The Media Is In Full Propaganda Mode

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My goodness I've been talking all that time there with my microphone off Welcome to The Todd Huff Show I'm here is Todd Huff helping you navigate some crazy tumultuous times with the media with the just things that are happening in the world around us you've tuned in to the right place. Thomas conservative not bitter talking. Yes, even America's realities are here email Tata Tata showed calm questions, comments, feedback, adoration and praise all accepted at that email address. I want to start really quickly just with the something that you may have seen. Reverend Raphael warneke you see this ordained minister, radical leftist, communist, Castro, sympathizer Raphael Warnecke. Senator now from the state of Georgia, he talks about a state that's got massive problems. Welcome to the State of Georgia. What's Of course by extensive means Welcome to the United States of America because we've got two radicals that were elected in the state of Georgia. Anyway, we've got Raphael warneke and Easterday tweet a pastor, right a pastor, Pastor should know what Easter is all about. This is what his tweet said. You ready for this? If you've not heard this, the meaning of Easter is more transcendent than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The meaning of this Easter is, it's even superior to just the resurrection is what he's saying here. He goes on to say whether you are a Christian or not through a commitment to helping others we are able to save ourselves. What on earth is he taught, I mean, from a Christian perspective, as a pastor, he literally goes, he deleted this tweet. At least he had the sense enough to do that. Or he got enough pushback to where someone in his offices Hey, man, here to take this thing down. This is really causing a problem. Through the what is it through a commitment to helping others we are able to save ourselves this is exactly the opposite pastor of why Jesus had to die on the cross we are completely unable to save ourselves. And what's transcendent? What, what greater meaning? What, what's what's the greater lesson of Easter besides the, the truth that Jesus died, and rose to save the world from its sins and to reconcile that world with God himself? What in the world pastor, Reverend, radical leftist this insanity? Anyway, I just want to make sure you you heard that if you hadn't seen that or read that or whatever this is, this is the sort of stuff that passes is thoughtful in the world of the radical left, especially the radical left wing. Those that those that want to combine their ideology with with Christian theology, this is what they come up with. This is somehow this is somehow a good thing. This is somehow helpful to them as they push their legislative agenda what's also helpful. What's also helpful to the radical left pushing its radical agenda is the help of the insane media and folks, we are dealing I was looking today. Again, we don't do themes on this program, but as I was preparing the show and pulling articles together, I just It is amazing to me. I'm gonna give some series of things as has as they are being reported in the media, but it is amazing to me.What is happening out here. Yeah, even Even as someone that was anticipating this, I don't know, it's something different. I tell people, you know, experience, you know, this to experience is always different than what you're we're even though you know, for example, I like to use this example when before my wife and I had children, we knew everybody knows that you're going to lose hours of sleep, everyone knows that, it's there's going to be times of difficulty and just just tough times, right? Tough times when you have a little one in the house, and maybe they're not sleeping or they're waking up, and who knows all this sort of thing. But it's a totally different thing. When you're in month three or month six, right in front of getting the parents out there listening new parents, you know what I mean by this, like, you knew you knew heading into it, that you were going to lose your sleep, but there's something totally different or that adds to the, the knowledge base, through the experience of actually having done it actually having to get up and, you know, function in the midst of all that. And there's something different between knowing what was coming. I don't wanna say different but it, it adds a perspective having having loved it, it's still remarkable to me, even though it's totally predictable, it is still remarkable to me to see what these jokers these propagandists in the media, try to get away with. And folks, maybe even more than that is what they are able to get away with, with a certain pay a certain segment of the American population. Listen to this, this is a New York Times article. To build support for his plan. This is the so called infrastructure plan, which now a parliamentarian has ruled they can use budget reconciliation again, wait, I'm telling you buckle buckle up for where this is gonna go. Buckle up for where this is going to go with rulings on what can can be done. Remember, budget reconciliation was only supposed to be used as a once or twice potentially a fiscal year, I believe. Now we're looking at using this, perhaps indefinitely, they haven't made a final ruling on whatever the rule is 307 I think, ruling 307 they're, they're pushing that to where they can effectively use the budget reconciliation process, whereby bypassing the filibuster on virtually anything they want. They're waiting for a ruling on that. But there was a ruling that wasn't directly related to that that allow them to yet again, use budget reconciliation to pass to pass this infrastructure plan, which by the way, is another way of saying they don't. This is the opposite of bipartisanship. Remember, bipartisanship is I've said this before, when republicans are in power. The media talks about bipartisanship as some sort of a great thing, bipartisanship because it allows the left to shape the agenda. And if something isn't bipartisan, it's really, really bad when republicans are in charge. However, when the democrats are in charge, they'll throw the word around. And if they can get a couple of moderate Republicans to jump on to their radical legislation. They're happy to do that. And they'll claim that it's bipartisan. But now they've pretty much given up all hope. That's why they've pushed so hard to override this. This filibuster. Now, granted, the filibuster requires 60 votes, which is of course, which would require 10 Republicans. But still, it would require at least some Republicans if you're doing a 5050 vote in the Senate, you technically don't have to have the vote of one single republican assuming you can get the vote of Joe Manchin, who by the way I saw I saw may have some problems with passing or voting for this so called so called infrastructure bill, National Review headline from yesterday, Manson comes out against Biden infrastructure bill. Anyway, I don't want to get into that. But this is this is the overall point is where we're where we're headed here. So so the media, in particular, the New York Times The New York Times is effectively saying that bipartisanship is the headline to support to build support for his plan. Biden offers his own take on bipartisan Now you might think what does that mean? Doesn't bipartisan have a definition? It certainly does, just like Raphael Warnock he's not a member of the media, but one that feeds the media's and insanity in his talking points that they gobble up and redistribute to the general population or to their audience anyway, as though what is the gospel Pun intended truth? Anyway, bipartisan has a definition. But Biden is supposedly According to The New York Times giving his own take on bipartisanship. And effectively, let me see if I can find the line here. But effectively. What they're saying is that Yeah, he may not have bipartisan votes. Here it is. Here's the line. And instead of paring back his ambitious his ambitions and an effort to limit opposition from Republicans in the Senate or appease a moderate Democrats in the House, this is what that infrastructure bill, Mr. Biden and his allies on Capitol Hill are barreling ahead with unabashed, unapologetically bold, expensive measures. So either unapologetically bold or not dangerous, unconstitutional behavior. That's what it would have been if Trump was president doing this. He's barreling ahead with unapologetic and and unapologetically spit it out there bold, expensive measures, betting they can build bipartisanship from voters, I guess, from voters nationwide rather than from elected officials in Washington. So bipartisanship now means I guess if some Republican in the entire nation believes that Biden's infrastructure, so called infrastructure bill is good, then that's bipartisan. They could be a republican and Massachusetts, Republican in the People's Republic of California, Seattle, Seattle, Tacoma Washington area, they can be anywhere one republican boom by partisan because that person's republican voter. and by extension, we now have bipartisan support. This has never been done before. But again, the propagandists are at full speed ahead here. Because they've got to get you and me, even though it's not going to work with us. But they've got to get us collectively as Americans to reimagine what these words mean. look at things differently so that what we're witnessing before our very eyes isn't as chaotic and nonsensical as it really and truthfully, as which of course it is. If you find yourself pinching yourself, sometimes looking in the mirror saying, Do I live in a different universe after being after you've been subjected to one of these crazy reports from the radical leftist in the media and the professional deceivers? No, nothing is wrong with you What? There's something wrong with the people on the other side of the camera with Jim Acosta's of the world, I've got a soundbite from him. With what's it's you mici is that our senators and our last name, I don't have that that one pulled up. She's, she's out here as well. I want to play a soundbite from her. But it is it is all out war on common sense and logic right now, with the things being proposed by the radical left who have control in Congress. They're in control the White House, they're in control of the Senate. They're basically in control of everything you can say, besides the Supreme Court, but that's questionable, given john Robertson. Some of these other newer justices, we don't really know where they're going to fall on the side of the Constitution and originalism and so forth. They're still relatively new. But the courts in general are typically very favorable to liberal ideas and so forth. liberal policies. It doesn't matter what the Constitution says it doesn't matter what the voter says. They often will implement it into law, basically, because they simply want it to be legislating from the bench, as you say. And now we've got the media with Bayer. They've got the media, they've got education they've got they've got sports, right. The woke among us are now running Major League Baseball who by the way, and I'll take a break after this the juicy they're moving the all star game to Denver, right Atlanta. What is it 51% black cities 51% black, they move the all star game from Atlanta to Denver, which is that I see it was 9% black, it's something like that. They faced criticism from this from the woke mob as well. It's just crazy stuff that's happening out there all around us that it is not ending anytime soon. But you are not the problem. Your insanity, or your logic is still intact. You are not insane. proof of that is that you tuned into this program today and I'm gonna take a break. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in back here in just a minute. Welcome back, by the way, this program is brought to you in part by our friends at apprentice University. Folks, if you are a student looking to go to college, if you are a parent of a student, if you are a grandparent of a student, and you're thinking, Hey, I am tired of looking at all this insane nonsense that we find happening on college campuses, I'm a little reluctant to mostly some things you have to go to college for. I know I'm not saying that. But what I am saying is not everything. And, number one, subjecting your kid to an all out assault or subjecting yourself if you're a student to this is you got to be ready, I had to fight this in college. And it is not everyone can do it. Number one, not everyone needs to do it. Number one, number two, there might be a better way than just sitting in a classroom, there might be a better way to learn through apprenticeships, and that's what apprentice University focuses on. For more information you can find out you can go to the website, apprentice dot University, check them out, see what they have to offer apprentice dot University a good alternative for folks who are seeking to avoid that the college potential mass that some folks encounter, it's a good way to learn. It's affordable. And I think it's a I mean, in a lot of a lot of fields. It's a really, really good fit check him out apprentice dot universities, the website. So yesterday, we were talking about the the Georgia law, we talked a little bit about HR one, which I think is really the democrats number one legislative priority at this particular point in time. And so we've been talking about that, in particular election reform, election law, voter ID, all these sorts of things that intersect. And then of course, the big explosion of drama with the Major League Baseball organization deciding to leave to leave the all star game or to move it from Atlanta to Denver, which again, as I mentioned, last segment, moving from a predominantly black city to a predominantly white Denver, 76, I think I saw a headline 76% white. And that, of course, is how we're supposed to make all judgments today is based upon the race, gender ethnicity of the people that were, you know, in this case in the city that the all star game will be held in. And so baseball's taking blowback from that or criticism. CBS, for example, has encouraged people to fight the Georgia law and to boycott Atlanta sort of stuff. And now they've got the masters. They've got the Masters coming up, which is in Augusta, Georgia. I don't see them canceling that or giving that to another network to carrier turning off their cameras in protest. I don't imagine they'll be doing any of that because money talks. But I want to stick here with with this this Georgia voting law, which we've again talked about quite a bit, but I want you too. Listen, this is your mici alcindor. She is a member of the media. unbiased. Of course, she has nothing but facts to tell us because that, of course is what journalists do. She's trying to present both. I can't even say that with a straight face. Both sides have a particular issue. That's what she's trying to do. Anyway, she's on with Chuck Todd over the weekend talking about the Georgia voting law and she's comparing it with Derrick Chauvin in his trial in in Minnesota, the officer who was who had detained and was kneeling on George Floyd and who's on trial for second degree third degree murder and manslaughter. Those are the charges he's facing. And she actually wants to make a comparison between these two things. I want you to just listen to this and to take this in. The insanity of this and just how everyone Chuck Todd's kind of nodding and he can't see the video, but you can see it in your mind. Chuck Todd, sitting there with the sort of thing going on, listen to this, listen to this depiction of the connection between officer shoguns trial and all this the Georgia law The new election law and course Major League Baseball that's tied together with his election law. Listen to how she connects. These two, I tell you they live in a truly alternate universe that is completely void of any reality. Here you go. The rules. Well, the Chauvin trial. And that murder trial and the death of George Floyd is connected to voting rights. Because at the end of the day, it's about how African Americans and whether African Americans are allowed to survive and thrive in America and are able to have access to the principles that America holds up is near and dear. And that, of course, is democracy. But it's also your ability to pursue happiness, and to not have an officer kneeling your neck on nine minutes for nine minutes and 29 seconds watching this trial and watching what's going on in Georgia. They absolutely Connect, you know, rich, they absolutely Connect. They absolutely Connect. You know, I just this this trial is playing out. And I don't know if you've followed her while I you know, I've not commented really much on this. Part of it's because I guess, and I've shared on her before, I've been on a jury and I, you know, being on a jury, it's it is a little bit different than how we're fed information in the media. It's a much different process, it's controlled, it has to be approved by the judge, and where, you know, without objection from the opposing legal counsel, and whether or not the judge agrees with the objection, or whatever the case may be. But here, you're just throwing a bunch of information in the media. And then you're told what to think about it without having, in some cases, hands to access the first hand information and so forth. But this is a really bizarre way of describing this. Even if even if officer Chauvin is convicted of second degree murder, third degree murder, manslaughter, whatever, whatever happens there, to tie this to the larger and I know that some people really are going to get upset by this, but to say, to say that this is tied to Georgia's voting, the voting law, which of course we went through yesterday, we went through the myths we share with you the facts, as the media will not the law does not thing is not even remotely close to doing what they claim that it's doing. It's not targeting. minorities are not trying to, you know, bring in long lines of people make them wait hours for vote correct to vote, crank up the heat and then withhold water from them. That is not at all what's going on. That's what they want you to think. And then so her point is, that's the word that's the law that she either believes or wants you to believe she believes is what Georgia you know what Georgia pass that is factually incorrect. But she then says that same wall was tries to silence. Black Americans is also kneeling on their necks is also trying to kill them is also trying to take away their right to happiness because you can't be pursuing happiness with someone on your neck. And it's terrible what happened. But to suggest to suggest that we got to that point simply because of the race of the of George Floyd is just not is just not a full depiction of reality. We got to that point because of the the specific actions that took place up into up until the point he was placed on the ground. And officer Shogun kneeled upon him. Now, should he have done it should he had done it for that long? Was it breaking the rules of the law enforcement, you know that what he was trained to do and all the policies and procedures, those are legitimate questions. But the first of all claim that Georgia's election law is racist because it's trying to keep minorities from voting is factually absurd. And then to say that that law and shaven and what happened with George Floyd are connected is equally as bizarre but this is what they want you to believe they the radicals in the media the Democrat Party, they want you to believe it that there is some sort of coordinated coordinated effort to silence the voices of those that do not agree with Republican with the Republican Party. Instead the opposite really is happening here. In fact, if you disagree with you know, the the claims that there were no issues with our with our election in 2020, your your shut up and silenced. If you want to question some of the things happening, that states have done to protect you and me supposedly From COVID, you are targ you're shut down on social media, you're not allowed to even ask the questions. We just had another video taken down from YouTube and I'm telling you if you listen to my voice on YouTube, and you like this show as much as you should, which should be a lot, then you should find you need to find another avenue to listen, it is a matter of time the days are ticking away. Time is ticking. Sand is going through the hourglass, we will be taken down from YouTube, I just, it is a foregone conclusion. The best way is to download the podcast how to slash podcast there's a bazillion ways that's an exaggeration, but slightly hyperbole. A lot of ways to listen to the show via podcast anyway. This is this is what we're being told. And these are now these analyses provided here in this case by you meet your sender completely absurd. But it's considered logical, reasonable, thoughtful analysis. Again, she's a reporter, a reporter we should never even know what a reporter thinks I know that that that is so far from what we're dealing with people don't even realize in fact that might offend some people that I say that I don't mean that in a you know, like they're second class citizens. I just mean to be a reporter. You're reporting on what other people are saying and you're trying to present what's being done in a in the most unbiased way that you're capable. And by inserting yourself to the end of the story, and then telling us what you think. Actually what it does to me is it makes me think at some point you're not capable of doing that job of a reporter because you feel the need to tell us what you think. And you feel the need to tell us what we should think. And that is exactly the opposite job of a reporter of a journalist. But it's becoming the job of the journalists because all journalists are now editorialists and I think that the empowered given a pen or a microphone in front of a camera to change the direction of this great nation when in fact they should be simply focused on reporting information, and letting Americans come to conclusions by giving them as much information in an unbiased way as possible. But that's not where we love. Not even close to that. quick timeout is in order listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, you know, even the leftists and the radicals in the media cannot keep up with their own rules. Here's a tweet from the last word with lawrence o'donnell, a very woke program on msnbc. Also very insane, tweeted out a tweet tweeted out this was on Easter, Easter, which again, Raphael Warnock tells us more about what we can do to save ourselves and about the resurrection of Jesus. He's a pastor over that at the top of the program, but anyway, tweet here says for remember all the hubbub and fuss when Trump would call Coronavirus, the Chinese Coronavirus or the China virus or whatever. And I'm sure Laura lawrence o'donnell had something to say about that. I don't have a clip of that, but I'm pretty comfortable. I definitely know msnbc did. But they found it necessary to tweet this out on Easter Sunday first confirmed case of Indian Coronavirus variant and us found in California. They can't even keep up with their own rules. You're not supposed to use regions of the world something that reflects someone's ethnicity, potentially race. That's why Trump was supposedly assaulted verbally by folks for calling it the China virus. Trump was trying to tie it to China. And of course are my people where it came from it came from them to the rest of the world that didn't start here. I'm sure the radicals or somebody out there that things that started with President Trump himself the way that they blamed every death on him But anyway, they can't even follow their own rules their own their own outrage. There's also this this is a hot Written by jazz Shaw headline new liberal line Biden is afraid of looking soft on illegal immigration. Biden's afraid of looking soft. on illegal we have perhaps the most porous unsecure border in the history modern history of this country. Wide open borders. You have you have a border patrol agents that have made claims like that as much as or open borders we're dealing with. But the storyline is the narrative in the media, at least among some is that Biden is afraid of looking soft on illegal immigration because he's been so secure what what sort of reality to these folks live in? What about what about the congressman? Excuse me, Senator, Senator Barrasso from the State of Wyoming I believe. He took pictures of the kids in captivity along the southern border. But he was told to delete them. delete them, this is supposed to be the most transparent. This and they of course, the Oh Biden Obama administration from several years ago, the most transparent administrations ever in American history. No pictures of AOC that are staged, faking her crying outside of the fence, that's three quarters of a mile from a detention facility. None of that maybe even further, actually, I think it was further, none of that happening. You can't even take pictures from inside and show people. Because that's top secret, because that's democrats are in control. They're the ones running it. And that doesn't exist. There's a picture of it that people see, suddenly, suddenly, we have to address it, we have to talk about it. If we don't see a picture, we don't have to pretend like it doesn't exist. And that again, the folks this is this is what we're up against. We're up against. We're up against propagandists, we're up against professional deceivers we're up against in the case of Google. And they can scrub anything from this. If they decided today to scrub I don't know, take take some historical events, the invasion of Normandy D day, they scrubbed that from all their servers, and you couldn't find that you could convince a healthy chunk of the American population D they never happened or the Holocaust never happened. There's people out there that claim that as well. Or that communism really did do great things. If you want to scrub the Internet of references to Joseph Stalin and Mao and all these other radical murderous dictators and tyrants throughout history, you could they they have the power to do this is that what they have 90% 90% market share, I think is what Google has in the search search market. Which by the way, brings me to something that I had read about and wasn't planning to talk about, but I at least want to throw this out there. Clarence Thomas, in one of the opinion that he's granted here recently had some things to say about regulating entities like Facebook and Google, making the case that they were more closely related to utilities than to companies that were actually you're not a non utility, which that's that's an interest that that's something we could do an entire program over. Talking about, in this case, particular speech and how certain groups of individuals are silenced. And, of course, the whole thing came up when Trump black people from his Twitter account that eventually came to the Supreme Court that cases basically been thrown out or dismissed because it's Trump's not in office anymore. It's kind of not, I guess, necessary to to, there's no more action to be taken because Trump's not blocking people from the President's Twitter account or whatever. Anyway. So but this is what we're up against this. This is it's a powerful, powerful force that we're that we're dealing with misinformation, deceivers, liars, people that are hell bent on advancing their ideology at all costs, no matter what the issue the issue, the solution is always more government. It's always more spending it's always less liberty. Sir ironic, this is how it works so surprising and shocking. And then you get people that are deceiving others as to what's really going on. Like you meet y'all Cinder, like Raphael Warnecke, like fill in your name of your favorite or your your favorite budget and your media personality. Jim Acosta. I have a quote from him that I don't know I'm gonna be able to get to but anyway. We're standing against quite a formidable foe in this regard, misinformation, lying the seeds. Those things are definitely real. And we're dealing with those each and every day timeouts in order to you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute. Welcome back. By the way, this program is brought to you in part by our friends at ko Roan homes. korone homes offers a series of communities seven In fact, here in Central Indiana quiet residential neighborhoods would come with conveniently located services, entertainment and recreation. Our communities have the attractiveness of a residential community residential neighborhood with the benefits of Indiana built manufactured homes been around since 1955. Check them out co Roan homes co h r. o n co wrote Roan or call them at eight at 800-624-9399 800-624-9399. So, one to play this. This is a quickie this is this is Jim Acosta. Again, we just kind of been doing a search survey of the radical nonsensical media, from their lies, distortions, their crazy analyses and so forth. This is Jim Acosta explaining why we need to pass joe biden's infrastructure plan it's all about him. Here you go. "And you know, as Andy was saying, there's a lot to be covered in this bite infrastructure plan. We got used during the Trump era, the you know, to think of infrastructure week as a joke. It's this might be an infrastructure year, and how recover all of this. And I mean, you know, as far as I'm concerned, can we just have a damn high speed train in this country? I mean, can I please get to New York, from New York to Washington without problems on the cell? And can I get on the Wi Fi? By the way, when I ride the train and have that not be a problem? I mean, we have some major infrastructure problems in this country. Just shut up " I'm kidding. I'm not kidding. What, what is this? Can I get from DC to whatever wherever he wants to go? Can we get a high speed train for me, I got places I got to go. I need somebody out here to help me get from point A to point B. Because he deserves it that that's that's perhaps the most interesting thing to me about this. He seems entitled to this. This is by the way what many in the elite circles of liberalism believe they're entitled that he's doing you a service. He's out there trying to show you all the ways that democracy has been under assault from President Trump. We deserve he deserves a high speed rail. He deserves to be able to get on Wi Fi on the train. And don't be caught this guy. This guy can't ride on regular trains. What? He's too good for that. We need to provide people like Jim Acosta a $2 trillion, so called infrastructure bill so that he can ride in style, I guess. Anyway, these leftists are too much for me. Get out of your break back here in just a minute liars and deceivers in the media also deceptive deceptively edited. Rhonda Santas interview on 60 minutes. I don't have time to go into that. But effectively they made his answer. They made his answer seem like something that it really wasn't. This is a standard procedure. The radical left takes the deceivers in the media take remind me of george Zimmerman, that nine on one call, edited, edited by NBC to make it sound like it was a call that was saying one thing when it really wasn't saying that at all. This is what they do. This is who they are truthful. That's That's why that is why I say truth is a powerful force. It's such a powerful force that they want to deny it. We have to stand firm in it. We have to believe in it. We have to convey it and communicate it. And I've got to go Thanks for listening StG. See tomorrow, take care.