Why Would Anyone Trust The Media - Especially CNN?

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Oh, folks, welcome. Here we go off and running. Another exciting day here at The Todd Huff Show going through all sorts of both terrifying and crazy things that are around us. This is what happens when we have democrats in power, it is full, full speed ahead into the world of lunacy, the world that makes no sense. We'll try to break it down and make sense of it for you the best of our abilities in a way because obviously, it's liberalism is an emotion, not a logically thought out series of ideas and so forth. But it's a pleasure to be here. You can email me your thoughts, questions, opinions, I'll even accept your adoration and praise Todd, The Todd Huff show.com, you can subscribe to our email newsletter, which went out last night, our weekly column goes out in that and we'll be adding some other things to that God Willing here in the not too distant future. We're revamping some things. And you can do that by going The Todd Huff show.com slash subscribe. I want to start off the top by correcting something that happened yesterday. Something I made a mistake. It is such a rare thing, folks, that I made a mistake as some especially something like this. got an email from a listener who didn't even occur to me that I did this. Until I got the email on the second I read it. I'm thinking he's absolutely right. He's absolutely right. Dan emailed me yesterday. And pointing out that I kept calling us I want to know how you let this happen. I kept calling harry reid Dirty Harry Reid, is dingy Harry. What was I thinking? rush called Harry Reid. I was doing that as a hat tip to rush. Rush Limbaugh. And I was saying Dirty Harry. Instead of dingy, Harry, I have no idea. Why did then. Probably you know what sometimes? Sometimes I mentioned something that I didn't really, you know this, this is not a scripted program. I have things that I want to talk about. Sometimes I have some notes. Sometimes I just read from the article or you know, just talk from what I've seen. And I don't know it just kind of comes together. But I didn't think much about this particular thing before I started yesterday. In fact, I'm I went to Russia's website, back in September 2014. There was archives there were archives there. That said the origins of the dingy, hairy nickname. Goodness I just want to touch on this briefly since I messed up but it does humor me. Rush This is rush. This is the transcript he says as usual. As as the usual case half my brain tied behind my back, to make things fair to make things equal buzzwords for the millennials. If I focus on fairness and equality, they will stop being scared and will love me. Bill in Milwaukee glad you called. So you're next on open line Friday. Hi. And so bill asks about the origins of the dingy, hairy, dingy, hairy name. He says I forgot this is Russia forgot what Harry Reid did to trigger it. It was something reprehensible reprehensibly political reprehensibly partisan, Clint Eastwood own the term, Dirty Harry. So I was trying to come up with something as close to that as I could without stealing dirt. I mean, if I called him dirty, Harry. That's Clint Eastwood. So dingy Harry is as close as I was able to get to it.
Anyway, I made that mistake yesterday. And when we do make those mistakes, we apologize openly and as quickly as possible. So let's jump into though I want to start here. I don't know. Look, there's a lot of things going on right in the news and and I touched on this briefly in the email newsletter column yesterday. This is a full, full on assault, full on assault for multi, it's a multi front battle, political battle for the left, they have their policies that they want to see implemented, which of course, they never do in an open sense. They rarely do. Sometimes they do, I will say this, sometimes they tell us exactly what they want to do. Other times, they cram things inside of a piece of legislation that has nothing to do with the so called title the legislation, which has already happened a couple of times with the infrastructure bill, for example. And with the COVID relief package, these these bills that are so called they're they're named one thing and only a percentage, a small percentage is actually allocated for what the title of the bill says that's in it. And then they cram all the other crazy things in there. Then they also another thing that they do is they I guess, gradually get people to become more open to their positions and ideology, because of the terms that they use. Right? This is, this is a big one actually, the way that they use language, the way that they pressure you to use and understand language, pressure, all of us, the PC police telling us what we can and cannot say they try to convince us that we are whatever, and they're trying to convince us that we are unbiased in our racism, or that doesn't just take your pick. I mean, it's they try to distort reality. They try to confuse us, they tried to get us to gradually and slowly accept some of the premises through trickery, oftentimes, or through just the gradual wearing down of our natural defenses. Using the same firm or the same term, I should say, repeatedly over time, people begin to become, I don't know, almost subconsciously influenced by it. assault weapons is one assault rifle is is an example just one tiny example. assault weapons, assault weapons, assault weapons, assault weapons. But when you get down to the heart of the matter, is just one gun looks one way scarier than the other is the same gun. But one is deemed semi automatic because it looks more like a military style rifle or whatever the case, whatever the case may be, there's lots of examples. Pro choice is another one that I you know, Pro, they're pro choice and the issue of abortion, that's it. That's where the left is, is in favor of of choice. Other than that, you'll go to school, where they tell you that you'll go, you'll pay as much taxes as they'll tell you that you pay. You won't question the use of personal pronouns that you're not that aren't natural, that don't seem to fit the equation, even if you're just you know, you're not trying to be a jerk about it. It's just something that doesn't come naturally, because it isn't just all in and on down the road. There's there's an assault on common sense. They, of course, are trying to pack the court or at least change the court so that it favors them in some way, shape, manner or form. They've got complete control the media and the messaging, but yet they still face opposition. This is kind of the point I guess. And yesterday, Project Veritas, God bless Project Veritas for what they do. They expose these jokers, they expose these. They they've exposed so many people, and it's amazing that it keeps happening over and over and over again. In fact, when I watch these videos, I want to tell these clowns. If you're ever at a diner with someone
who's new asking a bunch of questions, just don't start admitting and telling all your little secrets. It's just amazing how these, and this is the arrogance of liberalism I'm telling you is what it is. It's it is the arrogance that they are too smart to get caught that the dunces in society who they believe are dunces in society are never going to catch on to their tricks and methods. And and they just can't help talking about it because they feel like they're so great and powerful. This is what we're We're able to do and there's really nothing that they can do to stop us. Because we're so much smarter, we're so much more powerful. They're just idiots. That's kind of the mentality here. And so James O'Keefe Project Veritas has exposed, CNN exposed seeing and I'm gonna play some of this and I'm, I've gone back and forth on this because the some of this audio is a little hard to hear others of it is other audio is very good. So just bear with me on this. And there are there are some what I was the captions on the stream that you're not going to be able to see since we're doing this on on radio, but this is just a montage, if you will put together by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas a montage of clips, that they have high ranking officials, I guess, at CNN, fact one of them. One of them admits the network engaged in propaganda to remove Trump from the presidency. Our focus was to get Trump out of office. I came to CNN because I wanted to be a part of that. He's just remarkable. Just to listen to this to let it sink in. And on the one hand is not it should not be surprising. You hear me especially go after CNN, it is not. It is not what they portrayed themselves to be. It is not even close. Right there. You got James Earl Jones's voice versus CNN, I can get nowhere near to that voice, by the way, but the most trusted name in news, give me a break. This plays this organization is truth is about the furthest thing from anything that they want to accomplish. This is the most, this is the most outcome based news organization. In America, they're focused on creating outcomes, not on telling you truth, not on reporting news. these jokers want you to vote left, these jokers want you to move this country to a so called progressive, but it's actually a regressive agenda. That's what these jokers want. They live and breathe this and they think constantly of ways to manipulate the way that Americans and their view Well, not just Americans, that's, you know, CNN is really a worldwide source of news is where a lot of people get their news on what's happening in America. And you wonder, sometimes, actually, you shouldn't wonder too much, because it's probably absolutely the case. But you wonder why some people have such a negative viewpoint of the united states around the world, sometimes you would have to assume that it's simply because they are watching CNN as their primary source of news from this, this country. But anyway, James O'Keefe is exposed, and I'm gonna play at least a little bit of this, a little bit of this, I might queue it up to where the audio is a little bit better, because there are places where there's background noise, and it's hard to hear. But I want to just give you a taste of this if you haven't seen it. And we're going to talk about really the strategy and the tactics employed by the jokers at CNN, what they intend to accomplish. And it is not to tell you truth, it is not to give you information, it is to lead you to a certain conclusion. It is to lead you to a certain conclusion, that is what they they attempt to do each and every day. Whether it's removing Trump from office, by the way, they're on record, and they sound bites is telling us the next thing on their agenda because they've saved America from Trump. Now, the next thing on their agenda is to begin to push climate change. So buckle up for this. And it's amazing how, how the things that they're going to push on CNN fit hand in glove with what the liberals want to do, right with what the radical left wants to do. You've got this
green New Deal, effectively sitting here, or legislation that the left the left loves the issue of climate change, because it gives the government immense amounts of power. People think hey, this is this is something that's way too big, way too big for me to deal with. alone. This is something governments have to be dealing with them and the consequences are so high. The consequences are so high. It's you know, we're talking about the destruction of the planet. We got to basically let the governments of the world do whatever is necessary. free to do whatever is necessary to fix this, whatever it costs, whatever it means we have to give up in return, we have to be willing to do this. And that's why the left likes the issue of climate change so much because, much like COVID on a graven a grander scale, but people say, Hey, we got this, this disease going around this virus, we've got to do whatever we whatever the government needs, and you see people that are willing to give up everything for the government to basically save them from the virus. And of course, that's just not that's not possible. It isn't possible, we should, we should have learned so much for this past year or so with COVID. And thing, in fact, I remember in the early days saying prepare for this, because they're going to use the decisions and the things we've allowed the government to do for COVID to take, quote unquote, emergency action on a larger scale. For things like climate change is going to be termed an emergency and they're going to save us from it. at whatever cost, the American people will be tricked into paying. So timeout is an order come back and I want to play a little bit of this James O'Keefe. My montage to give you a flavor of what these jokers at CNN are saying. But we'll do that on the other side of the break. Sit tight. You're listening to Donald conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
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I think I think we got him through this term. Shots of him jogging, human aviator shades and like I like you painted as a young geriatric, we were creating story there. We didn't know anything about. So that's great. That's I think that's a propaganda game we got taught that I am 100% 100% Believe it or wasn't, I don't know that would have got voted down or focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying that that's what it was very soon, our next thing is going to be for climate change. Awareness. Do you think it's going to be just like a lot of like, fear? climate? Yeah, fear self, yourself. No one ever says those things out loud. But it's obvious.
For years, we've heard that cnn is the most trusted name in news but a CNN director is on tape telling us that their propaganda helping a certain political candidate, employees admitting what we've always known to be true,
like, his hand was shaking or whatever, when we brought in, like so many medical people to like, all tell a story that like is all speculation. But he was like neurological damage. Like as he was losing his, his own fit to, you know, whatever we were. We were creating story there. We didn't know anything about I think there's just like a COVID fatigue. So like, whenever a new story comes up, they're gonna latch on to it. They've already announced in our office that once the public is will be open to it, we're going to start focusing mainly on climate, it's our it's going to be our focus, like, like our war focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying that that's what it was. Right? So our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness. Ahead of the network, like just climate change, he's gonna be the next COVID we're gonna, we're gonna hone in focus was to get Trump out of office, right without saying that that's what it was.
And that's the question, Mr. Zucker. Why is it so important to hide the truth of what you're really trying to do?
And that's, of course, James O'Keefe at the end of that video. And again, some of that's hard to hear, but basically the gist of it was, CNN helped get Biden elected, they would always show him jogging. Show him with his aviator shades on the tried to make him look, I don't know, cooler and hipper for the younger crowd to vote for him. And he says, we tried to portray him as a young as a young geriatric. That's what that's what he said. He said, I don't one of them said, I have no doubt that I really believe this. CNN helped get Trump out of office. And now basically, the next thing we're going to do is focus on climate change. The network's already told us that to which the person asked again, it was hard to hear the question, but who makes that decision, she said is Zucker and he's like, yeah, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg, the same guy who was caught remember this, caught by James O'Keefe, James O'Keefe got onto their weekly conference calls, which That was great. I love that. In fact, there's a spoof or a Project Veritas. In fact, I was gonna it's on our website. Actually, if you haven't seen it, it is worth saying. It is worth saying Project Veritas did a fake exposure of the Babylon B. And they kind of mocked the whole cnn conference call thing and it's very, very entertaining and pretty well done. I really enjoyed enjoyed that. But it isn't funny what we're being subjected to, by the media. These folks As I've said before our professional deceivers, they are not there to give you news. They are not there to tell you the truth. They are there to get a certain result and what is that result? He told us on this video. What you just heard the audio but he told us on the video and that is to get Trump out of office. Now it is to advance the cause of climate change. And the democrats agenda. That is what they are seeking to do. That is what they're focused on. That is what they will do. They are telling you what they will do. They are telling all Americans, you will pay attention, you know this, others will not. Others will shift into the discussion of climate change once cnn thinks we're ready to discuss it. And that means once we're ready to advance the cause of the radical left's agenda. Make no mistake about it. My friends, the democrat party's PR firm is effectively the folks at CNN and lots of other media sources but cnn may lead that pack. CNN is effectively the same politicians the Ayanna Presley is the eo sees the Nancy Pelosi is the chuck Schumer's. The Dictor Urban's Take your pick, take your pick, it is effectively the same exact person, they just have a bad name tag and logo that says cnn the most trusted name in news and of course, they come nowhere near to fulfilling that. That that brand, they come nowhere near to making that a reality. And I've got to take a break. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff. back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. Those of you who listen to this program, frequently, which every one of you should, by the way, shame on you if you don't I'm kidding. I'm not kidding. But yes, I'm kidding. Still, you'll know that I don't take I anytime there's one of these situations like what we have with Dante right. In the, you know, outskirts, I guess outside of Minneapolis. I take time before talking about it. Because this is it's very dangerous to talk about an issue, as though the entire future of say, policing, or the entire way that we view it, you know, the totality of one racist interaction with law enforcement, I just it's very, a very dangerous thing. And I don't like it when I see it in the media. And I know the media likes to likes to sell this. And they have been used to or willingly. Either they have been used or they've willingly just done this for the sake of furthering an agenda or getting viewers and readers or so forth. But they're not helping this problem. As I've said before, in today's world, all they want to report in the news, I see the breaking news all the time you do too. It's something like unarmed black man shot by police. And you immediately are supposed to draw conclusion from that. That is there is nowhere there is not nearly enough information to draw any meaningful conclusion just based upon what I said there. And that's where this starts out. And so it is tragic. It is tragic. Any time a life is lost. It is it is a tragic thing. Now, and this is not i'm not commenting specifically on Dante right yet I'm just speaking in general, sometimes people take actions that directly contribute to what happens in you know, if they're injured or harmed, not just by policemen, anything if you drive like a maniac and you end up racking and killing yourself, there's responsibility to be laid at your feet. Sometimes people are completely innocent. In that same example, there's the people that may have been hit by the maniac driving down the road. Could Have you know, they didn't necessarily do anything wrong. Right. I mean, this reminds me of questions. Even Jesus was asked about why was this guy Born This Way lame or deaf? or whatever the case may be? Why was he born like this? Was it as his the sins of his parents? And Jesus would say, you know, it rains on the righteous and the unrighteous. Right. I mean, the world is broken. And so sometimes, context matters is the point. Sometimes, police do things they shouldn't do. Sometimes, suspects are apprehended, do things they shouldn't do. Sometimes accidents happen, sometimes it's a combination of all those things put together. And there's no way this side of heaven that we can make a judgement. And a snap instance based upon whatever it is we think we know about how the so called policing community community looks at or in or interacts with the so called, well, whatever community in this case, it's the it's the black community, black, young black man, and it's 10 miles I've read from where Derek Chauvin is on is on trial, literally, his trial is going on and 10 miles away, there's a another instance where a an unarmed
young black man is shot and killed. And I don't like to I don't I don't mind talking about this. There's it's personal loss, it's personal tragedy. When people start talking about it, that part gets lost. Even again, even if it was and I'm not making the statement. I'm just saying even if it was willing to take the name, we're not talking specifically about Dante, right. But whenever these cases come up, even if the suspect played a role, or was even completely at fault, it still doesn't take away the tragic aspects of this. It just doesn't. It doesn't and I take no pleasure in talking about this. But I'm going to talk about this in the next segment, because there's some information I just want to share with you. Because we've had the police, the chief of police and the officer both already resigned from this. And we're supposed to make our decisions. We're supposed to tie this to Derek sjogrens case, I guess this is supposed to, you know, have some sort of direct impact or correlation to what happened almost a year ago now with George Floyd in in Minneapolis. So all that being said, we're gonna do this quickly after the break. I do this a little bit reluctantly, I just I feel like enough informations out to where we should at least touch on this and try to deal with this because a lot of what we're dealing with is I mean, just it's it's unfortunate the way that this stuff is reported. It really really is. And the reactions to some of this, which of course you see in the streets and so forth, but gonna take a timeout, come back and talk about this for a few minutes. Sit tight. Be back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. Okay, briefly here. I want to talk about about that. I just, let's just make sure the facts are this again, Dante right case. On Sunday. Dante right was pullover in Brooklyn center, Minnesota, not far as the suburbs I guess of Minneapolis, not far from where Derek Chauvin is on trial for Well, I have to second degree murder against community St. George Floyd alleged. And so he was driving his 20 year old black man driving through Brooklyn center Minnesota. Officers saw that he had expired tags on his car. They pull him over. When they have him pulled over. He actually By the way, called his mother as he was getting pulled over. And so she heard this on the phone, which is awful. But they pulled him over. When they pulled him over and they ran his information. They found that he had a warrant out for his arrest the warrant was for failure to appear in court. Back in I think it was back in June of this year. For an alleged strong well attempted armed robbery From back in, I think December of 2019. infects Fox News reports here Dante right. accused of robbing or choking and robbing a woman at gunpoint, had arrest warrant Now, none of that none of that means that someone should be should be shot. That's, that's not what I'm I'm just painting the picture of what happened. So they pull him over, they asked him to get out of the car, they begin to detain him, they asked him to put his hands behind his back, you can see this on the body cam, you may or may not have seen this, I don't know. It's, it's tough to watch. Because I mean, you know, it's we know how the what the outcome is here. And so he's being detained, he kind of you can tell the officer who's detaining him who the first officer, the one that had him I believe, as a black officer. He has him hands behind his back. And he's I don't know if he's checking his pockets or something. And Dante kind of moves in a way that he doesn't want him to, I don't know. He's just acting uncomfortable and tense. And then he makes a move for jumps back in the car. And so there's a bit of a scuffle. And the other officer can I think there were maybe three on scene, but there was one on the other side of the car. Dante his girlfriend was in there in the car with him. And so one of the officers, a 48 year old officer who'd been on the force for 26 years, starts yelling, I'm going to tase you, I'm going to tase you. And in the process of saying that, she grabs her firearm, she grabs her gun, and she's, she's young, I'm gonna tase you, and she decides, she says, tase tase tase, and she pulls the trigger, presumably, presumably, based upon what it looks like to me, but again, you know, there's stuff that we're still gathering here, but it looks as though she thought she had her taser. I don't know how that again, I'm not in that. I know a little bit from people that who are but I don't know how that how that necessarily happens. But she pulled the trigger shooting him. He drove off and ended up crashing into another vehicle, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. So just those are those are the facts of what happened. tragic, tragic circumstances. Now we have a police chief and an officer who have resigned over this at this stage in the process. So timeout is necessary, come back and wrap up. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back, final moments here the program but this is the same, this same city, where this incident this tragic incident with Dante right took place the city manager there simply called for due process for the officer who's alleged to be involved in the shooting. And he was fired over that fired for saying, due process. Folks, we've reached a point where I mean, this is the the process now is to investigate and if there are charges to bring them if not, then it's we got a mess out there because of all the emotions and I get to go SDG thanks for listening. Take care. See you tomorrow.