The Real Assault On Our Nation

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Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Well, that is right. You are listening to conservative, not bitter talk, and I am your host, Todd Huff votes, you can email me your thoughts, opinions, Questions, comments already makes even except your adoration and praise. It is a pleasure to be with you here this morning. And I appreciate you tuning in. And be advised that listening to this program can in fact cause you to lean to the right. So be careful out there. As you consume the content of this program, because it can affect it can affect your Well, your ability to maintain a straight line, you will veer to the right. So I want to start today with this infrastructure bill that is about to be unveiled by the Obama administration reportedly with a price tag of three to 4 trillion with a T dollars, three to $4 trillion price tag on infrastructure. Now, that's a lot of money, number one. Number two, and well, let's stick with number one for a moment. Infrastructure three to $4 trillion roads and bridges. I don't know how many Look, I don't I think this is actually one of the things that government is supposed to be doing. And I think it would be much more palatable to the average person if government would focus on what it's doing or what it should be doing rather than all these other things that it's involved in, including, including, as Biden put last week in that glorious press conference. He says he's trying to create are promising a new paradigm. And he wants to change the paradigm to where we start to reward work. And not just wealth, those war. President Joe Biden's words I'm not sure if he remembers those or not. But he did say that he wants to reward work, not just wealth. A new paradigm is being sought by our our government do you want by the way? Do you want the government to decide that is going to reward you for your work out? How what was the word I want to use here? How not corrupt but just how blatantly ridiculous is this viewpoint that the government exists to reward you and me and whoever else is out there for our work? This is the job I guess the the government to reward us for our work. And people not at this as though this is some sort of great, profound new understanding as Biden seeks to build back better. Does this sound better to you the government deciding to reward you for your work? I don't? I don't think so. I don't think so at all. In fact, I think I think that this nation, this nation needs to return to its foundational principles on this, I think our nation needs to re embrace, re embrace free markets and capitalism. The idea that the government's job is to reward you, candidly for anything, is not what the founders had intended. If we have gotten to the point where praise and reward from our government is at the top of the list for Americans, we have really screwed things up here, folks. We have really screwed things up reward people based upon their work, not their wealth. I'm not in favor of government rewarding people for their wealth either. Whatever Biden means by that Biden, what Biden wants to do, what the democrats want to do is create this class warfare. There are fewer people at the upper echelons of wealth than those that are at, you know, the middle or the bottom. There are more people In the middle class than there are in the upper class. And so this is a tactic. This is a tool. This is a ploy to gain support
and to use that support to force upon the American people, some really radical, really radical ideas and concepts up to an including the very point at which they are trying to build back better, which is a stupid way of saying, make America less capitalistic, make America less free, make America more dependent upon the federal government who if the democrats have their way will be run by the democrats permanently. That's why they want to pass the stupid HR one. That's why they're out there in full force going after Joe Manchin. I saw people going after Joe Manchin on on morning joy, which I got some sound bites from her. As well, as we will touch on a couple of things today, illegal immigration, what's happening at the border, the surge AOC says that we shouldn't use that AOC that term surge on the border that makes it sound militaristic? Do you know that as you know why, because surge doesn't mean that they're insurgents, I think is what AOC thinks. I think she believes that the term surge comes from insurgents in the sense of, you know, like, if you use the word surge, there's a surge of people at the border, I'll play the soundbite for you here as the program comes together. But if there's a surge of people at the border, you mean that to reflect the determine surge, it's, these are people. These are basically like terrorists when we were in the Middle East, right. And we gain control of a region. And then there were insurgents that were trying to destabilize the region and cause the American forces to lose control and for evil to reign there once again. And for the terrorists to get back in charge. This is what AOC apparently thinks that we mean, when we say when we say there's a surge of people that were implying that they're insurgents. And just don't I know, this doesn't sound believable. Well. I think you do believe that it's believable, because you've heard AOC before, I'm just gonna play this. But we get this this border crisis. All these things folks are related. And, and it's kind of overwhelming to the senses, we're talking about three to 4 trillion with a tea. These numbers, these numbers of this magnitude used to be reserved for things in space, things that were just massive, and in size and scope, and really beyond even our abilities to comprehend in size, we reserved numbers like this to talk about that space and size and just the massive universe in which we find ourselves living. Now we talk about that as how much money we're going to spend on on things. So we got that out there. It's it's overwhelming your ability to really comprehend my ability to comprehend and to fight back with this stuff. We got massive spending on that front, we've got tax increases. We've got a border that's out of control a border crisis, we've got the school district in San Diego, that is actually doing in person teaching for children who have crossed our borders illegally, but they're not yet teaching American students in the classroom. Jen Psaki tried to explain that yesterday at a press conference, and this will shock you she had a massive Swing and a miss. So we've got all these things happening right before our very eyes, we got Biden wanting to build back better, which simply means he wants to make America more of a top down controlled economy. He wants to reward you for your work, reward you the government doing that not rewarding your wealth. And we have a whole just this HR one which is tied to that. people losing their minds over what Georgia's done to try to make their elections more secure. People flipping out because they're misrepresenting what's in the law, saying that you can't bring water to someone standing in line. The way that people describe voting I look I voted my entire life. And I understand I'm from a smaller community, so it's it's different. And I've waited in lines before too, but the way they describe voting, they make it sound like at any moment, you're just going to die. You are not going to be able to cast your vote. I don't know where they think or under what conditions they think these, these polling places are you know what they're being held in environmentally make it sound like you're standing in an oven
and they say they just misrepresent what the law says they want you to think they want people to stand in long lines are going to crank up the heat if it's hot out of they're going to turn off the heat if it's cold out to try to freeze out people in line intimidate them make them have to do something as extraordinary as prove who they are there's a novel concept if you're going to vote you should be able to be you have to demonstrate that you're legally able to cast the ballot i don't understand the complexity of that even at the state which georgia has said they're going to to pay for but you got this all these issues are come just crashing together and folks we are just a couple of months into this they're talking about how to bypass republicans again and again and again in the senate by using reconciliation they're finding at through their own research that reconciliation can apparently be used as many times as they want and for as many issues as they want even though that's truly not the case so you have this almost like a massive 50 car pileup on the interstate of love issues today facing this united states of america and some of these some of these issues are incredibly the the outcome of these issues is incredibly instrumental and where america finds herself moving forward out of this mess that we find ourselves in are we going to permanently rewrite the type of country that we have but aoc is out there i told you i'd play this and i want to play this before the break she goes to instagram instagram live to share this to share this i'm looking at a still shot here the video but to share this just incredibly wise incredibly brilliant insight about the surge on the board just listen to this i tried to be nice this is idiotic this this listen to this
they want to say what about the surge well first of all just gut check yeah chuck anyone who's using the term surge around you consciously
conscious trying
to invoke a militaristic frame come on that's a problem because these times is not a search it's not as our children okay are not insurgents who said they're not being invaded which by the way is a white supremacist idea philosophy the idea that if an other is coming in the population that this is like an invasion of who we are they want us
that's stupid as what that is which of course when i said aoc said it you knew that it had no basis in reality to begin with that is first of all gut check i think i'm gonna start saying that on the program gut check gut check first of all if anyone consciously uses the word serge they're setting up a militaristic frame these are not as surgeons these are children she says have you ever used the words insurgents i just to describe what's happening we have an influx we have a surge of people that is referring to a smaller number becoming a bigger number aoc is an influx is that can i say that or is that white supremacist as well and she's conflating so many issues here so on the one hand we're supposed to believe aoc that we if we if we're talking about you know an influx or an increase in numbers of surge if you will a surge of individuals whether choda doesn't that the question at this point i mean you have to understand the details to understand how to solve the problem but right now the border is just overwhelmed because of a surge and influx and increase of people now we want to secure border there are reasons that the border is facing a surge and if you ask those people who are coming here or their families they will tell you it's because of biden's policies the media has stumbled into this multiple times they've called they've they've looked on the wristbands and called the number of the young person, the minor that's there at the border. And the parent tells the person on the phone the reporter. Yeah, we sent him there because of Biden's policies. News reporter totally shocked. Because Biden's out there saying this is this the way that it is, this is the natural, you know, ebbs and flows of how many people come to our board. This is not what that is, this is this is an opportunity for people that they believe Biden is going to what the democrats take action on the people that are here illegally, and they want to be a part of that. That's it's as simple as that. But just because just because you want border security does not mean that's your vote, they are the ones that are infatuated with skin, skin color, ethnicity, those things. They're the ones that can't stop talking about that. They say that you and I are against it, because we don't want people looking different than us, because we're white supremacists. Oh, my gosh, the stupidity This is, um, I decided I am undefendable fact I put that in my column yesterday, which went out in our email. But I'm undefendable at this point. But if anything was gonna offend me, just looking at me saying I'm a white guy. And then just assuming that I'm a white supremacist that would be up there to me, as far as things go, that could offend me this is this is beyond absurd. And no matter what issue you point to, this is the sign of this the type of rhetoric and behavior you will find not just from AOC for most of Democrats in elected positions here in our great nation. And it's, you know, they have the power they have, they have majorities, and this almost they've almost made this a bigger train wreck than what it is. What it is otherwise, anyway, long in the segment, I got other stuff to get to. But we've got really this convergence of all sorts of issues here. And it's exposing the stupidity of democratic policies for anybody who wants to see it. Anybody who wants to see it, I'm going to take a break. We'll continue this. After the break. Sit tight, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. So by the way, sorry, I'm queuing up some sound bites, listening to some idiotic things that are being said my morning joy. And I realized here I didn't have the audio set up correctly on the Facebook feed this morning. Good morning, again, Facebook as we re as we reboot, as we reboot that But anyway, program is brought to you in part by we talked about the importance of supporting our advertisers, right. And I think this is this is very important to do. We live in a society that is looking, we have people who are out there actively looking to tear down anyone that doesn't tow really the democrat line. That's really what this comes down to. Not 100% there are some in the in the boycott crowd on the other side, as well. But this is this is a real problem in our culture. And so, you know, we ask our listeners that you just give our advertisers a chance. And there's a whole whole bunch of more growing those each and every day. And one of those is gatekeeper services in Central Indiana. They have experience with providing automated gate installation and maintenance services. They offer affordable residential and commercial motorized units, gatekeeper services, they're on the west side in Plainfield, but they serve as central Indiana veteran owned by the way call them to get a free estimate. 31771440613177144061 Be sure to tell them that you heard them on our program. They're good guys. Good guys. I've met him. I mean, I mean, most of our advertisers it's becoming a little harder as we as we grow, but I've typically I'm getting to know folks and we've, we've met Larry and Matt anyway, appreciate having them on the program. So during the break and you would have heard me firing up this clip or go Full of clubs if you were on Facebook when I was playing for us here, some clips from morning joy now morning Joy Joy read on Ms. NBC is her and AOC have a lot in common. They can sit down and have a conversation. I wouldn't mind the video cameras being there just to see where this thing ends up. But these two are radicals. They are crazy. And to Oz's point, I says she has an audience. She does have an audience. It is perplexing because what she is, I just want you to listen to this. Now remember, for four years, they were in complete panic mode because Donald J Trump was running while was in charge of the executive branch. He was doing things that they wanted to represent as destructive to America, the end of civilization as we know it. In the final days of Trump's presidency, we had Nancy Pelosi actually trying to keep the nuclear codes away from him. I mean, come on, right. This is the sort of stuff that happened and they bemoaned and cried and blew things out of proportion. They stirred up hatred and discord, personal hatred for Trump hatred for America discord among Americans to where if you didn't agree with the talking points of the radical left, you needed to be cancelled, or you needed to be stopped, or you needed to be
doxxed on social media, you had to pay the consequences. You were part of the problem. There are right anger, rage, bitterness. Now they're in they're in control now. Everything should be going perfectly well. And it is an unmitigated disaster. Everywhere you walk, it is an unmitigated disaster. You know what I know it, and perhaps most importantly, even they know it on mitigated disaster. That is what we have. And folks were two months into this. Two months into this. So they're upset about a lot of things. And I think I really do believe out of all the things they're upset about the one that upsets them the most is that now they have the power, but they're not ready. They meaning Joe Manchin, Senator cinema from Arizona, they're not prepared to use it. meaning they're not prepared to blow through the filibuster. They're not prepared to push through, maybe Now this could change. They're not prepared to push through HR one, which really, folks, to me, is the most important thing to them right now. HR one, and this stupid piece of legislation that basically nationalized elections and creates all sorts of havoc for our elections. I mean, it basically takes everything that was wrong in 2020 and makes it what we have to do every state moving forward. That is what it does, it opens up. mailings, mayline voting to the extreme, it fights against this idea, this concept that there's an ID that needs to be presented, everything that was wrong with the system, and 2020 all the things that we talked about on here, right before it even happened. We talked about this in the months leading up to 2020 all the things that are bad with elections, those are the things that they want to codify into law they want to make that the law of the land they want to overrule your state wherever that may be, you may be with me in the great state of Indiana but any state in this country no matter where you live, they want the federal government to come in and take basically control the election even the Constitution says the states are responsible for their own elections. They're gonna nationalize everything come in and fix the problem and do away with the racist basically this is the the narrative the racist who are trying to keep people from voting, trying to keep people of color from voting, silencing the the American people. That's what they want you to believe this is about but make no mistake about this. This is about the permanent ability to remain in power. They can see that finish line you hear me say that, if you're in the home studio, I point for whatever reason I point to the same spot I can I visualize in front of me a finish line, and it's within a couple of strides. It's warm. Right there for the taking. And they won't do it now yet anyway, I'm not convinced that they won't change their minds. Because these discussions that are happening behind closed doors, I can guarantee you, I can guarantee you go something like this. If you're is, let's say that you have the democrats who are pushing to, for HR one to do away with the filibuster against those who are dragging their feet like Joe Manchin, this is what they will say, Joe, if you just put your head down. And if you just run through this finish line, it doesn't matter. You're never going to have to go back and be held accountable for your actions. What we've done to the election system, if we're allowed to pass this stupid piece of legislation, HR one, the for the people act, it's really for the Democrat Party act is what it should be. For the permanence of the Democrat Party reign and rule, that's what this act should be called. And they say, Look, just put your head down, run through it, you're gonna have some pushback, you're gonna have some opposition now. But once once we implement this, Joe, you can't lose. You can't lose, because this system and how messed up it is, is going to make sure that you remain in power.
Put your head down and run through the finish line run through the tape. We got to finish the job. And they are losing their minds. They being the likes of AOC. They being the likes of joy Reid, and the other radical leftist because they were under the impression. They were under the impression that if they got here, the finish line would be run through by the leaders in the Democrat Party by all Democrat Party officials, because they actually coalesce pretty well. That's one thing that they do quite well. So I'm going to play this joy read soundbite but it's not to come on the other side of the break because I've gone long the segment. So sit tight, we'll get to that after the break. back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, you've tuned in to America's realities are self appointed, by the way, self appointed the New York Times, was asking Biden to a point of realities are and I figured who better for that job than me. So here we are. As Don't be laughing at that. So here we go. Here's this soundbite this is this is from last week, Joy read. Now remember, the part her party's in power. Her crazy ideology is being implemented, even though even though they act like it's not, even though they want to pretend like they're doing something moderate and reasonable in Congress and so forth. They're, they're run by radicals right now, Democrat Party is 100% run by radicals. If you're a rank and file member of the Democrat Party, or if you know someone who is you know, people who are not radicals, but they are being represented by the radicals today, but it's still not enough for joy read, I want you to listen to this. This is what I say HR one in my opinion right now. And they have a laundry list of things they want to get done. But I think HR one to them may be the most I say may because I it's definitely a contender for most important to them. Because again, it takes their ability to implement their radical ideas and push us toward socialism and government control and the nanny state and then having the the positions of power and authority for the rest of their lives. It pushes us in that direction. And they're happy to take us there. So I think HR one may be the number one priority for them right now. Listen to joy read I want you to listen to this utter insanity. And to Oz's point. She has an audience. People tune in and listen to this jibberish to this nonsense, and act as though this is a legitimate and rational viewpoint. Listen, listen to how she describes Georgia's newly passed election law. Listen to how she argues in favor of the for the people act. Listen to this crazy nonsense.
Let's just be clear for everybody who's watching this right now be clear publicans are saying is they're going to make it torture for you to vote. By having fewer machines, beat up machines, places were in urban centers, places where black folks live suburbs where black people live make it impossible or two for you to vote in law waterboarding you're gonna make it impossible for you to vote by mail they're gonna lop off every way that you can vote and then even if you survive all of those restrictions you finally get your vote in then they're going to say we're just not going to count what you did because we don't like who you voted for so we're just going to give it to the other guy this is the end of democracy in america this is the beginning of the south the south africa strategy this is minority rule this is saying we will rule over the objections of the majority of american people this is the most serious thing that we've seen happen since the january 16 it's another kind of stage it is absolutely bizarre and it is he i will say it's on america and it's probably kind of in a way it's it's old school american it's jim crow americans
yeah so she's yeah black lives matter guests on there that i won't play the response but you get the idea again these folks are in power right now they're in power she made it sound like i mean going to vote is the equivalent of the bataan death march and if you think about folks we have polling places the states are different i do recognize that but if you can get to a polling place to vote or view can't request a ballot by mail at this particular point in time given the timeframe that we have this open forgive me for questioning your seriousness and wanting to cast the ballot i suppose there could be some extreme circumstance where someone you know just is i don't know what it would be i'm trying to be as understanding as possible here but the the idea that we have polling places open all the time even on weekends that the voter id requirement the state of georgia will even pay for it's not about that it's not about a poll tax it's about surprisingly to the left we need to know that you're eligible to vote that's it that's all we need to know you just have to be able to prove who you are and they'll say anything that anything that makes that makes a voter take one step to ensure that he or she is legally eligible to vote they frame as you to aoc was saying earlier that if you use the word surge you're framing the situation on the border as a militaristic situation on the same fashion although in the world of reality on the world of aocs gibberish and nonsense in the same sense if you're going to use the phrase voter suppression anytime there's a rule to make sure that the votes that are cast are only the ones that should be legally counted then that is a that is a major problem that's what they've done and that's what the media does that's what joe biden did the other night he's now saying that his administration maybe took taking a look at the republican or she made the the georgia law that is passed on elections folks they are ticked off about this the idea that they're gonna have to run another election some of these folks think hey they thought if we went in 2020 we're going to make sure that we stay in power forever by passing laws that are only going to exasperate the problems that we had which will take advantage of that's what they're doing i just that is what's happening here it is obvious to anyone that wants to see it and i'm going to take a break sit tight back here in just a minute
not to be outdone vice president kamala harris speaking speaking i'm gonna wear this even to a group pushing to pay you know to pay teachers more and to provide government pay i guess paid childcare she i just want you to hear this she's up there talking about it and she brings up of course with COVID parents have had to change how they live effectively either taking off work working from home doing something right because there's no school and there's no childcare it's most a lot of places anyway so she has this to say and it's not as well she says she thinks this is hilarious folks and remember remember in the in the city of san diego and the city of san diego the democrats are allowing the education of illegal immigrants in person but not students of taxpayers in the state of or the city of san diego listen to this more people are seeing
that yeah affordable childcare is a big deal
she goes
more parents are seeing the value of educators
and saying we're not paying them nearly enough
more parents having to stay home with their kids i gotta pay those teachers more we got to pay we had them government led childcare yeah she's having a good old time oh my friends i tell you what this
look it is serious i don't want to say that there's you know that i i believe in everything that we say on here i you know i but there's a way to i think communicate and sometimes you just have to laugh but this this does have some entertaining entertainment value this is again remember what we were for four years for five years really when they began their attacks on trump once they realized that he wasn't just a joke that he actually had a chance at winning which it took him a little while to catch on to that but you look at this and you think we were told pretty much the whole time for at least four years we'll say for years we were told that we had to have the adults running the show again because trump of course was not an adult he was a juvenile at best maybe infantile in the minds of the left and so they just say wait until we take control and everything will be fine we are two months in we are two months in and no matter where you look disaster chaos joke implosion welcome to today's democrat party and by extension since learn control your nation back here in just a minute
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