Divide And Conquer

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Have you read Trump's statements or heard Trump's statement? You've probably at least seeing the fallout from Trump's statement regarding Major League Baseball regarding boycotts regarding that sort of stuff. I want to read this President Trump's statement. This is what it says For years the radical left Democrats have played dirty by boycotting products when anything for that company is done or stated in any way that offends them. Now they are going big time. With an all caps here woke canceled culture and our sacred elections. It is finally time to fight back. I should mean it's finally time for Republicans and conservatives to fight back. We have more people than they do by far. exclamation point. boycott, Major League Baseball, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, Viacom, CBS, Citigroup, Cisco ups and Merck don't go back to their products until they relent, we can play the game better than than them. They didn't even get approval of state legislatures, which is mandated under the new US Constitution. They rigged and stole our 2020 presidential election which we won by a landslide. And then on top of that, boycott and scare companies into submission, never submit never give up. The radical left will destroy our country if we let them. We will not become a socialist nation. Sorry, the last slide is Happy, Happy Easter. So that's for former President Donald J. Trump. And look, folks, I mean, this was in response, this was in response to my goodness i. So, it is a series of responses right? The so this this goes back to the state of Georgia passing their voter integrity law. Their voter, which which entails voter ID, which which by the way entails expanded, expanded in person early voting. This is being framed and and portrayed by the radical radical leftist and the media as some sort of a atrocity Jim Crow law. That's what Biden in the radical left have been calling this. This is an extension. This is going back to the days of Jim, Jim Crow laws. You can say that this is all part of the fallout from the 2020 election. Right. So what we had was we had the situation and 2020. We had states, like say Pennsylvania, for example, in in Georgia as well, that took measures oftentimes by you know, put into place by people in the executive branch or the courts wasn't done by the legislature's they created a situation created rules for the election that we're in some cases not allowed, and in other cases expressly. What I want to say denied or refused by legislatures. Right. So they said, we're going to do things that the law doesn't allow, in some cases, we know things that, you know, the legislature doesn't even want to have happen. And we're going to make those part of our election in 2020 because of COVID right? Because of COVID, so we have dropped boxes, we have expanded vote by mail, we're going to take those ballots that come in, as long as we need them to come in. I remember saying this before the election, we talked about this. I remember I remember a graphic that we created, that showed the states that were going to take ballots days and weeks after the election saying that we wouldn't even know for some time because of this nonsense. And of course, it's not it wasn't hard to predict. It wasn't hard to predict. And that's, of course, what happened. Then you have the allegations, which we're not allowed to talk about. So you to my apologies. Not really. But look, we're not allowed to talk about the things that were raised by the accusations and the allegations of those who signed affidavits. 1000s. As I understand it, I've signed affidavits, alleging all sorts of things, all sorts of wrongdoing. And they run the gamut. And by the way, it doesn't mean any of these things can be proven to be true. It doesn't mean that they can either, because folks, they never were really heard a lot of these cases were thrown out because of things like standing. The cases were never truly listened to the allegations. Now you have a bunch of state legislatures that are going through the process of trying to fix the problem without definitively state saying one way or the well without saying the election was stolen from President Trump. They're saying, look, we had a bunch of stuff go wrong in our state elections, the way that it was, the way that it was run, the way that it was, I don't know, carried out the way that it was, you know, we just had to tighten up the rules, the way that COVID was used to basically make voting. But no one wants to make voting hard. It needs to be hard enough to be secure. That's it. That's really it. And that anytime there's a restriction or a regulation put in place, it's not republicans stripping away voting rights. These drop boxes became a thing during COVID, this mail in mass mail in ballot thing became a thing. In most states, some kids, some states do this. Others do not you can't just arbitrarily and suddenly drop a massive change on the system. And expect there not to be any problems. But these things were all accelerated under the guise of or if you're more sympathetic to the reasoning, you can say under the the rationale of where we got because of COVID-19. And so now states are going through the process, and they're saying, look, this is what we're going to allow this is what we're not going to allow in addition to this, you have the radical left, the radical foaming at the mouth, unhinged, extremely crazy left. They are they have created and they are endorsing, and they are clamoring for the passage of HR one, which is the so called for the people act. Give me a break. It's not for the people. It's for the Democrat Party. It's for a permanence and power is for basically making it impossible for Republicans to win elections. And every time there's a voter ID laws, not because it's not because it's racist as the radical left and her friend texted me, I didn't see this. I didn't see this live. But apparently, Charles Barkley had some comments on this that I'm going to time permitting share today as well. But this goes back to 2027. This goes into the battle for control over US elections was constitutionally By the way, constitutionally, elections are controlled by the states. The states can make up their own rules as to how they manage their particular elections. The federal government is trying to say, Well, wait a minute, because well, let me back up. The Democrat Party is trying to say this for the people act, we have to have uniformity we have to have Who cares? The Constitution says they want to loosely interpret part of the Constitution so that they can deny another part of the Constitution that's clear there, which is that states have the right to run their elections and they say, look, we're gonna nationalize this. We're gonna fix all these problems. We're going to do away with things like voter ID. We're going to expand mailing ballots, we're going to do all these things, things. Actually they want to do the things that that were precisely part of the problem in our 2020 elections. That's what they want to do. They want to nationalize it and make that the law of the land. By the way, we're in a state Indiana I'm in a state in Indiana that that runs a pretty good election. La Indiana has done a good job. We have voter id gasp, the audacity. But Indiana does a good job at running elections. Folks, if you want to vote, you can vote if you're legally allowed to do so. And it's not that hard. You have, what? A year from the next primary, which was a little bit over a year, which would be may of 2022. And there you can register anytime between now and then. Best seems like to me if you're serious, you can you can do that. There's a way to do that. And you can also get a an ID, I believe in the Canada's free IDs as well, if you can't afford one and don't have a say a driver's license or something. I'm believe that's the case. So you can I mean, none of this stuff is designed to stop you. It's just designed to make it secure. This is not a complicated, complicated process. But anyway, so what's happened here, you got two sides of this. You got one side that makes sense. Another side that's complete lawlessness and chaos and disorder led by the Democrats. And so in a power grab as well with the attempts to try to pass HR one the for the people at Give me a break. So this, we're on this almost Well, with this were two dramatically different courses. And so and so because of the way that the Georgia law has been demonized because of the way it's been portrayed, and criticized in ways that are factually false. Were the fact checkers. Brian stone. Brian Stelter, I saw someone inviting Brian Stelter, Brian Stelter is going to be the, I guess, the primary guest for a fact checker event. Brian Stelter, CNN, no one from CNN should be allowed in that building. Wherever this fact checker, special event is being held, let alone be the keynote speaker, the main guest, the primary narrator or whatever he's going to be at this stupid event. Anyway, so you have this we have two dramatically different worlds that people are living in one of them is, is created in the fantasy world of the Liberal Democrat and the media's mind, they create it out of whole cloth. And people believe it, then there's a place called reality, where people understand the importance of voter id where people understand the importance of making sure that certainly we provide ways for people to vote as accommodating as is reasonable, impossible. But the main, the main objective, is to make sure that ultimately, those counts are correct, and that we have a safe and secure election. And we can't really understand the depth and the risk and the forces at play against safe and secure elections if we're not allowed to talk about them, which is really what's happened in the wake of 2020. And so all this kind of has come to a head. It's kind of percolating and boiling over here. And Major League Baseball, because of calls from the left, even Joe Biden said he would, he would support baseball doing this, polling the all star game out of Georgia, pulling the all star game out of Georgia, so that mom, because Georgia is apparently in instituting Jim Crow laws by this by this piece of legislation. So what we're going to do is, after the break, I want to share Heritage Foundation they did a they did a fact and fiction sort of thing on this legislation. I want to share comments from Charles Barkley which are related, I think indirectly to this. And we're going to talk a little bit about this, we're going to break it down, we're going to look at what's really at stake and we're going to look at this just the insanity of the position that says that the things that the state of Georgia is doing is somehow racist. Folks, this law, the state of Georgia's law, is very similar to what we would have here in the state of Indiana and in other states. And in other states, they're pitching a fit, no pun intended with the Major League Baseball, all star game there, but they are pitching a fit for the intent with the intent of somehow using this as momentum to redirect the conversation for support for their stupid HR one, which I'm telling you, in my mind at this particular point in time may be the most dangerous piece of legislation they have introduced. They have on their docket. It may be the most dangerous piece That's saying quite a bit because of some of the things they want to get accomplished. So, timeout is in order. Taking a break here, come back and pick up and share some of the facts and well, dealing with these myths, these talking points led by the Democrat Party, the media, and even Joe Biden will do that after the break. Sit tight and listen to the conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute. Welcome back. Let's take a moment here to look at Heritage action. I said Heritage Foundation. This is a wing of heritage foundation heritage action for America. Myth versus fact the Georgia election law. You can find this, I can even post this maybe we'll do that a little bit later today, heritage action calm. Myth versus fact the Georgia election law Myth number one, the Georgia election law discourages voting slash suppresses votes. Right. This is the first thing that they want you to believe they want you to believe that this piece of legislation is designed to discourage people from voting and suppress the votes, especially votes of people who would have voted for Democrats. That's what they want you to believe fact, according to heritage action.com, the bill actually preserves or expands ballot access and several important ways. It requires that large precincts with lines more than an hour long take steps like adding voting machines and election personnel for the next election to reduce wait times. That seems so racist to me. Just kidding. But that's what this is portrayed as. It is not changed the number of total early voting days and actually increases the mandatory days of early voting. So a county a precinct can determine how many voting days early voting days and has the state law has increased how many days those counties must have. So in a way, for some counties, they're gonna have more early voting days because the mandatory number has been increased in some we're only doing the mandatory minimums. It is an actually so it increases early I'm sorry, early weekend voting so it changed the number of early voting days for the weekend. All those comments I made were pertaining to early voting on the weekend, compared to 2020 134 of 159. counties will offer more early voting hours in future elections under the new law. Does that sound like it's suppressing the vote to you? More early voting hours in 134 of 159 Georgian counties, it codifies election dropboxes made meaning. Again, folks, these drop boxes were put in place without the law. They just weren't done because of well, COVID. Now the law says we're gonna put drop boxes up. By law by law, this time by the state legislature voters can continue to vote absentee with no excuse. And this heritage goes on to point out here that that's not the case in places like Delaware Biden's homestate ride in the tray, the Amtrak train just one of the people. One of the boys run the Amtrak train from Delaware to to Washington DC for half a century as he was serving serving the American people. New York also doesn't have no excuse absentee voting Connecticut doesn't as well blue states. Those states all require extra that require an excuse in order to gain an absentee ballots. So that's Myth number one. Myth number two. According to heritage action for America, the Georgia law eliminates voting on Sunday to suppress African American votes fact the law was silent on Sunday early voting prior to Senate Bill 202. And in 2020, only 16 of 159 counties offered early voting on Sundays. The new law explicitly provides the option of holding early voting on two Sundays for all localities. So now there's an option in the law. For counties you got to think if you're a county running an election, this is not a small, you know, this is this is the big this is what these the main function of the So the county clerk, I guess on is to run these elections. And so this is some folks have problems getting volunteers and so forth. You can't make the minimum requirements so heavy that these counties can't run elections. But the law now speaks to this. There's an option of holding early voting on Sundays. To Sundays for all localities that actually increases the mandatory days of early weaken voting across the state. Again, where what is being done here to so called suppress the vote? Remember, this is the law that was passed in Georgia, signed into law by Brian Kemp, where we had one of the Congress, women in the state of Georgia staged a protest where she got arrested, then they acted like that was basically you know, Rosa Parks. That's what they want you to believe here. This is the law that then inspired I guess, or upset the Major League Baseball so much, that they will move their All Star game from the state of Georgia. I wonder if they're gonna move the Atlanta Braves from the state of Georgia. Anyway, myth three. The Georgia election law suppresses the vote with unrest voter id requirements fact the law requires a driver's license, oh my goodness, you have to prove you're gonna have to show an identification for who you are to cast the ballot in Georgia Oh, by the humanity here. But if you don't have a driver's license, guess what? That's okay. A free state ID number will be provided free. It's not a poll tax. It's not designed to keep anyone away, is designed shockingly to make sure that elections are held with integrity. Actually, at this point, at this point in time, 97% of registered voters already have either a driver's license or free state ID number 19 97%. Anyone without a valid ID can easily obtain one for free the voter id requirement replaces the state's controversial signature, a signature match program that led to the disqualification of 1000s of votes in 2020. The laws voter id requirement for absentee ballots is overwhelmingly popular in Georgia across the board. According to a recent poll in January 74% of Georgia voters supported it, including 63% of black voters and 89%. Of those making under $25,000. a year. Myth number four the bill eliminates drop boxes for absentee voting fact the drop boxes used in the last election did not exist a year ago they were first utilized, and 2020 as a pandemic precaution. The ballot makes them an official part of Georgia elections and they will be available in all 159 counties in Georgia and under supervision to protect against tampering. That's really what they're upset about. Put these things under super supervision of tampering, wait a minute, we don't like that that's got to be racist, or that's got to be something that we had to call that something what folks, baseball moves, they're all star game over this. That's where all this is starting. This goes back to the 2020 elections and the actions taken by by people in the executive branch across this country to implement these rules without the Congress of their state their state legislature voting on the changes and everything from drop boxes, to mass mail, by our ballots by mail to take your pick, relaxing all sorts of rules, extending deadlines, whatever. Now these states are cleaning this up, making sure that the will of the state legislature for how an election is run is now firmly in place and very clear. And these radicals even when they get a lot of what they want and want to paint this as racist as an attack on our democracy, to the point where they are petitioning places like Major League Baseball to pull their All Star game out of here. Now they're having second thoughts as well. Stacey Abrams says, Wait a minute, you're just hurting the people of Georgia. Well, no kidding. You think that's the case? Ms. Abrams? Of course, that's the case. But this is what they do. They stir you into a frenzy. And this leads into Charles Barkley's comments. There's one more myth I want to deal with. Here in this, that heritage talks about what to do on the other side of the brain come along in the segment oz. And for me, it is time to take a break, but we'll look at that. We'll listen to Barclays comments, because this is what Barclays While not he doesn't hit the mark. Exactly. But he's pretty darn close to truth and you know what's good about that? He said it during I don't know this before tip off of the final for halftime or sometime during that, that broadcast when lots of people who are candidly I hate to say this clueless as to what's really going on they only hear the headlines. And they listen to someone up there who they you know, they're entertained by they maybe respect a little bit I don't know. They hear this maybe for the very first time. Not saying they openly accept the truth of it, but I am saying for the first time they may have heard it and at least become somewhat aware that their viewpoints saying that this is what our politicians do to us and how they do this divide and conquer strategy so timeouts in order one more myth that we're going to deal with after the break and then Charles Barkley his comments you're listening here at the home of conservative not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute. Welcome back you are listening to America's realities are self appointed here to help the New York Times out in the Biden ministration. I'm here to help. Indian realities are let me know happy to provide my services. By the way This program is brought to you in part by our friends. At Wallace construction. Wallace construction is a family owned business with approaching 50 years of experience with asphalt paving sealcoating patching. If you have an upcoming project, consider contacting the folks at Wallace construction. You can call them 317-422-5356 317-422-5356 Wallace construction, Inc. That's I NC Wallace construction inc.com they service commercial, industrial, residential and municipal markets here in the greater Indianapolis area 317-422-5356 walls construction inc.com going back to the fact and fiction here of this Georgia election law. Myth number five according to heritage action for America, the bill lets republicans throw out any county votes they don't agree with this is another thing that you'll hear people say about this fact, the bipartisan state election board can do performance reviews of local election supervisors who fail their areas voters with things like long lines and unfulfilled absentee ballot requests. So the state is going to have an oversight board of the county elections, the elections are being run by the county. Right and so they're going to be looking at things and holding, holding the people that run the local elections accountable. the audacity to do to do something like that in the world of a and in the liberal world today. The board will not overturn election results. The law simply provides a process to review and ensure officials are technically competent and complying with state laws and regulations. So if someone running a law in a particular county in Georgia does an atrocious job of getting absentee ballots processed or whatever the case may be long lines whatever, they will be basically held accountable by the state. This process requires a high burden of proof over multiple elections in the state elections board may only suspend up to four election supervisors at any given time which guards against using the process to try to influence the outcome of elections again, what's the problem? What's the objective problem there's not anything here to be upset about there just isn't there is not last minute there was one more myth I overlooked this I told you there was one more that there's one more after the one more I told you about. Myth six the bill bans drinking water Oh, this is my favorite. The bill bans drinking water from voters while waiting in line. You've heard Biden even comment on this. Come on. It can't even he can't even take water to somebody in line. What is this? Is the atrocious man we gotta do something about this. This is this is Jim Crow laws. What are we doing here man? Come on. Biden, right. This is this is how he deals with this doesn't even know what he's talking about is just keep repeating. Come on, man. Right. Keep repeating. There used to be a segment on maybe there still is I don't watch it anymore. But ESPN. On Monday Night Football called Come on man and Biden could be a perfect candidate for that he needs to have his own little segment anyway. The facts are like the countless other states that have very specific laws against electioneering. Your polling places jury Georgia has codified rules, preventing political groups from handing out food or water to voters in line as an incentive to vote. So in other words, you can't be lobbying for the people coming to the polls to vote for a particular candidate, and say something like, Hey, will you vote for Stacey Abrams, if so, here's a nice, beautiful bottle of water for you. You can't do that. And folks, you shouldn't be able to do that. But the law specifically allows that listen to this poll workers to make water available to anybody who wants it. So they make it sound like what they're trying to do is create long lines. probably bring in some heaters or something to make people hot and thirsty, dry them out, and then say you can't give them water because what we're trying to do is get these people out alive. We don't want them voting want them dehydrated, we want them on the verge of dying of thirst. Right? That's what they want you to believe. But the poor workers can take water to them. You know why? Because the poor workers are supposed to be this is questionable in many places. Let me questionable based upon what I saw, say in the city of Detroit, but poll workers as opposed to be unbiased. I can tell you where I am. That's pretty much true. I've never run into I know who the democrat is when I check in she and I talk we Converse she, I think she knows what I do. She knows I'm a conservative. We're cordial. She doesn't try to lobby me to vote for the Democrat. We have a nice time we exchanged pleasantries and we go about our business. She could bring me water in Georgia. Make water available porters can make water available to anyone who wants to law also directly cut down will also directly cut down wait times meaning refreshment for people waiting in line will be less necessary. That's another important point instead of the trying to reduce the lines, make these counties be held accountable for long lines. If there's, you know, too long of a line you're supposed to bring in voting machines. I mean, this is this is beyond misrepresentation. What this law is, this is this is sinister, folks. This is sinister. And now it's being used by corporations like delta and Coca Cola and now Major League Baseball to punish the people of Georgia for a law that makes complete sense. For a law that is nothing like what we're being told that it is for a law that is completely reasonable, justifiable, believable, something that every person should be able to get behind this law. These folks are intentionally misrepresenting this, they want you to believe that Republicans are trying to silence the vote of those that are not going to statistically vote for Republicans. That's what they want you to believe. And of course, that means that they target the black community because the black community votes 85% plus for Democrats, though, before Trump It was 97% or whatever it was. Anyway, that's this the real fears they have Trump and Trump runs again, possibly. And we don't have something like HR one in place. That can mean real problems. States have tightened up their elections. Makes you wonder why doesn't it anyway, timeout is an order here. Can we get back I'm gonna play the soundbite from Barkley, which he's right on and a lot of ways I think you'll like this quick timeout though. back here in just a minute. Welcome back. Let's get to this Charles Barkley. soundbite this clip that was played during the final for this weekend. By the way national championship game is tonight. I did watch I did watch Gonzaga. And Higgins Agha play drawing a complete blank here at the moment UCLA Gonzaga UCLA. I think that was perhaps the best I don't know the last time I saw college basketball game that was that was that good. That was an incredible basketball game. truly incredible front end. I mean, just amazing. Amazing game anyway, during this, they made some sort of, there was some segment and at the conclusion of the segment, Barkley made these comments and I want you to listen to this. I think you'll agree with a big chunk of what he says here. Okay, give me a second here. We're having our our problem. This is why just Listen to this thing during the break. try this again. Share that news, how painful it was. Yeah, but the one thing I took out of that piece was, man, I think most white people, and black people are great people. I really believe that in my heart. But I think our system is set up for our politicians, whether they're Republicans or Democrats are designed to make us not like each other. So they can keep their grasp of money and power. They divide and conquer. I truly believe in my heart, most white people, and black people are awesome people. But we're so stupid, following our politicians, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, and their only job is, hey, let's make these people not like each other. We don't live in their neighborhoods. We're all got money. Let's make the whites and blacks not like each other. Let's make rich people and poor people not like each other. Let's Let's scramble the middle class. I truly believe that in my heart. Okay, so that's Barkley has comments, which again, sound a lot like some of the things you would have heard me say here on this program, except where I don't think he's 100%. Right. It's Look, I I am not a fan. I am not a when people ask me what my political beliefs are, or when they asked me if I'm a Republican, my tipic my answer is really no, I'm not really a Republican. I hold my nose a lot of times, when voting for Republicans, it's just that the democrat side, I have to I had to put myself in a hazmat suit, push that button. Right. And so it's, it's just that the democrats are the ones that are masters at this, and I'm not excusing some of the things republicans do they like to, they like to do some of the same things as well, which is one of those things is the promise to solve a problem for decades. The promise to solve it to, to do fundraising on an issue to do all these things, these promises, these, just all these, you know, guarantees that they're going to do X, Y and Z. They never do it. They come back to their constituents. Man, I just need more money. You got to reelect me this, this fights harder than I thought, come on, man. Biden, that is something Biden's they come on man about because that's just not the way that don't ask me to do that anymore. Get get it, get it done. Right. And I understand there's real problems in Washington, DC. But it's a game to a lot of these folks and their content with having Americans literally hate each other because that causes them to fall in line behind a leader, whoever that is, who's saying the things that they want to say that they want to hear. And they throw their support behind this person. Berkeley's right on this divide and conquer is the strategy. I did any politics, class warfare, that's what they specialize in. Gotta take a break back here in just a minute. Welcome back, my friends, waning moments of the program. But that's just a quick, I guess, summary rundown of how we got to this point, how we got to the point of Trump now calling for a boycott of Major League Baseball, coke Delta Airlines. I mean, it is it is, you know, it's gonna continue to be like this. It's going to be continued to be tense. We have two diametrically opposed political ideologies. The Democrats are doing everything they can to take advantage of these opportunities before them. Believe me when I say this, they can see the finish line and that is a permanent majority. And that election law will help them do that. I gotta go sddc tomorrow. Take care.