It's An All-Out Information And Propaganda War

Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff is right, you are listening here to the homeless, conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. And, folks, I don't know how folks at the CNN How Does anyone believe a word that is spoken there. It's absolutely unbelievable. When you stop and put together all that's happening here at CNN, with fake news, Trump was right. Fake News, very fake news. We've known this all along, we're going to talk about the amount of things that we have learned, which again, we knew in some respect. But the amount of things that we have learned about cnn here, my this Project Veritas expos, I, I guess you would call this is just it's truly unbelievable. It really is. So we have directors at CNN on camera, on hidden camera telling Project Veritas investigative reporters that they are engaged in propaganda that they helped get Biden elected and helped get President Trump out of office. We have a director at CNN saying that he was happy. He that they were the COVID numbers on the side of the screen were good for the network. If it bleeds, it leads, I mean, these are things that we always have known but to hear hear the network, excuse me, to hear the network. admit this is it It should it should be the end of CNN, it will not be it will not be many people won't even pay attention to this. Many people do not care. But this is what today's media is engaged in this is we've said this on this program from the very beginning. We are dealing we are dealing with professional deceivers, propagandists, liars, folks that want to affect the outcome of the political discourse not to provide you with information to provide me with information they want instead, for us to have a series of they want to they want to walk us through the process of coming to the conclusions that they've decided that we need to draw in as a powerful force, my friends, it is a powerful force, it is the exact opposite of what we engage in here every day you tune in. And you're very wise to do so. you tune in I, we talk we walk through the issues of the day, I articulate and explain my thinking and positions. And you critically think about them. You critically think about the issues. I try to make an argument a case. I present information to you. I explain why it matters. I try to make points and so forth. And I leave it up to you to draw the conclusion. The thing is, it is the truth is a powerful force. The I don't need to try to trick people into coming to the same conclusions that I've drawn because, again, I think logic and truth and facts and what we know about human nature, the role of government those things, the more that we understand and come to grips with that. The more we make decisions that are in line with constitutional conservatism. That is not how the media operates, you see, liberalism, liberalism is is an emotion. I wish more people understood this it is an emotion, it is not a series of thought out positions. It is a, it is a tool, it is a method, it is an ideology that is used to further the political agenda of the lovers of big government. That's why I say and we've got lots of things on the plate. today that we're going to touch on and get into we've got DC statehood being introduced.
We have of course, to get HR one out there the for the people act, we've got packing legislation of packing, the Supreme Court introduced even before Biden's little commission even gets off the ground. We've got a committee that has in the house that has voted to explore to have another commission and other commission look into the possibility of having reparations paid to descendants of slaves, by people who were not descendants of slaves. By the way, those people never held slaves, thank goodness, America has improved. We have all these crazy things happening. And they are all designed to further the liberal cause. And they are all are all designed to give the government more power. liberalism is a strategy, it is not an ideology, folks, it really isn't. It is a strategy to get people to say, Oh, I don't like that, and then immediately look to government to solve the problem. That is what it is. That is it. It is nothing more than that. That is what it is. And that is why the media is so important in this because of the tactics and the strategies. And the I don't know just the way that they deliver the way that they I guess not delivered, but the way that they the way that they deliver the news, certainly, but also the way that that the delivery of that news wears down. I guess the senses and the sensibilities of the people who listen to it. It gets people fired up and into a fury or gets some emotional attachment to an issue to where they almost become unable to be satisfied with anything other than the government stepping in. And solving the problem, which always always includes one or all of these things that includes higher taxes, less liberty, fewer choices, more mandates and dictates by the government itself. This is what happens. This is what they do. This is who they are the first thing I want to do here. The first thing I want to do here is play a sound bite, play a sound bite from CNN, this is a Project Veritas video. Charlie's Chester, CNN technical director being asked about being asked about propaganda being asked about how what exactly that is and how more specifically does the media and even cnn engage in said propaganda, here is what Mr. Chester has to say.
If the agenda say is to like, get like Matt gates right now he's like, he's Republican. He's a problem for the Democratic Party, because he's so concerned. And he can cause a lot of hiccups in passing laws. So it's, it'd be great for the party. So we're gonna keep running like stories to get together and make it so that it can't be buried and like just, you know, settled outside of court and just like, you know, if we keep pushing that, it's helping us. That's propaganda. Helping. Okay, if you had trouble hearing that, again, there's background noise, these I hesitate go back and forth, sometimes whether I want to play these but it's, it's good enough audio that I think you can hear it, but some sometimes it's a little challenging to hear basically, what he said was, what he said was he used the example of Matt gates, he said it's propaganda because it's helping us it's helping us seeing it what why would reporting On any issue, be designed to help cnn if they were truly engaged in news which of course we know they're not. We know these jokers Are not we know Jeff Zucker has no interest. In just the reporting of news. We know Jeff Zucker wants to instead, he wants to instead leave you Leave me Leave Americans, or so it won't work on us, but to leave Americans to a certain conclusion. And that conclusion, in this case with Matt gates, the example used here is to harm an individual. That is a conservative mouthpiece in the US Congress. As I said earlier, I don't know if it was this week or last, but they are terrified the media is literally unable to sleep at night. In the wake of President Trump, they they have post traumatic Trump syndrome. They are incapable incapable of going through another four years with a candidate or a president like Trump was. And so if anyone appears on the scene that has any sort of similarities to President Trump, Matt gates and Rhonda Santas come to mind, they are going to go completely in on destroying the individual. And that's effectively what this director Charlie, technical director, Charlie Chester, of CNN, that is what he's admitting folks that this admission alone, this admission alone would cause people to really question why they're even turning on the channel as CNN. Now I know it might be entertaining. And I'll admit that sometimes I watch for the entertainment factor. I like to watch from time to time tough guy, Chris Cuomo, go back and forth with the liberal lunatic Don Lemon, who has By the way, he tells us been confused as being are accused of being too conservative. In the past, I'll never forget that. He's been accused of being conservative. He's been accused of being liberal Don Lemon has been accused of being a conservative, whoever accused Don Lemon of being a conservative has no idea literally has no idea as to the definition of conservatism. But this in and of itself, this in and of itself, admitting that the place that you work, is designed is is utilizing and engaging in propaganda. propaganda, because it helps us What does that even mean? If you're a true news organization, what does that mean helping you shouldn't shouldn't helping you be just communicating information? We're so far past that. We're so far past that my friend the media cannot be trusted. The media, again, is nothing more there are few and far between. There are exceptions to this rule. But the media is ultimately nothing more than professional deceivers and propagandists. And here we have someone working in the industry at CNN, admitting as such. So this is just the beginning of cn ns problems and kudos to Project Veritas and James o key for going out there and doing the work of candidly real journalism. What James O'Keefe is engaged in is real journalism. And you look at the attacks that he and his organization have endured over the years especially as it pertained to going after Planned Parenthood which is effectively the what I want to say the you know, I've said liberalism is a is a religion to the radical left and I would say Planned Parenthood is the equivalent of the the High Council the Sanhedrin I don't know the council the churches their church I mean this is this is the pinnacle for the radical radical godless left but anyway, they went after him pretty hard. They're they're gonna come after him hard again, because he's exposing them for who they really are. The question is, who's paying attention to this? And do the average does the average American actually care quick timeout? You're listening here to the host conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff. back here in just a minute.
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But there is still something that is surprising. to experience it right. It's still I This doesn't shock me. But it still at the same time is just so hard to believe that we've I guess allowed this I don't know. There's just something that says if if there's a hidden camera, I pray you know, an expose a and expos it's just an expo site. If there's an expo today that shows your employees your directors on camera, saying that they engaged in propaganda, saying that they were wishing the COVID numbers were higher on that ticker on the side of the screen because it engages and makes people want to tune in. When you're cheering for that, you would think in a sane world that there would be repercussions and consequences for you. Now, I will say this I did see a headline here. Tough Guy Chris Cuomo. His ratings are 45% down. As compared with January's rating, well, I guess a weakened January week of January 25. Compared to the week of April 5, there's a 45% decrease in viewership. And so those are the sorts of things that fuel that fuel, what the executives and what xef Jeff Zucker are looking at, they look at the numbers and they say, Man, we need another crisis. We need another city in flames. I mean, as sad as this is to say, you start to begin to begin to wonder what are these folks really rooting for? And while ratings are certainly important, I'm here to tell you that that's not the only thing that matters to these folks is not just a bunch of greedy capitalists rooting for something to happen so that they can get you to tune into their network. That is a part of this. And I don't want to gloss over that. And again, that's not a indictment against capitalism that is an indictment against a certain type of capitalist. As William F. Buckley said, the problem with socialism is socialism. The ideology itself is broken. It doesn't matter if you're a good or bad socialist. All that matters is it is a broken system and it just doesn't work. He continued to say the problem with capitalism are capitalists, meaning the system is good. However, if you have an individual are a group of people that say run CNN, for example, who are willing to compromise principles and to make choices that are not good Choices, choices that are rooted in deceit or in glamorize glamorizing and sensationalizing the news trying to get people emotionally involved. I've got other sound bites here, that we'll get to as the program comes together. But look, if you're admitting that your network finds that people are more engaged and more tuned in whenever you've made a personal connection, and you've emotionalize something personally to them, and then you want to blame President Trump for the past four years, it seems to me that that is an admission, is it not? Isn't it an admission of where we are, as a society today? Isn't that an admission? Isn't that simply saying that you've stirred the pot enough to where people really are to the point to where they, I mean, folks hate Trump. That's not a coincidence. That was deliberately designed. That was the intention. That was the the desired outcome of the coverage that he had gotten for the past four plus years now. That was what they hoped to achieve absolute hatred for the man. And it's remarkable. If Trump were anybody else, the chances that he would have gotten 10 votes in the nation would have been near zero, because of the negative publicity 90 What was it 90 some percent Media Research Council, MRC looks at this. And they studied it. And it was regularly the case that 90 plus percent of the news coverage, in fact, I think, one month it was 99%, or something. And I think the only so called positive news when they would say something like President Trump's birthdays this month.
And then probably in the next sentence, say why Adolf Hitler had a birthday too. So Trump has to be racist. But this is this is the kind of stuff we have to contend with. And cnn leads the way in this particular area. But they're not the only ones that do it. They're not the only ones that do it. Have you ever wondered how you can watch and I don't know, I used to do this. I don't anymore. But let's say the evening news comes on. And you turn the channel at the beginning of the show, and you look at the lead story. Now, sometimes it's understandable what the lead is. But other times, it's just, there's so many things going on. There's so many things going on that network cannot possibly have the same lead, right, except that they do. And then they start using the same words in their descriptions. on there, forget back when President Well, at the time, it was candidate George W. Bush was looking for a running mate. And he had dick cheney begin that process. And at the end of the process, he basically said the dick cheney, I've been thinking about this, and I think you should be my running mate. And the media said that that ticket doesn't have enough you remember this if you follow politics gravi toss. grabby does I think? I don't know, because this has been, what, 2021 years ago, I guess, maybe 22 when when the campaign started. But I don't think I'd ever really heard the media ever use that term, maybe not even one time, you know how Google, they have those little graphs that show the the frequency of how much award was used during a certain time in history. 1950s and 60s and 70s. It's got that little graph, there would be this, this would be a peak, it would be a flatline near zero for the word gravity toss. And then in 2000, it would jump to the top of the screen for like a week, and then it would fall down. How in the world? Do media members across networks, all the guests, how do they all use the word gravitas? What are the chances of that? How many times have you used the word, gravitas? How many of you may be going right now to look up what the word gravitas even means, right? And I don't fault you if you do I'm just saying this is not a common phrase a term or word? How do all of the media, how does virtually every person in the media begin using a term like this? Right that this is the folks this is coordinated the deceit. This is intentional. It's inexcusable, and there's no way that a serious minded person who knows this and formation that Project Veritas is revealed, which by the way, many people won't, they won't know it because they either don't. It's not made available to them, where they get their information or they don't care in some cases, or they don't know what to make of, and they think, well, Fox News is the same way. And I'm not here to defend Fox News, or Newsmax or anybody else, for that matter. Here to defend this program if need be. But it's just remarkable that they even can turn that they can broadcast, we have the news playing here in the background, it is not on CNN. But in a sane world, they would tune I would have us flip the channel on and there would be nothing but static. Or CNN has been removed from the air because we're not we've been exposed as being frauds. That's what should happen when I hit that. Hit that button here, but it is not the case. We'll probably get some kind of award for this. Anyway, long in the segment. Come back by some other sound bites here you're listening to the mF conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back. By the way, if you're watching the video stream, I've gotten some messages this morning that there's been some issues the past couple days, we're going to look into that our speeds here are good, but I've been told to maybe look at the some of the platforms we use, there might be some settings we need to adjust to, to actually send that signal out more quickly. And we're going to look at that so pologize if you're watching on whatever video platform that you may be watching this show on and by the way, you can tell from watching said video platform I've got a face for radio anyway. So let's look here more CNN, Project Veritas expos a, sitting down with again, one of the undercover reporters here. This gentleman, Charlie Chester, technical director, CNN, talking about the importance of emotionalizing the news talking about really kind of rooting for an increase in the COVID numbers. This is remarkable stuff. Remarkable stuff. Again, this is a this is again, an organization. A company that tells us is the most trusted name and news. Give me a break. This is this is pathetic. Listen, listen to this. Again, he's in a bar at lunch. So there's some background noise but I think the audio is pretty decent considering all things let's take a listen to this.
Sad news doesn't do well with ratings. You know, like, if you can get someone in passion that does really well writing sad news back to back to back doesn't do really well unless it affects them directly. COVID. gangbusters, right? Which is why we can't say the dental inside which I have a major problem with ever tallying how many people died every day, because I've even looked at it and be like, look at me, like, let's make it higher. Like why isn't it high enough to today? Like, he would make our point better if it was hired? I'm like, What am I rallying? Or? That's a problem? Yeah, we're doing, you know, like the special red phone ringing. Yeah, they pick it up. And it's like the head of the network man. Like, there's nothing that you're doing right now, that makes me want to stick with the numbers back up. Because that's the most enticing thing that we have. Put it back up. So like things like that are constantly talked about. I mean, there's no such thing as unbiased with any reporter and seeing what they're actually doing. Is there telling the person What to say? It's always like leading them in a direction before they even open their mind. And the only people that we will have on the air for the most part that have a proven track record of taking the big.
So a lot to unpack there. rooting for higher COVID numbers, then realizing that that's kind of sick. He said the Koch COVID was gangbusters for the ratings. And then you have to stop and think okay, if COVID is gangbusters for the ratings, and I'll probably get censored for this YouTube. Just a heads up I guess I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking The question here, but if COVID if this is the if these are the discussions that are happening, led by Mark are just calling Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Zucker. If these are the conversations with that CNN and Jeff Zucker are having behind the scenes, and they say man COVID was good for our ratings made our ratings go gangbusters. If Zucker is calling on the red phone, while cnn is on the air and telling people Hey, I don't want to stay tuned in right now, we need to put some more numbers up for COVID. We got to make people feel some sort of emotional connection to this, let's terrify the living hell out of these people. Get it back up there is not reasonable to ask maybe just maybe, in the grand scheme of things, some of what's being reported on COVID may be in influenced by that sort of thinking, is that is that a fair question? YouTube, I'm just asking the question. I'm not making a definitive claim here. That's contrary to quantum science. I'm actually asking questions that all people should be asking. Is it possible that these jokers who think like this who act like those who are willing to operate with that z with truly zero integrity, none, no integrity here? If these folks are only worried about whatever and impacting it talk about influencing elections, they've admitted to that as well. influencing elections? They said, We played the by the soundbite yesterday, where they, they said, We got President Trump out of the office. Out of the presidency. We got Biden in. We showed him in his aviators, we showed him jogging, showed him basically as a young geriatric is what they said. Younger, maybe that's what I should start calling Biden the young geriatric president anyway. Is it not fair to ask that question about COVID. And maybe, maybe if the if cnn knows that COVID was gangbusters for the ratings, as this guy puts it, maybe just maybe if they find themselves cheering for the numbers, the COVID numbers to go up, maybe, maybe they're looking for people to come on there. As he says, Here at the end, we only put someone on camera, unless they basically say these sorts of things and take the bait, which is what we want them to do and say I want a bunch of mine num robots out there as journalists or people who are engaged in you know, willingly understand the and knowingly understand the game and are prepared to do whatever it takes a keep their positions and continue the propaganda and the nonsense. But is it not conceivable that maybe just maybe these jokers would be telling us news and information designed to ignite that emotion within us the fear the uncertainty with COVID I think it's completely fair thing to add timeouts in order, sit tight back here in just a minute.
Welcome back.
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