinking. Right? I mean, we literally I listened to this, this whole vaccine and this the talk now of now what the government's gonna let you do, we're gonna let you have people in your house and people are cheering. A doctor wrote a prescription jokingly I mean with I mean, that is a joke, but gave it to a grandma that said you can hug your child now. or grandchild now. Excessive optimism, that's optimism to the New York Times I guess. Not to me, but I'm gonna take a break. Be back here in just a minute.
I just can't get over that people think that our major problem with COVID was over an excessive amount of optimism over optimism rights. David Leonard from the New York Times over optimism is that even pessimism is the nature is the natural inclination of most people. pessimism, schools are closed there. He's talking here in this article about restaurants being people being over optimistic and opening them to mass mandates dropping. Look at the panic this destroyed lives and businesses and financial resources and so forth. I gotta go. Have a great weekend. sddc Monday, take care.