The Rudy Raid, The Rule Of Law, And How The Racism Narrative Hit Jeopardy

Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff Boyd never ends Jeopardy is now apparently racist candidates or candidates a contestant I should say on Jeopardy. During the introductions you see this. He holds up in one three episodes and he held up the number three against his chest but he did this in a way that's apparently associated with a white power racist white supremacy signal which is instead of holding up three if you're looking on in on the on the video feed instead of holding up three like this, or like this. He held up kind of like the okay symbol and apparently that's racist. Anyway, so there's a bunch of fallout from this reminds me as many things do have a sign. Kramer is backed into the corner by the Van Buren boys. And he's holding the salt shaker flashing the eighth President of the United States Secret gang symbol, I guess, sparing him a beat down at the hands of the Van Buren boys. Welcome to the program. I'm your host, Todd Huff, email, Todd, The Todd Huff And you can send your questions, your thoughts, what other game shows out there now promoting white supremacy I guess. Tata Tata should calm adoration and praise also accepted. So let's just really quickly I don't want to spend a lot of time on this this morning. It's just, you know, this is the stuff we're told, we're told that the greatest threat to America is this threat of white supremacists, which, of course, white supremacy is a completely morally bankrupt ideology. As I've said before, this is this goes without saying and I don't know that there's anyone listening to my voice that is confused about white supremacy, I just, I don't Well, they might be confused as to the level of influence that has in today's world, but no one out there. No one out there is thinking that it is a it is a good thing. But But white supremacy is not is not a good thing. It is morally bankrupt, it's it's an evil way of viewing. viewing the world, it's not correct. It is not a good thing to think that one, race is better than another this stuff all goes with that. I think without saying, but nonetheless, it is out there. And it is it is a factor on the fringes, they keep giving these ideologies, a platform, a microphone, they amplify their voices, thereby actually contributing to the problems that they say that this that white supremacy is truly is truly causing. As I've said before, we are all made in the image of Almighty God and that is, regardless of our race, regardless of all sorts of other characteristics about us, we all have the fingerprints of God upon us and to embrace an ideology that says that one group is superior is just is morally incorrect is intellectually incorrect and understood misunderstands a lot. But to act as though this is a, I don't know, just some sort of a widespread problem attacking America. It's a it is a problem insofar as it is a real problem. It's not a problem and so far as we think we should talk about it or use it to distract from other issues. I would maintain that radical Marxism. Radical Marxism has a much bigger platform in America today. Right they, the Black Lives Matter movement is run by a group of individuals that are self proclaimed Marxist. Marxism is an evil ideology. Yet we have we have people clamoring for this. We have people clamoring for communism. Now. If I say that as a pow, tie, that's an exaggeration. Well, how is it any more of an exaggeration than claiming that white supremacy is some sort of a powerful movement in today's world? Marxism is insidious. It is it is. I'm telling you right now, Marxism is inside the American church. Marxism. I'm not saying every were but it has made its way into into places like the church like I mean, local school boards, it is made its way there I am not claiming it is, you know, rampid in the sense that it's in every nook and cranny, but I am telling you that as a matter of fact, it's made it to town councils. I mean, it is it is it is everywhere. And meanwhile, we're supposed to be chasing this. The problems of white supremacy to the degree that they exist, they need to be those ideas need to be defeated. And they routinely are except they are embraced by those who want to embrace such an ideology. So let's look at Jeopardy here really quickly. This This thing is totally it totally ridiculous. So Jeopardy winner Kelly Donohue. That's a man named Kelly. Not a female calls, raises hand gesture a terrible under a terrible misunderstanding. This is Fox 44 News. That's in it says this three time Jeopardy winner Kelly Donohue issued a statement so Kelly Donahue has to issue a statement after winning three days $79,601 and after being the three day winner coming on to his fourth episode, he places those fingers or crosses up against his chest, showing that he is a three day winner but apparently held the wrong three fingers up. And it's now considered a gesture of white power. So he goes to Facebook. He goes to Facebook and says this I'm truly horrified with what has been posted about me on social media. I absolutely unequivocally condemn white supremacy and racism of any kind. People who know me personally know that I am not a racist. But for the public at large, it bears repeating I am not a racist, reject and condemn white supremacy at all forms of bigotry for the evil they are. It's shameful to me to think anyone would try to use the stage of Jeopardy to advanced or promote a disgusting agenda. During the taping of my fourth episode, I was simply raising three fingers to mark my third when there was nothing more. I was trying to indicate by the way he did the same thing after winning one episode in two episodes. I deeply regret this terrible misunderstanding. I never meant to hurt a soul and I assure you I am no friend of racist or white supremacists. This reminds me a little bit of drew of Drew Brees What am I what's the guy supposed to do right i mean if he doesn't say anything he thought he told me he's a racist. But Drew Brees and there's no way he would ever kneel for the anthem and then basically had to apologize and then Drew Brees former quarterback of the New Orleans Saints He is a former because he just recently retired I think an all around good guy. But oh man Drew Brees suddenly became woke he became woke to all of the things he was doing he just had no idea that's that's the process Oh man, I you get inundated with the with the attacks. you apologize because it's not you didn't mean to offend anyone, then you actually go and contemplate you go and sit in a room. Maybe you hire even a group of Black Lives Matter approved therapist to help show you whatever level of white guilt you should have and all this sort of silly ridiculous stuff and you sit there and you realize, and I'm just so much worse than I ever dreamed possible. So sorry, I just now you become a woke warrior. Maybe that's nice. I hope not for this. This poor guys out there trying to play Jeopardy win some money. And this is this is in response because of other Jeopardy contestants. So other Jeopardy contest. actually wrote a letter condemning this condemning all this stuff. And yeah, we'll get to Rudy here in a minute. And Dershowitz and all this other stuff, but other Jeopardy winners here, writing in writing a letter complaining about this concerned about this. This is what that letter that letter says. Regardless of Donahue, that's the individual on Jeopardy, Donna whose stated intent, the gesture is a racist dog whistle. Some of the first people to notice this, we're not affiliated with Jeopardy in any way. They were viewers who couldn't believe what they'd seen, captured it on video and shared it to Twitter. Among them were people of color who, needless to say, are tuned to the racist messaging and not appreciative that the show allowed this symbol to be broadcast. It was perceived by people across demographic boundaries as a wink and a nod by white men about their superiority. And this is not a joke. This is not April Fool's Day. Leaving this message unchecked will encourage others to attempt similar things in the future. Is the production team team of Jeopardy prepared for more of this, prepared for more attempts to disguise contempt as innocent gesturing prepared for the backlash and ramifications? Should one of these moments ever become tied to real world violence? That's a group of 460 people claiming to be former former contestants of jeopardy. I'm looking at the daily wire here. That's what they wrote. Now, well, if it turns out that this what this guy was doing, I'm not saying that that that is not a good thing. But it is totally in completely reasonable to that this guy was simply pointing out he had one three times he did it after the first day, he did it after the second day he did one he did two and then he moved on to three, but he held us three held his three fingers up in the wrong the wrong order. And that of course meant white supremacy, I guess. I guess I mean, we're to the point where we can't I mean, where the put our hands in our pockets. We're gonna have to just look down at the ground when we walk, make the wrong type of eye contact that might be considered racist, the wrong time of type of expression on your face can be deemed as a racial attack. It's it's totally absurd. The point at which we have reached here in America today. Jeopardy is being criticized for this because the guy held up it. I mean, again, I've seen the picture. I didn't haven't seen the full video, but it's seems pretty clear to me what he was what he was doing. But here we are, again, if he was doing something regarding white supremacy, not good a totally reject that. But to say that that is the only possible explanation to say this guy is a racist because he held up three in a certain way. on Jeopardy. is quite, I don't know. It's just really a stretch for me. Timeout is in order here. When we get back I want to talk about this. This raid that happened with Rudy Giuliani here. Believe it was on Friday. I want to hear I want to talk about some reaction, including a reaction from Alan Dershowitz who is not happy with this. We've also got Jim Acosta. Jim Acosta out there, attacking Fox News, calling Fox News The quote, Bs factory he didn't use the abbreviation there, he used the actual word, which is remarkable coming from see as CNN anchor. We got that out there. We got all kinds of stuff here as is usually the case on a Monday we got Stephanie ruhle for him where she MSNBC, I think, I think it's where she is attacking the governor of West Virginia, for banning transgender females from competing in female high school sports. All sorts of things to talk about today. quick timeout is in order though, just sit tight. You're listening here the home of conservative not bitter talk. Yes. In fact, you're listening to America's realities are back here in just a minute. Welcome back. Do you remember when And I know you do when President Trump when President Trump was elected, actually when he was campaigning, and he was talking about going after Crooked Hillary and all this stuff, remember this and President Trump was actually elected. And people were yelling at the universe. Universe. How could you have as President Trump elected as president? I and they did this every year, they probably still do it for all I know, screaming at the universe. Because the universe, a lot of President Trump, all this stuff, right? I mean, service dogs, coloring books, all these sorts of things to help people cope college courses being shut down for a week so people could stay in their dorms and cry that Hillary Clinton was not President of the United States. Remember all this chaos and pandemonium and then Russian collusion? Remember all this? I know you do. It's hard to forget, it's been etched into your memory, because you had to deal or at least witness some of these. Some of these individuals out there living their lives, though their worlds were destroyed by President Trump becoming a lightning becoming president of the United States. Well, once they, once they kind of got their wits about them and realize we're gonna have to fight this guy in the first step is to just impeaching, just before he even walked in the office. They were already desiring to beat President Trump because democrat politicians, first and foremost are political warriors. They will do whatever it takes to win to win an election or to stop their political opponents whenever they are in power. That's why you you never once heard about the filibuster, when Trump noticed that never once we never heard how racist the filibuster was. We never heard how terrible it was that the simple majority could not rule in the Senate, when Republicans had both the Senate and the White House, you never heard any of this stuff. No, that's that's reserved, that's reserved for when democrats are in power when republicans are in power, bipartisanship becomes the most amazing term in the English language that is the the standard by which all politicians are to be judged. When democrats are in power, then the narrative shifts, then we talk about can't really have these arcane rules in the Senate, whereby, whereby we have the opportunity to, you know, we don't have the opportunity to govern by the will the people's anti democratic, that's the other thing. That's what they call these things. So that's the different world when different people are in charge through the narrative of the media, but when Trump was president, and he talked about making sure Hillary was held accountable for all the stuff that we had uncovered, or things that we had learned about the Clinton Foundation, and all of this alleged pay to play stuff. Trump said she's going to be held accountable and all this and nothing ever happened. But when he said those words, remember when people like Dershowitz who, by the way, whatever you think of Alan Dershowitz, I feel he's quite consistent on these things. He doesn't want the party who wins elections to go after the party, or individuals that the candidate who loses elections and by the way, I agree with that. I agree with that. Now, at the same time, we shouldn't allow the fact that someone is a candidate to interfere with legitimate, you know, if they've really committed a crime, they shouldn't necessarily just be immune from any consequences whatsoever. That's not a way to ensure that politicians behave legally, ethically and morally. But he's right. You don't want people in power going after their political enemies. That's the sort of stuff that you would find in Well, the communist regimes that some of these leftists so eagerly desire, Castro Stalin, mean a fascist reserve regime like Nazi Nazi Germany. This is the sort of behavior you would see there, but people cried like crazy when Trump talked about going after Hillary and to a certain extent, that is not wrong. Except to the point that in so far as what they would have been breaking, breaking laws. We also want there to be accountability for people breaking laws, regardless of who they are. So derosa was while I guess I'll start here, Dershowitz has some things to say about this but let's first understand what what happened. So Rudy Giuliani had his home and office searched by the FBI. And they took his phones and computers. I'm looking here an article in The New York Times day to day April 28. federal investigators on Wednesday see cellphones and computers from Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City who became President Donald J. Trump's personal lawyer stepping up a criminal investigation into Mr. Giuliani his dealings with in Ukraine. Three people with knowledge of the investigation said FBI agents executed search warrants around 6am reminds us of what the Roger stone raid at Mr. Giuliani's apartment on Madison Avenue and as Park Avenue office in Manhattan, carting away electronic devices, Mr. Giuliani confirmed in a statement the execution of search warrants is this is the New York Times. By the way, New York Times recognizes how rare and how uncommon this really is. The execution of search warrants is an extraordinary action for prosecutors to take against the lawyer let alone a lawyer for a former president. The move marked a major development in the long running investigation in Mr. Giuliani which examines some of the same people and conduct that were at the center Mr. Trump's first impeachment trial so there's a lot more than your time says about this but that's that's what happened. Rudy sun writes a piece. Well, I had that somewhere in here, bear with me. But there it is. Rudy son wrote a piece in The New York Post. Yeah, the know the Washington Examiner. Andrew Giuliani wrote on Friday in an op ed, the dawn raid on my father's home is Biden's political intimidation at work, the same sort of intimidation that people decried when it would have been Trump going after HILLARY IN 20 2016. He writes this during Joseph Stalin's reign in the Soviet Union, the dictator staged the Moscow trials would put prominent members of his political opposition on trial denied any kind of due process, who out there is charged cheering for the elimination of due process. By the way, there are people cheering for the end of due process. When it came to officer Shogun, remember, we had people out there like Chelsea Handler who said why do we even need to give this guy a trial? We saw it on video just basically throw him in prison while she was out there saying very American, American thing to do, I guess that's in her warped worldview. We also have remember that the mayor or the the city manager, I guess, for the community outside of Minneapolis, Brooklyn, I always forget the name of the second part of the name of Brooklyn stop Brooklyn Park but where there was a an officer that shot by by accident and appears still killing a young man, a young black man. When the city manager came out and called for due process, they fired the city manager. So that's to the point here of Andrew Giuliani. What's happening again, but this time pertaining to his father, Rudy Giuliani but denied any kind of due process, most of the defendants were charged with crimes against the Soviet government. Several were sentenced to death. The show trials was often centered on the defendants collusion with foreign powers were a step or a late step along the road to Stalin's mass purges, Stalin, Stalin. Truly wicked Menai maniacal, evil man killed according to reports and studies in history, up to 20 million of his own citizens we don't even know. Right, there's Soviet gulags executions, if you disagreed with the government if you wanted to, to believe in Jesus or anything like that. Any threat the government perceived from you for not toeing the communist line and worshipping both Stalin and the communist government they would. They would either throw you at hard labor camps or kill you basically. And that's what Giuliani son is writing about here. on federal agency continues right in my father's home at dawn on Thursday morning, the Biden Justice Department was sending a clear message to America. If it can happen, the former mayor who led New York City through 911, it can happen to you to this raid. He writes like Stalin's tactics was conducted for the sake of imagery intended to have symbolic significance. So he's out there saying this is a this is smoke and mirrors. It's designed to make a point. This is designed to intimidate both Giuliani and the political opposition to Democrats, the same thing that they were crying about. Trump was going to do, let's think about this the same thing they said Trump was going to do. And if Trump did this, it would have been the end of democracy. And I'm not saying Trump should have done this, do not misunderstand me. I'm just saying how the narrative changes, once different. People are in power for the left for the media, is truly a remarkable thing. If it is bad for Trump to go after political opponents, after he wins power. So too, it is true. It is wrong for Biden, and the Biden Justice Department and the democrat party to go after those political opponents when they are when they are in power as well. So Dershowitz has some things to say about this, and I'll get to that after the break. But I do have to take a timeout. By the way I mentioned here. I'll mention here This program is brought to you in part, in part by our friends here at Hayes and sons. Hayes and sons helps they specialize in water restoration, smoke, restoration, fire restoration. They're one of our newer advertisers. And it is a pleasure to have them on the program. Hayes and sons again specializing in cleaning up cleaning up messes that may affect your home, business, school, community all different wherever you work or live. Hazen sons is there to help clean up the mess Hayes and 317-788-0911. Gotta take a break, come back and continue after this. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a bit. Welcome back. So we've got the search warrant issued on re Giuliani executed, what 6am last week, Wednesday morning. Ruby son says this is an act of intimidation that says this is symbolic sort of thing designed to intimidate people who are in the political minority now or at least out of power. And Dershowitz is out there also pointing something else out, which I think is actually quite important to point out. Rudy says are sued made, Dershowitz says look, the information that is contained on the things seized in the search warrant, don't need a search warrant. They actually need a subpoena. They need the court. So Giuliani as the attorney for Trump. The information on the electronic devices is privileged and confidential because of attorney client privilege, and this is something that courts and our judicial system in general take quite seriously attorney client privilege, Doctor client privilege, clergy or, you know, counselors are people who who may have access to information or not that that information is privileged. And Dershowitz is basically saying, look, if if they really wanted this, it's inappropriate. It's inappropriate for them to use a search warrant because they need they need a subpoena. They need a court to say you can actually see the information. Not just that you can search the premises for information you have to subpoena it so that you're able to actually to actually look at it. Dershowitz said this when being interviewed by on the cats roundtable podcast over over the weekend and banana and banana republics in Castro's Cuba, and many parts of the world where a candidate loses for president they go after the candidate. They Go after his lawyers, they go after his friends that's happening in America now. They're not they're going after Rudy Giuliani a search warrant on a lawyer or a doctor or a priest, he asks, you don't use search warrants, you don't use search warrants when people have privileged information on their cell phones and in their computers, you use a subpoena. The difference between a subpoena and a search warrant is like night and day, it's just not constitutional. You just can't search whatever you want. Sometimes the court has to give you permission to do so. It's not just not just search for the item, but actually to if you obtain the computer, you have to get privilege or excuse me, permission from the court to actually review the the privileged information. So that's what's going on here. And you have to ask yourself, it means this is this the type of country that we want America to be if you look at the the amount of opposition that is forming, or that is in place now against conservatives or republicans? It's quite it can be daunting or intimidating to some it's a massive, it's some some big, powerful groups. You've got publishers that are not you know, yeah, the publishers that what was it Simon and Schuster, I think I could have had this wrong. I think it's Simon and Schuster, a couple 100 employees are demanding that Simon and Schuster, stop publishing books by people in the Trump administration. You've got social media silencing, anytime Donald J. Trump is being interviewed on social media or anything being interviewed and posted to social media. They'll take that thing down in a heartbeat. President Trump former President Trump has been taken off of effectively all social media platforms. It's been silenced there. You look at the Donald Trump witch trials with what happened in the impeachment, both the impeachment cases. I mean, this goes on and on the attempt, the attempts to silence and intimidate, are actually quite, quite remarkable even, even to the point to where, as I've, as I've touched on, before, the way that I think sometimes conservative Christians are tricked into or pressured into not sharing their political beliefs, separation of church and state, or sometimes things that become political. Politics does not, does not own the patent on being able to decry or claim anything that's, you know, within his jurisdiction. Just because someone says something is political does not mean that say it can be a Christian viewpoint is not permitted on on the issue. The Bible says something about it, that's God's prerogative, it's not some judge and then ninth circuit or some such thing. But it's all around. And really, the question is, what are we going to do about are we going to cower and capitulate? Are we going to allow them to silence and misdirect misrepresent what we say? Or are we going to continue to try to proclaim truth and to share our political ideas without without fear? Because it's amazing what will happen when people are not allowed to share political viewpoints, other than those viewpoints of those and political power between all that between what they want to do with election law, between between those things, and how they want to cram down some of these legislative bits of information are bad, I should say, bills, these legislative agendas and so forth. The way that they want to change election law the way they want to get rid of the filibuster the way that they want to say that certain things are eligible for budget reconciliation, to force their agenda down the throats of the American people. The more that they silence us, the more that we are unable to effectively fight back. So sit tight. continue our discussion after the break. Be back here in just a minute. Welcome back. I'm Jim Acosta. Good old Jim Acosta, CNN, fake news, CNN, CNN who's just been exposed by Project Veritas they must be feeling the heat. They must be feeling the heat. Because cnn puts Jim Acosta out there over the weekend to basically tried to project the guilt that cnn is facing the guilt the CNN has firmly right upon its lap. They want to project that on the Fox News Jim Acosta, the the clip that I that I have is unedited, so I, I'm not going to trust my, my trigger finger here to hit the button quickly enough to believe it. But he says he calls Fox News, the bull excrement, the BS factory. The audacity of that for, for him to say for him to say that about Fox News, when CNN has been exposed completely for what it is CNN, how CNN, the only reason to watch CNN is to watch to understand the study propaganda, there to look at CNN as a legitimate source of news at this point, knowing what we know, knowing what we know about tough guy Chris Cuomo, listening to what we've heard come from the lips of Don Lemon, listening to how Jeff Zucker runs his meetings and instructs his journalists to do whatever it is that he wants them to do. listening to these things, listening to the Project Veritas Expo, say where they have admitted on tape on on video that they wanted to get Trump out of office. And they were successful, doing that, listening to them brag and kind of pound their chest over that. And I think we still view this as a source for unbiased news, the most trusted name in news. Give me a break. And now Acosta has Tassie to say that it was another mind boggling weekend misinformation at Fox News, which is the as he puts it, the BS factory. Pot meet kettle back here in just a minute. Welcome back, my friends, by the way program Brought to you in part by our friends at Interior construction services looking to renovate or refresh your commercial space call interior construction services or visit them online. Interior that's interior construct, comm or call 317-991-4660. Folks we have of course, of course a massive battle political battle on our hands here and the odds are of course being stacked against us each and every day. But fear not truth is on our side. Truth is on our side. And if people just hear just your truth communicated in a way that makes sense and articulate it in a way that's consistent and logical. They can be persuaded some folks cannot but some can. I've got to go Thanks for listening StG. See you tomorrow. Take care.