Democrats Ushering in Chaos | March 15, 2021

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
Well, that is right. You are listening to the humble conservative, not bitter talk. And yes, I am your host, Todd Huff. hope you had a great weekend, my friends, email, Todd at The Todd Huff can watch the show on our websites on currently on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well, The Todd Huff Show being the count name on all those platforms. And always you can download the podcast for free on Apple podcasts or anywhere else that you might get your podcast and I again, welcome you to the show today. Okay, so we have the realities, I guess, of what we have elected are setting in. In this reality reality, I guess is setting in we've got an absolute unmitigated disaster on the border, which Trump is being blamed for. We have a president who will not take questions from the media. And Joseph are Biden. In fact, he has he he has taken longer to take questions from the media than any president in the past 100 years, my friends the past 100 years, I guess you could say Biden is a one and a 100 year president, but not in a good way. It's like when there's a flood and they say it's 100 year flood. We currently have a 100 year presidency, one and a 100 year sort of presidency here happening before our very eyes. We've got apprehensions on the border hitting a 15 year high. We've got Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen saying that tax increases are coming. So buckle up. For surprisingly, it turns out, it turns out you cannot have an endless supply of giveaways and so forth and expenses. And not not ever recovered the cost of that. And of course, I mean, we've got we've got the store to the state of Oregon, considering reparations payments of $123,000. I don't know why they pick that number. But that's that's where we are. We it is. I mean, we've got Nancy Pelosi trying to steal an election. We followed this at all, I'll start with this, Nancy Pelosi.
She is going to begin a process whereby the House of Representatives is going to look at whether or not it overturns an election, a duly held election in the state of Iowa. The Republican candidate won that race by six votes, six, one less than George can stay in seven, but the candidate was elected in in Iowa was a Republican. There was a recount. There was a recount. The state certified the election. So all I can conclude here is that Nancy Pelosi is trying to stage a coup and to overthrow our democracy. That's how this works. Right. I mean, if you mentioned the words election integrity, if you mentioned the phrase, voter fraud, if you want to mention your concerns about some of the things that you saw during the 2020 presidential returns, if you have concerns about the 1000s of affidavits, alleging all sorts of wrongdoing and corruption in different states, you will be censored, you will be silenced, you will be threatened, you will be called an insurrectionist. You will be basically thrown into the same category, you will be considered less as just as one of those idiots who stormed the Capitol on January 6, they will say that you are part of that insurrection that you are trying to stage a coup and to overthrow democracy as we know it in the United States of America. You need to be in prisoned you're a treasonous I've seen. I've seen comments like this from idiots on social media, idiots elsewhere as well. But Nancy Pelosi is quite literally trying to overthrow an election here. She's at war with our democracy. This of course is not how they talk about it in the media. What happens with Democrats. In fact, she was being interviewed this weekend by George Stephanopoulos. I didn't hear him mention one thing about that. I don't think he threatened her or said that she was a threat to our free society. Actually, I know he didn't. He didn't say what you're doing is dangerous. He had a conversation about what her plans were and how she was going to basically carry out this this process. And but she's trying to steal an election. But that's okay. If you're a Democrat, period, Democrats say okay, if you're republican on the other hand, and you mentioned any concern whatsoever about anything that you saw in November, you are again, a traitor and insurrectionist A treasonous This is Nancy Pelosi having an exchange here. ABC this week yesterday with George Stephanopoulos. I cue that bad boy, give me a second here. It is queuing up now. And here we go
bring around I was second congressional district the GOP congressman Margie Miller weeks want to raise your close election six votes. The votes were counted recounted certified by the state. But the house Administration Committee began a process this week that could lead to unseating the Congresswoman, and as Republicans accusing you of hypocrisy, including Jim Jordan, he put out this tweet Speaker Pelosi says she's open unseating republican Carlos winter Miller Meeks translation, you're only allowed to object to an election, if you're a Democrat. Why investigate an election that was certified by the state? Well, it was six votes, it was six votes. And the candidate read a heart of the Democratic candidate asked for this process to begin, what the committee did the house Administration Committee was very narrow to take the process to the next step and see where it goes from there, as unluckiest of six votes out of 400,000 votes cast. This is not unique. This has happened maybe even when you were in the Capitol before when braces have been close one side or the other saying, let's let's take it to the house, because even Justice Scalia agree that the house has the authority to seat members, and therefore we can count the votes, six votes out of 400.
Yeah, six votes out of 400,000. I cut off there. So there you go. Six, if there's six votes out of 400,000, Nancy Pelosi says that you can steal an election. I mean, that's Look, I'm just telling you how this would be reported. If this was on the other side. Right. In fact, it has been reported like this. It has been reported like this on a consistent basis. Since November. If you ask a question about election results, if you raise concerns about pristine ballots, or people who said it looks like ballots were filled out uniformly ballots that came in through questionable measures ballots that I didn't see earlier. You're not allowed. You're not even allowed to mention that. In fact, by mentioning that that very thing, it's very possible that YouTube will take me down. I'm simply I'm not saying it happened definitively. I'm saying people signed affidavits making these allegations. Now they could be lying. And folks, if they're lying and they sign an affidavit, then there should be consequences for that you can't go around lying to the courts, but they may be telling the truth. There's a novel concept. Just like almost accusers, they might might be telling the truth. Right. They may not be I don't know. I mean, look, there's there's instances where things have been. I don't know where there's been examples of people that have lied about allegations. And there's examples where the allegations are absolutely true. It turns out that context matters and the specific charges levied at a particular point in time against whether an individual or our system of our voting system and the people making decisions. They're those details turned out to matter. So but you're not allowed to even raise those concerns or questions. You're not allowed to do that. You're not allowed to talk about your concern of legislator or shoot me of governors, and secretaries of state or whomever else that arbitrarily change election rules because of COVID. Right? There's not, you're not allowed to do that, because they got the result that they want to now, Nancy Pelosi, this says, hey, there's six votes. I mean, heck, they can come up with six votes. That's, that's no problem at all. Is there any doubt in your mind if they begin to look at this, that the democrat is gonna win? Is there any doubt in your mind that this election will be taken and stolen? From the republican? Is there any doubt in your mind that that is going to, to be the case? They need as many votes as they possibly can? I mean, there are I'm telling you, there are debates within Democratic Caucus, the Democratic caucus in the house and, and together where they are literally having these discussions that say, look, we have one chance at this, we have one chance we are on the verge of get HR one out there that would basically make it impossible for Republicans to ever engage in fair elections, again, we can become a permanent majority. We've got our wish list that is growing by the second, we've got all these utopian promises. We've got a border crisis where we can basically make as many people as we want to be American citizens. Illegal immigrants can become American citizens in the blink of an eye if we get if we just all get on this this same side and push the same direction. If we get rid of the filibuster, Joe Manchin and all inserts assert some pressure on Joe Manson there. But they see the they see the finish line here. They see the finish line and they gotta steal elections in Iowa. They've got to, you know, make the allow these facilities along the southern border to be over capacity by 700. I think I saw 743% over capacity. Can you imagine the photoshoot AOC would have done if Trump's facilities were 743%. Above capacity, not only would she say children are being crammed, put in cages will be crammed in cages.
Stories are saying that showrunner that had been detained along the southern border are taking turns laying down on the floor and sleeping because there's not enough room in the facility. They're hungry. All sorts of things happening in this Nancy Pelosi says In the same interview with George Stephanopoulos is, of course, Trump's fault. It is Trump's fault. Everything is Trump's fault, just as everything was George W. Bush's fault, the entire term of President Barack Obama or if you prefer the first term of the Oh Biden, Obama administration, chaos ensues when we elect Democrats to run this country. And I know that listening to my voice right now, there are a lot of rank and file democrats that are not responsible for this. You might have voted democrat because you couldn't bring yourself to vote for Trump. But you don't agree with this radical stuff. Let me invite you and I'm Look, I'm saying this as one that does not truly consider myself a Republican, I'm a conservative. But I find that if you're looking for conservative principles and values and ideas, at least some of them, if you want to find any of them, you won't find you'll find virtually zero of those in the Democrat Party, you'll find some of the Republican Party, you'll find a decent amount at least written out in their platform and you know, their stated plans. But when you look at their actions, when you look at their their resolve to see these policies implemented, that's where they they kind of get wimpy, right. So anyway, I invite you to reconsider that the Democrat Party is not is not the Democrat Party of the 60s 70s 80s. This is a radical, radical group of people. Now it's being run by radicals, there's a couple that are preventing the complete takeover from the radicals like Joe Manchin. But when you think that he's really one of the last obstacles or barriers to that taking place, it should terrify all all Americans over open borders, higher taxes, reparations, HR one, money, you know, coming from the government to all sorts of people forever to provide universal basic income, all these things. All these things are on the docket on the agenda of the radical left. So timeout is in order here, a quick timeout when I get back. I want to talk continue to play. There's another clip of Nancy Pelosi talking to George Stephanopoulos blaming Trump For the crisis on the border, so, quick timeout, you're listening here, the home of conservative, not bitter Talk, I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, my friends, by the way, this program is brought to you in part by just in part by I sell health, you can get a pro life health plan that can help you save up to 60%. You can go to any doctor, any hospital, anytime you're interested, you're looking at health policies. And you're interested in their pro life plan in particular, give Eric a call, give Eric a call 888-448-5370 that's 888-448-5370 or you can visit I sell health. I sell All right, we're talking here about the border. And we're talking here about just the mess that Democrats have already ushered in. And we've already talked about this a little bit in the past couple of weeks. But it is an IT is astonishing. In the stock wishing that it can get this bad this quickly. I'm in one sense is not because it turns out that on this planet in this universe, that there's a thing called cause and effect, right. So if you do a certain action, if I take a certain action, there are repercussions of that action. Sometimes the consequences or the results are, there's some positive things, sometimes there's some negative things, it turns out, surprisingly, this is shocking. I know to the democrats and the media and the radical left, this is a shocking thing. But it turns out, if you if you have a president in office, if you have a political party in office, that has refused to secure the border. If you have a political party in office that is continually done things like establish sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. If you have a political party and a president in power in office, they have the control of what gets done in this great nation at the federal level. You have people there who want to give economics stimulus packages or economic stimulus funds to illegal immigrants. It turns out that people who want to enter into this country by any means possible or necessary, they are encouraged to come here because while the same people talk also about pathway to citizenship, and all those sorts of things. And people think, hey, I want to get there. I want to get into this country prior to there actually creating a pathway to citizenship, you know that we did this, by the way, in the 1980s. With President Reagan, Reagan had a deal with the Congress, at the time run by the left, that there would be a form of amnesty. And in exchange, they would secure the border. Problem was amnesty was granted but no border security until President Trump came along and made that really you can say the central theme of his campaign or one of the central themes of his campaign was to secure the southern border and massive improvements have been made. In fact, we've seen numbers, nothing like what we see right now. The numbers were you know, there was a spike in 2019. But actions were taken that actually improved the situation along the southern border. People were not able to take advantage of things like catch and release, catch and release folks is an absolutely atrocious situation. Basically what happens is, if someone is detained along the southern border, for illegally being in our country, they if they're detained, they're given a court date but then released, released into the, you know, into this country, and the vast, vast I think it's in the 90%, something like that. 90 plus percent never returned to court for their date. Surprisingly, that may be a shocker to the radical left as well. We gave we've given these folks that data come to court, they haven't come can't can't believe that. Well, that's what happens when, look. And I understand I've said before, and I'm not making excuses for breaking our laws, but I understand why someone would want to come here. As a conservative who loves this country, you understand why people want to come here. This is the greatest nation, on planet earth on the face of this planet. And it's not because of our DNA, it's not because of who we are necessarily. I mean, in the sense that I mean, those things matter, people have to be willing to fight for these principles. In that context, it does matter who's, you know, fighting back and demanding that America remains free. I pause there, because it's not the same America. It was even a handful of years ago. A lot of people don't believe in free speech and the freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly any longer because of whatever reason or rationale, they've been given by the media by the government that at least the talking heads in the bureaucracy or the radical left. But anyway, this nation is great because of ideas. And these ideas, these ideas can be applied anywhere, that they're that they're tried. So it's it's difficult to start from where some of these countries are starting. There's no doubt about it. We have difficulties in front of us, too. We have a government that is corrupt beyond, I think, our wildest imagination. Right? I think we've learned that over the course of the Trump presidency, just how awful and corrupt and swampy our government is. But that being said, I understand why people want to come to this country, the opportunities available, the prosperity available, the freedom and liberty available. It's constantly being under assault, but it's still available. But that is not allow anyone to break our laws, we, the American people through our representatives, determine what we you know, who we allow to come in and out of this country. That is just the way that that it is we are a sovereign nation. And we can, we can control that. The Democrats don't want to control that, in fact, the democrat party leaders view view this mess as a form of the terrible form of a voter drive as terrible. And as sickening as that is for me to have to say I'm telling you right now, that is how these folks in positions of power. Look at this. So we have a crisis on the border, we got apprehensions at a 15 year high, we've got FEMA being invited to help. DHS tried to provide facilities and housing for people detained along the southern border, we have the re emergence of catch and release, we've got some of the just ridiculous things we hear coming out of Washington, DC and so forth. We've got the ignoring of children and cages, because that doesn't fit their political narrative. But yet we have a mess on the border, humanitarian crisis, a mess with just our immigration system. And of course, this will serve eventually as a jumping off point to talk about a citizenship citizenship for the people who have come into this country illegally. And democrats Look at this, they look at all groups of people, as a group, not as individuals and they say we believe that these folks are going to vote for us in say two to one ratios and probably even greater if we if we can help them out and give them citizenship or whatever. And so that's that becomes the motivating factor for them in this it's always politics. It always is and it's it's not going to stop political power is their insatiable drive and desire. Nancy Pelosi and the rest and I'll play that clip of Nancy Pelosi talking to George Stephanopoulos after the break. I want to I want to prepare you though, you're gonna have to understand to apologize because it's a painful clip to listen to. Fact I played it with with us your before this, this segment. And you could tell that she had had enough of it by the end of the soundbite itself but anyway, we'll play that on the other side of the break. A quick timeout is in order. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here. back here in just a minute.

Alright, friends, welcome. I'm gonna apologize to you up front here because I'm about to subject you to something that is not going to be pleasant. You're gonna have to listen. You're gonna have to listen to Nancy Pelosi. Explain here. Well, she she drops in a lot of talking points. The first thing she does is she blames Trump for the crisis at the southern border. I was asking me during the break, why? Why is it Trump's fault? And I said, Look, you've already put more thought into it than any of these any of these leftists? Can? Right I mean, this is or have I should say? She is simply over simplifying. I mean, it doesn't matter. You don't have to. You don't have to have any criteria. You don't have to have any explanation. All you have to say is it's Trump's fault. That's all you have to say is Donald J. Trump's fault. And to the left and the media, they say, Well, yeah, why is it Trump's fault? I don't know. I mean, don't ask me that. It's just has to be Trump's fault. Trump was evil, mean that maybe by building the border wall, he's made it harder on people to enter our country illegally. So I guess that's his fault as well. I mean, I don't I don't know logically what you at some point expect to hear from these folks because they are illogical, they are political opportunists. They are not interested in truth and reality and anything at the source are interested in furthering their cause. So this is a Nancy Pelosi, again with George Stephanopoulos talking about how it's President Trump. I'm playing george stephanopoulos question too, because I want you to hear Nancy Pelosi, she's telling you this lady is really on the air. We know Biden's on the verge of not being able to publicly communicate. Pelosi is not too terribly far behind that either. But here we go. Nancy Pelosi, talking with George Stephanopoulos about how this is President Trump's former President Trump's fault.
Let's talk about the situation at the border. We've seen a huge surge in migrants crossing the border since January the number of children in custody higher than it was then its 2019 Peak during the Trump administration. Your colleagues run it Chi Escobar of Texas called the conditions they're unacceptable. She was there on Friday. Is she right? What more must be done?
Well, I'm sorry, I didn't hear who said Veronica Escobar. From representing El Paso. And yes, it is. The actually the facts are these there are more children, about six 700 more children, on accompany children coming over the border. The This is a humanitarian challenge to all of us. What the administration has inherited is a broken system at the border. And they are working to correct that in the children's interest. I'm so pleased that the president as a temporary measure has sent same out to the border in order to help facilitate the children going from 172 hour issues into where they are cared for as they are transferred into family homes that are safe for them to be. So this again, is a transition for what was wrong before. towards right. Of course, we have to also look at Central American Mexico and the rest, the corruption, violence, all of that so bad. My most recent trip to Northern triangle that would be Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, you saw the impact of climate change, mind you, these people were leaving out they couldn't farm. And they were seeking other ways to survive because the republicans into this, but the fact is, we have to deal with it. at the border and many of the people, some of the people coming there are seeking asylum. And I always like to quote our friends and evangelical movement always at one of our rump hearings we had before we had the majority. That's representative said to us. The United States refugee resettlement program is the crown jewel of American humanitarianism. So we have certain responsibilities that we must honor. We have to have a system that accommodates that. And that is what the Biden ministration is in the process of doing. Sure there. So it's Trump's fault. Biden inherited a broken immigration system. I don't know if it's news to Nancy Pelosi or not But the immigration system folks has been broken. It has been debated and discussed and thought about for decades now. I mean, this goes back into Clinton. I mean, well, it goes back to Reagan. Right. We talked earlier about how Reagan negotiator made a deal with the democrats in the in Congress. And the deal was some form of of amnesty, but we would have to secure the border so that we wouldn't be repeating what happened. Up until that time where the decision was made, that we would have, we would allow people who came here illegally to have some sort of a path to citizenship or just a different different status. If we could prevent it, let's just kind of stop where we are, let's, you know, let's let's take care of the people that are here, put them through whatever, you know, series of things that move them towards a form of amnesty, and unless you stop it, that was the deal. But see, we never secure the border until Trump was doing it literally, what 30 years later, whatever that was, it was literally totally ignored for 30 years. And so now we have an additional 30 years of illegal immigration that has fed this problem. And now by NASA acts like he has inherited this from President Donald J. Trump. And that's just simply not the case. The only thing the only president at the only time in my lifetime, that any substantive changes have come to secure the southern border is in the past four years under the leadership of President Donald Trump. This is undeniable. This is completely undeniable when others are in charge or when democrat governors and mayors and city council's and so forth and so forth, or making, you know, decisions or speaking about illegal immigration, they come up with things like I said before sanctuary cities or giving benefits to illegal aliens allowing them to vote in local elections that happens in the state of California. I don't know if it's the whole state or just certain cities, but folks are allowed who are there illegally to vote in local elections? They cannot vote in the federal election, supposedly, who knows? We can't ask questions about that. Unless it's a republican that wins office in Iowa and then suddenly, everything is fair game as far as stealing. an election is concerned because the democrats want to benefit from that. But the democrats are the ones that put these stupid policies in place. The Democrats are the ones that refuse to do it, defend or secure the border. The Democrats are the ones who want to eliminate ice Institute's sanctuary cities. basically make everyone who's here a citizen. Heck, if it was up to the Democrats, there would be completely open borders. completely open borders. Anyway, it's Trump's fault, says Nancy Pelosi. quick timeout. Listening here to conservative not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. program, by the way Brought to you in part by Greg hubler Chevy. Greg hubler. Chevy in Camby just the short drive down Kentucky Avenue State Road 67 from Indianapolis to the city of Camry that one of the town that can be I guess just down 67 Greg Huber Chevrolet Greg humulus Chevy excuse me calm. Greg keebler Chevy. Greg's a great guy. been a supporter advertiser on this program now for a couple years we're pleased to have him on takes good care of his customers. I've known some folks that have that he's taking care of really well Greg hubler again in Camby so I want to I don't have a lot of time here but I did want to mention this this is something in the epic times that I think is worth fact I'll I'll post this later. Later today headline here I saw this over the weekend virus tolls similar despite Governor's contrasting actions. This is an article that compares and contrasts The response to COVID response of Governor de Santos of Florida and Governor Newsome in the People's Republic of California. And I'm gonna read a part of this and I'll post the rest as I was telling me I don't have much time here but nearly a year after California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the nation's first statewide shutdown because of the Coronavirus masks, remain mandated indoor dining and other activities are significantly limited unless you're Gavin Newsom itself and Disneyland remains closed. By contrast, Florida has no statewide restrictions. Republican governor Ron de Santos has prohibited municipalities from finding people who refuse to wear masks. And Disneyworld has been open since July despite their differing approaches. California and Florida have experienced almost identical outcomes and COVID 19 COVID-19 case rates. How have Tuesday's that took such divergent tax? How did they arrive at similar points. So the article talks about that. And now that we're a year now we're past that the year of the point in time when life as we knew it change. I think it was a march 13 or something when everything began to kind of shut down, beginning with you know, things like the NBA, the NCAA tournament, different things like that. And before, before long, we were, you know, locked in our homes, essentially, trying to understand what in the world was going on. People couldn't go to work. We had massive unemployment and we had bailouts and stimulus and they're still those things are still trickling. In fact, folks received payment some folks receive payments over the weekend, from the latest round of stimulus, I guess, this COVID so called COVID relief bill that had and all sorts of other things crammed into it. But anyway, I'm gonna post this article on the website. And on social media later today, I think it's worth looking at and considering especially this point in time, but I'm gonna take a break. Be back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. And as we, I guess, go through this kind of analysis of just what happened this past year with COVID. We also have to, obviously, look forward, how are we going to respond here in the days and weeks to come and factors, you know, rumblings and mumblings about governor Holcomb and mass mandates here, I'm speaking to those who listen in the Indiana audience, which is where our radio home bases on freedom 95 but you know, you Wherever you're listening, similar conversations had to be taking place as well. One of these mandates going to be lifted and so forth. I don't have the answer to that. I don't know. I'm not super optimistic. That's going to happen anytime soon. But it needs to be something that's discussed. I've got to go SDG See you tomorrow. Take