Games The Radical Left Plays To Advance Their Agenda

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I want to start today by talking about what's going on, I guess, strategically, in our, in our government today, I want to talk about strategically, what is happening
and what they're really trying to accomplish and how they're trying to do that. So they're trying to change the rules in the senate without actually changing the rules on the Senate. Right, they want to bypass the filibuster, but they don't want to actually change and get rid of the filibuster, they do at the same time. They want to do that. But there, there's this, there's this back and forth this, this Evan flow, they can see the finish line. But they can also see, they can also see that this is something that is not incredibly popular and how it will be portrayed by Republicans and conservatives that this is a power grab. Because candidly, it is. Again, you don't hear about how terrible the filibuster is when democrats are not in power. In fact, they're often praised. It's a tool. It's an instrument that helps them stop the Republican Party from trampling upon the rights of the minority. I mean, this is so predictable. That is sometimes candidly a little bit boring to me. But they're trying to change the rules in the senate without technically and actually changing the rules in the Senate, though they certainly would be open to changing the rules in the Senate. There's no doubt about that. They certainly wouldn't be. They're also trying to advance their agenda under the guise of something that's much less divisive. For example, the legislation that you've seen them pass or tried to pass using budget reconciliation is named is commonly referred to as things like COVID relief or COVID relief package, forget the fact that the vast majority of the bill had nothing to do whatsoever. With COVID relief, that doesn't matter. What matters is that they name it, the right thing, they name it something or they refer to it as something
that is acceptable in the minds of the general public. Of course, people want to see relief from COVID, in general, and of all things that that government has ever provided some sort of relief from at this, at this level with this sort of, well, nothing's really had this sort of dollars thrown at it in such a short period of time. But the people understand that the government caused a lot of this with their reactions to COVID. Now maybe they believe that those actions were justifiable, the shutdowns and everything else that's been happening. A lot of people do not agree with those sentiments, by the way. And but they understand that this was the cause, or at least it was fueled to some degree by the reactions of the government. And so COVID relief is something that people think they think like this while you know, the government did shut down businesses, they should probably do something to help those businesses deal with the effects of that or COVID. I caused, whether it legitimately caused or was used as an excuse for is up for debate. And I know some people have different opinions on that, but it's up for debate as to how sincere these actions were. And I think some more By the way, I think others are strictly insane. It's a tool and an instrument that's being used to to wield power over the the individuals in a state and you can look at several states and find this obvious California maybe being at the front of that. with Gavin Newsom, Governor Gavin Newsom, remember when he was keeping people from singing or trying to keep people from singing, singing songs of worship in church that seemed like an extreme overreach surely to anyone with even the smallest look of common sense. But nonetheless, nonetheless, this, this sort of game is played Same thing with infrastructure bill, this bill is about a may America's infrastructure who cannot agree who cannot find some way of at least accepting the truth that government needs to take care of America's infrastructure, maybe they're throwing too much money at it. Maybe you would have a question like I do. Didn't we fix America's infrastructure Weren't we being told the infrastructure was being fixed numerous times, in fact, I cited 2015 law that was signed by Obama expressly designed to deal with infrastructure.
And it was going to take five years, and we're not even through that five year period. But yet, we've got to fix infrastructure. Again, it's the same arguments that we heard back in 2015. Here, we're hearing those all over again. And the reason is, because they they advance their agenda, the radical left advances their agenda, through the through the skies. This is not a radically left country, this is still a center, right nation America is. In fact, if you look at how Americans live their lives, their personal lives, the vast, vast, vast majority of them live personally like conservatives, but for some reason, for some reason, people have been convinced that the rules and the way that we live our regular lives, somehow there's something magical that happens when it leaves, the local community leaves even the state and it goes to the national level, suddenly, government has the power to do things that no one can really explain or understand that would not work in common everyday life. Because I guess people think, well, they can print money. So States cannot. So states have to work within the realities of the money available, the federal government can make it up out of thin air. But the problem is, the problem is with that, and I don't want to get into a whole whole thing with this. But maybe maybe we will, I don't know, at some point, or maybe I'll touch on it a little bit today. But that's not that's not rooted in truth and reality. And governments cannot just arbitrarily say this is how much wealth has been created, that will cause all sorts of problems. Inflation, and I mean, it could have all sorts of impact on on our economy. You know, money represents money represents something of value that has been created. That's what it's supposed to do. You can't create the thing that represents something without something real behind it. And some people would, of course, use the US us argument to say that's why we should return to the gold standard. I don't want to get into that in discussion. But I'm simply saying, you know, I guess quickly, I guess quickly, the point would be this, before money really existed or when bartering was the way that people dealt with one another, you would have a person, two people, right, they would exchange I'll do, I'll provide this for you in exchange for this. Sometimes that would be a product or livestock, maybe it would be something, some sort of labor that would improve the, the homestead or whatever the case may be. And then the person receiving that would exchange, trade something else of value to the person providing whatever it was he or she was providing the other individual. Well, the problem became what happens if you needed something? What happens if you needed say, help putting a roof on your on your home and you had nothing of enough value to justify the labor of the person that would help with the roof? This is just a random example. Let's say you didn't have some you didn't have anything that the person who would do the roof wanted in exchange for that they just didn't need anything that you had, well, then you couldn't get the roof done. They they would not agree to a trade for something that was not a value to them. And so money exists to say, Look, I don't have I have this money that you can then in turn use for something else. You can trade with someone else this money that I'm going to give you for fixing my roof for example, you can then take this and you can use it to buy something else to trade with someone else you don't you no longer have To find a trade that's adequate for both parties, as long as you can agree upon what that goods, what the goods or services provided, what that equals in a monetary value, so then you would make the trade that way. So that really unleash one of the ways that an economy began to really unleash and grow, because now you had some sort of a tool money to make trades more efficiently, and for people to be engaged in what we now refer to as commerce, the trading of goods and services and so forth. And so, so But in order for someone to take that money, they have to believe that it's VAT has value, it's going to have value to the next person that they take it to, and that the reason and the way that you get to that is by the government that backs that money. Some people would even say whether or not it's tied to the gold standard, ultimately, but you know, I don't want to go down that road. The point is, am I saying this here? The point is, is that we we live our lives, like a financial lives, even the most liberal among us love their financial lives, as though they understand the value of being conservative in their personal economics. And their just the personal finances, no one, no one acts like our government does. In personal life, they do not do this. But for some reason, when it gets to the federal level, when it gets to the federal government level, we suddenly not we, you and me. But collectively, people begin to jump off the common sense bandwagon and onto this insane ideology that says, the government can make it whatever they want it to make whatever they want it to be. So that's when, for example, we have government make these dictates and claims that they can create, they can create totally equality, this side of heaven, they can make sure that men and women get paid the same. Somehow, again, as I said, before, the Democrat Party couldn't even assure their political candidates that they had equal time on the debate stage, yet they somehow want us to believe that they can make sure that every person is compensated equally by whatever, whatever means. They believe that that even can be measured. No, they act as though people are not individuals. People are robots. I mean, there might be, again, when you if you hire people, as individuals, there are a series of things that make that person that no one's identical is the point. There's the idea that equal equal pay for equal work at some point, how do I even measure that? It sounds good. And I don't want to say that I'm arguing against that concept. But what I am saying is that you may find someone that wants to be compensated in other ways. Maybe they say, Look, I don't, I'll take less money, but I'll work. And I want to work as many hours or, you know, whatever. I don't there's a bazillion possibilities for this. Anyway, the point is, is that we live our lives, most Americans, the vast majority of Americans as as conservatives, not necessarily as political conservatives, but as conservatives, people who have sense and reason. People who understand cause causation cause and effect. People who understand that money has a particular value, and that you just can't arbitrarily make it up and created out of thin air. It's it takes work, and labor and all sorts of things to create. Government doesn't do that. And yet they've tricked people. That's the point they've tricked people they don't they don't come out and make the argument as to why no one can tell you why these things are supposed to work. They just say the government says so. Janet Yellen says that we should have a What is it a minimum tax on corporations around the world. There should be a minimum tax, no one should drop be below that threshold, because apparently what one country does with corporate taxation could surprisingly affect the rest. And so she says we've got to get a minimum up there because, you know, there's certain things government should be doing certain amounts of money it should be spending and it's it's harmful effectively. If one nation is competing with another nation whose taxes are lower, and it's taking business base away their tax base away, they've got to adjust their tax rates to compete, but those tax rates aren't high enough to generate the goods and services needed to be provided by the government.
This is the sort of stuff that doesn't fly in real life, in the real world, in your personal life and even in the lives. People who are leftists, but for some reason, when it gets to the federal level, they think something magical takes place. And if the government who's apparently all powerful all knowing, all feeling all, sensing all, you know, just perfect benevolent, can solve your problems and their problems if we just give them more more of our money, more of our liberty, more of ourselves, whatever it is, and people are on board with this, but it's not because of the argument. It's because they're, they're tricked. It's really people. It's not ever presented as politics, let us explain liberalism, because that is simply liberalism as an emotion. That's what it is. It's a feeling, it's not a logical position to take. It's just I want this fix. So government do it. And the government happily takes up that responsibility. And the government says, if you vote for me, or people running for office and government say, if you vote for me, I'll fix it, they never fix it, they never will fix it. And I wrote about this. In fact, I normally don't talk specifically about what's in the column that goes out as our newsletter, which is now posted on our website as well. But I will I am going through a little bit today. So anyway, I want to touch on these things and go through a little bit more of this. And then I want to get to Biden now changing his tune a little bit with Major League Baseball, telling Georgia to smarten up. I just, it's just remarkable to watch some of this nonsense. We have Fauci out there confused about the success of Texas, even though they've opened up. And they've got a bunch of fans at the Rangers game. And we've got governor Abbott of Texas saying, hey, look, if you're gonna try to pass HR one, if you think that's the end of Texas running its elections, you better think again, so all sorts of things in the news. As usual, I've got to get time out here, quick timeout. We'll come back and continue our conversation.
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Off the top of the program, I said that Democrats are trying to change the rules in the senate without really changing the rules in the Senate. They are trying to advance their agenda under the guise of something that's much less to visit than their actual agenda. And I said that the vast majority of people in this country will this country is a center-right country. It is if you look across this nation, you'll find pockets of radical insane leftists Places like San Francisco, in places like Seattle and Portland, he had a West Coast, the East Coast. Although there's even a difference between the crazies on the west coast and the crazies on the on the East Coast, but you'll find pockets of liberals radical leftists I don't just mean modern-day liberals, I mean, radical leftist folks that want to transform this great nation is founded. But there's a huge swath of people across this country that are conservative, even those who are blue-collar or Blue Dog Democrats. And these folks are not radicals. A lot of Democrats, I think, unfortunately, are single-issue voters, they will hold their nose is remarkable to me, to be a Republican, you effectively have to be
you have to be perfect, and a lot of ways and they're not no misunderstand me. But to get the votes of some individuals, they hold the republican party to a level of perfection. Meanwhile, they'll vote for democrats because and ignore all the crazy stuff. They'll ignore all of that, because they'll support Democrats on one particular issue, for example, prose pro-choice, that's what they define themselves as bad, but pro abortion. And I don't mean that to be inflammatory. I don't mean that they're for all abortion, but they're for keeping abortion as the law of the land, even though it takes the life of unborn children. So some folks say, Hey, I'm going to support them, because that's my single issue. I think that that's reprehensible. But they they're, that's that's where they are, that's just the reality of it. And so, but they'll ignore a lot of these other things they're not, they're not necessarily in favor of stopping America from being a capitalist nation. Or you'll have a union democrat who is in favor of the Democrat Party, because they bought into this concept that the Democrat Party is the party of the little man. And the Republican Party is the party of the rich, they bought into this and they'll ignore all sorts of things. They'll ignore their pro life in many cases, they'll ignore democrats or pro choice or pro abortion, they'll ignore democrats or anti gun, anti Second Amendment, they'll ignore Democrats, I'm talking about the leadership, not rank and file, we'll ignore that Democrats are. Take your pig anti free speech, cancel culture, you know, my way or the highway, kick you off of college campuses for not agreeing and telling the politically correct line, take your pick all these crazy things with fighting for gender pronouns, personal pronouns, and all this sort of stuff. And these folks just say, I vote for Biden, because I was afraid that, that I wouldn't be able to join a union or whatever, whatever such position that they take, and they'll ignore all the other stuff. And the democrats that I love, you gotta give it to them. It's not in a sense of that it's moral. But in the sense that it's, it's been effective.
It has been effective. And they've they've been masters at this. But I wrote in my weekly column, which is now posted on our website, Todd Huff It's under, if you scroll down, there's a couple. There's a header, then there's, I think, in the news, and then there's posts, and I think it's posted down there. And the I wrote this week about what the real war, Democrats constantly are fighting a war on something a cultural war, a war on a war against inequality, a war against poverty, a war against gender inequality, racial inequality. And I'm not look, I'm not saying that. We, I firmly believe that we should treat all people as human beings, but you don't get special rights from being in another. And a certain group of people, it's sometimes ends up being the case.
So I'm not faulting them for wanting to defend rights for all people, but they, they believe in the solutions that they believe always involve government always 100% of the time. Always, it always involves more government and always involves more money, it always costs more than they expect. And it produces less results and they believe it should and the solution isn't Wow, this didn't work and their minds a solution is well, we got to do more. It's obviously not enough. And it never will be enough my friends. That's that's the dirty little secret here. The dirty little secret. The dirty little secret is that government doesn't really want to solve these problems. Government does simply once you once May, once the voters the base to look to them to solve it, because by looking to them to solve it, they're going to Basically cast the ballot for the person who promises this utopia on earth because it sounds so good. And again, it's it's as we as we move from the individual, to the family, to the community, to the state, every step up that ladder we take, people feel like there may be something above their ability to understand because there's more factors and things to consider. And when you get to the federal government, or even worse to the, you know, the world and how the world operates and so forth, people, people say, I'm just going to turn it over to the experts. What do I know? And who are the experts, the experts are a bunch of doofuses, who run around proclaiming all these things that would not work in the real lives of the people in their local family, community, individual life. But for some reason people buy into this, this concept that it will work on a macro level on the larger level. Because it's too sophisticated. They're not, they don't believe they're smart enough to understand the intricacies and details of how something works on that massive of a scale. So let's hand it over to the experts and let them solve the problem. But the problem is, it never gets fixed. It never will. They don't want it to. I know this is tough to believe, but they don't want to their number one job, their number one priority is to get elected and reelected. And if that's happening, they don't really care about much of anything else. Now, there's always exceptions to this rule. And I think some people when they get into politics have pure intentions. But many of these folks once they get their view it exactly as I just described it. and dare I say this, a politician who didn't look at it, the way that I just described was our former president, Donald J. Trump. Now maybe he made certainly he made mistakes, we all make mistakes. But he wasn't there to create a lifetime
position or to stay in DC and politics and so forth. He was able to do what he thought he should do. And I would think like him or hate him, or what he was trying to do, you should at least be able to, I guess applaud that respect that but that's not the case. He's painted as a Nazi totalitarian, when in reality, the people who want to who are who are seeking to contain or control more power, I should say, are those who are the ones who are crying about him the most, currently who are in positions of power. So I've written more about that on on the website that that column goes out by the way in our weekly email newsletter, totally free Todd Huff chaud comm slash subscribe, you can sign up for that if you haven't already. Anyway, we're being misled is the point we're being manipulated, we're being lied to. We're having games played with us. And these games, unfortunately, work with a lot of people. And the best way to combat that
is to communicate truth, the best way of math that is to understand truth and to be able to communicate it because truth is an unstoppable force. It's an unstoppable force. Yes, some people don't want to believe in except truth. You've heard me say on this program before the mind will justify what the heart desires, I get all that. But it's still a pretty darn powerful force whenever it is. communicated clearly. And that's what I think conservatism does. And that's what I think each and every one of us can do in our own spheres of influence. And that is the way that is the way out of this methods. That's the long game. I admit that. Anyway, Oz's, dutifully informing me. I'm really long in the segment. She would be correct quick timeout. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute. Welcome back, shifting gears a little bit here. You may remember when Biden had this discussion with I think this is Sage steel from ESPN about Major League Baseball relocating their All Star game from Atlanta now to the predominantly white what three quarters or maybe 80% White City of Detroit
or I'm sorry, 10 Vernon Detroit. Out of the frying pan into the fire for Major League Baseball movie All Star game move it Yeah, yeah. show them who's boss. That's right. Stand up for minorities move it to Denver. No Wrong city man to white. These folks are insatiable. My friends. Listen to this exchange with Biden and sage deal. on ESPN. I just want to remind you this because Biden's now being asked about moving the Masters, the golf tournament hosted in Augusta, Georgia, which doesn't start tomorrow. I don't know. I think it's I think it's this week. Maybe it's not Here you go. Stay Still talking with Joe Biden. Sports and politics cross paths sometimes that's exactly what happened last week in Major League Baseball. Tony Clark is the executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association. He said he would, quote, look forward to discussing moving the all star game out of Atlanta, because Georgia governor Brian Kemp signed into law a bill passed by the republican led state legislature to overhaul how it state elections are run. So Mr. President, what do you think about the possibility that baseball decides to move their All Star game out of Atlanta because of this political issue? I think today's professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly.
I would strongly support them doing that, that strongly supports them, their leaders look at what's happened with the NBA as well. Look what's happening across the board. the very people who are paying ba the most are the people who are the leaders in these in these various sports. Now LeBron James is recognized. This is Jim Crow on steroids, what they're doing in Georgia, and 40. Other states so dishonest. Imagine passing a law saying you cannot provide water to a membrane for someone come on button to vote. Can't do that. Come on, come on. Are you going to close a polling place at five o'clock when working people just get off? This is all about keeping working folks and ordinary folks that I grew up with being able to vote. If they do decide to move totally started, I can play that just she continues that. But that's not the truth. We went through this yesterday. This is totally disingenuous. This is totally I don't know if he knows it or not. He doesn't know what's going on half the time when he has these moments of free and I don't I do not take pleasure in saying that. But I have to be able to say it because that is in my estimation. That is the truth. The truth is, he doesn't know what he's saying or doing a lot of the time. And they know it as well. They absolutely know it. Now, does he does he know right now that this is not the truth about the Georgia law? I don't know. But I will say this even when he was younger and didn't have these issues, He always was a person who would say gaffes. I mean, that's obvious. But when he was able to think more clearly he absolutely would have misrepresented this this legislation. This is not what they're saying about this is just factually incorrect, but it doesn't matter stage still doesn't raise any questions about it, whatever, whatever he wants to say, is fine with her. So but there's been fallout from this. This didn't play out the way that it should play. In fact, Jin Zaki was saying, hey, baseball is really the one that's made this decision, not us. Uh huh. Yeah, he says he strongly encourages baseball to consider moving their All Star game. They just apparently pick the wrong city. Moving away from a city that's a majority black city into Denver, which is 75 or 80%. White.
That is the wrong move for today's woke culture, wrong move Major League Baseball. So Biden and his team are now saying, well, that's not that's not really our decision. Although you strongly encouraged it here was Sage deal. Now let's look at how he's changed a little bit a little bit. What he's saying about the Masters being moved from Georgia as well. We'll talk we'll play that on the other side of the break. Sit tight back here in just a minute. By yesterday, I believe asked about the Masters being moved. Compare and contrast this with what you just heard. last segment, it's it's got a little bit of nuance in it. But Biden's asked about moving the masters. And this is what he says the Masters golf tournament should be moved out of Georgia. I think that's up to the masters.
Pause, you know,
I'm thought together it is reassuring to see that for profit operations and businesses
are speaking up about people capitals, these new Jim Crow laws, just antithetical to who we are.
There's another side to it to the other side to it too is when they in fact move out of Georgia.
The people who need the help the most people are making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most. Who would have thought I think it's a very tough decision for a corporation to make, you know, I strongly support it or group to make But I respect them when they make that judgment. And I support whatever judgment they make. But it's the best way to deal with this is for Georgia and other states to smarten up. Smart. Stop at Georgia stop smoking people. It's about getting people to vote is what he said there at the end.
At least I mean, look, at least not out there now calling for Georgia, the Masters to move out of the state of Georgia, as he did with Major League Baseball, and the all star game, it's like they suddenly realized suddenly, surprisingly, huh, if you move, if you move the all star game out of the state of Georgia, out of the city of Atlanta, which is majority black city, moving into a White City in the Mountain West, suddenly it hurt the businesses who would have thought Who would have thought that there would be other repercussions of this woke decision? Who would have thought that a woke decision based on complete lies, myth, misrepresentations, and demonization of political opponents? This law is not a new version of Jim Crow laws. This is patently ridiculous. It is beyond absurd. It is idiotic. It is more ironic. It is inaccurate. It is fake news, Joe Biden up there. perpetrating and telling us fake news where the fact checkers on this fact checkers don't care when democrats say things that they think could help them politically. They don't care about that. They just care about counting the lies. How many lies is Biden up to by the way? Since he came into office by my count is 27,000. Why not? 27,304? That's my account. Don't tell me it's not because it is. And I'm telling you the entire premise the entire base, the entire foundation of his ideology is one big massive lie. Massive lie. It is not rooted in truth. It is not rooted in reality. And neither is this ridiculous answer. Come on. Come on. That's all that says go too long. What is that? Come on? It's about getting people to vote. How about it? How about it's about communicating the truth, Joe? How about that for a change? They wouldn't know what if it smacked them up the side of the head. Gotta take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back. So running out of time here today. But I think in closing, I just want to say, I just want to say that we are at a point. We're at a point where we really are engaged in a battle for truth. Truth is really what this battle is all about. Now that's, I guess, twofold. There. They lie. The media lies the left lies about the positions of conservatism, which Biden just in that last bite. But in addition to that, in addition to that, their philosophy, their ideology is built upon lies. It is and conservatism is built upon truth, the truth about human nature, the truth about philosophy, the truth about the foundations of this nation, the truth about a lot of things. We have truth on our side, we should not be afraid of these stupid silly, ridiculous things that they say no matter how much the woke culture accepts them. I've got to go StG See you tomorrow. Take care.