Dishonesty, Deceit, And The Democrat Leadership

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Ratner right you are listening here though conservative, not bitter talk and yes my friends I am your host Huff taking a wild adventure with you here as we wade through politics as we wade through deceit, and dishonesty and today's leadership of the the Democrat Party, lots to unpack and talk about here today. Again, thank you for joining us email, Todd, The Todd Huff So you may be finding yourself you might find this interesting to know, I saw this yesterday, I saw where Kamala Harris. Vice President Kamala Harris, being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. She was asked about racism in America specifically because remember yesterday and we talked about this. And folks, I have to tell you, I get tired of talking about this. But in another sense, it has to be discussed because of the we have to be a aware of what's happening, how things are being politicized and used against us how we're being divided through identity, politics, and so forth, and how race has become. And for some time, race has been used as a political instrument. And it's just not it's just not a good thing. Absolutely not a good thing. But yet, here we are, we find ourselves in this position. So after Biden's speech the other night, Tim Scott, again, we talked about this yesterday, Republican, Senator, state of South Carolina, Tim Scott, he is black. He gave the rebuttal. He made the statement that America is not a racist nation. And I guess consequences for that, or just what this caused the left to do. leftists out there across Twitter verse and so forth, the self righteous, oftentimes white liberal, Twitter, you know, a liberal with a Twitter account would be out there calling Tim Scott, Uncle Tim or Uncle Tom, which is in and of itself. I just First of all, I can't even fathom ever thinking or saying that. But if someone in the Republican side did the, the outcry would be, you know what it would be? And again, I'm not saying it should happen. I'm just there's of course, the double standard, but just the, the immediate, the immediate place that the left goes when it goes to race is there is a monolithic, if you're black, and then you have to think this, this is what I don't think this I think this is what the line No, this is what the left. This is how the left us out. If you're black, you should vote this way. Because Republicans, at least the narrative is they want you to believe that Republicans are racist, they think they're they, they that's the story. They don't care about truth. That's the other thing they care about what they can get you to believe how they can get you to look at the universe, how they can get voters to look at things and if you can brand someone as a racist, then of course, that should hurt their chances of getting votes. You can ban if you can brand or frame somebody as a sexist and that should hurt their ability to get votes. Also what it does, it allows you if you're the person for the democrats that are making these wild, baseless accusations, it allows that person not to have to really tell us what he or she thinks you just demonize the other person. Look, man, I'm running against a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe. It doesn't even matter what I think. Why would you vote for somebody like that? That's basically what this devolves into. And that is why that is why the Democrat Party Often
nominates and gets people to vote for candidates who are out of their mind wacky crazy. It's why I say that the vast majority of people are the majority will say that, but I would even go to say, I would say the vast majority of people are not truly, not truly liberal. Now, there are certain age groups that that changes, some age groups have become infatuated with the ideology of socialism. And so there's other factors at play here. But one tool that's clearly used his to cry and the call republicans racist at every turn, not just Republicans, but America, America's racist. So you might be a little bit confused when you hear george stephanopoulos talking to Vice President Kamala Harris on this was a yesterday after this program. In fact, I think it was last maybe even last evening. He's asking her about this very thing. So I want to play this soundbite. And you might be shocked to hear what she says. But I think there's a reason for this. I think there's a reason for this. I think she may have I think she may have made a mistake as far as what strategy they talk about behind closed doors. Because I think she may have on the spot, confuse some things and said something that strategically, the folks that want to run on the narrative and talk about the narrative of racism. I think it's it's not exactly how they would frame it. In fact, I think it's not how they would frame it at all. But this is Kamala Harris talking to George Stephanopoulos says something pretty interesting. When asked if America is a racist, racist country, America is not a racist country. Do you agree with that? And what do you make of his warning against fighting discrimination with more discrimination?
I believe that we need to which well, first of all, no, I don't think America is a racist country. But we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country.
Okay, stop that. Did you hear that? She doesn't believe America is a racist country. But we have to speak truth she says about that about America's about America's racist history. Now, I want to play the whole soundbite in its entirety. But I just wanted to pause and just get your arms around that because this is not. This is not how this is normally talked about in the Democrat Party. Right? You got a whole wing in the democrat party that is amped up and think that Kamala Harris needs to be vice president for no other reason. Besides she is Well, besides her being black and female, that is literally for some people, the only reasoning. fact that's the only reasoning Biden really gave us. He told us I'm gonna find a black woman to be my vice president. And now by the way we have, oh, it's Tammy Duckworth. Tammy Duckworth says I am not. I'm not gonna approve other Biden nominees unless there's more was an Asian Americans, I believe being nominated. I can't even keep up here. But it's gotten to that point. And that's what you hear about everybody. Okay. For this position, we have a transgender American and everybody applauds. Don't ask anything about what they think or what they want to do just hate transgender. All right, next up, we've got a homosexual American, and we we clap, and we applaud. Next up, we have Hispanic, we clap and we applaud. Next up, we have black in that, of course, any of these folks should qualify any of these groups of people. If If, if they qualify on the merits, should be any, any race any way any ethnicity. Any gender. Either gender, say that or not. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying, if a person qualifies on the marriage, the person qualifies on the merits. The only marriage should not be the only marriage should not simply be, this is a person's identity. Can Can people not see how this is dangerous? This is so obvious. I have we have three kids 12 wants them to be 1211, nine and seven. And I am absolutely positive. All three of them will understand this. In fact, I think all three of them would think, Dan, why are they talking about it like that? Because you know, little kids don't they have no they just they're People, right we look at we look at people. Anyway. So she says America is not a racist country. I think she confused something on the spot here. I do. I think she is.
Democrats, these things cease to be a problem when democrats are in power. You understand what I mean by that? So, Biden's president. So if America is racist, then that means traditionally that means that that somehow lays to some degree at the foot of the president to somehow fix it, at least in the public discourse. And so I think she's coming at it from that perspective to say, why can't acknowledge America's racist I mean, after all, Joe picked me to be vice president, because I'm black and a woman. So America's now therefore, neither sexist nor racist. Except that's not supposed to be the narrative. You got a lot of folks out there that are clamoring this each and every day, they want to defund dismantle, completely abolish, in some cases, both law enforcement and our criminal justice system, which is literally insane, is truly insane to suggest these things, but how do they get away with it because of the the narrative on on race? Because it has been pushed on the American people. So so my incessantly it's been pushed? We're told the biggest threat that America faces domestically is white supremacists, white supremacy ideology, as though it's just widespread in this nation. Of course, white supremacists can be dangerous. And if they are, that is a serious, I'm not minimizing that problem. But the I am saying that the magnitude of which the magnitude of how much of this is going on is ridiculous. Likewise, I mean, you see the last, if you say something about Islamic terrorism, they act like they have no idea what that is. And you say, Look, I'm not saying that all Muslims are terrorists, but you understand that there are people out there who believe that they are doing the will of Allah. By perpetrating terrorism on people. I don't understand what's wrong with it with acknowledging that we have to be aware of what motivates them, they scream Allahu Akbar. As they take over aircraft or as they commit a terrorist act, they think that they are doing engaging in holy jihad against those infidels in the United States of America, regardless of those folks, race, gender, ethnicity, any they don't care about that. They just think that they're waging holy war against the American infidel. And they act as though they have no idea no idea what that's about. That's racist, Todd. Okay, well, let's, let's look at the white American who converted to Islam that then engages in terrorism, let's just strictly talk about that, then because that exists. A white guy, we should be able to go after him or more than likely him, not to be able to go after him or her without fear of payback because of their race. But that again, is not the case. Because now they're of a minority religion in this country. Is he out works you just not allowed to fight back. But I want to play this the soundbite. It's about a minute, I won't cut it off this time. I just wanted to pause and say she said, America is not a racist country. So let's listen to it again. George Stephanopoulos, Kamala Harris, I'll play the whole thing in its entirety. It's about a minute's time, right, that America is not a racist country. Do you agree with that? And what do you make of his warning against fighting discrimination with more discrimination?
I believe that we need to which, what, first of all? No, I don't think America is a racist country. But we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country. And its, and its existence today. And I applaud the president for always having the ability and the courage, frankly, to speak the truth about it. He spoke, what we know from the intelligence community, one of the greatest threats to our national security is domestic terrorism manifested by white supremacist. And so these are issues that we must confront. And it doesn't, it does not help to heal our country to unify us as a people to ignore the realities of that. And I think the President has been outstanding and a real national leader. We know the issue of saying let's confront the realities, and let's deal with it, knowing we all have so much more in common than what separates us. And the idea is that we want to unify the country, but not without speaking truth and requiring accountability as appropriate.
Okay, so I'm gonna take a break, but not I mean, there's some some stuff in there. That's clearly not right. I mean, the praise of Joe Biden for somehow uniquely unifying this nation is ludicrous But, but there's some some of that is actually not wrong, which is perplexing to me to say to you, given what I know about the democrat leadership and given what I know and understand they do when it comes to the politics of race. So quick timeout is an order. Come back lots of different things to get to back today. I got quite a few things I want to touch on here. So we will explore some of those things when we get back including the New York Times being deceitful yet again, Trump the Santas 2024 that is going to be a ticket that might be a thing. Lots of other stuff as well sit tight. back here in just a minute.
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He can say a lot of things about Trump, but you can't say he's a wimp. He can't say he's a pushover, you can't say any of that stuff. Obviously. And that is not a bad thing. We have to be able to, there's multiple ways we have to deal with this. That may not always convince people in your personal lives. And there's a different way, I think, to maybe approach that which we talk about at CBU here, but I do believe that you have you have to have strong people willing to stand up and fight for ideas and principles and not capitulate whenever they're being accused of the things we talked about last segment, which is your racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, whatever, we have that people that can walk through that proverbial fire and fire back and push the idea for the ticket forward in the case of, you know, the 2024 election, if this is something that actually materializes, I think everybody out there recognizes that President Trump, if he wants to run is in certainly in the position to be the Republican nominee. Again. Of course, there's we still got aeons between here and there on the on the calendar, we got a lot of things that we've got to worry about as far as stopping some of these insane radical ideas that are going to be shoved down our throats per Biden's make belief state of the union address the other night. But 2024 comes around if Trump wants to run it's unless something changes really dramatically. It's going to be hard. It'd be hard to say that Trump isn't going to be the the nominee. And now he start thinking who's going to be his running mate? It's 100%. Well, I'd certainly consider Rhonda Santas. Rhonda Santas may be the person at this point in time, that's the second most likely person to be the Republican candidate for president in 2024. Some might be wondering what happened with Mike Pence? Of course, I just I don't see how in the world, given how the term ended in 2021. In January, I don't see any way possible that the schism between Trump and Pence can be resolved. And I'm not suggesting even even it should. But nonetheless, that's that's kind of where we stand my guess I want to compare and contrast that. I do have to take a break here. But I want to compare and contrast that about someone else who's considering supposedly running for president and I just think this is crazy talk. This is crazy talk. This is Liz Cheney. She said, Well, she was asked by Neil Cavuto if Trump ran in 2024. He was the nominee were shooting me. Would you support it? If he was the nominee? She would not. So she's already telling us she'd vote I guess for Biden, presumably or Camila? If Biden isn't going to run a second term, or if he's been replaced by then my komla Some people think that's imminent. So she's gonna vote. Just think about this. I there's a wing of the Republican party who really thinks that the answer is in the loose cheney's and in the Adam kinzinger. And I can't say that they're wrong on everything. But when you compare and contrast the the ideas and who's, who's closer to conservatism as far as implementing principles and who's less likely to not get steamrolled by the Democrat Party machine in the media machine is not even close. It's certainly not even close. I had no personal problems with either one of those individuals kinzinger his district is not too far from our district here where I am in Illinois. I think it may even come close to budding up to it in places I don't even know. But anyway. Which are those folks? Are you going to be? Are you going to be more excited to have? Think about it? Trump the Santas ticket or Liz Cheney and heck, Adam kinzinger ticket, not suggesting that would be the ticket problem. I wouldn't doubt that it would be the ticket to be honest. Or someone like Josh Hawley. Josh Hall is another name that's thrown in there with trumping the Santas, but he's not to that to that level of favourability yet, and maybe he won't be but where's the party go? Where does the party go in 2024?
I just I can't see it. I hope I do hope it's not based upon what I've seen the direction of of Liz Cheney, because that's going to cause people like many principled conservatives to think they're going to feel like Mitt Romney again, not want to go vote anyway, timeout again, is an order. As I said, a lot more to get to including New York Times being deceitful. And also, oh, yes, perhaps one of my favorite things to talk about. What about environmental guilt over having a baby specifically, this is the headline. Maybe we'll get we'll do this one. Next, is having a baby in 2021 pure environmental vandalism. Talk about that, after the break. UK Vogue, sit tight. You're listening here to America's one and only realities are back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. All right. I mentioned before the break mentioned before the break that Vogue, Vogue UK folks, the ideas you know what, you know, you live in a prosperous society, when you have enough time to sit and ponder this nonsense. And there are people that believe this I've shared before. I've shared before I've read I don't know if I know anyone who personally thinks this. I don't, we can still be friends. But it is cray cray at someone literally, there's so worked up and worried about climate change and environmental vandalism is, which is now apparently a term. They're so worried about carbon emissions that they think I just can't bring a person into this world because that that is literally just a human polluter, just a little miniature polluter breathing, they're gonna breathe, man, they're going to breathe, and they're going to exhale, carbon dioxide. I don't know, maybe maybe they'd feel better if after, you know, maybe the poster the part of the post partum processes, we have women plant trees, I don't know what the equivalent of number of trees would be for a new child, but if you plant I don't know, whatever number of dozen or hundreds or 1000s of tree whatever they come up with, I'm sure that the math is highly skewed. But whatever number you can plant a tree and then you wouldn't feel feel guilty or maybe you could you know Naima, an acre of Brazilian rain forest after your i'm not in favor of the rain forest getting. But you know how this works. You can buy a name of your name, maybe name the rain forest, an acre of a square foot or whatever they sell that symbolic stuff by and say I'm going to name it after my child and this that's that part of the rain forest is to support his carbon emissions. But the headline here is is is this is having a baby in 2021 pure environmental vandalism. Now frizzle written and posted here a couple days ago. She writes this as having a child an act of environmental vandalism or an investment in the future. Cash is it possible to live an ecologically responsible life while adding yet another person to our overstretched planet? Can I get away with it? If I just never learned to drive here you go. It's exactly what I was saying. I mean, I don't know if she's thought about sponsoring a piece of rain forest but can I get away with with it if I just never learned to drive, never get a dog and keep wearing the same three pairs of jeans for the rest of my life. For the scientifically engaged person for this, this is for the smart people. Apparently. This is written for the smart person, folks, this is sad. Look, if you don't want to have children, that's fine. If you don't want to get married, that's fine. But if you're gonna tell me that you don't want to have a child, because you're afraid that it's environmental vandalism. I mean, I have a good poker face and personal interaction, but I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna have to fight off. A LOOK AT of incredulity. Whenever somebody says this to me. The raised eyebrow or the squinted look, you know, maybe a little tilt of the head is to say, What on earth are you talking about? We're so prosperous, that you've sat there and dreamed this up. This wasn't an idea that is just came to you this morning. This is something you've apparently worried about and wrestled with for some period of time. Anyway, she continues for the scientifically engaged person. This is proce. This is a pro science question. Apparently. you're engaged? are you engaging in environmental vandalism if you have a child? Heaven help us? What if she has twins? Can that double double the environmental vandals and that's probably it's probably should be a crime in her book. She continues to for the scientifically engaged person, there are a few questions more troubling when looking at the current climate emergency climate emergency. There we go. There's the use of words and phrases by the radical left. Because Hey, we just had a COVID emergency and we shut the whole and the economy down which I just saw Oregon's closing down again. locked down number three, I think is that if we can shut down for COVID surely we can shut down if we're in the process of destroying our planet, right. Now this is gonna go.
Anyway, I gotta take a break here. But she says, there are a few questions more troubling when looking at the current climate change emergency than have the net of having a baby. more troubling than having a baby forget about that little bundle of joy coming into the world forget about when you were when you were pregnant women or men when your wives were pregnant, forget about the feeling of you know, just joy and happiness and pride or whatever it was all these feelings. Forget about that. Your first question shouldn't be man. That is a troubling thought. She continues there whether your body through her words, not mine, whether your body thrives to reproduce, he passively believe that it is on the cards for you one day are you actively seek to remain child free? The declining health of the planet cannot help but factor in your thinking. it's unavoidable for the smart scientific mind she's saying. You have to this is unavoidable question. This is a question we all come to. is having a baby in 2021 pure environmental vandalism. I'm just gonna I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that I don't think any of you have thought that truly thought that you might have thought someone else's thinking it. And maybe maybe a couple of you have if you've been indoctrinated into some of the radical beliefs that we hear espouse that colleges and universities from some of these lunatics or some of these environmental communists, but sit there and stroke our chins. Oh, man, am I engaging in environmental vandalism? Hmm. so profound. so stinking backward is what this is. Timeout is an order. We've kind of come back I want to talk a bit about this a little bit more. But this is I mean, who thinks about this stuff pure environment, I'd say a prosperous people who have a lot of guilt on their hands because they've had all kinds of kinds of things shoved down their throats through the media through academia. That is pure on unfiltered nonsense. So talk about this after the break. Sit tight back here in just a minute.
Welcome back program Brought to you in part by our friends at Hayes and sons Hayes and sons comm 317-788-0911. This is a complete restoration company serving homeschools businesses with responsive and comprehensive trust worthy just trustworthy services and they are full service. These folks are I got the privilege of meeting Jacob Jacobs a great guy. If you have water damage, smoke damage, just need restoration services continue consider consider reaching out to our friends at Hayes and sons against their website address Hayes and 317-788-0911 here in Central Indiana 317-788-0911. I just this this article I've read a little bit more after do during the break, read a little bit more of this during the break, but it's just preposterous to me and I just I thought I just wanted to come back this break and say, Look, children, I'm a conservative Christian. Children are a gift of God is a biblical concept and children are a gift of God. And the idea that someone would look at the face of an infant, a newborn child or even before they saw the face of their newborn child, even as that child was developing in the mother's womb to think I've created a mass I've created a polluter My goodness, what have I done killing the planet? She writes Yes, she writes that, you know she's worried about by the time her baby is the age of her father. He's going to be living on a dry and barren Earth. This this fear genuine fear and uncertainty and just angsting over this. Just like people look by the way people look at other people now is nothing more than than creators of germs carriers of the Coronavirus of COVID-19 are you know, this, the Coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. And they will, you know, no longer are people people, they're just germ carriers. And this this sort of thing can be insidious, this sort of thinking human beings are all created in the image of God. And I'm not saying there's not ever a time to take into consideration. You other health factors is not what I'm saying. But I am saying that the idea that a child is simply a polluter, or that another human being is simply a carrier for COVID-19. And needs to be avoided at all costs for all times until the end of time, at least until the end of your time is just not a real it's just craziness to me. And rush used to say this, and I'm gonna say it as well. But this notion, the notion that we can destroy the planet is pretty arrogant. I think Russia used to say I don't if we said we're going to set out to destroy the planet. What would we even do to do that? Somehow we think we can take a break back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. Here we are. It's hard to believe at the end. End of a busy busy broadcast week. But I wanted to mention here an article I've referenced time twice now. New York Times has an article out there headline that says Florida republicans pass voting limits in broad elections bill. Again, the narrative is republicans are trying to restrict voter access, suppress the vote, anything in the minds of the left in the media that tries to make a rule to make sure that someone who votes is actually shockingly allowed to be able to vote that's considered suppression in the minds of the radical left in the media. I've got to go Thanks for listening. sddc Monday, take care