We Now Know What Biden Meant To "Build Back Better"

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That is right, my friends, you're listening here to the home conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff. You can email me your thoughts, questions, opinions, feedback. I'll even accept your adoration and praise Todd, The Todd Huff show.com. That is the email. This is the program and I welcome you to it. You know, it's just an amazing, it's an amazing thing to witness. Here we are what are we we're just almost not quite 90 days into this. Almost 90 days in to Joe Biden riding in on his white horse to save America from President Donald J. Trump. And I see quite the opposite, folks. I see quite the opposite. I don't see. I don't see things progressively getting better. In fact, I see things regressing around the world. You see the Biden ministration is out there. Warning the nation of Russia not to amass troops in or around Ukraine. You see this again. It's amazing. We've already we've already launched what missiles or whatever or dropped some bombs in Syria. In the first 90 days, remember, President Trump was supposed to be the danger around the world President Trump not starting any conflicts during his four years in office, Biden, starting conflicts watching things heat up around the world, we've got this situation. I don't know if you saw this with what they're Ron. Iran has up place where their centrifuges are located a nuclear facility that was targeted, they believe by some sort of a cyber attack. Iran is calling this nuclear terrorism. Why do some Why does the country presumably I mean, I don't know. Who did this with my first guess is Israel, right? I mean, that's, that's probably, I would just say, the most likely country that has interjected itself, they're the ones who would face the most dire consequences, the most immediate and most immediately dire consequences with a nuclear Iran. So they may be taking action. I don't necessarily know that to be the case. But I think that that is a good place to start. And why are they having to do that, because surprisingly, when Biden took office, Iran is suddenly in power, we're already starting to negotiate with Iran, re starting the nuclear, the so called Iran nuclear deal from 2000, and whatever was 15. And the starting point is Iran, you're going to, you're going to be able to have a pathway to nuclear weapons. Again, it's just it's a remarkable thing. Or President Trump came out and criticized this and says, Hey, if you're gonna reverse this, at least, don't start by taking away your most powerful bargaining chips. And the Biden administration, not surprisingly, has already done this as well. It is one thing, truly one thing after another here, as we watch the beginnings of the Biden administration, but I want to start this morning with something that we have talked about in the past, in theory, and that is court packing. And Biden has announced that he's got a commission. Thank goodness, we've got a commission coming at this to tell us how many justices need to be on the United States Supreme Court along with some other things he's launching, launching a commission, one of those things that they're going to be studying. I'm looking here in a story from American that military news.com headline Biden creating Supreme Court Reform Commission including expanding size President Joe Biden sign an executive order, surprisingly, on Friday To create a commission of 36 legal experts to conduct a 180 day study on Supreme Court reform, including expanding the court size. Can you imagine, Paul, this is a 180 day study,
we've we've seen our Biden in office for 90 days, can you imagine what the landscape is going to look like, around the world and in this country, and then 190 days from now, or whenever this thing kicks off, I can only imagine what this is going to look like at that point. But anyway, they're going to include in that study, they're going to look at expanding the Supreme Courts actual size of White House. Statement provided to American military news said the commission would examine reform topics, including a Genesis of the reform debate. The courts role in the constitutional system, the length of service and turnover of justices on the court, the membership and size of the court, and the courts, case, selection rules and practices. I don't this a newsflash here. Now this is, you know, we have three, we have three branches of government, they are co equal, they're co equal branches of, of government. Of course, one branch in certain areas has, I suppose you could say power over the balanced a check and balance over the other. For example, the President can veto legislation sent to him by Congress approved by both houses of Congress, but in return, Congress can override that veto, and still make something law if the president doesn't sign it. The Supreme Court, for example, if it is, tasked with it, you know, particularly looking at a particular law, passed by Congress can say, Congress, the law that you passed, was not constitutional is not consistent with what the Constitution says, hereby, We hereby strike down that law as being unconstitutional. Congress can then go back to that law and adjust it to address the concerns of the Supreme Court, thereby making sure that it is, you know, within the courts view in and make sure that it's consistent with the Constitution. This goes there's multiple things that you know that the President can nominate a cabinet, or justices to the Supreme Court, but they must go before the Senate for approval. On on this, this stuff goes. But Biden is now saying he's going to announce he's going to empower a commission to study to study the Supreme Court and really how it functions. Now this quickly, the court is not, it's just something I want to point out here. There's a lot more problems with this than this first point, but I want to just point out that it's not the job of the President, or the executive branch or any person in the exact executive branch to tell the court how to operate. But that may be where this is going. The court does not serve President Biden, or President Obama for that matter, or President Trump, for that matter. The Oh Biden Obama administration, none of those, the court serves the American people, the court is there to interpret the law and the Constitution, to make sure that it is being applied legally and lawfully to the best of their abilities. Now, that's not necessarily why all the justices are there, some of those justices are there for two reasons. None other than to advance the cause of, of liberalism, to legislate from the from the bench to make to make certain that things that liberals want to see enacted in this nation
are actually followed through or carried out even though Americans don't necessarily want those things. That's why we're living when when you have the trifecta I suppose when you have a Democrat in the White House a Democrat in Congress are in control of the House and the control of the Senate we've got to be extremely vigilant as to what we are letting these jokers do and now they're wanting to have a commission of course a commission commission solve everything Commission's and the minds of the lovers of government, the lovers of big government, this is how things get done. You put a bunch of pointy headed liberal leaders into a room and you say solve this problem and houve problem is solved. This is how this happens. This is how this is done. Now they'll tell you, fact, I'm gonna play a soundbite here. This is Biden. I will say this, I will say this, this is actually a campaign promise made by President or by candidate Joe Biden. And this was, I'm gonna play a soundbite from an interview he had with Norah O'Donnell back in 2020, October of 2020, saying that if he wins the presidency, he wins the presidency, he's going to do this very thing, I want you to listen to this exchange to get a full idea of at least what he was saying he may not remember he said this, but this is what he was saying. Back in October of 2020 2020. When I say that's a 2022. Sorry, I'm thinking about Trump is out there saying that Congress, the republicans are going to win the house back in 2022. And they're going to win the presidency in 2024, which, of course continues to stir speculation as to whether or not he's going to announce a run. I think it's beautiful the way that he does this stuff. The way that he keeps people interested without actually telling people that he's running for president, so forth. Anyway, this is Biden talking with Norah O'Donnell, October 22, October 21, or 22nd, of 2020, explaining what he's going to be doing. If he's elected president. And this is what he's actually kicked off a commission to do. Here it is.
If elected, what I will do is I'll put together a national commission of bipartisan commission of scholars, constitutional scholars, Democrats, Republicans, liberal conservative. And I will ask them do over 180 days come back to me with recommendations as to how to reform the court system, because it's getting out of whack, the way which has been handled, and it's not about court packing, there's a number of other things that are custom, some scholars have debated, and I've looked to see what recommendations that commission might make. So you're telling us you're going to study this issue about whether to pack the court. Now, whether there's a number of alternatives that are go well beyond packet, this is a live ball, oh, it is a live ball? No, it is a live ball, we're going to have to do that. And you're going to find there's a lot of conservative concepts of scholars of sand as well. The last thing we need to do is turn the Supreme Court into just a political football, whoever has the most votes gets whatever they want. Presidents come and go. Supreme Court justices stay for generations.
There. Yeah. So that is what he's saying it's going to be no Look, it's going to be a lot more than packing the courts. There's a lot here, conservatives, yeah, how many people think that there's gonna be an equal number of conservatives on this commission, I can only imagine who Biden thinks as a conservative. I mean, George Conway comes to mind, George Will comes to mind. Some of these never trumpers, who, you know, might write for some of these pseudo so called conservative publications, and so forth. Think of maybe David French, who knows who knows who he is going to throw on these on these panels as as the so called conservative, any, any guesses? Any, I guess, speculation as to what's going to happen from this, I got some thoughts on that, that I'll share on the other side of the break. But this is, look, make no mistake about this. Make no mistake about this. They are in a position in their minds, where they again, can see the proverbial finish line here. The finish line is again, not just on the side of legislation, which we've talked about things like the new Green Deal, whatever, they end up calling this However, they can get it forced through or they can get forced into part of the infrastructure bill, or what have you, expanding you know, long term federal spending programs and so forth. Not just legislative things. But in addition to that, in addition to that, taking control of the Supreme Court in ways that will radically transform its ability to make rulings that are contrary to liberal positions. This is a dream of theirs. This is not just about advancing their ideology. This is about advancing their ideology, but it's also about making sure conservatives, Republicans constitutionalist have no way of fighting back through the system anymore. That's what this is about. That's what HR one is about. I know it's a it's it's maybe difficult to swallow at times, because it's hard to comprehend someone disliking America as it currently exists. As it was founded to exist, it's it's confusing to people, especially if you've grown up loving this country believing in the principles and concepts and ideas that this nation stands for. It's confusing to think someone would be an enemy to that someone would want to, quote, build it back better, build it back better, folks. It's amazing that people want to turn from free markets and capitalism to a more government run system, and economic system. It's confusing. It truly is meant to many people, I understand that it's not the more you understand who these folks are and what they're doing. It's not confusing. It's actually very, I would say, easy to predict in some ways. But it's still confusing. I remember when I was a young conservative, I didn't want as much as I oppose what the what the left and the Democrat Party was doing. I didn't want to accept some of these things. I couldn't get there took me a while I got there with the help of rush limbaugh because I believe that he was exactly right, the way that he explained how these how these radicals thought, what they were trying to accomplish. And it's not simply to advance their ideology, though it is about that. It's about creating a situation whereby they can maintain power for effectively eternity. And that's what we're looking at here. We'll talk about this a little bit more on the other side of the break, but I'm gonna take a timeout you're listening here to the conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
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Conservative justice, a conservative justice is someone who believes the Constitution. And the law needs to be applied as intended as written by those who wrote the law and or the Constitution. They don't get to cite as liberal justices have said. It was either Briar or Souter that said this at one point throughout. I think it was Briar, who said that you can cite foreign law and a Supreme Court decision? See, that's a problem, because that's not our system. I don't want to make this overly complicated to some leftist tuned in this morning. I'm just teasing. Welcome to the program. But I am saying this that is not the way that you do this. What you do is, candidly, exactly what Cavanaugh said during his confirmation process, which is this. If you're a judge, for your supreme court justice or judge, and you don't occasionally make decisions are rulings that you personally agree with, you are not doing your job because your job isn't to implement what it is that you want to see happen. It's not to take the ideology of that judge in the case of Brett Kavanaugh, it's not to say this is this is what Brett Kavanaugh would do this is what is personal preferences. And this is the outcome of the case. No, no, no. Instead, what he does is says what does the law say? He says, How does that apply to this case? How do I balance constitutional concepts and, and principles with with this law? And then the arguments being made? How do I piece that together? How do I do that? He may say I don't like this ruling. But this is where the this is where reasoning and rationale leads me. And folks, if we had justices that did that, then it would not matter. It truly would not matter. And I know that his living. This is living in a fantasy world. So I'm not saying that that's even conceivable completely. But if if we had justices that were nominated, that truly interpreted the law, and then said to Congress, if you want to do something about the law, quit bringing something to me to try to implement a solution and idea that you want to see implemented but you can't get the political support for you have to do the politics, I have to do the interpretation. We this court have to do the interpretation and the application. That's what we're supposed to be doing. figuring this out on a case by case basis. If you want to see the new Green Deal pass, for example, I'm not going to dig and find that in the Constitution. You got to find a law. You have to find a policy that is consistent with the constitution and other federal statutes that may come into play here. And you have to craft a piece of legislation a bill it's got to pass both houses. And if if there's a court case that checks This bill, I'm going to interpret it based upon what it says. And then how I apply it. That's what's going to happen. Don't blame me. Don't look to me Don't look to this court to implement your liberal ideology. That's not the way that this works. But see, that is the way that it works for the radical left. In fact, if you look at the things that they have implemented over history, they have used the courts in many instances, I think of Roe versus Wade, for example. I think of same sex marriage, for example. Oftentimes things that are in the political and legislative process, there have been specific, there have been challenges or political referendums, and so forth on ballots. Those issues last a lot of times, but the court comes in and they basically wipe the slate clean and say any law that prohibits this or that is unconstitutional. We've declared this the law of the land and I defy you to find an example of a conservative, conservative position where this is where this has happened. It happens with the liberals all the time, an activist Put another way, judicial activism is the problem on the court. judicial activism if, if all nine justices are radical liberals, but yet they they truly, if they're personally radicals, if they're out there, voting for Bernie Sanders,
if they simply follow the law, and follow the constitution as written and as intended by the founders, and they were originalist, of course those things like at some point are irreconcilable. How can you be an originalist and be in favor of Bernie Sanders, I get it. But the point is, not so much the idea ideology, though that is a problem. But it's only a problem. If you say I am willing to implement my ideology through judicial activism, basically saying I don't care what the law says. I don't care. The Constitution says this is what David Souter thinks this is what Sonia Sotomayor thinks this is what Elena Kagan thinks that is where the real problem comes in is judicial activism. There's nothing wrong with the court. At at as a whole in the sense of the system. The problem is that we have a letter nominated and confirmed some on that court who wants to implement their ideology. And if a conservative implements his or her ideology through through a court case, I'm not cool with that either folks, I'm not the ends does not justify the means to me, we have to follow the rule of law, we have to stay, we have to make sure each branch stays in its proverbial lane. And we have to make sure that we're following the constitutional precepts here. That's what the problem is. And I'm telling you, you know what's gonna happen, the things we're gonna find out from this commission. Gotta take a break, you can only imagine your imaginations running wild with what this commission is going to tell us. quick timeout, come back. Probably a few more words on that. And then we'll shift some gears and get into some other issues of what as well, including Trump out there talking about winning, in 2022, Republicans winning the house, the presidency, all these sorts of things. I want to get to that, in the second half of the program here a little bit long In this segment, sit tight back in just a minute.
You are tuned into America's realities are self appointed, willing to fill the spot in that position created by the Biden ministration at the behest of the New York Times. I'm here to help President Joe Biden in any way possible. And being America's realities are is one way that I'm willing to serve my nation. Really quickly, one more thing here before I shift gears and get back into this move on to President Trump. Do you have any doubts what's going to happen here with this study to commission changing the supreme court? Any guesses where this will end up? You think that the Commission is going to find that we can or should or maybe even must expand the size of the Supreme Court? You think that's going to be the case? Again, I I can only imagine what we're going to find out. We may find out some somewhere during this process that the number nine which is the number of justices on the Supreme Court, we may find out the number nine is racist. We may find that out along this through this commission, we might find out that we must have more justices in the on the Supreme Court. In order to save our democracy, we might find that this is the critical component. This is the Final link to save our democracy it's do or die. It's more than nine or bust, we might find that out. We might even find. We might even find out that Chuck Schumer and his his aides, his staffers will find a hidden section in the constitution that's written in invisible ink, and that they will decode with the help of Nicolas Cage. They may find that there's a number in there that the founders wanted that a number of justices the founders had intended to put on the Supreme Court, which of course, will be more than nine, is there any doubt that this is where this is going? I don't care what Biden says about conservatives or bogans. By you know, Democrats, all these different groups of people we know who's going to have control this commission, we know who these folks are going to be we know what their intentions are. We know that, that this is at least a very, very strong possibility that they're going to be recommending that America changes the number of justices or something else fundamentally important here. They hit on some things that make you wonder, what are they what are they going to do how the court chooses its cases the court that's the courts prerogative, right, the courts prerogative on how to choose cases now Biden, and his commission, they're going to tell them how to do that. What's that going to look like? Anyway, timeout is an order. quick timeout, come back. I want to shift gears talk about President Trump 2022 2024. And all the things kind of in that in that direction. He's He's speaking to some Republican donors and he makes some comments that I want to share with you. We'll do that after the break. Sit tight. Be back here. back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. By the way, this program Brought to you in part by our friends at Northwestern Mutual Blake Hornsby in Greenwood over 20 years experience financial advisor. contact him mentioned The Todd Huff Show to get your free initial consultation. You can find out more by visiting his website Blake hornsby.com. Blake Hornsby, that's a Jo are in s BY Blake hornsby.com. We're call 317215832231721583. To two I'm thinking I mentioned this on him before I played football with Blake Butler back in back 150 years ago, sharp guy reach out to if this is something that you're looking, looking into some some financial advice, investments, that sort of thing. Blake horns. me.com 2158322 is the phone number. So let's talk a little bit here President Trump, President Trump has reportedly spoken with donors over I think over the weekend here. This is in the epic time Trump's epic times. Trump predicts GOP will retake Congress in 2022. White House in 2024. Former President Donald Trump and a speech to republican donors on April 10th, which would have been Saturday predicted that the GOP will win back both houses of Congress in 2022. And the presidency in 2024. He says this, we are gathered tonight to talk about the future of the Republican Party. And we must and what we must do to set our candidates on a course to victory. I stand before you this evening, filled with confidence that in 2022 we're going to take back the house and we're going to reclaim the Senate and then in 2024 a Republican candidate is going to win the white house you may have seen this too. Last week, Mark Meadows asked about President Trump's chances the odds that he would be running for president in 2024. Meadows said the chances that Trump does that are better than 5050. This is what he said in radio show with Sebastian Gorka. I'm feeling great about President Trump's willingness to serve once again in the Oval Office. He did say he added that President Trump is making all the preparations necessary for another run and he's being encouraged by his friends and former staffers. This is according to the Washington Examiner. Again, Mark Meadows on Sebastian gorkhas radio program so Trump's still out there. fighting the fight, which again is multifaceted. I mean, you've got the the electoral side of this winning, winning elections, you've got fighting the issues, right? You've got democrats that are trying to basically create a permanent majority for themselves permanent majority for themselves by passing things like the for the people act by generating all this foe outrage at the Georgia election law. Right. They want, they need to demonize what republicans are doing. So they point to the Georgia election law. And they say, Oh, this is atrocious. This is terrible. This is voter suppression. As I said last week, from this point forward, all democrat bills that have anything to do with elections will be known as voter fraud bills, since all republican bills are called voter suppression bills, by the left and by the media, some of the media, were gonna dump these democrat bills, voter fraud bills. And so they demonize the Republican bill in the state of Georgia, even though other states did pretty much the same exact thing, including this state, state of Indiana. They demonize. And then they say this, this law, George's is racist is trying to suppress the vote. It's all these terrible things. So we have to have, we have to have a national for the people act, where Democrats come in and make all things fair because this is unacceptable. And some people buy into this nonsense, others see what's clearly going on here. But this is what we're up against. So it's it's winning the political battles, winning the fights over these the current legislation, which we're at the fight to the nail folks to make sure that this is that we defend, and prevent some of these things from happening, because 2022 won't come quickly enough if they're able to us or all these things in it. And on top of that, what we've been talking about the other part of this the other half of this program,
the Supreme Court, changing the Supreme Court so that it fits easier with the liberals ability to implement their ideology, oftentimes by even bypassing the process whereby that goes before the people the democratic so called democratic process here, just make it law by the Supreme Court. Gotta take a break. Gotta take a break at a time here, sit tight, listen to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Alright, my friend, that's about all the time that we have today. But I want to say this, I want to say this in closing, I would be doing a disservice to you if I did not. If I did not point out that we this is not over. We just have to be engaged. We have to be prepared to to fight. There's lots of fronts on this. On this battle that we're fighting metaphorical Of course, that's why we've launched see NBU conservative, not bitter University. We need to educate and promote our ideas, communicate those in our sphere of influences. Make sure we vote for and nominate the right politicians. There's lots of things we can do. Don't give up hope but it is what we got a lot of work to do. I've got to go Thanks for listening. sddc tomorrow, take care