More On The Derek Chauvin Verdict

Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
That is right. You are listening to the homeless conservative, not bitter talk and I am your host Todd Huff helping you navigate the absolute insanity. Just I thirst too much sometimes to comprehend going on out there but never fear you have turned in the right place. The Todd Huff Show the home of conservative not bitter talk, email Todd at tato Well, Robin, there's video issues that I'm contending with. But nonetheless, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you can find this as well, The Todd Huff Show the handle there. So I want to do something I don't know that I've done this before. I don't think I have maybe I have one other time. But I want to say that I think yesterday I missed my mark as to what I wanted to accomplish on the program. That just doesn't happen when you're professional of this level. But I do I think I missed what I was trying to do yesterday. In the wake of the verdict in the Derrick Chauvin trial I didn't want I didn't want at this point to make the show about arguing for or against the verdict or or the officers guilt. Instead, I wanted to highlight I thought it was more appropriate yesterday because honestly, there's still so much dust. So much dust settling out here, I wanted to highlight what it is about America, that works, why it's a beautiful system and illustrate how foolish and dangerous it is to try to convict someone in the court of public opinion. I mean, you look at all the things, all the things, all of the assets, interests, personalities that were invested, invested in the conviction of Derek Chauvin. What I just I just, I want justice If he did, if he broke the law, and convinced a jury of his peers or the prosecution convinced the jury of his peers that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Then that is then that is justice, then that is justice. And I know a lot of people have questions about that. I have looked I there's nothing wrong with questions, but there's something altogether different of thinking. And maybe it's because I served on a jury. And it was kind of a I don't know.
I see it differently. Now. I really do. You know, I don't know what I there's no way I know as much about the case as the jury. I didn't watch the trial. I mean, I followed it a little bit. But I didn't keep up to date with every single piece of evidence introduced and wasn't privy to the conversations inside that jury room and so forth. So I don't know. I don't know what exactly happened. I do know that the jury did his job, in the sense of it sat through listen to the evidence, and it reached a decision all 12 of them. All 12 of them. Some folks believe that they were definitely succumb to pressures. The pressures existed. That's the problem. I'm not I can't say that they did or didn't because, again, I don't I don't know. I don't know. I know, for example, when I cast my vote and the verdict on the jury, I was on that. Not everyone in that room, use the same rationale and so for some folks who are ready to convict minutes into the deliberations, and I think I have to go back but I think we were there for I want to say like 13 or 14 hours, and it wasn't because of it was because of me. I had questions I wanted to leave that room never to have any doubt. Or, or Wow, I didn't want to, you know, I can't believe I didn't think about this or I didn't I deliberately did not want to succumb to the pressures of anything else. People, you know, that thinking feeling like it should only last a certain amount of time. I wanted to leave there and never question anything that I decided and I haven't. I haven't done that. And that's what I hope happened here. I'm it's just not to me, it's not responsible to say that it did affect the jury. Some people want to say that. I understand where you're, where you come from. Because of all the pressure that you see, from Maxine Waters, for example, Joe Biden's comments. She was we've got people like Chelsea Handler calling for there to be no trial whatsoever. The irresponsible coverage in the media. The presumption of guilt over officer show them because we saw saw video. Anyway, I just that's the angle that I was coming from yesterday. And you know, in this system of justice, I remember I go back, I've said this before, Justice Cavanaugh said if you're going to judge, a judge who is doing his or her job, there will be times that you make a decision that you personally disagree with or what have you. It does not mean that that actually means you're doing your job. And so there's going to be decisions, verdicts that we disagree with, or that we agree with. And when we disagree, sometimes it's because we may be right and the jury was wrong. Sometimes we may be incorrect, sometimes they had more information, and actually followed the letter of the law. And, you know, reaching the levels of reasonable doubt and so forth may have been eclipsed in ways we don't understand, we're just not privy to that information. But that's not the job of the of the public, not the job of the media to try to convict somebody, rather than the job, the tries the prosecution, the job to convict is the the jury and actually that's not even their job, a job is to decide if someone shouldn't be convicted or not, if someone should be found guilty or not guilty. Notice is not guilty or innocent. That's not the burden of proof. On the defense to prevent a sense, it's the job of the state to prove guilt or no guilt. And I respect this process deeply, maybe even in ways that just many Americans don't anymore. I'm not suggesting listener you, but just there's there's so much like the Chelsea Handler comment. It's just ridiculous to me. When she says what's the point of having a trial, we've all seen the video, this guy should be guilty just because of that. It's a dangerous place. We're in a dangerous, dangerous times perilous times here in this nation. And again, I don't know, as much as the jury knew, and I cannot I can't possibly understand the evidence. And the fact is the facts of the case as much as as much as they do.
And so I also wasn't, again, present in the deliberations. I don't know what persuaded everyone in that room. And candidly, there's a lot to sift through, and a three week trial to sift through and analyze. Now, I know some folks say I would have you know, some folks have said to me, I would have found this person guilty or not guilty, whatever the perspective is, I don't necessarily know what I would have done I do know. I do know that I would be as I was in the past, you know, when I served on and I hate to make it about this I just I just think that it's necessary to have some you know, when there's a way to relate to the story, I feel like it's relevant but you know, I was very very slow to convict on the trial that I was on again, it was very difficult trial that ended the the trial wasn't a murder trials a conspiracy to commit murder, murder was not charged because there was the mother of a five year old boy and her live in boyfriend and one of them killed this boy who suffered from he suffered from some physical disabilities and so forth and and other disabilities in general but an internet His death, but they didn't know which one killed this little boy. So they charged they they knew they had evidence to say that they were talking about getting rid of him. So that's terrible say this, I don't even know I'm just glossing over these huge things that take a while to even wrap your mind around. But there's communications, and then we're clear actions taken by the I'm gonna say the parents it's the mother and the live in boyfriend but to get rid of the thing about this atrocious but they couldn't they couldn't peg who actually who actually committed the act, although I think everyone on the jury I was on had very strong suspicions as to who that would have been But anyway, anyway. I know that when we went in there and deliberated. There was a lot of debate. And there were some that were ready to convict immediately. But to me to get to the point of eclipsing reasonable doubt, I knew I had questions I was, I was the spokesperson for the really for the defense in that room not not that I was arguing for innocence. That's not the point. It's amazing to me. Some folks didn't even understand where I was, I was coming from again, I wanted to leave that room knowing that we had done our job. And I never wanted to think about it or doubt the decision I made again, ever. I want to put my heart, mind and soul into that case. Nothing else mattered except for that verdict. Except for the rightness of justice. Justice is what I talked about yesterday, Justice is what mattered. And I wanted again, I wanted justice for the defendants. Steven and I wanted justice for the little boy braysen. That's what I wanted. And then it it rocked everyone's world. This head this is almost three years ago now. I mean, there were tears from jurors from prosecution from I think I think everybody got choked up. This was a tough, tough situation. But it was all left in that jury room. All that was left in there. And when we left, we walked down. Some were surprised the verdict, others thought it was the right thing, just like it is just like it is now but I can assure you that we did our job in there. And as much as it was up to me, I made sure that we you know that we gave the defendant every reasonable benefit of the doubt that we could until it became too much too much to this to conclude anything other than that he was guilty. That he was guilty. And the there were there were several think there were three charges for him as well.
So I'm gonna say a little bit more about this. I want to get into other stupidity that we're seeing out there, including LeBron James. These are the sorts of things the idiocy and the irresponsibility of one LeBron James is unfathomable to me as he is stirring the pot, the folks that are in, you know, that are invested or that have have bought completely into the notion the why that police officers are out there on a daily basis, trying to harm people of color, for absolutely no reason. And if any victim if any person is shot by police, it's because the cop, the police officer is some sort of animal. That's the immediate response to these people. LeBron James and the tweet that he sent out regarding the shooting of a 16 year old girl in Ohio, actually the day that the verdict was 20 minutes before the verdict was released. This happened in in Ohio, you may have seen that by now. The girl had a knife, she was trying to literally stab another girl swinging a knife officer was trying to stop it was yelling at her stop and ended up shooting her he literally saved another girl from being stabbed, at least maimed and possibly killed. And yet, the verdict in the mind of LeBron James, this is this is where the danger comes in. When the opposite of what I'm saying comes to fruition. The danger that comes in is that we have people that want to convict someone, literally quite literally, again, based upon what we've seen at this point. The evidence is clear that this officer was protecting the life of another young person who happened to be black as well as far as I can understand. And LeBron James was the hashtag and wear t shirts and whatever else about Black Lives Matter. What about the black life that was saved by the officer. All this stuff is is unraveling before our eyes things will continue to get worse when we listen into and follow these completely irresponsible hacks. And that is what this is. He eventually deleted the tweet. Thank goodness. But he doxxed the guy, he took a picture of the officer who shot the girl who was swinging a knife at another girl, allegedly. on video. He shot you, LeBron James posted a picture and it said, your next your next referencing the jury or the Derrick Chauvin verdict. I guess we're going to put all of our resources down on taking this guy down that sound like justice to you. I want justice in that case, and if for some reason, and there is but I have to be a whole lot that would come up. I'm not suggesting to get please do not misunderstand. But there's some evidence that shows that the cop did something wrong. I'm not suggesting in the slightest that there is, but if there is, the Justice needs to be served there. It's about justice. It's not about anything else. It's not about making officers pay. There's so much emotion tied to this. And people want to say if something happens in some random city, some Ohio city some it doesn't matter where it is, they want to say this is representative of all these other cases, and we got to make this officer pay to either to make a point or to show that we are changing things in America. No, you need to find justice in that case. And as it stands right now, it's pretty cut and dry to me that the officer was doing his job in protecting someone from being stabbed in the streets of Ohio. And LeBron James, publishes his identity puts this guy and his family in danger. And says your next. Your next. Vengeance is mine, declares King James. I'm going to take a break. Come back share some more thoughts on this finished what I was talking about before I got off on a little rant there about this. This LeBron James tweet but plenty of stuff to talk about including stupidity from AOC. Which again, what else is new? quick timeout as bad as necessary. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk again, listening to America's well, realities are back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. I want to go back to what I was talking about at the beginning, before I get talking about this idiotic LeBron James tweet. I said at the beginning for those of you who may just be joining us, and shame on you, if that's the case, kidding that you can always get the podcast as well. The time to search The Todd Huff Show on your podcast providers totally free, you can listen to the whole show. And you'll be much better off for doing that. But anyhow, I was I said at the beginning. I don't I think I missed the mark with what I wanted to try to do yesterday. I really do. I told my wife this last night, and I was starting to explain some stuff and why I said the things that I was saying yesterday, which I don't disagree with. I'm just saying. I don't think I addressed some of the issues that some folks maybe wanted to hear addressed, I think might be how I would say this, but I was talking about just the process of presumption of innocence. My experience serving on a jury and being slow to convict and the delay or being slow to convict has nothing to do in the case of say this Derrick Chauvin trial and had nothing to do with excusing cops or racism as someone certainly to cry. And in fact, I told I told osbi before Well, I just I don't know we don't i don't know the evidence that says the small Mike this infuriates I'm not you, I'm guessing to some people, but I don't know the evidence. demonstrably shows us that this situation with Derrick Chauvin and George Ford had anything even to do with race. Perhaps it did. Perhaps that was some hidden motivation of the of the heart. I'm I just don't i don't know what that is. And maybe if you're on a jury, maybe that would become more obvious. And I you know, I don't I just don't watching from this distance. see any of that. And I think that assuming so is pure speculation and is fueling this emotional situation, this volatile situation we have in this country. And remember, Biden and the democrats are supposed to be empowered because they want to heal and bring unity to this nation. This is quite a bizarre way. The way This whole thing has been handled. And they're still unhappy, by the way, they got exactly the verdict that they wanted. Which wanting a certain verdict to me. If you're not part of the family or whatever, there's something wrong with that, again, you should want justice. You should want justice. I just, I feel like, and that's what I talked about yesterday. And I again, I stand by it, but I feel like there was other things I should have. I should have said, I think that there were some assumptions made about what I really thought about this. But anyway, yesterday, I talked about how unjust it was to try someone in a symbolic trial. I talked about that, that is unjust, that is not justice. When you are tasked as a prosecutor, as a jury, whatever, as a media covering this thing, you need to the talk about the case, don't make it about things that's larger than what it is. And that's what's been happening with these with these cases. That's why LeBron James sent that idiotic tweet out where a cop shoots again, an armed girl, a girl armed with a knife swinging in the knife trying to stab other girls. He shoots her. And that is immediately assumed that this is okay. Now we got to go after this guy. For what? It's terrible. It's a tragic situation to put all these people in. It's terrible that the officer has to be put in a position to do this. It's terrible that the parents foster parents, I think they were foster parents lost this girl. But it doesn't mean that the officer acted illegally or without cause or unjustly. It's just terrible that that's the this is where we are because of whatever series of decisions led to a girl swinging a knife allegedly. You can see it on video. It's just it's mind boggling to me. And I hope I do hope that people on the jury evaluated the evidence did not succumb to pressure. Dershowitz is out there saying that there should be Thank you saying a mistrial. Because of the pressures being exerted, the tactics being used by the the political forces outside of that courtroom, which everyone knew were exists knew that that existed.
But he's out there saying that this should be, you know, a mistrial. You've got the judge who even said to the defense, you're going to have, you know, basically a case on appeal, because of the idiotic things Maxine Waters said. And I hope that that that isn't what happened. I'm not suggesting is there's no way that I could possibly know what On what grounds could I know that how much? or How can I possibly, I should say, suspect, the jury didn't follow the law and gave in to pressures. The circumstances existed where that was a possibility, because the pressures were there, but what did they ignore it? I know, when I again, when I was on the jury, I didn't care. I didn't care how annoyed or how much one of the jurors was wrong, was rolling her eyes whenever I would raise questions. I didn't care about any of that. I just wanted justice and to do our job. And I hope that there were jurors on there that were that way, but there's just no way of knowing. And so to make declarative, that's why I didn't do this yesterday, making declarative statements. This is wrong. That is wrong. I don't know. I don't know. But I do know this. What would I have done? I guess we'll talk about this after the break. Because it looks like I'm up against the clock here. But what what I have done? What would you have done on that jury? There's some things I don't know. But there's some things I absolutely do know. So a timeout. And I'm going to play to I'm gonna play this soundbite from a OC. that illustrates precisely why I said the things I said yesterday, because she's still out there using this as a platform to say our system is broken. Absolutely mind boggling. Get the verdict that they've been clamoring for getting the verdict they've been clamoring for and still not enough because there's still a there still needs to be more justice, I think is as AOC puts it. She's sitting on the on the halls of Congress. just crazy stuff. Got to get time out there. Come back and pick up here in a minute. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. back here in just a minute.
I'm back my friends. With all this stuff happening in our nation today. Perhaps you want to just get away from it all. That's the case if you need to. Maybe this get in tune with nature. Just take a deep breath from what's happening in our world consider joining our friends at Indiana paradise retreat, located in Morgan County about an hour south of Indianapolis 30 minutes north of Bloomington, nestled in 150, beautiful wooded acres hiking fishing. There's bass and bluegill there. There's a lake house 11,000 plus square feet has a theater game room, gym, you name it. indoor pool with hot tub and sauna. A large deck that overlooks the lake, outdoor games firepits experienced nature at its finest. And feel like you are a world away from all this craziness. Indiana paradise retreat 31796631253179663125. So what would you What would I have done? Had we been on the Derrick Chauvin jury? Now I may not be able to tell you how I would have voted whether it would have been guilty or not guilty. I think there's some things I mean, I've gone through the definition of of the laws that I would have had difficulty with some just from what I know, but again, I don't know enough to definitively say one way or the other. But some of these, some of these charges are difficult to just to find someone guilty of in general, I guess is what I'm saying. But I can tell you this, I wouldn't have made my decision based upon pressure. And I would have made a decision as the evidence demanded. As justice demanded, I would not have made made a decision based upon what anyone might do in response to the verdict. That's not the job of of the jury. Our job would have been if I was on that jury, if you were on that jury jury would have been to find what is just for the defendant. What does the evidence demand? Did it equips a reasonable doubt. Again, if you're 75 80% sure that officer Chauvin did it, you're still supposed to say they're not guilty. That's what that means. There's no percentage threshold per se as to what Reasonable Doubt is, but people throw out a number of say 90%, just as a as some sort of point of reference is not 51% is the point. It's now I could go either way, I think he's probably guilty. That's not the way that that's supposed to work. And you can't factor in and I wouldn't have and you wouldn't have either factored in all these other things. So there might be riots or there might be this or that. as terrible as those things are that has that is unjust, if that factors in and I'm not suggesting it did for the jury, feel like I'm actually handling this approach, responsibly, we just don't know. Again, the pressures existed for someone to succumb to that there is no doubt there is no doubt the pressures existed. And that's what Dershowitz is out there. Arguing that's what the judge acknowledged by saying there might be grounds for appeal because of these idiotic comments by maxine waters. Anyway, I can tell you I'd have a lot of questions too. But I can't tell you how I would have have necessarily voted. I have a whole list of questions that we you know, we could look at I decided this I don't want to do that right now. I just wanted to address I think some things that maybe because I didn't get specifically into the verdict yesterday, we were talking more about just why it's a good thing. Why it's a good thing. In fact, it's what what I said yesterday was designed and I didn't know she said this until after the program. But I'm gonna play this really quickly and and take a timeout This is AOC walking around aimlessly outside the US Capitol. hair blowing in the wind, so there's going to be some wind here on the video. While there's some hot air coming out of her mouth, here too. Just because the things she's saying are absolutely this is this is exactly this is exactly what I was trying to address with yesterday's show. I want you to listen to this. This is beyond insane to me. Here she is.
So no, this verdict is not justice. Frankly, how I don't even think we call it full accountability, because there are multiple officers that were there. They're not on trial wasn't just just Derek Chow van. And I also don't want this moment to be framed as this system working. Working. Why? Because it's not working. Wow. And yeah, she doesn't she stumped herself here. She's looking off in a spanner. No, it's just,
that's what creates a lot of complexity in this moment. Wow, the insight, the insight of that stupidity. She doesn't want this issue to be framed as our system is working. Because the other officers haven't been convicted yet. They haven't had a trial yet. What rock what universe? This makes no sense. They get the verdict they've been clamoring for still not enough. Still not enough. LeBron James is out there looking on Twitter for the next officer to go after your next buddy. Hashtag accountability. Do we delete the tweet? Thankfully? absolutely positively irresponsible behavior here. The system? Look, unless there's evidence to show that the jury succumbed outside pressure, and that they just gave a verdict because not because of the evidence, but rather something else. And I'm not suggesting I'm not. I think it's I think it's it's fair to point out that that is a possibility because of the pressures here. But to say this definitively the case, I just don't i don't think that that's a responsible thing for me to say, and I'm not even suggests I'm just saying I'm not suggesting and I'm just saying, unless that exists, then justice was served. This is precisely how this is supposed to happen. And you can't convict the other three officers who by the way, will be tried together. You can't convict the other three when they haven't even been on trial. yet. It's as though she has no idea about what America was built on. How America was founded. Why it was founded that way that things that were happening, the things that had happened up in world history until that time. The presumption of guilt, having to prove one's innocence being targeted by the government, as though she has no idea or no concern about it. She's just part of the group that stirring the pot for the woke mob. She's a sitting US Congress woman. She stumped herself though there. She said something that she looked off in the into the well, the swamp she's outside the Capitol Building. She's staring off in the distance thinking what did I just say? I think I blew my own mind here by saying something even more ridiculous than I intended for it to be AOC By the way, timeouts necessary. Sit tight. back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. Don't have a lot of time here. I do want to say that this. I referenced this mkhaya Bryant the shooting that led to MCI Brian's death in Ohio, 16 year old black girl who was shot by police after video shows evidence of her swinging a knife having a knife in her hand not complying with an officer to stop. And of course, this was the the incident that LeBron James, you know, tweeted a picture of the officer telling him he's next. He's next to the next Derrick Chauvin. He didn't say that he said your next hashtag accountability. He has since deleted the completely irresponsible tweet. From not apology. I don't think he's applied on it. Maybe he has I don't think he's apologized. Anyway. Listen to this. Listen to Jen Psaki respond to the question about this yesterday at the in the briefing room.
Taylor poplars with spectrum news. I'll make them quick. First, as the President been briefed on 16 year old mkhaya Brian being shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio yesterday. I've happened moments before the show converter came out. Yes. She's reading she flips her page who said she Yes. And let me let me just say statement. The opportunity. The killing of 16 year old makalah Brian by the Columbus police is tragic. She was a child. We're thinking of her friends and family in the communities that are hurting and grieving her loss. We know that police violence disproportionately impacts black and Latino people in communities and that black women and girls like black men and boys experience higher rates of police violence. We also know that there are particular vulnerabilities that children in foster care care, like mkhaya face. And her death came, as you noted, just as America was hopeful of a step forward after the traumatic and exhausting trial of Derek Chauvin and the verdict that was reached, so our focus is on working to address systemic racism and implicit explicit bias head on and of course, to us passing laws and legislation that will put much needed reforms into place at police departments around the country.
President this was a statement that was put together in advance this is what they sat down in the room and came up with their there are fair questions when these things happen. Absolutely. There are laws that absolutely must be followed. 100% obviously, purse procedures and protocols for officers and so forth. But you know, what seems to not be part of this equation, the most obvious thing perhaps of all, if you don't want something bad to happen when you engage a police officer, follow the orders and instructions. If you don't want something bad and tragic to result, if you don't want, you know, tweets about what happened. You cannot, you cannot First of all, don't be wielding a knife, and trying to stab people with it. You know, what evidence also shows Jen Psaki, people who will knives and swing them at people in the presence of an officer who's whose job is to protect and serve the public. People who behave that way in front of police officers, regardless of their race, find themselves encountering police you know, the use of a weapon against them more frequently. This is so unbelievably irresponsible. And to make assumptions that this is part of a bigger what movement or that this is part of a you know, systemic racism it's obvious what was going on. And here we go again. Gotta take a break sad and tragic all the way around. It is the loss of life what happens to the family the officer but this is totally an unbelievably irresponsible. Get our take a break back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, we have a nation under assault the fabric of this nation under assault from lots of angles and perspectives from the likes of AOC from the likes of those who want to emotional emotionalize everything and just divide people just divide and conquer. Politically working in the mouse, sometimes the background, sometimes the foreground, it's despicable what we're witnessing. The loss of human life is always always tragic, in my estimation, when it comes to these situations in particular. But to act like again, to act like we know that the author with the things that we're willing to assume about these officers is just insane to me. This has got to stop my friends. It's got to stop there's times when folks are guilty officers or whatever. That's got to be proven. I've got to go StG see tomorrow. Take