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All right, my friends. Here we go. Another day full of lunacy here. We're gonna wade through it. The Todd Huff Show. It's a pleasure to be here, email, Todd, The Todd Huff, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. And of course, you can always send those questions, comments, feedback. And yes, even that adoration and praise will be accepted. It's good to be here. Thank you for joining us. So I want to start today tonight, Joe Biden is going to be addressing the nation, presumably, never really know how this is going to go with Joe. But Joe Biden is going to address the nation as America's first woke president. America's first woke president here with President Joe Biden. By the way, before I forget, did you see juicy yesterday, Biden, Biden, they got him all, you know, dressed up with his aviators on doing their best to make him look like America's you know, cool. First cool president since Obama. And he's leaving the podium. He was taking questions, and started to leave the podium, came back, heard a question. Apparently, he wanted to address about COVID in India, which is supposedly I say, there's just some deceiving information. I've seen articles with images. And I'm not pleased, don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying there's not a problem with COVID. In India, I am saying that some of the images that I've seen used in headlines have been demonstrated to be images from several years ago. So again, this could just be individual, either journalistic malpractice or individual journalistic deceit. On a smaller level doesn't mean there's not a bigger problem. Maybe they just needed a photograph. And they found it and thought that this one communicated the feel I'm not justifying or defending him in any way there is that going on out there. But he was asked about, you know, a question about COVID relief for the nation of India. And he came back to the podium. And he actually we apologize, which whatever I mean, and then he said, I'm gonna be in trouble. Well, here, you can hear yourself. Listen to this real quick.
Here we go. Again, I literally just listened to this thing. Bear with me here. Let's try this again. Will you make it faster to get for them to get the vaccines we will get through India, they're suffering to the podium. I'm sorry. I'm gonna just last question I'll take that I'm really gonna be in trouble. I'm really gonna be in trouble with regard to India to whatever I mean, it's maybe he's just trying to be funny or cutesy here. But for a lot of people, we hear that, and we think he's because when they have the meetings with the guy like Joe, our job is to make sure we keep you on the teleprompter or from, you know, to keep you from ad-libbing here. As much as possible. We want to keep you on the script. We want to keep you on the teleprompter. When you walk away from that podium, we all take a collective sigh of relief. If you you know, got through that without some major gaff or foe power or whatever. Just walk away, man. Walk away from that podium. Don't go back. That's, and I think that's that's a lot of us. We're here that we think that might be actually an honest statement. by Joe his aides may get around him and say look, President, Mr. President, with all due respect here. Let's not go back to the podium, because that is just inviting trouble. We ran a campaign with you hiding in the basement. Occasionally we would take you out and find a you know a few cars in a parking lot and have people honk. Again, as I've said before, it's because People were dozing off in the car. I'm convinced that this and their heads were hitting the horns waking, waking themselves back up, maybe even waking Biden up for all we know, Mr. President. That's why that's why we do these things. That's why you were talking about hearing geese from working out of your home basement. Maybe that was embarrassing enough. But we if we take you out in public, we don't know what else you're going to say out there. So some of course, think that but but tonight he's going to be addressing addressing the nation, a form of the State of the Union address. And and I want to reference something here. I said Biden is the America's first first woke president first woke president and I'm referencing an article here in Vox Yes, I read Vox. You know, it's funny to me. It's funny to me, the left will say, conservatives, they just listen to Fox News. They just watch away in they just listened to Newsmax whatever, just a bunch of propaganda. These folks cannot. They have no idea what's going on in the real world. They don't they're not educated, they're not seeking information outside of their bubble. And that may be true for some, but I will say this, I will say this, if you want to find, you know, you can listen on the ones I carved now you can listen to those news sources, or you can listen to the folks in the other part of the media. The other part of the media is completely identical with one another. And even though they have a bunch of names and a bunch of logos that say things like ABC, NBC, CBS, Vox, MSNBC, CNN, they're all the same. They are they're all the same. They all forced this liberal, woke propaganda down the throats of the American public. And it doesn't matter how many of them you check off and you tick and say, Hey, you know, I surround myself with all sorts of information. Vox, Vox is ABC to me. Vox is NBC to me. In fact, sometimes Vox is more responsible than those other networks, at least Vox we know where Vox is coming from. Right? We know this, CBS and ABC and these folks, they want you to think they're coming from an unbiased truly journalistic perspective and that is unequivocally incorrect. There's nothing to that there's no truth or veracity to that to that claim or statement. So Vox is where it's at some home of leftists. They're talking with James Carville, democratic strategists firm Louisiana, actually kind of like James Carville. James Carville, of course, married the mary matalin. She is a republican strategist, which many people find perplexing. How can someone How can two people who really don't get greedy, how much of anything in politics? How do they stay married and lived together and all this sort of stuff. But James Carville, I don't I don't mind him. He seems like a you know, I mean, I don't like his ideas I don't like but at times, he seems to be pretty straightforward. And he addresses this in this interview. Shawn illing wrote this interview posted it yesterday morning, said I called james carville hoping to get his thoughts on President Joe Biden's first 100 days in office. Remember this. This is now we're entered the normal phase of politics. We had President Donald Trump no one cared about President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office. The first 100 seconds in office, Trump was under assault by the media. They were calling for his impeachment publicly by day 11. I've gone through and we've gone through the timeline here and laid this out by day 11. You know, the President of the United States is not i'm not saying this constitution or anything like this. But the President of the United States when they're newly elected, they're given a period of time, typically in American history called the honeymoon period. President Trump never got anything remotely close to this. And it's because once they being the media, they being the radicals, the Democratic Party leadership realized that President Trump was going to start doing and implementing the things he campaigned on during the 2020 campaign once they realized that he was really going to be president. Once they realized that the Hillary Clinton campaign was never going to turn into the Hillary, Hillary Clinton presidency, and they dried their tears. And they ran out of service dogs and adult coloring books and adult crayons and all these things, service dogs, things that Republicans and conservatives we didn't need. I haven't needed any of these things to cope with the Joe Biden presidency. But the woke Back in 2020, needed to deal me to do those things to deal with a Trump presidency. But once they realized, oh, man, this guy's going to be president. We better immediately start to fight this guy they did. They absolutely did. There was no honeymoon period, there was no period of you know, American getting to know Trump, it was all-out political war, all-out political war. Now, I'm not saying Trump didn't invite any of that, of course, of course, he did. But this is the strategy. This is the template for how you deal the media deals with conservative or republican presidents. Go back to George W. Bush, look at that. See, Bush never responded to the criticism. Bush never did anything, but stay the course they ignored this, this sort of talk and so forth. And that's what they did. And there were consequences. The paid Trump is not that is not wired that way. So he went headlong into this, and just, you know, came out swinging. And again, as I've said before, normally the democrats in the media apply pressure, start making accusations Republican leaders or presidents will succumb to that pressure eventually apologize or some such thing. Trump responds by saying your fake news, then they, the media, amp it up again, and Trump says I'm sorry for calling you fake news. You're very fake news. And this goes on and on and on and on. So there was never a honeymoon period whatsoever. And we got that with Biden. We got him out there. And as aviators, we've got this talk about Biden's trying to unite America. Wink wink, give me a break. In fact, most people even realize that I've seen polling that shows that most people know that that's not what's taking place. He's leading a covert attempt, in many ways to radicalize to push through some pretty radical agenda items. And so you've got the AO C's of the world who have been applauding Biden in many ways, saying the radical left should be pleased with him. But then you've got the likes of Kirsten cinnamon, Joe Manchin, who were basically saying, we're not going to take it as far as some of the radicals in Congress want, then we've got Chuck Schumer, leading the Senate, fearing a run, fearing a primary challenge from AOC. He's going to take it further left because he's not going to be out liberals by AOC. And if she decides to run for Senate, potentially taking some of those liberal, radical liberal votes from New York City, so there's all sorts of dynamics happening here. There's all sorts of dynamics happening across the political scene. But one of those things is is this observation of Biden's first 100 days a true presidency? In the sense of historical context of let us see what this president let's get to know him let's talk about his favorite flavor of ice cream. Let's talk about his dogs. Let's talk about his aviators.
Let's talk about anything that just makes this guy humanized, makes him connect with people Let's give him a chance because of course, he is currently the person in power, even though he's not necessarily the leader, but he is he is the person that is the President of the United States. And he is going to they then it's helpful to the movement and to the ideology the media and the left want to see achieved for people to like this guy. And so they're doing everything in their power, everything in their power to do this. And so that's what James Carville was called about now. I'm gonna stop here and take a break. When I get back. I want to get into the very early in this interview, Biden or Susan McCarville when talking about Biden and Biden's first 100 days, starts to criticize his party. He starts to criticize his party was well, some things that you might even hear on a program like this, which is interesting. It's interesting because Carville i times can be a straight shooter. Of course, he's also a strategist. He's also one who was always thinking several steps ahead. So there could be other reasons he's saying these things but I still buy read this and listen. I think that this is Jin, genuinely how the guy feels, and he's afraid of the hard left turn. The hard left turn the Democrat Party has taken and we're witnessing before our very eyes. And we're going to hear to hear about tonight, during Biden's State of the Union address if that's even what this is and the end of April of have his first term. So there you go. set the stage. Get back talk about wokeness, America's first world president here you're listening to the mF conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back I just saw during the break on Fox, that hunter Biden is going to be a guest speaker at Tulane University, a 10 week class at Tulane online. Of course. Last night, this was confirmed by a spokesperson at Tulane hunter Biden is going to be one of the guest speakers at a at a during a course and online course. The course title is media polarization and public policy impacts media polarization, and they're going to focus on quote, the current state of the media landscape in the United States and how media polarization fake news and the economic and the economics of the new business impact. Public policymaking in Washington DC. That's written correctly but whatever, here we go. Hunter Biden out there. oz says can you imagine? Can you imagine the Christ from the media of if Donald Trump Jr. Eric Trump was Ivanka Trump was invited to speak at a class during Trump's Bibi part of the course leadership, I guess, during Trump's presidency, the outcry this would have been a constitutional crisis nonetheless. No doubt anyway. So by the way, I should mention as well program Brought to you in part by our friends at Moeller printing. You know, I've known the folks at Moeller printing for a long time. fact I've probably I've known him for over 10 years. Chuck and Dave, friends of mine, they've they've helped me with many projects in the past, provide good high quality printing on the Near East Side of Indianapolis. And they are just, well well run good group of people their molar printing, you can visit a molar that's mo e Ll er Moeller printing calm or give him a call 31735322 to four Be sure to tell him he heard about heard about him on the program. So let's get back to this. This article and Vox America's wokeness America's wokeness Carville a little bit concerned about this. He's being interviewed by guy named Sean Elling at Vox. And he asked him what do you make of Biden's first 100 days? Carville says this, honestly, if we're just talking about Biden, it's very difficult to find something to complain about. Again, he's a democrat strategist. So look, the guy's a perfect president, right? Everything's fine. Just doing what needs to be done. He's not basically as we'll find out for the rest of his questions, not taking us too far left. But that, of course, is a game. It's always a game and a game of optics by the left, pretend that you're not taking the party too far left. But even at some point for the establishment types like Carnival, if you begin to even there is a line that they don't want you to cross because they realize it's hard to get reelected, if you are too far left in this country. So he continues, Carville continues here and to me, he says, His biggest attribute is that he's not into quote faculty lounge politics, to which Sean eling asked the question faculty lounge politics question, Mark. Carville says, you ever get the sense that people in faculty lounges and fancy colleges use different language than ordinary people, they come up with the term like Latin x, that no one else uses. Or they use a phrase like communities of color. I don't know anyone who speaks like that. I don't know anyone who lives in a community of color. And a lots of white and black and brown people that and they all live in neighborhoods. There's nothing inherently wrong with these phrases. But this is not how people talk. This is how vote this non voters talk. And doing it anyway is a signal that you're talking one language and the people you want to vote for you are speaking another language this stuff is harmless and no in one sense, but in another sense, it's not. Sean Ellis responds to the problem the language of the fact that the there are facts are assuming there are lots of voters who just don't want to hear about race and racial injustice. We have to talk about race. Carnell says we should talk about racial injustice. What I'm saying We need to do it without using jargon a language that's unrecognizable to most people, including most black people, by the way, because it signals that you're trying to talk around them. This is too cool for school.
For letter excrement hear this too cool for school stuff doesn't work and we have to stop it. So then it goes on to say the the, the journalists here, Sean illing asks, or says sounds like you have a problem with wokeness. James wokeness is a problem. And everybody knows that. That's what James Carville says wokeness is a problem. And everyone knows it. It's hard to talk to anybody today. And I talked to lots of people in the Democratic Party. Who doesn't say this, but they don't want to say it out loud. And he asked, why not? Well, because they'll get clobbered or cancelled. And look, part of the problem is that lots of Democrats will say that we have to listen to everybody and we have to include every perspective or that we don't have to run a ruthless messaging campaign. Well, you kind of do. It really matters. I always tell people that we've got to stop speaking Hebrew and start speaking Yiddish. We have to speak the way regular people speak the way voters speak and ain't complicated. That's how you connect and persuade. And we have to stop allowing ourselves to be defined from the outside. This is carvela stumbled upon this. Carville is a smart guy. He is he's a smart guy, he, he knows what he's doing. He understands messaging. He understands language, he knows how to help coach politicians to connect with people. And he's right on this wokeness is a problem for the Democrat Party. It is a major, major part problem to the party. It's a problem for America in the sense that it's creating all sorts of nonsensical jibberish it's a problem for America and that it's creating all sorts of policies and discussions and just different I mean, real problems. We're talking about stupid things and the series I'm not saying I'm not saying talking about racist, stupid, but we ended up talking about some something that is so far out of reality that this woke mindset we end up we end up talking about things that oftentimes I find myself scratching my head thinking what in the world how in the world that we get here. How in the world do we have white people out there who need who are willing for people to explain to them why they should in fact have white guilt why at what's George Floyd square wherever George Floyd died with when he was under the custody of officer Shogun last last year, why? Why do we have signs up? Why do we have signs up that say if your why basically shut up, you got nothing. All you have to do here is learn. Learn you have nothing to contribute. I mean, I took a picture of this thing. It was online snapped a screenshot. This is what it says Welcome to George Floyd square. It's got a picture looks like ours not signing a photograph. It looks I think it's an artist's rendering of George Floyd. It says a sacred space for community public grief and protest. This is where George Floyd took his last breath under the knee of the Minneapolis police officer under the watch of three other officers and her with reverence, humility, openness, as an invited guest care for each other by wearing a mask and asking others to wear masks honor the space as a place to connect and to grieve as caring humans. And then there's a disclaimer, I guess, or a little section at the bottom. Actually, it's not at the bottom it's half stinking page. It's half the page. I mean, literally, I bet there's more words in this portion that I just read at the top of the page. for white people in particular. for white people in particular, there's five bullet points. D center yourself and come to listen, learn more in witness. Remember you are here to support not to be supported. Be mindful of whether your volume pace and movements are supporting or undermining your efforts to D center yourself. I okay, the third point, seek to contribute to the energy of the space rather than drain it. Bring Your Own processing to other white folks so that you will not harm be part B Bi p OC bi What is it? biracial, interracial people of color? Is that what that is?
It's I know PLCs people of color, I think it might be, I don't know the first two are and have to look at from drawing a blank at the moment. Consider if you want or need to take photos and post them. Do not take photos of other people without their consent. If you witnessed white folks being problematic, listen to this. If you witness white folk out doing, I thought I said being okay, if you weren't as white folks doing problematic things, speak up with compassion, to take the burden off of black folks and other in our siblings of color whenever possible, or whenever appropriate, seek to engage rather than escalate so that it can be a learning moment rather than a disruption. Also, I should tell you that in this piece, in this piece, they are white when you talk about white people and this piece in this in this little public notice this you're entering George Floyd square, white is not capitalized, they made a mistake. They did capitalize it once. But black is always capitalized. That is by the way, the AP standard is no that I think we talked about that before AP standard now says you have to capitalize the word black when referencing the black community, you do not capitalize white. In fact, if you capitalize white, you will be accused of being a white supremacist because that's what white supremacists do. So I don't know if the people that wrote this are part white supremacist or not. Because they capitalized white people, presumably by mistake one time or possibly they have maybe they're caught unconsciously biased of their white supremacy. I don't know, I don't know how we're supposed to do this. But this is what I mean, this kind of talk this time that this type of nonsense. As I'm watching here, a scene in New York City that happened detective was whacked in the head with a stick from a guy. You saw this probably too. It's been in the media. And we wonder why there's increased racial tensions when you have one group that's supposed to say we don't know what to do. We know we're all to blame. We all should experience white guilt, tell us what to do. We are inferior. In fact, we've caused all of America's problems and ills. We are aware now we've now been woken thanks to President Biden, thanks to President Biden choosing Camilla Harris to be vice president of the United States. The only criteria for which I'm aware of that he even chose the vice president was that she was a woman and a black woman. And here we are talking about this nonsense it will not get. Again, I'm not saying there's not things that matter. And that we should talk about racially I am saying the caveat the avenues where this leads the woke culture this flyer the things that white people believe white students, you've got all this crazy stuff. You've got segregated parts of campuses now because of because there needs to be black groups and you need to exclude white folks and all this kind of stuff. How is this helpful houses healing houses, good. quick timeout is an order get to take a break a little bit longer. This segment, listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, James Carville. Again, looking at this interview, the things that Carville is worried about when he thinks about the Democrat Party. When he thinks about Biden's they just came up in the context of Biden's first 100 days, which we've made it 100 days I was, I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure if we would make it 100 days if I'm being quite candid with you. But we have officially made it 100 days with Biden in office. So we might want to give ourselves a round of applause for that. But so Carville being interviewed here by Vox, and I want to skip ahead, he talks about AOC and Marjorie Taylor green and how Marjorie Taylor green is crazier than AOC and that there's no comparison between them whatsoever she should. Marjorie Taylor green should require Republicans to pay a steeper political price than AOC should cause the left to pay, which to me seems loaded. completely crazy. Because AOC is I mean, I don't even know where to begin with the crazy damaging things that have been coming from the lips in mind of one AOC but Sean Ellis asks, James Carville does and I think this is key. This is really key to winning or engaging in a political fight. I mean, he kind of lays out what the democrats are afraid of Sean Ealing asked this question. I hear versions of this argument about language and perception all the time, James. It's an old problem, what's the solution? And James Carville says, That's why I'm doing this interview. Lots of smart people are going to read it. And hopefully they can figure out that which I can't. But if you're asking me, I think it's because large parts of the country and here's I think the important part, large parts of the country view us as a an urban, coastal, arrogant party, and a lot gets passed through that filter. That's a real thing. I don't give a damn he says what anyone thinks about it. It's a real phenomenon, and it's damaging to the party brand at his core. James Carville is a brand marketer. James Carville is a communicator james carville understands the power and the impact of language. James Carville understands how damaging it is to the democrat party if they are effectively branded, which they have been in large parts of the country if they are effectively being branded as an urban, coastal arrogant party. And but here's the thing. Here's the thing, and I want to say it through this lens, Carville is concerned about the optics. And that's how, that's how brand marketers Think about it, they don't even necessarily care if it's true or not. Their job is just to get it to where they need to get the brand to where it needs to be. Now, those with integrity, of course, do but but many does, don't. They're like, well, we want we need people to think this about us. We need people to think that we're compassionate, we need people to think that we care about the little man, we need people to believe this that in the other so that they understand the Democrat Party is the party of the party that has a heart and Republican Party is just there to crush the little man and to empower big business. This is what the game is constantly. It's constantly this game of trying to brand one party, rebrand the other party, all this kind of stuff. And there's a war going on a political war. But my question is always this. Is it true? Is it true? Is this what the Democrat Party is? Because I gotta tell you, when I look at the people that lead the party, are they not from urban coastal? Are they not from urban, urban and coastal areas? And are they not? Are they not very arrogant? Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer? I mean, these are from the coastal, arrogant, large cities and states, disconnected from Middle America. Is that is that false? Are they not? arrogant look at Nancy Pelosi.
The arrogance just drips from Nancy. She's Oh, she's a masterful politician. I have to give her that. And that's not always a good thing. Because I don't know always where the line is what Nancy Pelosi is willing, willing to do, but the amount of deceit the amount of just ridiculous things we had to pass the bill before we know what's in the bills sort of talk? How many how many comments like that, can you point to from Nancy Pelosi, I feel like there's quite a few that fall into that that category, dripping of arrogance wagging her finger lecturing. Republicans ignoring her own hypocrisy, getting your hair done in the salon, while the other folks in San Francisco aren't elite aren't even allowed to go outside probably could get cited as a citation for looking outside at one point in this COVID problem that we've been working ourselves through. But you tell me, you tell me what I'm not here defending Republican Party in mass. You just won't find me do that. I'll defend individual Republicans, I'll defend ideas that I agree with as much as I can. But I'm not really into that I'm into advancing ideas that make this this country better and they're not coming from the Democratic Party, my friends at all. That is the party of wokeness Biden is America's first woke president Nancy Pelosi is America's first woke speaker of the house. Chuck Schumer is America's first woke senate majority leader. They want to pack the court. They want to pass the green New Deal. They want to completely change America's economy. They need to be stopped. These ideas do come. They do come from faculty law. These these folks are self centered and self righteous and they do come from coastal and urban areas. People in Middle America have as much in common with these folks as they do from a person from another planet. And that is I think the truth. Timeout is an order set tie back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. I had forgotten about this. It's telling us during the break, there is a I don't want to say gentlemen, there's a person by the name of Tariq Nasheed who calls himself he's a self described journalist who calls himself the world's number one race baiter. Again, we've been talking about woke ism here you go this is what this is. What is the consequence of woke ism, you have people out there that are proudly calling themselves America's number one race baiter named Tariq Nasheed, you can find this on Twitter he tweets he takes a video of a man at holiday and checking apparently it's a male it's a minute video. What seems to be there checking this Mr. nasheet in or dealing with an issue I don't really know we didn't see the whole thing. But we do see this this white Holiday Inn Express worker typing on the computer and Mr. Nasheed is filming him and am I going to go through the whole thing but basically at one point the white worker realizes that he's it appears that it looks like he's trying to frame this because Hey, he's America's number one race baiter. As Hey, I'm a black customer and this white guy's messing things up because I'm black. He's racist, obviously he's white. He's right has to be racist. So this kid this young man takes the computer picks it up and starts head butting it has a meltdown goes around the corner start sobbing I think from what I hear him saying he says something about going home to his boyfriend he wants to get married or maybe even said husband is sounds like sounds like he's he's gay individual. Which if this was a conservative this would be targeting of course a gay member of society. But anyway, this is what it leads to woke ism at its finest quick timeout back in just a minute 3.4 million views. That's how many views that video I referenced. last segment has. And I don't know what happened. In fact, Mr. nishita since tweeted, he's apparently upset that there's been a GoFundMe page set up for this kid that's raised as at the time of the tweet 34,030 $4,000 I just I don't understand maybe maybe the kid did a bunch of stuff he should have done I don't know. I don't have the full context. He certainly had a meltdown and completely lost it. But why post this? I don't understand this. Maybe you need to show the his supervisor what he was doing. Maybe the kid did a bunch of bad things. I don't have any idea. But what is the purpose what type of individual takes that video posted? A private citizens live? that clearly is that humiliating situation? 3.4 million views. I just have a problem with this. I don't know what happened but I've got to go StG See you tomorrow. Take care.