Infrastructure, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday

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That is right, my friends. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. And yes, I am your host, Todd Huff. We're going to be talking about infrastructure. Today we're going to be talking about Easter Good Friday. I know some folks there's I know that there's folks that get offended by the term Easter. I don't mean it. That's just what is commonly referred to Resurrection Sunday. Anyway, we'll talk about those things and time permitting a couple of other things as well. But I want to I want to start by talking about infrastructure. And even though she wasn't necessarily talking about the infrastructure bill, Dr. Jill Biden, Dr. Joe Biden, I'm sure when talking about passing the inference so called infrastructure bill would have something to say similar to this.
the future?
Thank you. So say it with me.
See? that future is ours. Thank you for standing in front of what appears to be a Nazi flag. Si se Padre what the word si se puede a is what it is. Yes, we can. This was something that was made popular by during the Obama years. Si se puede a si se puede a I've seen all sorts of folks out there defending her saying that Hey, man, this is this is hard to say. See, say it sounds like si se Padre. To me. Yes, we father. Yes, we father. Is that what she's I don't know. Anyway, this is the smartest group of people Dr. Dr. Jill Biden may remind you see say Quadri not even Padre Padre. Anyway, so let's talk a little bit about infrastructure here. This morning this this piece of infrastructure legislation, supposedly I say supposedly, because there's a lot in this bill, that doesn't have anything to do with infrastructure. But you knew that already. This is how the game is played 2 trillion with a T $2 trillion dollar piece of legislation. In fact, speaking, we'll start here. I wasn't planning on playing this till a little bit later in the program, but I played this soundbite. This is at a press conference with Jen Psaki, who undoubtedly is circling back on all sorts of things. In the wake of that press conference, we'll be waiting with bated breath to see what she circles back with and how she fills in the gaps of things that she undoubtedly the not answered during this. this press conference but but a reporter from Fox News. Steve doocy not what's the younger deuces name? Peters the is a Peter. We're drawing blank here. But do see. I think it's Peters the kid I think anyway, Fox News reporter talking with her asking Jen Psaki, a question at this press conference points out how much of the $2 trillion
is actually set aside for so called infrastructure, when you think of infrastructure, what do you think of or what do you think it's meant to imply? Maybe that's even a better way of asking it? What do you think it's meant to imply isn't it meant to imply that we're going to fix roads and bridges primarily? You may be wondering why we even need to do that. And I I want to pause I think infrastructure is one of those things that actually is a responsibility of the federal government. This is something that well, not the whole bill, you'll, once we break this down, you'll know what I mean by that you probably do already. But we'll just kind of venture through that here in a moment. But it's it's meant to imply you know, just the network, the transportation network, I guess of the country. That's probably Rarely what it's meant to imply, and people will get behind this. Right people will get behind infrastructure in general. Now, that's I'm saying nothing else going on. I'm saying there's a tax increase with this. That's a problem. There is all sorts of democrat wish list, the liberals wish list tucked into this thing. trillions, well, over a trillion dollars for that as well. So the other things are problematic, but just in its in and of itself, a infrastruc infrastructure is not necessarily a bad thing. That's it is a bad thing. When you factor everything else going on how much they want to spend and how they want to do this. Be prepared to hear about something that Chuck Schumer and his team have just stumbled upon, that suddenly gives them the ability, they will say, to bypass the filibuster for virtually anything that they want. That's in this as well, because again, in the Senate, they're going to need 60 votes, if they follow the traditional rules, unless they try to somehow do budget reconciliation or work around to the filibuster, which seems to be what they're setting up to do here. And of course, the media will complicit Lee walk alongside of them and tell the American people that this is just me, and this is the way it's supposed to be. That's not the way it was when the Republicans had the house in the Senate. Nope, that's not the way that we did things that this would have been this would have been an assault. On our democracy, this would have been an abuse of power. This would have been trying to silence the voices of minorities, if this sort of behavior and strategy was undertaken by Republicans when they were in power. But you may be wondering, didn't we just didn't we just do something with infrastructure? Don't we hear this all the time? Well, I go back here I find an AP story December 4 2015. Just a little over five years ago. For a nice socialists that may be in the audience today, obviously needing some help with math. I'm kidding. But just a little bit. Here's what it says headline Obama signs This is an AP story. Obama signs five year infrastructure spending bill. Washington AP, a five year $305 billion bill to address the nation's aging and congested transportation systems was signed into law Friday by President Barack Obama who said it will put Americans to work and provide states with the federal help they need to commit to long term projects. I would say I don't know about you, but I would say a long term project would be one that would qualify for five years. This bill shouldn't even be done yet, should it? The bill, the article continues, was overwhelmingly approved by Congress a day earlier provides a modest increase the highway and transit spending, but falls short of the $400 billion over six years. The administration or administration official said is necessary to keep traffic congestion from worsening or to resolve how to pay for transportation programs in the long term. So five years ago, we needed $305 billion for a six year program, even though they wanted 400 billion. Now we get now we get and now we get basically what is it 400 billion to 2 trillion. That's the prize is that how much the cost of building roads and bridges has increased in five years, from 305 billion or even if you will, 400 billion, the cost of what was actually passed or What was
projected to be needed by the left 400 billion by the Obama administration. They only get 305 billion that's supposed to be spent over six years. It is Transportation and Infrastructure related. But we act as though that that never happened. I'm reminded of the American what is recovery or rescue and recovery act, which saved America from utter disaster supposedly saved us from a great depression. There's all these shovel ready jobs. Remember this Biden was in charge of restoring the economy the summer of recovery that took basically until Trump was in office to to fully hit remember this? They act but see this people don't even people don't care. People don't care about this. People don't think about this. People don't know this. You got to know what to Google. You have to understand well, and sometimes Google even wipes it from existence as well. So anyway, let's go back to deucey. Here, Peter. I think it is So Peter doocy is asking Jen Psaki, basically I'll play the whole question, but basically, this is a How are you calling this an infrastructure bill, if only five he says 5%. I haven't dived in or haven't dove into the numbers and to that level, but Peter doocy says it's 5% 5% of 2,000,000,000,005% of that. So he says happiny call it a piece of infrastructure, legislation. Listen, listen to this exchange, and it's quite telling on what they're trying to do. Here's Jen Psaki answering very masterfully, very mass for masterfully the question by doocy. from Fox News. Here it is.
And one of the most colorful examples that the President us yesterday, he asked if people remembered a bridge going down, but only 5% of the spending in this package goes towards roads and bridges. And I'm curious why that number is so low, and something that is being sold as an infrastructure package.
We're actually selling it as a once in a century or once in a generation investment in partly our infrastructure, but partly industries of the future.
Yeah, have you heard it sold like that? It may be to the left. In fact, if you look at headlines from the left, they are saying things I think it was Mother Jones, I saw this somewhere. And I'm gonna have to paraphrase. But basically, this is the closest thing to the green new deal that has ever been attempted to be passed or that they think can pass and be signed into law by by President Joe Biden. So I'll take a look after the break timeout is needed here in a moment, but after the break, we'll look at the fact sheet. That's what the White House has put out. fact check. These are the facts jack is Joe Biden would say, supposedly, we'll look at the fact sheet we'll look at what's in this we'll talk about that. And in the latter half of the program I want to talk about I want to talk about Easter, Resurrection Sunday, Good Friday. This is, folks, this is the most important weekend of of the year, we're remembering the most important event in the history of humanity, history of mankind this this weekend, what we are celebrating today or over this weekend is the single most important event in human history. It truly is the event that reconciles God and man once again, the event that opens to you and to me an opportunity to be reconciled to our Creator. So we'll talk about that as well. quick timeout is needed. Sit tight, and listen to hear the hum of conservative, not bitter talk, we will circle back to Jen Psaki, we'll circle back to this so called infrastructure bill on the other side of the break sit tight be back in a minute
welcome back you're listening here to the home of America's realities are self appointed by the way here to help the New York Times and the Obama excuse me excuse me the Biden administration Not to be confused with the Oh Biden Obama administration I'm here to provide my services at a phone calls notice to me the realities are here to help by the way This program is brought to you in part by again folks courage you to support our advertisers. We got a website where you can go to support our advertisers comm if a witness asking for a chance to give them a chance to earn your business. There's a whole list there but one of those is Edwards equipment. Folks at Edwards equipment rent they sell and service many makes and models of light weight residential or heavy duty commercial equipment. They're located in Danville You can find out more information on their website Edwards 317745642731774564 to seven Edwards So let's get back here to this transportation well this infrastructure so called infrastructure bill, the White House put out a fact sheet these are the facts jack is Joe Biden likes to say First point is that they say they're going to fix highways rebuild bridges up grade ports, airports and transit systems will modernize 20,000 miles of highways, they say roads and main streets, fix the 10 most economically significant bridges in the country and need of reconstruction. It will also repair the worst 10,000 smaller bridges, providing critical linkage to communities. This is typically what people think of with infrastructure. Now deucey said it was 5% set aside when you read a summary of the bill. When I have it says 621 billion. So roughly what is that about? 30%? I guess is what is what the administration would say is for roads and bridges. Again, doozy says that number is actually 5%. I haven't dug in deep enough to tell you but the point is it's not. It's not an infrastructure bill. In fact, it's a majority. It's 70%. Something else. So what is this something else? Well, I'm glad you asked because in addition to that, it is about delivering wealth from the White House is what they say delivering clean drinking water, a renewed electric grid. I will say this the electric grid, the power grid is something that needs to be thought about and dealt with an address. The question is just what are they going to do? What are they going to do here? Is it really going to make things better? Or is it going to be worse, as many times the government makes things of course worse, instead of better, high speed broadband to all Americans, then they want to build preserve and retrofit more than 2 million homes and commercial buildings, modernize our nation's schools and childcare facilities. And upgrade veterans hospitals and federal buildings also said that they want to solidify the infrastructure of our carry economy by creating jobs and raising wages and benefits for essential home workers. talk like this bothers me as a, I don't know, as a as an entrepreneur, as a small business guy. Government doesn't create jobs. In fact, what the government does more times than not, makes it harder for businesses to create jobs, harder for entrepreneurs to create jobs, because of the obstacles, the barriers, the rules, the regulation, the taxes, which is in this piece of legislation as well. They say they want to revitalize manufacturing, of course. You don't read, folks, it is so simple. It is so simple and obvious. For anyone who simply wants to understand this, you don't revitalize manufacturing, by raising by raising taxes. How is how is that going to help you? You take more money from corporations, seven percentage points, moving it from 21 to 28%?
You can say it's seven percentage points. But you can it's probably more appropriate to say that it increases the percentage that they take. It increases by 33%. Because you're taking a third of the 21%. I know numbers are hard over the radio. But you're adding a third of what the rate already isn't adding it on top of the current rate, taking it to 28%. That's not how is that good? How is that good for revitalizing manufacturing? How is that hard? Or how is that good on creating jobs? raising wages? How is this good? increasing taxes means that a business has less money on its bottom line to work with. So how is that? How is that good? How is that going to increase? wages and job opportunities? It's going to do the exact exact opposite as they think it's predictable. We know how this works. Thomas Sol has written about this who is brilliant. This is not complicated. It really isn't. Anyway, that's what else they say isn't this they want to invest in research and development. Train Americans for the jobs of the future. I can't imagine you really want to let the federal government train people for jobs is that we want to do look at the education system. The education system is completely broken. In this it is it's completely broken in this country. And now to fix it. I guess we're going to start training more people for jobs that really they're not being taught those things in schools today. Anyway, the primary objective in mind estimation of universities and colleges is to further the cause of radical liberalism to make people not like America as found that and desire something else, because it's being taught by a bunch of pointy headed elite, liberals who believe that America is a terrible place, and that it would be better if it was more like the Soviet Union. I had the I had the professors, folks, I had these professors. And they just think if you believe in free markets and capitalism that you're either a greedy selfish pig, right? hayseed hc who doesn't know anything, because capitalism is evil, they will tell you. communism is good, it sounds so good. They gloss over the fact that it killed the 100 million plus people in the 20th century, literally, not just communism, but primarily communism. But governments, governments killing their own people, 100 million plus, in the 20th century, now, just just a little fact that they want to kick to the side kick to the curb. Anyway, that's what this legislation is going to do supposedly help train Americans for jobs of the future. Here we go with more good job creation nonsense, create good quality jobs that pay prevailing wages, and a hat and a hat tip to the union workers out there and safe and healthy workplaces, while ensuring workers have a free and fair choice to organize. This is the removal of Right to Work laws, join a union and bargain collectively with their employers. They can do that today, the right to work to says you're not forced to join a union. Anyway, this is this is what the talking points in the fluff are. But the bottom line is it's not. It's not all infrastructure. It is an attempt to transform the type of economy we have. In fact, Biden said this, we talked about this briefly the other day, and he said it again. When he unveiled his plan here. He used the phrase I'm trying to find here as I'm scrolling. I'm not sure which one to think it's in this one this article and news or just the news calm. The Biden says we're going to reward work, not wealth. That's what apparently the government's job is the job of the government in the eyes of a liberal is to reward work. I don't even know what that means. I know what they want you to think it means what they want me to think it means that the government's job is to reward work, you'll find that in the Constitution, right? article, what is it article three, section two? Is that is that word is we we reward work, not wealth. This is not the way that the founders thought that the founders thought the government exists to do you know, define clearly define things.
And that individuals could live their lives. If you wanted to work for someone and could agree with the wages or compensation that they offered you you took the job? If you didn't, you didn't take the job. Right. I mean, that's that's how this started. Now, the government's coming in to make everything fair. And what's the cost of that? Do people who clamor for this clamor for this stuff, realize that there is a cost for the government to so called the so called come in and fix this and to make it fair, that that costs as at least a 7% tax increase seven percentage points, 33% overall increase of taxes on businesses? Do they not stop and think that maybe that money could have been used to pay workers and now it's gone is going to the federal government, it's the cost of doing business, the cost of having the federal government act as your arbitrator, your negotiator, then they're gonna take more of what you earn, if you earn too much. Doesn't sound like a system that I think is beneficial, or that is good for the cause of liberty and freedom. And the individual to keep first and foremost to have the right to keep the fruit of his or her labor. Anyway, this legislation is expensive. This legislation is mostly not about infrastructure. It's how the left passes all sorts of legislation and, and there's a fight here over this filibuster and these new rules and I want to touch on that just briefly, because I want to get to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday here by the end of the program as well, but I'll talk about the filibuster What's going on there? They're going hard after Joe Manchin now, Chuck Schumer somehow miraculously found with his aides something in the 1974 Senate rules that allow them to somehow somehow continually lose the filibuster for virtually anything and everything. It's an amazing feat. It is amazing. The media doesn't have any problem with this. The meaty media seems to be cheering this along. Acting as though this is the only thing that's going to save our democracy that and of course, passing HR one which in my estimation is the most dangerous thing. is still the most dangerous thing we're looking at even considering this mini green New Deal. You know, pieces of that legislation tucked away in this in this so called infrastructure bill timeout is an order though, you're listening here the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here. In just a minute.
Welcome back. I said I would talk briefly about this. And we're going to do this very briefly, because latter part of the program. I want to talk about resurrection. Good Friday. I like to talk about those things during the appropriate time of year especially, and it is Good Friday today. So we're looking at the Senate. Right, so the Senate, we've been through this a couple of times, I've explained it, you have a good understanding of the rules, you know, how this works. You know, that in modern history to get anything done in the Senate have real? I don't know controversial, controversial legislation, you really need 60 votes to end debate. Right. That's that's just how it works. And when republicans are in control of the Senate, it is a great thing. The media loves the filibuster, Democrats use the filibuster, there's nothing wrong with the filibuster is necessary to prevent the majority from trampling on the rights of the minority, giving the minority a voice in the Senate, protecting them from all of the evils of the Republican Party wants to perpetrate upon the well, racial minorities and the people from the lower socioeconomic classes. This is how it's portrayed. It's totally fabricated and made up silliness, but that's how it's portrayed. When the shoes on the other foot when democrats have the house, they have the White House, and of course, they have the set, but they only have the senate because they have the White House, the Senate 5050 the senate while other people would say there's other reasons they have the Senate. I don't want to get into that. But they have the senate because they have the White House. It's 5050. So Kamala Harris, probably laughing all the way to to vote in the Senate is the tie breaking vote. She's the tie breaking vote, however, that only gives them 51, even with the tie breaking vote, so it's 5050. How do they come up with 10? other votes? Right? How do they passed this radical legislation? How do they pass massive spending and tax increases and all that without 60 votes? Because as mitch mcconnell came out and said yesterday, basically republicans are not going to be on board with this because of the tax increases. Mitch McConnell, basically saying, look, we would entertain, we would enter turn the infrastructure battle, but we're not going to vote to see taxes increased on numerical measures. Right? This is the sort of thing mitch mcconnell would say. And this is, you know, you say, how do you get to 60 votes? Well, they're not going to if all republicans or even most republicans hold firm on that you can't get to 60 however, however, this has been reported first in Politico, but also in the Blaze. And that's where I want to look at this is in the Blaze. If I can find this because I pulled that McConnell article up. Here it is. Schumer and dems have a plan to dodge the filibuster, and pass Biden's big spending agenda. sub headline here, it's so crazy. It just might work and backfire if Republicans win the next election, I think it's a little bit with all due respect to the boys. I think it's a little bit foolish at this point to talk about if Republicans win the next election because I think the calculation here is can we pass all this radical stuff that will give us a permanent majority Right, the democrats ran the show in the House and Senate for a long period of time, a really, really long period of time.
I think until was it until 1994, when the republicans overtook the kind of won the house out of out of nowhere might have been slightly before that. But there was a large chunk of time I'm talking is long time, decades, where Democrats ran Congress both both branches. And so they they long for those those years again. And so if they can use these rules in their favor, not just the past the radical legislation, but also to create with this HR one, which is why I'm saying it's the most dangerous thing that's out there. Basically, telling states you can't ask for voter id basically telling states, you have to have mean all sorts of things that are not secure for elections, yet the I mean, make voting by mail as easy as possible. And the easier that it is, of course, the easier it is to take advantage of that system and to increase fraud. But the left will tell you there's not there's no fraud. It's an amazing thing. People respect, respect elections, this country is run by in the minds of the radical left, white supremacists, but the white supremacist will not, under any circumstances try to take advantage of an electoral system election system that gives them an opportunity to make sure that they're persons in power. It's an amazing thing. It's an amazing thing to think that's how these folks think, but it's not how they think they instead see it as a way to make sure that they can. Well, you know what it does? I don't I don't know what else to say about this. But the point is, they can't do these things. They can't pass these things without doing something with the filibuster. However, Chuck Schumer's aides and Chuck Schumer himself have sat down and found out found out that there's a way to bypass this it's called section 304. And the top Schumer aides This is actually this is in the blaze article. It's being quoted from CBS News top Schumer aides have asked the parliamentarian in the US Senate. This is the same parliamentarian that said that you cannot include the minimum wage increase under budget reconciliation. But they are asking the parliamentarian about using section 304 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 to allow for a second reconciliation process this fiscal year. Remember, there's supposed to be a limited number of times that you can use budget reconciliation. The parliamentarian is an expert on the obscure procedures of the Senate and can determine whether certain actions are permitted under Senate rules. The blaze writes here at the parliamentarian agrees with Schumer's argument the Democratic majority in the Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris's tie breaking vote could use budget reconciliation. This is the important part as many times as they please, to pass any bill that is related to the budget. But even should the parliamentarian disagree, Schumer still has options. The Democrats can pass the fiscal year 2022 budget resolution this year and the fiscal year 2023 budget resolution next year, giving them an opportunity to use budget reconciliation, at least twice more during Biden's term. There's also the nuclear option which essentially would allow the democrats to bypass the filibuster on issues that they want to try to it's the same way that it happened with the courts, the court nominations. It started when democrats said for federal court positions, we're going to use the nuclear option, which means we're not going to have the filibuster apply to this republicans and took that and use it for the Supreme Court nominations, which is how we got Gorsuch Cavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett all, none of which had 60 votes. Anyway, I wanted to touch on that I wanted to give you an update these thing. That's why we talk about the filibuster. That's why we talk about HR one so much because I believe that these two things are critically important. critically important to not just what happens right now but to the future of our ability of our ability to fight back against this nonsense to the election. Election processes through the election itself. So timeouts in order, taking a quick break here when we come back, I want to talk about Good Friday, I want to talk about Easter Sunday Resurrection Sunday. And we'll do that after the break. Sit tight. back here in just a minute.
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Welcome back, my friends. Again, Good Friday, just want to say in closing, not everyone that's listening to this program. You know, shares shares my beliefs and that's that's okay. That's okay. But it is what I believe is factually accurate. And it is something that applies to all people. We don't have to agree on this to be friends and agree on other things that you can think I'm crazy, that's okay on this. But that doesn't change the fact that I believe as do millions of other professing Christians around the world that this weekend, God died for you for me and he offers you the free gift of salvation. Just by accepting that and I thank you for listening. scgc Monday.