Building Back Better Really Means Fundamentally Changing America

Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
That is right, my friends you have tuned in to America zone for conservative, not bitter talk. And education. It is a pleasure to be here this morning. Email Address Todd, The Todd Huff Facebook, YouTube, I think YouTube I don't know, just a matter of time before they take us down their Twitter. And it's good to be here this morning. So I want to start today yesterday we talked about spent a lot of time talking about how the viden President Biden has started a commission to look into the Supreme Court. Look into basically how to make it better. Basically, when you get down to it, how to get the court how to get the court to go along with liberalism even more with the radical left's regressive, not progressive re aggressive agenda. The regressive agenda that seems to find problems with free speech, the regressive agenda, there seems to find problems with Americans rights to keep and bear arms, the regressive agenda that really has a problem with choice, there's one issue, one issue, there may be a second one, but one primary issue that the left is in favor of choice. And they'll say my body my choice, of course. It's dealing with someone else's body when it comes to abortion, but nonetheless, nonetheless, that's the one issue where they believe choice. Choice matters. But every other area, you're supposed to bow down to the government, the experts, the technocrats. And so, one of the two things today, primarily one, I want to start with an interview, Jim Acosta of fake news, CNN. He has on the on his program. Dirty Harry Reid, this is a flash from the past. Dirty Harry read that as a hat tip, the name there a hat tip to the great rush limbaugh, who knew Dirty Harry or harry reid is Dirty Harry. Dirty Harry Reid used to be the leader of the Senate, the speaker, or excuse me, the majority leader or Minority Leader, depending upon which particular session of congress he was. You know, we were we were in. And so he was on with Jim Acosta. I guess this was yesterday, or maybe this was even over the weekend. Now that I look at this, but I hadn't seen this until yesterday, late last night. So I want to play a soundbite from that. And then I want to talk about not just a commission for changing the structure of the United States Supreme Court, which is what Biden is doing. We talked about that again yesterday. But now we have the House Committee, House committee house representatives, that is about to vote on reparations. Every time I hear the word reparations. I'm reminded of the Indian wedding episode of Seinfeld. When George demands for Reparations from from Jerry.
Anyway, the house is voting a committee's voting as to whether or not they will create a commission. This is what leftists and lovers of big government do they create commissions to tell us things? Of course, these are people that are highly decorated experts. These are people we're supposed to have great profound respect for. These are people like Dr. Fauci, for example, he wouldn't be on this commission, but just to give you an Example. These are the people that we, we push out in front of the cameras. And we say this expert has said it is time to do this. Right, whatever this is, and this is usually this is usually, whatever this is at the moment that comes from a commission is usually something that walks lockstep with the radical left's agenda. So I want to talk about that, as well, the issue of reparations. But I want to start where I told you, we wanted to start. And there's a couple things I might want to do in between. Those are the two things in particular, but I want to I want to play this discussion, this conversation of a clip of this conversation between Dirty Harry Dirty Harry Reid, and Jim very fake news Acosta, as Trump called him. I want you to listen to this. I want you to hear the just the I mean, Jim Acosta seems a little bit discouraged by what harry reid is saying about packing the court here. You could tell, you know, they've come to this moment. Again, I've said this several times. I just think it needs repeating, I think, I think we need to truly understand what is going on in the minds of today's leaders of the Democrat Party. A couple of things, number one, number one, you've seen a little bit of conflict between Nancy Pelosi and AOC. And if you haven't seen that, I will tell you that it that now is in existence, and it has been for some time, remember AOC they were trying to get a different speaker than Nancy. But look, Nancy Pelosi is a lot of things. Even a lot of bad things one might say, but she is a she's good at playing politics. She knows how to do this. She knows how to get the vote she needs. She knows how to get herself elected and reelected and all this sort of stuff. She knows how to become basically a lifer in, in Congress, even the speaker, you don't accomplish that feat by not knowing what your you're doing, especially in the Democrat Party. But you've got some tension in the Democrat Party, but you also have some eager expectations. And those expectations are that this is our chance. This is our chance to truly build back better. That was the stupid slogan that Biden use whenever he decided to campaign in front of eight people in cars. Sitting in cars outside a stage, the cars are even socially distanced. Occasional honking as I've said to you before is when someone dozed off in the car and their head landed on the steering wheel, honk the horn guarantee it that is the source of any honking you heard because nothing that guy said was worthy of a horn honk. Maybe they were trying to honk at him I suppose to keep him back on to getting back on track. Joe, you're talking jibberish. Hong Kong gets back on the subject, of course, that probably still wouldn't help. But anyway, when he did decide to the campaign, he used this phrase build back better. Right. And I think I think for a lot of people, they don't really understand what is packed into those three little words build back better. For the radical left, and even for a big chunk of today's Democratic Party, build back better means to pack Pac, the court build back better means to change anything, anything, even with their voter fraud laws, the trying to pass even with these voter fraud at pieces of legislation that they're trying to introduce an HR one, the so called for the people act, give me a break. This is this is their opportunity. This is their chance this is allows them to build back better and to change anything. And I mean anything folks that allows republicans any sort of advantage whatsoever to when they want to eliminate that it is not just to advance their ideology at this particular point in time. It is about making sure making positive that Republicans never become a majority party, again, these individuals in the democrat party and some of the radical leftists that they represent around this nation, just some percentage, this isn't all democrats and I've made that clear. If you've listened to this program for some time, but there is a chunk of people in the democratic party who are radically unhinged, unhinged off the spectrum insane, common sense as long since left the building with them And they are, they are completely living in a world of post Trump. Stress Disorder. It's kind of like it's a form of PTSD. They do not want under any circumstances. They want under no circumstances to have to deal with what they've dealt with. With President Trump. That was terrifying for the President Trump came in and talked about building a wall. Are you kidding me? President Trump got people to vote that never voted before. President Trump got more of the black vote than any president in modern history. He was attractive to the Hispanic vote. This was not this is bad news for the left. This guy represented so much and when he got into office, he does didn't say things and then sit back and not do them. He actually tried to implement the agenda that he ran on. This was terrifying for them. They had no control. Their only opportunity was to attack this guy malign this guy at every turn, was the SEC the likes of Jim Acosta on President Trump was to create fake stories like the Russian dossier, all this stuff. This was their only opportunity, Russian collusion all this silly, stupid, ridiculous stuff. This was the only chance that they had they thought from preventing them this, you got to think their goal is to build back better. And what that means is to remake America, to remake America into some radical leftist nation, to remake America as something different than as founded. President Trump was taking it back make America great again. Oh, that sends shivers down their spines, my friends, Make America Great Again, that is the opposite of building back better. In fact, that is taking America doubling down on the principles, the founders enshrined in our Constitution and declaration, the Bill of Rights and so forth. This could not this cannot happen. And so they feel like they defeated Trump and it took every thing they had, it took 9293 95 whatever percent it is, of negative nonstop news coverage, attacking the president for four years. It took that nonstop it took the likes of Jim Acosta took the likes of Vox and vice and all these organizations and the mainstream media and all these make believe journalists out there to constantly wage a propaganda war against the President of the United States, the former president, to get them to this point. And they were on. They felt like they were on the edge of losing it all. They thought this guy could possibly get reelected. And then this idea of building back better, maybe, probably it's never permanently defeated.
But at least put on a major major hold, and they could not have that and they are suffering. And I'm not look, I say these things just to make a point. This is they might think it's equivalent to PTSD, as some of them do, I'm sure. But it's not but it's a it's a similar, much less intensive course. But it's similar and they they experience an event of Trump and they are not. They are triggered by any mention of his name. They are triggered by any person out there that reminds them of Trump. That's why they are hell bent on stopping the likes of Ron de Santos. They are hell bent on stopping the likes of Matt gates. And look, I can say that without even knowing. And I don't know, I don't know which one of these things that these folks had been accused of, or true or not, or whatever. But the point is, the point is that I know every ounce of my fiber knows that. They are that is their mission. That is their mission. whether something is true or not. Their mission is to stop these guys. They do not want to be staring down. Looking at another potential Trump esque figure. They don't want that. They've seen what that does. They seen they have seen how that energizes people to vote. They have seen how that creates a movement, a movement that they thought folks they thought that they were truly, they were one foot hanging off the cliff of falling from their desires and their dreams and their ambitions to do what they're trying to do now. They were just even though democrats control the House, the Senate and the presidency, you look at the number of things that had the dis tip in their favor, slightly. If these things would have tipped, and Republicans favor, we could have quite easily a President Trump, a Republican Senate, and possibly the house is a little bit further off. But republicans weren't too far off from that. We were looking at a dramatically different situation. And they realize that it took every ounce of their energy, every ounce of their fake news, every ounce of their propaganda, every ounce of their insatiable nonstop attacks against the President of the United States to get them to this point. And so they see that finish line, they see the finish line, which is establishing an election, that with the for the people act, that does not allow the president or Republicans to have a legitimate chance of winning, and they're cool with that, that is a good thing. And then on top of that they want, they want to actually change this nation as founded. They want to change this nation from being a nation founded upon liberty, the Constitution, and they want to make it to candidly a bigger, a bigger state. They want to make it more socialist, one would say they want to provide you with things that government should do for you. Whether it be it doesn't matter what it is, government liberals making decisions on behalf of everyone else. It's a technocracy, right? It's technocrats, its experts were ruled by experts, where we're being told gradually that we're too stupid to live our lives. We're too stupid to know how to do anything. And the experts have to come in and tell us what to do. And we're just supposed to blindly follow ask no questions, have no problems. We've seen this with Dr. Fauci and COVID I am, I'm amazed by how many times we've been told truly conflicting opposite things within a short period of time. media has no problem with this, on this video, this video on I'm talking here on the radio too, but the video version of this may come down off of YouTube because of that simple statement. Anyway, either telling me it's time to take a break. She's right when we get back. I want to play a soundbite of this interview with it's Jim Acosta and Dirty Harry, play that get into some other things as well. quick timeout is in order. back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, by the way, my vast, vast, vast team of attorneys has informed me I must tell you, remind you that listening to this program, may in fact cause you to lean to the right so be very cautious out there. Today this morning, operating heavy machinery. Heck, if you're listening to this as a podcast walking, you might find yourself drifting off to the right often just be very, very cautious. Today, as we do that, by the way, the program, also brought to you by our friends at Indiana, geothermal, Indiana, geothermal provides geothermal systems here in Central Indiana. For more information as to whether or not a geothermal unit is good for you would save you and your family money on your heating and cooling bills. Check them out Indiana 31782914903178 to 914 90, Indiana they'll get you some information to review your options and to see if that is a good fit for you. I've known the folks there for GE money probably. I'm telling you what it's getting close getting close to 20 years now. probably at least 15 1718 something like that. In the in the So I promise you this soundbite This is Jim Acosta talking to Dirty Harry I should say let me back up. I should say Jim, very fake news Acosta interviewing Dirty Harry Reid. On very fake news, CNN. It's a perfect trifecta here. You've got you got so much wrong with this picture. Anyway. Jim Acosta is talking to Dirty Harry about. Well, about packing the court about packing the court and about this Biden's commission to study the Supreme Court. I want you to listen to this. I want you to see you can't see it. I want you to listen to it. You'll hear it the disappointment The utter disappointment and Jim Acosta is well, you can't see his eyes, but you can hear it in his voice. It's like, come on, Harry. We fought so hard for this point, everything I said last segment, kind of set the the framework of getting Biden to, you know, have this commission. And now you're telling us he may not actually, the commission may not find that we should pack the court. Harry, I thought you were a fighter is basically what he says here. I want you to listen to this again, Jim. Very fake news. Acosta talking with Dirty Harry Reid on fake news, CNN, here you go. So sort of thought provoking came out of the Biden administration this past week, and it didn't get a lot of attention, because there's so much going on in the news. He's now created a commission to look at adding seats to the Supreme Court other ideas that some progressives are pushing for, they want to see the courts conservative majority be balanced. Where do you stand on that? Do you think it's a good idea to add seats to the Supreme Court?
I think we should be very, very careful in doing so I have no problem with the commission. But I think that the Commission is going to come back and disappoint a lot of people because I think they're going to come back and say, we should just kind of leave it alone. I think it would be inappropriate at this time after that long history with that country have term limits or judges. I think that we better be very, very careful in saying that. We need to spam the Supreme Court. I think we're very, very, very careful.
Okay, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, I think some people might be surprised to hear you say that, because you were you were definitely a fighter when you were in the Senate and like to take it to the other side. But it sounds like you're urging caution moving forward in that regard.
Let me just say one, let me say one thing. Yeah, the filibuster is on its way out. It's not a question. It's a question when you cannot have a democracy that takes 60% of the vote. And so it's only a question of time to a filibuster goes away.
All right, Senator Reid, we'll see if that happens. Thanks so much.
We Jim Acosta is dumb, vowed that he is the one that has been taken out of his sale. He's like I got this guy on here Dirty Harry. He's not afraid to do whatever it takes to win He's a fighter democrats are fighters whenever they do whatever it takes republicans when they fight back are, you know, Nazis and all this sort of stuff. By the way, did you notice how he framed this? I just I get tickled by this stuff. It entertains me to know it now. It's dangerous, don't miss understand, as well. But it democrats that this commission is thoughtful I you know, suddenly, maybe maybe there's some things we need to do to change the Supreme Court and all the academic stroke their chance and how we ought to take this seriously. And it may be time, it may be time to do this, you know, as though it's some sort of a it was something that they were even considering or mentioning when Trump was was president. Of course, that's been completely false if Trump would have introduced this, if Trump had a commission as to whether or not he should expand the court. Can you imagine? Can you imagine the people flipping out of their mind saying that this was an assault on our democracy. This president is trying to establish his his semen, his legacy and fundamentally changing this nation forever. And oh, they would have been wailing and crying from the rooftops. Jim Acosta would not have been sitting down with, say, a former republican senator, and questioning whether or not this commission, this thoughtful commission would have been, you know, if it would make a recommendation to actually change the justices, the number of justices on the court and so forth. Folks, this is all about power. This is so patently obvious. This isn't even good political theater. Normally, they at least try to engage in some good political theater. Now they're all playing a game, they're all stroking their chins and acting like all this is very thought provoking. And this is an important discussion to have. Of course, it's important to have at this particular point, because they control the power. They don't stand to lose anything. They're trying to pull a fast one on the American people because there's no risk here. If they don't get away with it, they just start where we are today. If they get away with it, they get to fundamentally remake this nation. They get a build back better than what they get to do. Are you gonna let him do it? Am I gonna let him do this? As the American people are the American people gonna let them get away with us, remaking America right before our very eyes as they Stroke their chins and contemplate the deep profound questions before us that only arose when they had complete control of the house the senate and the executive branch the presidency What a coincidence. Anyway timeout is an order when we get back I want to talk a little bit about something else we got a commission on these Commission's are gonna start coming out of our ears. These Commission's are going to find the technocrats, the experts are going to find all sorts of things that America can or should or even must, must do at this critical point in time. And the latest is reparations, reparations, reparations, let's constanza would say timeouts in order. We'll come back and talk about that. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. gonna talk now a little bit about the latest commission that may be on its way to a congress near you. And that is Commission on reparations. reparations. I've said on this program quite a bit, that if you wanted to, if you wanted to find a way to make sure that this concept of unifying America was completely the odds of that happening would be zero. Then ask one group of Americans to cut a check to another group of Americans for something that they the people writing the check had nothing, nothing to do with nothing to do with this issue of reparations dealing with with slavery, Washington headline of the article house set to vote for slavery reparations commission. Here's what the article says the House Committee this week will take an unprecedented vote to create a commission of course, this is what leftists do to study providing federal federal reparations. That means via federal taxes, which for liberals tuned in here today, federal taxes are paid by Americans, as you know, the government doesn't create money, it taxes Americans to get money, businesses, individuals, and that money comes to them through the form of taxation. They don't create any. They don't produce anything. I guess you could say that they they don't produce anything in a traditional sense, but they do use the funds. I mean, look, I'm not arguing for zero taxes. That's not at all what I'm saying. I am saying that it does that they have to tax people and take money from people in order to fund whatever either legitimate purpose or ludicrous purpose that they have concocted in their minds. And so now we're looking to have a study to look into the possibility of reparations paid to the descendants of black slaves. As democrats say they have the political momentum to advance hr 42. An act to create a commission to study and develop reparation proposals for black people. Jerry Nadler has some things to say about this. The historic markup of HR hr 40 is intended to continue a national conversation about how to confront the beautiful, the brutal mistreatment of African Americans during slavery segregation, the enduring structural racism that remains endemic to our society. Today, the Judiciary Committee run by Democrats is expected to advance the legislation to the House floor in a vote on Wednesday, that would be tomorrow.
While the reparations bill was first introduced more than three decades ago, by the late representative john, john conyers, a Michigan Democrat, the measure gained traction in the last two years after democrats regain control of Congress and a new racial justice movement spread across this nation. The bill sponsor the great representative Sheila Jackson Lee, from Houston, Texas, a Democrat from a democrat from Texas, told CBS News last week, the timing is great. The time you know why the timing is great because they've got power and they've got Got a full on blitzkrieg assault on different friends that are fighting to advance their liberal agenda in all directions from packing the court to sneaking in, you know, parts of the green new deal and the so called our infrastructure bill. By the way, Ted Cruz said 5% of the infrastructure bill was for actual infrastructure. Other studies have shown, the biggest percentage I've seen is 37%. So, at best, only one out of every $3 spent in this monstrosity, that now the the parliamentarian is allowing Democrats to use reconciliation again the past this thing, only one in $3, at best, at worst, maybe one in $20 is actually spent on infrastructure. So they're pushing in all sorts of directions here. She says it's the perfect time the timing is great. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrats believe going back to the article here. They can leverage recent civil unrest related to police misconduct, as well as opposition to new red state voter laws, and anger over wealth disparities to help push the bill into law. That's exactly correct. That's what they want to that's what they want to do. That's why one of the reasons why they're crying so much about this bill, this piece of legislation, the law now passed in the state of Georgia, that's why they're saying how racist it is and so forth. Of course, anyone who studies this anyone who knows what it says, knows that his patent absurdities and nonsense, but nonetheless, this is where we find ourselves today. And as such, as such, this is part of the reasons why we need to look and have a commission look into the possibilities of having reparations paid to descendants of slaves in this nation paid by paid for by those of us who were not so quick timeout is an order. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. We'll pick up on this when we get back sit tight back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends program Brought to you in part by our friends at Greg hubler Chevrolet in Camby just a short trip South down Kentucky Avenue State Road 67 south and west of the city of Indianapolis. Greg has been a friend of this program and an advertiser for some time. Check him out Greg hubler. is the website Greg hubler or visit them in person take a look at what they've got on the lot. See if they can help you find what you need. They're located again in Camby on State Road 67 it's a little bit south and west of Indianapolis. And it's a pleasure to have Greg on the program. You know, we're talking about reparations here, and we're talking, you know, you look at the way that we get to these these conversations. And the way that we get to these these issues. I'm one of the things that the left has been successful in convincing people of is this idea of systemic racism, meaning that our systems sure we don't have slavery anymore loved as my say. But that system that once said that a man or a woman could be the property of another human being it's still has systemic problems. It's a broken system. And so would these things manifest themselves in all sorts of ways. For example, they'll say things like, you're you're unconsciously biased. You and I are unconsciously biased. And but we need a liberal to tell us that right? a liberal will tell us an intellectual liberal will tell us just how on or how biased we are. Now, of course, they don't have any bias. Or if they do, they're very conscious of their bias so that they can be unbiased in their analysis of our biases. This is how this game is played. And people buy on to this just I just I don't understand. I do in one sense, because people aren't free thinkers. And they also think that the people in positions of authority are smarter than they are. They are not. God gifted you with the brain. You may not be you're not an expert in everything. I'm not an expert in everything, but you know what we know how to think. And these things make no sense and they've gotten to the point where they literally have convinced a lot of people who suffer from white guilt or from the guilt or prosperity or whatever, to think you know what? I think I should I think we should I think someone else should pay people money, pay reparations. And it's just it's really it's really unfortunate It really is. It truly is to think that you're going to hold people accountable financially, for something that had literally had nothing, nothing to do with here's something I want to report. One of the one of the things that has fueled this movement toward this concept of reparations is the Black Lives Matter movement, who by the way, you see one of the co founders, one of the three co founders just bought a $1.4 million house Look, I don't care how much people spend on a house, even if they politically disagree with me. But the thing that you get wealthy off of a movement and identify yourself and the founders of the group as Marxists. And then the thing that you up begin to ask questions as to what the real motivations and so forth are here anyway, that's that's neither here nor there. But Black Lives Matter study found a study from a student at I want to say amhurst No, no, he's, yeah, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Travis Campbell, PhD student, found that between 2019 and 2014 and 2019. The cities that saw a 10% Black Lives Matter protest have also seen a 10% increase in murders over that over that six year period. In addition, they show the city's shutter reduction. Think about this a reduction in lethal force by police road, resulting in some 300 fewer deaths from 2014 to 2019.
So the cities that saw the protests have actually been cities that have had more murders and increase if I think 10% is what I said, and a decrease in police violence. That's where we've seen the most protests by Black Lives Matter just information. This information came from the daily wire as well. We had to take a break quick timeout, come back and wrap up sit tight back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. final segment here the program got to wrap up quickly. But we've got looked at as an all out assault on the our way of life, our country, from multiple fronts being advanced and a lot of crazy ways. And look, we still have we have to fight back. We have to I think one of the things we have to do is persuade others to stop voting for jokers that do this silly stuff. Sometimes some of these voters are even embarrassed by this. And they should be folks. I've got to go Thanks for listening. SDG see tomorrow. Take care.