How Redefining Everything Is Part Of The Radical Left's Plan To Change America

Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. Yes, I'm your host, Todd Huff. Email, Todd, The Todd Huff You can email me your thoughts, questions, opinions, feedback, adoration and praise also accepted. Again, email, Todd, The Todd Huff You know, one of the strategies of the radical left, now that they are in a position of power is to redefine virtual virtually everything. They want to redefine everything. And I'm going to go through kind of a list today of what they're trying to redefine how they're trying to redefine that and how that matters. why that matters. So you know, this from, I think, just in general, I mean, in general, you've seen things that have been redefined over the course of it. This has always been the case, but it's really been ramped up here. In recent years, they are redefining things like gender. They are redefining things like yesterday. Well, I had a conversation yesterday, I'll air it tomorrow. And conversation with Matt Landman assistant editor of the college fix, he fills us in on things happening with your college campuses and things happening in the media. And one of the things being reported by CBS, which we'll talk about, you'll hear tomorrow is a story that reports an increase in hate crimes on against Asian Americans, which is terrible hate crime, crime, hate crime, harming another individual this also go without saying is a terrible thing. But what they've done is there's a website, and I don't want to give away too much of what he shares. But there's a website where Asian Americans or I guess anyone can anonymously report or share what they call incidence of bigotry or, I don't know, just not treating people well. And that's the number they used to say that that's the number of hate crime victims which ignoring someone while not a very nice thing to do, or what have you. And it may or may not have to do with who knows why the person ignored another person for something like that, which is counted as a, an incident is not synonymous with a hate crime. Anyway, one of the things the left is trying to redefine today is infrastructure, infrastructure, you know, you and I would think of infrastructure as things like roads, bridges, things along those lines, right. Maybe ports, things like that. Kirsten Gillibrand, a radical leftist. Senator from the state of New York texted out or tweeted out, excuse me, the following the following tweet. paid leave is infrastructure. childcare is infrastructure. caregiving is infrastructure. This I'm looking at an article on Breitbart. And so they're trying to redefine what constitutes infrastructure because Why? Well, because it's convenient because they are trying to pass a bill that's deemed infrastructure. Now, Ted Cruz responded with a tweet that I thought is absolutely brilliant. This was actually just yesterday, too, by the way. He tweets this. Abortion is infrastructure gun. Control is infrastructure forced unionization is infrastructure, whatever the left once is infrastructure, you know what's not roads and bridges. Only 5% of Biden's, quote, infrastructure bill is roads and bridges. Someone else tweeted out, john Cardillo tweeted this gummy bears are infrastructure, stuffed unicorns, are infrastructure, scented candles, our infrastructure. And this, I guess, is the point. So if you can't get a bill passed, or if you're having trouble getting a bill pass, of course, what do they turn to they turn the budget reconciliation. By the way, talking about budget reconciliation, leads us to something else the left wants to redefine, and that is how, how they're going to use budget, real reconciliation, potentially, to stuff the courts with radical leftist judges, which we can touch on that as well. But again, the idea here is to redefine things. It reminds me of when I was in college, I remember this pretty well. This was again from 20 years ago, 22 years ago, I was in a debate with one of our, one of my classmates at American University, I attended Butler, but I was part of a semester exchange program. And I went to, to American University, it was a pre law sort of program. And we were, it was called the Justice seminar. And students from all over the country colleges from all over America, came to Washington came to American University to do this program. And we were having some lively debate on this particular day, it was about abortion. And I remember in particular, one of the students when we were debating abortion, she said to me, you're just anti choice. And typically what republicans do, or conservatives do, I want to pause, I don't really consider myself a Republican, I'm a conservative. There's a lot of things about the republican party that candidly concern and bother me. But not when it embraces and follows conservative principles and values. It says more in print and practice of what I see individual republicans sometimes doing, not being conservative enough, or being too scared and scared of their own shadow, in some cases, not principled. Anyway, instead of instead of doing what was typically the case, which is playing defense and saying that I'm, you know, I'm not Pro, anti choice, and all this sort of stuff, I simply paused and looked at her and said, I tell you what, I'll allow you to call me anti choice when you allow me to call you anti life. And she paused. She didn't really know what to say, because they've never had to play defense. They've never had to respond because they throw out allegations. Conservatives, well meaning people that respond, it changes the debate, and now we're operating under, under different terms. Suddenly, instead of being pro life, you're anti choice. Now, if you go into a debate, and you're allowed to be branded as anti choice, here's the pro choice person, here's the anti choice person, just from the starting blocks. Do you think that that is a fair and equitable starting position in a debate and an argument in a disagreement? Is that a fair assessment? This happens to conservatives constantly. They're I don't want to say victimized because we have control over this, but the left plays on offense and we play well, we're always on defense, always on defense. And so Gillibrand is out there saying on the offense that all these other democratic wishlist items are part of infrastructure, and why not? Why not rush limbaugh used to say words that mean things? He's absolutely right. By the way, words do mean things there's actually believe it or not, there's a thing called a dictionary. Now, I know in today's world, dictionaries don't exist necessarily in the same way they did when I was a kid, right? We used to have a printed dictionary and you could flip through, it's alphabetized. You had to know how to spell things and how to put things in alphabetical order and you'd find the word and you can see what that word actually meant as defined in the dictionary. Today, there are online dictionaries, you can just type in whatever word you want. Then you can see what they mean. And I'm not criticizing that per se, but I am saying this definitions have changed. In fact, there was a word I see may may come to me, there was something, there was something that one of the dictionaries changed the definition of recently. And I'm drawing a blank as to what it was something pretty egregious. Anyway, this is, if they don't like what a word means, or if it's used in a certain way. And people don't entirely understand the totality of the definition, though. They'll change the definition, as is the case, with infrastructure infrastructure is supposed to mean bridges and highways, ports and railroads, that sort of thing. It's not complicated. It's not meant to include paid leave is not meant to include childcare. It's not meant to include caregiving. Where does this stop? Where does it stop for the left? That doesn't, and it doesn't have to? Because the media will tell you how Kirsten Gillibrand is really, probably right. infrastructure is so much more than just roads and bridges. These things are fundamentally important to our nation, they're fundamentally important to America to America, building back better. You think that stupid saying that stupid campaign thing that Biden use build back better doesn't have anything to do with this? They can't use that to say, mostly Biden was talking about infrastructure, and Biden was talking about building back better, and Biden was talking about how we're going to remake America so that it's fairer for everybody. This is all infrastructure, right? Suddenly, we have all these things crammed into a bill that the Senate parliamentarian, the Senate parliamentarian rules that infrastructure can be passed with budget reconciliation. And if Kirsten Gillibrand has her way, and says, all these other things are part of infrastructure, then can you see how can you see how it's problematic and causes an issue with what is going to be forced upon the American people as part of the radical left's agenda? under a so called infrastructure plan, which is Ted Cruz points that has only 5% of its bill that has been allocated for roads and bridges incredible. Up is down. Black is White Day is night, whatever you want up he just everything is turned on its head everything is turned on its head and is candidly candlelit a tie this together with with something we touched on yesterday and what I wrote about in the newsletter this week, it's all because there's a war on truth. It's all because there's a war on truth. When there's a war on truth, and truth doesn't exist, or truth is suddenly your truth and my truth or truth is suddenly, suddenly, something that is not just an objective thing when it's not absolute, and I'm not everything falls into the category of an absolute truth. But there certainly are things. relativism takes over everything is subjective, nothing means anything. words don't mean anything. It's a confusing culture. It's it's at the root of why we have all these conflicting emotions running through liberalism, we're supposed to ban or boycott one group one day, praise them in one sentence. And then again, with the example of Major League Baseball, gotta move on Georgia's got a terrible election law, they're trying to engage in voter suppression. By the way from this moment forward, any piece of legislation that Democrats introduced regarding elections or voting, it will be hereby referred to on this program as a voter fraud by piece of voter fraud legislation. That's what the digital republican legislation, it's voter suppression. They've got some count going. I'll read you an email I got from the radicals. Again, an email list that my buddies have signed me up for. I've stayed on those email lists, because I like to see some of the craziness that's going on out there. But they redefine everything words are meant in their lexicon to mean something different so as to persuade the American people they know that they cannot simply hold a light of truth and attract people to the truth of what they're saying. Instead, they have to trick manipulate and confuse people. This is what they do. This is all that they've got. But it can be a powerful force when the truth is not being seen. communicated. proclaimed loudly enough and effectively enough truth will win the day. But it does have to have a chance, a platform, a way in which it can be communicated. And right now, I don't know where that is. Talk Radio, I would say yes. Certain slivers of me know maybe groups in the media, other groups that are out there trying to communicate, yes. But when it comes to the big, bully pulpit, the professional deceivers in the media have control still, which is remarkable giving a, a fragment. And, you know, there's no longer just the three networks and everybody has to tune into those. You've got online stuff, and so many channels of television and all these things, blogs and so forth. But they still yet have found a way to kind of have a monopoly on opinion out there. Anyway, timeouts necessary more on this when we get back, sit tight, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. By the way. By the way, if you have been, if you're one that watches on social media, I've got that up and running here this morning had a little delay in getting that done. So been talking here this morning about how the left wants to redefine everything. Oh, by the way, I should mention to This program is brought to you in part by our friends at I sell health, I sell you can get a pro life health plan that can help you save up to 60% you can go to any doctor any hospital any time, give Eric a call 888448. And of course, my screen goes blank. I sell 88448 5370 888-448-5370. So let's get back into this conversation on all of the ways that the left is trying to not all the ways the some of the ways the left is trying to redefine things to get things done. We talked about Kirsten Gillibrand tweet as trying to redefine what infrastructure is reminds me of Bill Clinton back in was in 1990, whenever the Monica Lewinsky thing was 9697. had all depends on what your definition of is is. And then there were folks there were then at that point in time. At that point in time, there was reports in the media about how lying was actually a good sign of mental health, how was necessary at times, it was something that, you know, people had to do for the benefit of whatever the relationship or the country in the case of President Bill Clinton. This is the sort of stuff the media jumps on board, doesn't matter what reality tells us it doesn't matter what right and wrong, tell us fact, they want to reject those things, or completely, completely redefine them. Consider this, I got this email from my radical friends in the National Democratic redistricting Committee, which that's something that, you know, I've been thinking about talking about this for a long, long time. But every morning, when I get into the news cycle, I've, I'm talking for many months, I've wanted to talk about gerrymandering, and the just this fight over what, who's going to draw the lines of districts and so forth, because democrats can't win state houses. They can't win state legislatures and so state legislatures draw maps. So then, of course, anything that they draw will be deemed a gerrymander district. Now, I'm not saying there's no issues with gerrymandering, but their solution is to have some sort of a non partisan commission, which makes me even shuffled to think about that. nonpartisan just means people who are leftists who pretend like they're no moderates. That's what that means. It means it means they pretend to be a political but they are covert operatives for the Democrat Party. That's really what that means. Hey, why'd I get this email? Get this email, National Democratic redistricting committee. And the subject line of the email says this Texas and that is get in parentheses 49 comma, GA in parentheses, 25 and Arizona. parentheses 23. Here are the facts friend facts, this guy wouldn't know a fact if it smacked him up the side of the head. But he writes this anyway, Texas, Georgia and Arizona have introduced nearly 100, voter suppression bills between them. So any law designed to defend the integrity of our elections to make them more secure, to define things, in some cases, these states, my friends have changed the rules because their governors or secretaries of state or whoever courts have said, you have to do XY and Z because of COVID. Why not? Because of COVID, we have to do whatever anybody wants, we got to make sure that we allow those to come in weeks, weeks later. This is absurd. Folks, everyone know, I can point to the election day on the calendar for 2020 to 2024 2628. I mean, 2020 128, we can find on the calendar what day That is, if you don't have your stuff together, and you can't vote, given the access to early voting, in person access to mail in voting absentee ballots, and in some states, in many states with some have more, have looser rules than others. If you cannot find a way to vote, when you literally have weeks to do it, then dare I say you're not really that serious about doing it, dare I dare I say that. But any bill that Republicans passed that's designed to take care of some of these holes in security or the things that were implemented by secretaries of state and by others in positions of power. Others in the executive branch governors or state legislators, not state legislators, courts, I should say, any law that's designed to prevent more problems from happening or defining what's going on, are deemed by the left as voter suppression bills. And so that is why from this moment forward on this program, any law that Democrats introduce regarding elections, we're going to call voter fraud law, voter fraud bill, why not? They want to redefine what words mean, they want to miss apply words and define things as something that they're really not. I do it just to make a point not because I'm trying to change definitions like they are. But to illustrate what they do, and candidly how effective they are at doing it. So any law republican state legislatures try to introduce as suddenly deemed a voter suppression bill? That's what it is. That's what they say it is. Of course, that's not what it is, just like the law in Atlanta or in Georgia is not a bill designed to suppress the vote. Likewise, neither are these other bills being introduced. They are bills that are designed to run elections as states seem deem fit and desire to do. They want to clearly lay out what those are and they want to address the holes and problems and weaknesses in the election process and that should be commended, not ridiculed and torn apart. So if Republicans only pass voter suppression bills or introduced voter suppression bills, then democrats only introduce voter fraud bills. And I'm going to take a break. You're listening here to the home of conservative not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. Something else here? The radical left is trying to do to change America fundamentally change America. We've got this infrastructure bill, Pete boot edge edge, actually made a claim. This is one that I really enjoyed this is on. I saw this on bungee the Whoa, I tell you what, they're just not good with math. They don't Understand numbers they don't I know Andrew Yang tried to say that he did understand math he clearly has some issues with with understanding that as it pertains to say his universal basic income UBI how that's somehow a good and appropriate thing to do but anyhow, Bond Gino calm says this, the Biden administration is already over promising on this infrastructure package. Remember infrastructure now includes whatever leftist dream item that they want to throw into infrastructure 5% Ted Cruz says of the infrastructure bill actually has to do with roads and bridges. 95% has something to do not with infrastructure is another way to look at that. So in this bill, that 5% plus whatever other liberal payback or liberal fantasy project here that can be thrown into this bill, Pete Buda judge says we'll create, he has since gone back and fix this corrected himself. But he said it was going to create 19 million jobs. 19 million jobs. As Bonjela points out here, it says a sum that's equal to roughly 12% of the entire US labor force. 19 Why not just throw it out there. Just say whatever you want, because to the left, numbers don't mean anything. words don't mean anything. Truth doesn't exist. They're at constant, they're at a constant. They're a constant war with truth. They don't like the realities of this world. They don't like what history teaches us. They don't like what truth teaches us. They don't like what morality teaches us. They don't like these things. They want to be at war with them, they want to do away with these things. Particularly they love to do away the radical left would love to do away with this concept of the moral law, and it bothers the heck out of them. And as much as they deny it, they still feel inside the same inclinations. They try to beat those inclinations away. They tried to ignore them, but yet they remain. The conscience is a powerful thing. CS Lewis and Mere Christianity has a lot to say about that. Anyway, 19 million jobs, why not? Who cares? If you're going to lie? Just I think you should just make it as bombastic and over the top as possible, right? Isn't that what they've actually recommend that as well, if you're gonna tell why don't as total little one, make it make it so big and so grandiose that people would say, Well, he couldn't possibly make that up. That's even too big of a claim to make up, make it count 19 million jobs. Again, he's a sense, I think, corrected this. Anyway, that's another thing to do. Just throw numbers around, throw things around, that are not based in reality that have no, they have nothing to do with anything in the real world. What about this, we have a vice president Kamala Harris, who's probably laughing herself silly right now as she normally does when asked about these things, but instead of being at the border, she's she's supposed to be running and dealing with the border crisis. I'm looking right now at this moment on Fox News, at this mess. This disaster we have this unmitigated disaster that has been ushered in has been brought upon us because of Joseph our Biden and Kamala Harris and the radical left. They own this, this is reprehensible what is happening on the southern border and their policies and their statements and their positions and their ideas or what have led to this it is a mess. It is absolutely disastrous and awful. What we're dealing with, on the southern border, Kamala Harris is supposed to be in spirit is supposed to be in charge of this, the borders are whatever stupid name they've given her for this. She's supposed to be down there dealing with this, fixing this and so forth, but she's not instead she's having pieces of cake in Chicago. Now, I did see yesterday on Fox, somebody said every state is a border state, which is true in the sense that illegal immigration affects every state which which was his point. But it's not technically a border state that was used as a kind of a verbal, I don't know like a tool to make a broader point which Just because you're a state that's not on the border doesn't mean illegal immigration is not impacting your state. Every state is a border state in that sense. It's not technically because states not every state are on the US Mexico border but I can tell you this Chicago isn't. Chicago is a heck of a lot closer to the Canadian border. That's what Kamel Harris's she got a piece of cake at the brown sugar bakery in Chicago, which whatever this is the kind of stuff politicians do. But you would think if you're in the midst of this level of crisis, that the person that you've put in charge of the border, and dealing with what's going on there the actual crisis, you think that she would at least make one trip not any trip yet, not a single trip, neither Biden or Kamala Harris, have made one trip to the border. Neither Biden or Kamala Harris nor any of these other radical leftists have done a single other thing to fix the issue along the southern border in the slightest way. Not even remotely close. In fact, if anything, they made it worse. This is typical for both government and particularly for liberalism when they are in control situations get worse. Ronald Reagan, one of my favorite Reagan quotes is this. The Nine most terrifying words in the English language, I'm from the government and I'm here to help. Case in point Exhibit A, what's happening along the southern border today, Kamala Harris having cake in Chicago, which is nowhere near the borders as maybe something else. Maybe a lot of the voters for calm. Take it easy. I'm just half joking on this half. A lot of the voters for Camila may not realize Chicago isn't a border city. Who knows. Anyway, I'm gonna take a timeout and I'm just playing. But you know, folks, there is something else to be said about rush used to say the low information voter. low information voters are typically not principled conservatives, because conservatism requires thought. liberalism, on the other hand, requires a motion I don't like that i government fix it. Government never fixes that they tell you and the next level next election cycle, how the meal what the reasons were they they didn't fix it, they needed more of your money, they needed more of your time, and I definitely needed your vote again. Yeah, okay. That's right. This person saying the right thing, they go back to Washington, nothing happens. Come back, still fighting the same battle that they've been supposedly fighting for, in some cases, decades, Biden's been in Washington DC for half a century virtually. Why are we still not? You'd figure a century, half a century of a guy in charge in places and why, you know, being a senator, I mean, there's only 100 senators, you know, you got a pretty powerful voice at that point. He's been vice president and the Oh Biden Obama administration. He's been president now we're talking we're talking a half century. In Washington DC, you figure something we get solved. You figured something would get better. These guys were in the show. It doesn't. Instead, they just use the words, which they often redefine, and we've talked about today to make you think things that aren't true. They never get anything accomplished. Don't ever hold them accountable for their results because well, the results never materialize. Absolutely never do and they never will timeouts necessary. Come back continue this conversation after the break. be back in just a minute.
Welcome back. By the way, this program Brought to you in part by our friends at Ward's apparel. Words apparel in Morrisville offers good quality clothing for both work and play at an affordable price. to the community. Still family run and operated. I know john Ward, great guy, great family. Check them out Ward's dash Ward's dash or visit them in Morrisville conveniently located right next to gray brothers cafeteria so you can grab some lunch on the trip as well. What's another way that they're trying to deceive us or the left trying to deceive us or to miss what I want to say to redefine words? Well, how about this Biden is set to announce executive orders today on guns. He's going to come out there with a pen just like Obama did fix problems, the pen and maybe a cellphone. I don't even know if Biden needs a cell phone. Biden just needs a pen. It's gonna go out there sign a law or not a law an executive order and it's going to To fix all the problems, right this the way that this goes, but if you listen to this article or read this article on the hill, this is what it says. Anti gun violence advocates, including some who attended meetings with Biden officials told the hill in February that the executive order Biden could eliminate ghost guns, you're going to hear this term a little bit more frequently, because they think this is what these executive orders are going to address. ghost guns, ghost guns, is a term that refers to guns that are available to be purchased without a background check, or possibly a serial number. And they just may not be completely finished, they may be missing a part or a couple of parts. So they're not there, they're handled a little bit differently. So Biden is going to apparently we think, or they think I don't know. But it's being reported that this executive order may address the issue of ghost guns, because as this says, Here, Biden could eliminate ghost guns by defining what constitutes a gun by defining what constitutes a gun, so again, changing definitions is central to what the radical left is trying to trying to accomplish today. What about this and the waning moments I have here today, PJ media reports, and you've seen this, maybe elsewhere, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a bunch of radicals, has now endorsed, Democrats, I should say, has now endorsed one of their reports. That says, basically, that some Christian and conservative organizations are predictively in the mean, the way that they do things they've predicted predictably said that conservative groups and Christian groups are hate groups, bigoted groups, Congress, people out there saying it's time we extinguish all bigoted beliefs. And so again, they've redefined what a hate group is what bigotry is, and they've put some groups on there groups that you've heard of, in some cases, some that clearly are hate groups like the KKK, but they put groups like what is it the American family? What's the name of that group? AFP I think? No, family I AFP, ADF and Family Research Council. Anyway, gotta go. But this is what they do. redefining words is central to what the radical left wants to do. What they have to do back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. I guess the lesson today is that words mean things and that we should not be led astray and deceived by those that want us to believe they mean something other than what they mean words mean things. This also means something. For those of you who have listened to this program for some time, you will remember Jay Dodd, who hasn't been on here for some time, and that's really probably my fault. Maybe his fault, too. But Jay Dodd who did our patented three in threes, it's his birthday today. Jay that will be turning 43 today, still the body of a 42 year old he swears to me. I don't know if I believe that. But anyway, happy birthday to Jay Dodd and, folks, I gotta go music's telling me it's time to wrap up for the day. Thank you so much for listening. Have a wonderful day. s d GC tomorrow. Take