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Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Well, that is right. You are listening to the home of conservative, not bitter. It is not better talk and education here on The Todd Huff Show. It's good to good to be here. And I appreciate you joining us very much no matter where you are joining us. And I will tell you if you're joining us on YouTube, or Periscope, you're gonna have to find a new way to join us because those two platforms are one periscope is coming down I believe is tomorrow. I think it's being permanently done away with as of tomorrow and YouTube, as I've shared. And I mean, this this is not this is not rhetoric here. This is not me having a little bit of fun with YouTube. There's a, we have two strikes on YouTube for talking about election integrity. And they are going back through. They're going back through old archives of episodes in which we I mean, they're going through the episodes between Election Day and Inauguration Day, lying line by line, I think. And so of course, we talked about those things. And we ever made any definitive statements, we talked about things that I think matter raised questions, pointed out the affidavits, you can do that you can do that on YouTube. So you got to find another place to listen to us. And I think the best place to do that is is the podcast which you can download for free on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcast or you can also sign up for the newsletter, which is probably the best way to stay in touch with us Todd The Todd Huff slash subscribe a new issue will be going out today with our new new column here. So folks, I was I was perusing browsing some things I had some. I had some things ready and I will still get to them from last night. But I was I was kind of perusing some things this morning in preparation for the program and I came across a comment. I came across a comment I don't even know what story this is. I think it's this one. I think I was perusing comments on this lovely story Oxford music professors suggest scrapping sheet music from the curriculum is on say it's complicit in white supremacy. The faculty members said the curriculum should broaden its music offerings with more studies on non-European forms of music. You may not have considered this quite yet. But this is According to documents reviewed by the telegraph. Professors said the music notation. sheet music has not shaken off its connection to its colonial past. I'm not sure how it does that. I'm not sure how sheet music does anything to be quite honest, besides communicate what someone's written on it. But sheet music needs to somehow shake off its connection to its colonial past. And that sticking to that sticking to sheet music, the professors the intellectuals the over it, my dad has a term for this. And I want to be nicer this morning. Please, this is not a broad this is this is this comment is meant to be applied to people who try to prove Say for example, from the movie, JFK I like this line. Theoretical Physics can prove that a elephant can hang off the side of the cliff with its tail tied to a daisy. But we have something more important than even the theoretical. And that is common sense. We understand things as human being some things as simply aren't and cannot and defy our common sense. And so for the folks that try to convince us of things that violate basic logic and common sense, my dad had a term and it was over educated idiots over educated idiots. I love my dad in the way that he can actually can cut to the hardest something sometimes. That even I think really knowing how he does it.
But the
the term applies here. You have professors, the professors here who are now claiming this sheet music is, is racist. I mean, but on one hand, this is totally not surprising, right? I mean, this is, this is where we are today. But this is my launch point to the bigger issue because I want to want to reference one of the comments that was made in response to this article as I was just kind of perusing someone in the comments, shared a quote from the book 1984 I don't know if you've read the book 1984 but let me tell you this, you are living, you are living the book 1984 right now, you are living it. It is unfolding before our eyes. George Orwell, also the author of what animal Animal Farm, George Orwell. This is folks, this is prophetic. What he has written here from the book 1984. And this was put into the comments of that article I just referenced, which you can look up and you can just see the sheer lunacy sheet music is tied to colonial times, which of course was slavery times, which of course is racist, which means sheet music is racist. And where does this Stop this nonsense? Stop. Listen to this quote. And I want you to ask yourself, this was again pulled from the book 1984. Whether you've read it or not hear me say this again. You are living it right now. You are in the midst of living out the book 1984 by George Orwell. Here's what it says every record has been destroyed or falsified. Every book read pause. Did you see I saw this yesterday. The Biden at excuse me, the hare Biden Harris administration. Or if you prefer the Harris Biden administration, has literally scrubbed the has changed a transcript from a Biden. If it was a it was official business, or maybe it was even answering questions in the media. But nonetheless, it was an official transcript of what the White House had said of what the President had said. And they the president called someone, some foreign leader, I think by the wrong name. And they went back and they scrubbed it from from the record. The President makes no errors, folks. But this quote again says every record has been destroyed are falsified. Every book rewritten. Think about Dr. Seuss. Every picture has been repainted. Every statue and street building has been renamed. I mean, this is literally now George Orwell didn't put in there. Your child's elementary school has been renamed. The President of the United States, the 16th, President of the United States who led this nation passed in through the Civil War, and his primary cause which was without any doubt the issue of slavery, the one who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, the one who was instrumental, one who was instrumental in fraying black slaves in this nation. He is not worthy of a school in his name. Every statue and street building has been renamed every date has been altered. Let me tell you another story. When I was in college back 120 years ago, I was so this is when I was at American University. This may be confusing just really quickly. I attended Butler University in Indianapolis, which is now hosting some of these NCAA Tournament games if you've if you've been watching, and I think that's good for the alma mater, Hinkle Fieldhouse was an awesome venue. I played football there and we had our locker room in the basement as a awesome venue, tunnel connecting it to the butler bowl and all this just a really awesome tremendous building all the history Tony Hinkle all that stuff. The butler way. Anyway, that's where I attended. But I spent this semester my junior year, junior year it was a semester exchange program. So it was I didn't study abroad, per se, but this was, I guess, the domestic version of that. So I went to Washington DC for a semester, the pre law program at American University and I loved it. It's really the beginnings of what I do here today. It really is the beginnings of what I do on this program and the opportunities and the blessings. I have to do this started on that campus. 20 g was 22 years ago now. Anyway,
I remember distinctively with Through through my studies, and I know I'm saying this I was going to tell you was at American University, this may have actually been a butler. So that was not necessary the story, forgive me. But I was studying and doing a report, I think on something like the Virginia declaration of Maine, I believe, and I was quite literally, I had heard this before that historians, historians had pointed out that there would be changes to things in textbooks. So you could go back to the original source and then go to the textbook. And you would find that sometimes the authors of textbooks would change words, going back here to George Orwell's 1984 pullquote here that we're focusing on this morning, but they would change words, and they quite literally, I'm about to pull this up during the break. The Virginia declaration of man, which was written I believe, by Thomas Jefferson, they quite literally change, there was reference to belief in God, and they changed it in my textbook, I remember. And it was, it was a feeling of, we've all seen things that have been, I think, I think I've changed like this. We've we've heard of stories like this. We've heard of textbooks misquoting things, or whatever. But to discover it for yourself right there before my very eyes. And this was before. I mean, we were at the beginning of the internet era. But you couldn't, there wasn't a Google, there were multiple search engine platforms, I can't even remember what some of them were called. But anyway, it wasn't like you had all this information, which by the way, it leads to another point. leads to another point, I was talking about this with a friend the other day, just because we have a whole generation of individuals now that have Google says it doesn't exist that it never happened. And I've got examples, personal examples, my friend had personal examples, two of things that had happened that Google had scrubbed from it search engines, do this sometimes good, go to duck, duck go. And Google something, it's got to be something that's got political connotations, especially if it's negative for the left. Or if it's, or if it's positive for conservatism or truth. Just Google it, Google it, and then go to DuckDuckGo. And this isn't a plug for DuckDuckGo. I just just compare them, just compare what you find. You might be googling something. And you might say, I know this happened, but I can't find anything on this. If you've ever been in that situation. Welcome to a Google scrub. That's that's what this one, that's what happens. I know it sounds crazy. to some of you, others of you have experienced this or fully on board and say it's even worse than I'm describing. But the point is, to see these things and experience them for yourself, you feel I mean, if you feel violated, you feel completely as though the author in the case of my textbook, or the readers, in the case of people googling things have quite literally been the victim of misinformation, of misinformation. And the rest of this quote, I didn't finish the last last line. So there's two lines. Back to this Orwell, quote, history has stopped. History has stopped, nothing exists except an endless present, in which the party capital P is always right. Is that not prophetic? Is that not what we are living today? And by the party today? I mean, the political ruling class, the political ruling class is always ready. Have you ever noticed this that, for example, which we talked about this yesterday, and we may hit on it again today? the filibuster was never racist before until January 20, noon, January 20th. was crazy. exactly when Biden was being sworn into office. Exactly what he was up there giving a sleep fest of a speech back there when he was standing before dozens of people before his inaugural event, telling us whatever nonsense that he's been telling us, which is little because he's not been in front of the media. It's one of the few times we've seen Biden but as he was up there, telling us this gibberish and nonsensical drivel
we had, at the same time, for the first time ever, key components of our system of government that were suddenly they realized not good. The filibuster minority Party having any voice whatsoever. Those things were decided to be evil and needed to be done away with. Fact, Biden said during his one and only press conference, which was an absolute unmitigated disaster and train wreck. I don't blame them if they never put the guy back in front of cameras ever again. Because that was awful. But he said there that his we need to change the paradigm, you know, used to we had to figure out how to be bipartisan basically what Biden was saying at the press conference. Now, we got to change that paradigm. Biden says I've got 50 votes if I can get all the democrat senators on board. And then Camila. She's our 51st. She's our tie breaking vote. And so that's we got to figure out ways that we can work that in our favor, basically. I know that when we're not in power, he might as well have said this, when we're not in power. 60 votes are necessary to do anything. We used to the democrats used to filibuster you know, Gorsuch was was filibustered. You know, not I think I mentioned this on her none of the Supreme Courts that Trump nominated would have been actually confirmed had the the nuclear option not been an acted on the filibuster, they act as though they never did it. Ever. Only use the filibuster to prevent a white justice from being confirmed. Is that still racist because of its racist ties, just like sheet music is racist. Folks, nothing exists except except an endless present in which the party is always right. The government is always right. There's no history, it's all been rewritten. What you Google isn't the full story is not even close. Truth is the victim. America is the victim. And we cannot permit this we are living and breathing the book 1984 as I speak, George Orwell even with his prophetic writing, and I use that loosely not in the biblical sense but you know, just to be able to predict this I still think he would be shocked to see the degree of which we've we've embraced really, what his book warned us about. A quick timeout is in order. You're listening here to them with conservative not bitter talk. I am, by the way. I am America's realities are as we navigate 1984 be back here in just a minute.
Welcome back.
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we can maybe hit some of those highlights education is important. See some people though, and this is something that is near and dear to my heart. And I got to take a break in a minute. But some people think that it's all education. Right now there is a, there is a certain value in of course, knowing what's going on being informed and educated. But folks, simply knowing what's going on doesn't do anything. The founders knew. The founders knew that King George was a tyrant. The colonists knew that King George was a tyrant. But they did something about it. See, that's the key, you have to take what you know, and then do something about it, you see this, this phrase bantered around that knowledge is power. And there is an element of truth in that, but it is not. It is not completely and totally true. Knowledge is potential power. I'll say that, again, knowledge is just potential power is what we do with it. And this is, I don't wanna say the danger, because there's, there's no danger to talk radio. But the danger sometimes is that people hear and understand and know intellectually, what is going on, but we don't take the next steps and do something about it. And that's where my heart is, my heart is not just to know what's wrong, but to do something about it at my core. And I think many of you maybe the majority of you, maybe the vast majority of you at your core. You are a Dewar, you're a doer. And I think it's important that a we do know so there is the issue of being educated informed. piecing this puzzle together, so that we can arrive at a point in time where we can read those words from 1984 from George Orwell's book and say, bingo, Banga, that's what's happening right now. I am living that I am breathing that we are all living that in 2021. We're all witnessing this, the erosion of this of this great nation and liberty. In this this insatiable desire for freedom that always comes at the cost or excuse me of not a freedom of safety, which comes at the cost of freedom of liberty. Benjamin Franklin warned us about this. Right? He said that if you think that you can, you know, get basically give up your freedom for liberty, your freedom for safety, I should say, get it right here. You don't deserve either one. These things we must vigilant, vigilantly protect. Education is important and understanding is important. I don't think and this may shock, some of you winning an argument isn't necessarily important. persuading people is important. But winning an argument, there's the old saying those convinced against their will or have the same opinion, still, that doesn't necessarily mean anything, we have to move the needle in education as a part of it. persuasion. And actually taking these ideas and making sure that they permeate your local sphere of influence is dramatically more important. You can take I remember when I was on the school board, or when I was in other positions where we would talk about policy and, you know, playing this for the, you know, the companies I've been involved with strategic planning and so forth, I came to the conclusion that an average plan that had that was being executed, that was something that was you could do something with and that people were pushing to be implemented was dramatically better than a plan. That was the best plan ever written that set on the shelf. And that's what we're talking about and talking about at its core. If you take a timeout and quick timeout is necessary here, come back and continue our navigation through this 1984 world that we are finding ourselves in. Listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff. back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, thinking here about some of the the issues some of the ways that we are some of the issues that prevent us I guess, from sharing our some of the things that we can do, I guess, to help promote freedom, constitutional conservatism, respect and admiration for this country is founded those principles. And no for the umpteenth millionth time. That does not include slavery. Right. Some people want to say it's an all or nothing proposition, you take that issue out which the founders did not handle properly, although there was even, you know, issues with that at the beginning as well, there were some folks that were against against that, that issue, the issue of slavery from the beginning. But those voices were not loud enough. And that didn't actually change in this nation until Abraham Lincoln the Civil War. And we've been dealing with other things since then, as well. But we live in a different, a different place, a different nation than we had upon when, when it was founded. But the ideas that are embodied in that constitution and declaration, all that really happened at its core was that we understood, our people that didn't want to apply those to all groups of people were eventually moved into the minority and those who understood that the law the the truth that was being spoken, applied to all people, applied the people who were black applied to people who were not just men, but women. And that's where we are today, you still have individual racist, I'm not going to deny that, but they are a becoming a less than less relevant group of people. They're becoming a smaller and smaller group of people. And so there's a lot of things we need. We need to do. You know, I was thinking about this during the break, too. I had some, we had some folks over recently, folks that we care about, and we were talking about just just I was listening, believe it or not, believe it or not, when I'm in personal settings, I don't give monologues too often. My what my wife might tell you that I do. My wife might tell you that but I don't typically do that. Maybe with my family, but not with a group of people. I use that time to listen and to learn, and to wait for the opportunity to persuade. I think at the right time, you know, too many people somebody walks in and says I'm a liberal and someone says I'm a conservative and we fight. What does that what does that accomplish? I mean, that isn't accomplished anything. it accomplishes ruining relationships, which I think is critically important. You want to persuade people, you got to first have a relationship with them, you got to be educated, you have to know what's going on. But you also have to know how to do something with what you know. And it is so much better to listen to ask questions to build a relationship. And then to get to the point to where someone is actually because they know you. What do you think about this, it will happen. I'm telling you, if you're thoughtful, and engaging, it absolutely will happen. I can't even tell you how many times that that's happened with me. And I'm sure many of you would attest to the same thing. But something else that that caught my attention from when we were sitting down with these, our dear friends the other night was that some of them said, Hey, you know, I just I've tuned it out. I've tuned out politics and I get it, we came through an incredibly intense time leading up to the 2020 election, and then everything that happened after that, the January 6, nonsense, all this stuff happened, right in his instance, and people just don't. And people have problems in their own lives. They have other things they've got to focus on. And they they drift away. They drift away from what's going on. And it can be rejuvenating for a moment. And I say for a moment, because that is not the permanent solution. Because, folks, when you look at what this nation, and how its dealt with issues that have come up throughout its history.
You know, there are things there are well meaning, good intentioned things that have happened that never fixed the problem. What always fixes the problem is an engaged electorate is the American people knowing what's going on and saying that's enough. No more shenanigans government. That's enough. That is when things begin to happen. Because then the politicians, these jokers these Sophos, these professional deceivers are held accountable for their actions. I'm talking at the ballot box, don't you know, you got to say these things today because people Oh, my goodness, this is a code talk. No, it's not code anything. It's simply when these politicians are acting like tyrants or idiots or a combination of both overeducated, it's as my dad would say, We have to do something to get those jokers out of office and that something is won at the ballot box. And you want at the ballot box by persuading, educating and persuading people. And that's what we've got to be better at. That's, by the way, the foundation of conservative not bitter University. That's what we seek to do there. in a way that's a little bit more hands on than the show can be we're talking about issues here. This is I guess, you think about this is bigger picture. And then CNB U is more specifically designed to help train and equip conservatives to be more persuasive or whatever the courses, but that's one of them. Help help explain to a conservative Christian what your role is in a constitutional republic. Right? These are important things whenever whenever really taught these things. Maybe you have someone that's explained it to you, but there's not. If there's not some wide scale, I guess program designed to do this. That's what we're trying to do. But folks, we've got to take little steps that will eventually move into big move or trend to big movements. Because we have truth on our side. We have truth on our side. It's just our job to communicate it's not cower to not be told we can't say it to not be told we can't ask a question about it. Otherwise, that's when bad things happen. We've got to be engaged we can take a break I'm not saying that you can turn it off for a little while but you can't turn it off and walk away and think that it's going to go away especially when the other side is hell bent over taking control of every aspect of your life. And that's what we've got hence the the reference to the book 1984 earlier in the program gotta take a break you're listening here the home of conservative not bitter talk Be advised listening can in fact cause you to lean to the right back here in just a minute.
Welcome back between the nonsense we have to listen to coming out of the Biden ministration which makes us me Harris Biden, Biden errs, whatever they want to call it today. The nonsense we have to listen to their the talk of vaccine passports, talk of vaccine passports I mean there's no there's no shortage of things that point to the quote and Orwell's book again, I'm gonna read it one more time in case you're just now tuning in. Gotta get better at getting here earlier but will allow it will allow it You can always catch the program on podcast if you missed it. But it says this and we've been talking about this today, every record. This is from George Orwell's 1984 has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten. Every picture has been repainted. Every statue and street building has been renamed. Every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute history has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right. The party being the political class, the party being the Harris Biden, ministration, the party being the Democratic Party, the media, the narrative of the day, history has stopped because folks, they they rewrite history, many people have no idea what's preceded today. As we come to the end of the first quarter of 2021, many folks have no idea what preceded this day, I know the great rush limbaugh, I used to say many people believe history. They know intellectually, this isn't true, but emotionally and psychologically history began the day they were born. And that is a tear, that is a terrifying place to be. Because history teaches us all sorts of things that we just want to pay attention. We know that governments grow that is the nature of government. That is why the founders had to put in place a constitution that in writing restricted, what the federal government could do. Now, the federal government is well outside the bounds of that written document today. Because why? Because we're not demanding that it fits back into that original framework. We're not now you and I being but not enough of us. And why aren't enough of us because they can change the narrative, they can spin the story with the help of their buddies in the media. And the solutions always require more government, less constitution every less Liberty every single time, folks. I don't know at what point some folks will just wake up and see this. Some folks have no idea I understand that they're oblivious. But this is always a solution. How stupid can we be? That's not a challenge and a test. By the way. Some people out not in this audience, but some people often across the fruited plain, take that as a personal test to see how stupid they can be. The folks we have truth on our side, we needed some more people about it, you gotta take a break, come back and wrap up here in a minute. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back, I left that one of the obvious ways, the obvious ways to help people understand the beauty of this nation the importance of liberty. And that is a tune into this program. I mean, that is of course, the starting point. But you knew that already. Right? You knew that already. Give people a tune in here to this to this program. But folks, there are things that we can do, as well. And we have to be willing to engage we have to be willing to persuade, because if we don't, if we don't, we are in for a, an even even ruder awakening than we have. Right now realizing we're living in the midst of 1984 It's not time to panic. It's time to act, right. It's time to do something. It's time it's time to. It's time to try to persuade and try to engage people who think some of these ridiculous things and it's not gonna happen overnight. It's gonna take time and that's okay. It's gonna take time. And that's the way it just has to work. So I have lots of ideas on that the time is out, but I've got to go. SDG thanks so much for listening. See you tomorrow. Take care.