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Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff All right, my friends, you are listening to conservative, not bitter talk. Yes, I am your host Todd Huff. Yes, I did watch this silly ridiculous speech last night and yes, we're going to talk about it today. You can email me your thoughts your opinions, your feedback,
graduation and praise for of course the host here not for President Joe Biden
Todd The Todd Huff or on facebook youtube Twitter Instagram. Well until they kick us off there So folks, I you know, it's not it's not surprising at all, at all. But still, there's something there's something to be hold when you watch what I witnessed. I don't know if you watch this speech last night.
All joking aside, all joking aside all sarcasm hyper hyperbole, exaggeration aside momentarily hear that speech was absolutely terrible.
It was absolutely unquestionably terrible. I don't know anything that was good about it. It ended. Thankfully, the dollars stopped adding up at some point. But it was absolutely, positively atrocious.
There are so many things I've got jotted down here and those I jot down notes when I watch these sorts of things, these speeches, Biden called the January 6 insurrection, insurrection, the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. Did you catch that us worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War?
as folks had pointed out, I've seen on social media we did have something on December 7 1941, called Pearl Harbor. So in the minds of Joe Biden, and the radical left in between elbow bumps and fist bumps and masks and social distancing, and vaccinated people there in the Capitol half filled or whatever, the man wasn't even half filled, was it maybe a quarter filled or some such thing?
Joe Biden was saying it's the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. He also forgot about something called 911, September 11 2001, where many of you some of you listening to my voice, either you or maybe your children were not born or even alive, alive at the time of 911. But we know most of them, many people listening to me, we're here, where we're adults or students in school on 911, we saw an attack on our nation that caused to the two twin towers in New York City to crumble to the ground. Biden thinks that the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War, which I know that in case there's a millennial tuned in millennials sometimes think that the civil war happened in 1914. And it was fought between France and the city of I don't know, the city of Baltimore or something. But the Civil War was in the 1860s 1861 to 65. In fact, I believe, but anyway, we that he doesn't believe this I who knows what Biden believes. I guess that's my first takeaway from this last night is that it is it's bad, it's bad political theater, it is. It is fabricated, it is. It is a series of just either fabricated or imagined crises. Now there are crisises or crises facing America today. There's no doubt
that many of the things we're taught to be fighting against are things that are either fabricated exaggerated or sometimes all out imagined. And, and I am going to say this, this infatuation with white supremacy. Let me I mean, the state
completely obvious here 100% against white supremacist, and this doesn't need to be said today, does this really need to be said that someone's against white supremacy It is such a fringe. It is such a radical fringe just powerless. It is so insignificant this group but it is given constantly a platform by the left and the media because they want people in the middle of America and middle of the ideological spectrum, not physically Middle America, but just people that are who can be swayed one way or the other. They want them thinking that Republicans are white supremacists and racists. That's what they want people thinking they want Republicans, they want people thinking republicans are the ones that created all this animosity, anks racial tensions, Republicans created it, because they're white supremacists, because they they were involved in building this nation. They're basically modern day Klansmen. They're out there trying to
you know, make sure America stays whites and all this kind of stuff. All this kind of stuff is what they want people in in the middle of the political spectrum to believe that Republicans are racist, and then to think, man, if I vote for Republicans, I'm by extension racist. I'm not racist, I can't be racist. That's terrible things. So I better vote Democrat. I'm telling you, this works on some people. This works on on some people, but the say that the insurrection
like you can, what happened on January 6 was was bad. Well, there were there were there were people that died related to Jan January 6. But to say, first of all, to call it an insurrection, in my estimation, in my estimation is a complete
over exaggeration, do we really believe? Do we hightest to really believe that
they were going to take over the Capitol and therefore thereby be the rulers of America? Is that what these folks it's beyond ridiculous what they want us to believe? Still not good. See, and this is the way that is done today. People are hesitant to say what I just said. Because if you say that, Oh, well, you must be okay with this. You must be a white we're talking about no white it's it shouldn't have happened. The people that were involved in who broke the law. Now there were peaceful protesters in DC that day. I'm talking about if you actually did something that was against the law, then you should face the consequences.
This is not complicated. It was not some great attempt to overthrow our government. Are you stinking kidding me? No, it is ridiculous. When whatever laws were broken, whatever, immoral, unethical, unjustifiable violence, whatever, any to whatever extent that happened, those folks need to be held to account.
Just like By the way, that's true for a Black Lives Matter protest or an Tifa. Riot.
Right? This is not complicated. It is not complicated. But to call this the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War is beyond is beyond responsible again, Pearl Harbor. I watched documentaries on this I've read that in World War Two is a fascinating part of American history to me, how America rose up to defeat this the evils that were in the world to liberate Europe to liberate southeast,
Southeast Asia, the South Pacific Islands and so forth.
America had a huge role in that. We sacrificed tremendously in this nation.
People rose up and fought. The men we have fought the front lines, the women fought the battle from the factories and so forth supplying the troops. It wasn't a magnificent thing to behold. December 7 1941 was an absolutely terrible day.
It pulled America into World War Two. And this was something that Winston Churchill who I still think is almost single-handedly responsible for Maybe being the person that, you know, I don't know that world war two would have been one. I don't know what that without a Winston Churchill, he'd been begging the United States and FDR to intervene. Some folks thought Hitler was just gonna, you know, just take over one more country and then take it easy. And that was it sort of thing, I guess I don't know, the naivete that existed, it still exists even amongst learned people, the so called experts who are wrong consistently.
Neville Chamberlain, who basically capitulated and let Hitler take over all of Europe before they realized that there was a problem that needed to be fought and addressed. That was what was happening back in the 19, late 30s, early 40s.
Pearl Harbor, of course, was on in 1941, December 7. Well, I just to compare that that's just again, this is one of the stupid lines from from this this speech last night. course I think today is technically I think, today is the 100th day I said it yesterday. But this this, again, the speech itself, in my opinion, was, was a series of making outrageous claims, creating a straw man arguments, creating imaginary or fabricated, or very exaggerated problem problems in America today. Now there are problems. I'm not pleased, don't misunderstand me.
But the things that the things that they propose to solve these problems, they have to amp up what the problem is, the government isn't what the government does. So many times, the government says there's a problem. So they say they're going to fix it, the government makes whatever problem that existed much worse by trying to fix it. Take, for example, I have to take a break here. I just told me it's time to take a break. But take for example, what we're facing right now with employment, specifically at places like restaurants, I've got some people that I've spoken with that have shared the struggles and the problems right now. restaurants, some restaurants are literally killing it. In business right now. They have so many sales, they I mean, they're, they're busting at the seams. But they can't find people to work, why can't they find people to work, go and ask go and ask one. I've talked to multiple, they've all told me the same thing. And I don't plant this thought in their mind. I asked them why I make them tell me. I don't say it. Even if it's obvious, and they look at me like Why don't you understand why we don't have people? I don't say it because I want them to say it, not me. And what they tell me to an individual is that because of unemployment and all the free money, the stimulus checks flying around out there, they cannot get people to work. Some of them have given significant raises.
Some of them have, I mean, they have tried everything imaginable. And some of these restaurants and you're gonna if you haven't seen this already, I see it's unavoidable. You're gonna go to a restaurant one day, and it's either going to be God forbid permanently closed or maybe disclosed for the day or for the week. restaurants that are typically open seven days a week, you're going to see that they're going to take a week off. I've heard of multiple examples of this. You're going to see some adjust their hours they're going to be closed. I'm not look I'm not making an argument whether they should be open seven days a week. I know we got chick fil a out there that closes on Sundays. I'm not making any.
I'm not saying good or bad. any of that. I'm not that's not the point. The point is the rationale and the reasoning for closing, well, not even the reasoning it just the reality is that they can't find help. Turns out you need to have staff to be able to operate a restaurant. So why can't they find staff? Well, that's because the government took its finger and place it upon the scale and press down to now where they were trying to fix one problem. And I'm not saying they didn't there wasn't other problems worth fixing. But again, what caused the problems worth fixing to begin with? Is it not our original responses to COVID are over the top shut down shelter in place don't look out the window by the way I saw a series of a post from the Babylon be that I might read from a little bit later today.
Kind of mocking some of these charts out there about what mask and or what vaccinated and unvaccinated people can do but anyway, but you put your fingers on the scale the government does and it creates a problem. Why they put the finger on the scale because they were trying to fix an original problem a problem that maybe wasn't even that bad. Maybe was even argued or framed as a problem for political purposes, and then you press down, and then you create a series of other problems. This is just the way that it works. I just It is so patently obvious. And I wish more people I know you see it, but I wish more people in this country would see it. And that's Biden solutions. that summarizes I think, pretty much every solution, every proposed piece of legislation that Biden mentioned last night, putting maybe not even his finger, maybe putting his foot on the scale and tipping it in one direction. I mean, is the stuff that they were that Americans were asked to do that Congress was asked to do last night. are not good for this country. I don't know a single one that would have any positive impact on this on this great nation.
Anyway, timeouts in order config quick timeout, come back talk about some of the things he said last night talk about the response. Tim Scott gave the response last night and the racist on Twitter came out in full force after him calling him on uncle Tim Appleton case you may not know most of you probably do. Tim Scott is a black republican senator from the great state of South Carolina gave the rebuttal and what is trending on Twitter But uncle Tim Uncle Tom, and that's basically how they respond. This is how they respond to conservative Republican black men. He call him Uncle Tim we call him Uncle Tom and that's cool. I don't even know that Twitter's done anything about it Twitter's I guess down with that jack Dorsey is cool with that hashtag I guess. Meanwhile, they won't What? Or maybe it was YouTube. Maybe it was YouTube that took down the Dan bond Gino interview with President Trump that cannot be seen by the American people. No, no, no. But uncle Tim and Uncle Tom can can trend on on on Twitter.
Timeout as an order. Come back and pick up in a few sit tight. You're listening here to the home of conservative not bitter talk. I am your host Todd Huff back in a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. So I had to do something here distracted for a second dissolves will show me something and I'm trying to pull something up here. The program, by the way, brought to you by our friends at peace, restored. Peace restored located in Morrisville provides services counseling services as a nonprofit, organization counseling services to women. They have an annual golf outing that is scheduled to happen on June the fourth. They're looking for participants. Maybe you want to sponsor the event as well. You can find more information, more information about both participating and becoming a sponsor donor on their website. Peace restored dotnet peace restored and dot peace. is the website address. Great organization I know and who runs it, she's actually a neighbor there.
Just a couple doors down from us. And I know Dan for 20 plus years, peace restored dotnet check it out if you're interested. So let's talk a little about Tim's got to know we're talking about Biden's speech. There's just a lot to unpack a lot to unpack in the wake of you know this a night like last night where there was a speech given by Biden and then of course, the rebuttal but Tim Scott, Republican senator from the state of South Carolina, Tim Scott does the rebuttal. And Tim Scott, of course, as a black republican is targeted. You talk about racist attacks Tim Scott has called uncle Tim and Uncle Tom. And that's right. That's keeping it classy. Right? That's keeping it just that's objective in the minds of the radical left, I'm telling you this at some point becomes a just a mental disorder. The amount of hatred, vitriol and rage that these folks have. The idea that they can see they see a black republican senator and they lose it. They just absolutely lose it because you can't be a black republican senator, because the Republican Party is the modern party of the KKK. Nevermind, nevermind, we had literal kkk members and democrat party doesn't matter. Who cares? That doesn't matter. They'll tell you that that was in the past and that today's democrat party and Republican Party, they flipped what they want you to believe. This is what political science wants you to believe. The racist Democrats in the 1950s and 60s, they are now Republicans, they flipped in the south. Oh, yes. This is what they want you to believe. Lincoln, of course, the one who was responsible for the emancipation, Emancipation Proclamation, fighting slavery, all this sort of stuff, no would be a modern day Democrat. Because the party's flipped. This is again, what they want you. They want you to believe this party, the Democrat Party, at least the leadership of the party, the figureheads, the people that hold office, the media are fixated, they want us they say in one breath, America needs to racially heal. But in the next breath, all they do is throw gasoline on this fire of racism. And I gotta be honest, I get tired of talking about this. I get tired of talking about this, but it is one of the nut it may be the number one tool that the Democrat Party uses, the day is raised to divide and to conquer Americans to pit people against each other. Folks, I do not care I, you.
We are human beings created the image of God, every single one of us, every single one of us. God loves every single one of us, God created every single one of us in His image he created every single one of us to have relationship with. He created every single one of us with his fingerprints upon us.
And the differences the differences should be appreciated. And I mean, I I love the differences when I get to speak with someone you learn from people who are different. And by the way, maybe a newsflash here, the only differences between us are not the colors of our skin. That's why I call it superficial reality. The superficial left wants us to focus on the things that are not i'm not saying that there's nothing interesting about heritage and background. Of course, that's fascinating. I love to know where people come from and understand their backgrounds and their, you know, their their their family heritage and so forth. jokingly say on here it's true on the 13th Gregory Craig Krantz and a Pocahontas.
And I say that because I have the ability as that as a self appointed spokesperson for the Pocahontas family. Anytime Trump says to Elizabeth Warren, your Pocahontas, I'm going to chime in and say we allow it. Because it doesn't offend me as the spokesperson as her 13th great grandson. I'm going to chime in and say, there you go. This is this is interesting stuff.
But to use it as a tool to divide people, it's just it's beyond or to get votes, which is what they do. Oftentimes, we got to stop allowing this to happen. We really do. I'm going to play this real quick and then take a break. Tim Scott, this is what gets Tim Scott in trouble republican rebuttal speech, basically saying, well, he says outright America is not a racist country. Today, shoes are being taught that the color of their skin defines them again. And if you look a certain way, they're in a presser from colleges, to corporations to our culture. People are making money and gaining power by pretending we haven't made any progress at all. by doubling down on the divisions. We've worked so hard to heal. You know, this stuff is wrong. Hear me clearly. America is not a racist country.
It's backwards to fight discrimination, with different types of discrimination. And it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dis honestly shut down debates in the present. Yeah, unleash the Twitter trolls after that. That's what happened. That's what gets the guy called uncle Tim Uncle Tom.
That's where this argument goes. That's where the so called debate goes within five seconds. The self righteous, radical race baiters on Twitter. start calling Tim Scott, Uncle Tim and Uncle Tom, because of that. And why is he saying that because he's responding to a speech where Joe Biden amongst many other ridiculous things is is of course, further exasperating the problem between races. Mr. The party, the Democrat Party is the party that's now talking about reparations. Every time I say that, I think of George Costanza and on Seinfeld, but reparations, and the it's actually you know, introduce now literally reparations are introduced. And Tim Scott basically saying America is not a racist nation. Whoa, whoa, whoa, can't allow that to happen. Anyway, timeout is necessary. Come back lots more to unpack and talk about regarding last night and speeches and some of the follow up like what we're seeing here with Tim Scott. But we'll continue that in a minute. Sit tight. You're listening to conservative not bitter talk. I am. America's realities are back here in just a minute.
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one of the things that I learned from last while I didn't learn it was it was exposed again last night is just this. The Democrats and their their one liners, these statements that people hear and again, these statements are an inch deep and a mile wide. They seem to encompass everything in life and tell us the democrats are tell some people Democrats have the solution to every problem that America faces. When in fact as I said earlier, their solutions often create almost always How about that create a bigger problem and they never address the underlying problem and fighting the war on poverty since the 1960s.
These problems never go away because they help get democrats elected they help divide people right divide people by skin color divide people by religion divide people whether or not they're pro or anti gun divide people based upon whether they're, you know, Christian or not, or whatever the I mean this they're liberal or conservative or moderate or what have you. This is done constantly
dividing, dividing people, but they do this a lot of times through and I jotted down some of these these things last night that they say, pay your fair share.
That's one that they say, pay your fair share Biden last night said whose taxes Do you want to raise acknowledging the taxes we're going to have to be raised shocking, by the way. Shocking By the way, this is what democrats always do.
Democrats believe that what you earn first and foremost belongs to them belongs to this nation belongs to somebody else. It's their job to take what you earn. And then to reallocate it to someone else. I'm not a guy I'm practical Am I conservatism there are certain things that taxes need to be used to be raised to provide. I mean, there's government has a role. All taxes are not evil, but the level of taxation fact I wrote about this in this week's column, what you can now find on our website, but that we email out every day every Tuesday this this week, I did it Wednesday morning, because I just had to be one more round of editing before I sent it out yesterday morning. But you can subscribe Todd show comm slash subscribe totally free. But I wrote a little bit about this. I wrote a little bit
about about this issue. But anyway, we just this this concept. That tier of taxation and the way that Democrats Look at, look at money and look at the way the economy works. If you listen to a Democrat or a liberal, you would think you would think that the government determines what everybody makes, that there's some priceless than heaven that they consult God with to say, Okay, I guess someone down here, who is a welder? What should they earn? What's the correct amount for that? To be? Right? That's kind of the concept and the approach. And the sad thing is, is that the government should be spending money only on those things that the constitution empowers them to do. Now, we are so far past that, if we cut back to what the constitution truly permitted, or called for or empowered our government to do, we, I don't even the federal workforce to be cut by a massive percent massive percentage, because this government is way out of control. It's so far out of control, that I don't even think we would recognize it, if it got back within the confines of our government, we certainly wouldn't be having a lot of these problems. But the way that the government should function is to first you have to work within your means you don't say this is what we're going to do. And now we got to go figure out how much money or how we're going to take more money from people, or we're going to go borrow or print more money. That's not the way to do this. You should recall a riff, collect a reasonable amount of taxes, and then you should allocate those funds based upon priorities. And the things that are not within the constitution or within the priority list should not be funded. This shouldn't work the other way around. You shouldn't just pull out your wish list like government Santa Claus rush limbaugh made this analogy years ago, but that's how the left looks at this a lot. Government Santa Claus. He said on Sanders lab. What can I give you this year? and Santa? You just tell him? And then Santa magically shows up at your house? overnight Christmas, Merry Christmas morning, I guess. With all of your demands, Nope. No price tag attached or any just whatever, whatever you want. Just throw it in there. government takes care of it. That's the approach here. And what's pay your fair share mean? I tell my children I do the fair is a four letter is the four letter F word. I don't like it when my dad that's not fair. I understand justice. Look, Justice is one thing. But don't cry about fairness. You have to figure out have to figure out there's a whole lot of things in life that are not, quote unquote, fair. We got to deal with what we've got and figure it out just the way that it is. Senator Wyden told me it's not fair. I don't even know what it means. What does it mean to pay your fair share? Joe Biden, this guy makes no personaje makes $200,000 a year but you tell me what their fair share is? Maybe this is a question for Dr. Fauci, the scientist who follows the science but yet can give no scientific number to Jim Jordan about how many infections have to be in America. COVID infections need to be new infections need to be across the country before we can return to normal or have some sort of a checkmark that says we've reached this criteria. He says it needs to be fewer fewer than one fewer than one. Fewer than 10 fewer than 100 What are we talking about? Dr. Fauci Same thing here pay your fair share. pay your fair share health care's are right that's something else that was said I I wouldn't doubt that to some of this audience that think that I want to maybe address that after the break. I've done this before. But maybe that's worth doing again, on the flip side of this break, but I'm gonna take it quick timeout. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back here in just a minute. Welcome back. Talking about some of these one liners or phrases that I heard last night that I've heard democrats say in general, one of those healthcare is a right healthcare is a good thing. Healthcare is a good thing. Healthcare is something we should seek to make accessible, affordable. Absolutely. All that is true. But healthcare,
healthcare is not a right if you think healthcare is a right.
There's a misunderstanding about what a right is a right is something that we are given by our Creator. A right is something that is within us and our creative being. So for example, I have the right to free speech, meaning I have the right to express my thoughts Opinions ideas, you can hate them, you can ignore them, you can do whatever you want with them. But I have that that right I have the right the Second Amendment enumerates us in the Bill of Rights but the right to basically protect myself, my family. My property, I have the right to do that. The right to keep and bear arms is the way in which I do that I don't have the right for someone to give me a gun. But I have the right to use and have a gun firearms for protecting myself against common thief all the way up or, um, you know, whatever, someone breaking into harm my family to the tyrant, and anything in between. But healthcare is not a right. Again, it's a good thing. It's something that hopefully the government is not putting obstacles in front of people getting health care, unfortunately, that is exactly what they do. That is exactly what they do. They make the problem worse. They do. I mean, you go back through history. And you can look at from the way health insurance back from Ted Kennedy was introduced through Obamacare, and all these things in between, they've interfered with the free markets ability to provide Well, there's health care, and there's also the ability for one to pay for health care. Those are two different things, but they they tie those together again for political purposes. And they're out there saying health care is a right health care. A right does is not contingent upon someone else doing something for you. Because it's yours to have. I mean, to carry this out to its conclusion. I mean, if Are we going to say that if there's let's just say you're on a desert island, and there's 10 people, and someone says, I have the right to health care, and there's one person that knows how to perform health care they go and do you have the right to force them to provide it or not? Look, maybe they should? I'm not suggesting I'm just saying a right is something that's different from saying we should try to have these things in in our society. That's a right comes from God. And there's other good things other things we should pursue but to say it's a right is a misunderstanding of of what that really means they also say reward work, not wealth, some what Biden said last night, who's doing the rewarding government is government here to reward us now nasty connotation, and people not along with this silly stuff. I gotta take a break, come back and wrap up, sit tight back in just a minute.
Welcome back my friends. Really quickly, I'd seen this chart the Babylon B's guide to choosing safer activities. They have a chart here with icons for unvaccinated people and fully vaccinated people. I just want to read a couple of these to you that by the way, the the options are double mask, dead or safe, stunning and brave. The only thing that you can be safe, stunning and brave and not use a mask for his writing for justice. Riding for justice. Everything else walking alone in the park. Babylon B says unvaccinated people dead. Hiking alone and Antarctica, dead walking on the surface of Mars dead being banished to the phantoms dead watching Netflix alone dead all these things kill you. All these things will basically kill you according to the the Babylon. The Babylon be here. birding in your Fortress of Solitude dead crazy times. Crazy times here for
the Babylon as the Babylon be shows us But folks, it's a it's a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for listening, and we will see you again tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in SDG take care